Albert Oehlen | HI LO Sunday Painter

Coinciding with his excellent solo show at Gagosian Beverly Hills, our Sunday Painter this weekend features the abstraction of Albert Oehlen.  Oehlen’s painterly, mixed media works often combine linear collaging elements whilst he was also a student of the great Sigmar Polke in Germany.  

Ohelen’s exhibition at Gagosian is now on and runs until the 18th of July, 2014. More information here: http://www.gagosian.com/exhibitions/albert-oehlen–june-06-2014


Albert Oehlen was born in Krefeld, Germany in 1954. He attended the Hochschule für Bildende Künste in Hamburg, where he studied art under Sigmar Polke until 1981. During the early stages of his career, Oehlen’s artistic interests and associations were diverse, and included music and painting. During the 1980s he began combining abstract and figurative elements of painting in his works, as part of a reaction to the prevailing Neo-Expressionist aesthetic of the time. He established a close friendship with German artist Martin Kippenberger, and towards the end of the decade he had dedicated himself completely to abstract painting. As early as a decade ago, Oehlen set up a studio in a tower of the city walls of Segovia, where he began to work on computer generated images. Oehlen’s spatially intriguing works, in which figuration and abstraction collide, are a strong reminder of the complex forces that were involved during the resurgence of painting at the latter part of the previous century.

Albert Oehlen has exhibited extensively throughout the United States and Europe. Recent solo exhibitions of his work have been held in institutions such as the Museo di Capodimonte in Naples, Italy and the Musee d’ Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris in 2009. He has also participated in exhibitions in major institutions such as the Musee Cantonal Des Beaux Arts in Lausanne, the Renaissance Society in Chicago and at the Kunsthalle in Basel. Oehlen’s show at MOCA Miami in 2005 marked his first major solo exhibition at a museum in the United States. In 2009 Taschen published an oversized artist’s monograph as part of its XL series that covers the entire scope of Oehlen’s oeuvre. Albert Oehlen lives and works in Switzerland.

( http://www.skarstedt.com/artists/albert-oehlen/ )

Untitled (1989) - Albert Oehlen (Oil on Canvas)

I still believe in the unpredictable, in an artist who just has something and overwhelms you with something that you didn’t even ask for. I believe that in the sort of wrong moment there comes a time when someone who no one wanted, just does it.” - Albert Oehlen (Unknown Source) 

Glücklichsein brauche ich nicht aufs Papier spucken

eher den Tiefpunkt, den ich schon erlebt habe. Das tiefste. Niederkrezzeln. Hinnkotzen. So nackt, wie wenn ich nach dem nach Hause kommen meine Ringe und Halsbänder abgebe. Ausstellung von Albert Oehlen verschafft wieder neue Perspektiven und Inspiration. Ferien liegen schon am Sterbebett. Das Erbe betragen nur Schulden. Nicht viel aber recht genug. Alte Schienen. Gleise. Scheiße. Immer wieder im Kreis, aber eigentlich kein Ende. Dem Leben davontorkeln oder eigene Realität schaffen. Du hast zwei Möglichkeiten. Now.