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With all the Artificial OEG we've seen so far there's two types. Those like Kaneki who while they struggled with it and feel like they don't belong eventually come back and adapt to their situation for the better. Or those like Takizawa who were pushed into the dark and not taken out until it broke them. As strong as Amon is both physically and mentally; I have no doubt that at some point he had his own Shironeki/Yamineki stage. I need to see what Amon has been doing, I thirst for it

I mean, we haven’t really seen too many artificial OEGs other than Kaneki, Takizawa, and Amon. We have Kurona(shiro) now, who obviously lost it by this point, but other that her(they?) we just have the Quinx, who don’t really count.

And possibly Furuta? I don’t even know which category I’d put him in…

But yeah, I think we’re all thirsty for some Amon.

(Amon is so sane because he does 8000 push ups every night to stay stronger than his demons. He just punches them.)

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Hello Acchan ^^ What do you think of Kaneki's bad eye-sight? Do you think he's getting glaucoma as well due to Kanou's surgery? And if that's true, do you think he's having shorter life-span? I can't be sure myself tbh because Kanou mentioned "I want the other experiments to be as perfect as Kaneki"! Sorry for the long ask and thanks in advance ^^

Hey Anon :D Ah you mean, that part in the new chapter?

It’s not the first time it’s hinted at indeed if you remember the Cochlea arc:

And Kanou did say that OEGs tend to have shorter life spans, not just because of the surgery (Eto saw herself as old too, like Arima who was a natural hybrid) so maybe this is supposed to refer to what Arima said:

But honestly, since Kaneki has Rize’s kakuhou and Rize kept being referred to as “special” throughout the whole story, maybe things will be different for the ones who received her kakuhou as a transplant (Furuta, Kaneki and Kurona)?

I mean, I reread the last arc that just ended last week and…

…while I initially thought Rize was “special” because she was supposed to be a breeder, after V’s words just above, maybe the experiments with the tanks having her name on it have to do with the fact that, even as a breeder/as someone from V, she’s special

I don’t know why or how, but that’s probably why V wanted to get her back so much + why they might be trying to reproduce why she was so special with other kids (these tanks and kids we saw). 

TL;DR Kaneki is probably showing signs of glaucoma, but at the same time, since Rize’s kakuhou is special (and we don’t know why or how), I am being careful with theorizing that Kaneki (and Furuta, Kurona) has a shorter life-span.

So for now I can’t really help, even if Ishida adds hints here and there that there is something off with Kaneki’s eyes indeed.
Sorry if that’s not helping so much. :/ But that’s all I have for now and I could totally be wrong, as always.

Have a nice weekend Anon :)

So, if Kaneki is the king of fakes, wouldn’t that mean that he’s not the one-eyed king, and is instead a “false king,” meant to distract us from the real king’s ascension?

I’m wondering if part of what makes Kaneki/Sasaki so appealing to ghouls is that fact that, due to having a female’s kakukou, he smells gender ambiguous.

Every ghoul that has commented on Juuzo’s scent has found him delicious. However, due to his castration, he never developed gender characteristics. So, Suzuya is also gender ambiguous.

Tsukiyama had no interest in Kurona & Nashiro, despite them receiving the same kakuhou as Kaneki. (He even insults their scent/taste). But they’re women who received female kakuhou.

Seidou commented that he’s never tasted anything like Sasaki. Yet it seems likely that he should have tasted One-Eyed Ghouls - even if it’s just himself. But I think conditions were hash enough he’s probably been fed Kanou’s ‘failures’ or fought other OEG. However, all the CCG Investigators Tatara took for Kanou were male, and Yoshimura is male too.

Which leads us to Tooru, the other BLITZ tasty OEG (Quinx). Mutsuki requested to the Quinx recruiters to be treated as male. It’s possible that Mutsuki has a male’s kakuhou, thus also smells gender ambiguous. (It would also explain Torso’s reaction better. I don’t think it’s that Mutsuki was speaking masculine and wearing pants that led to Torso’s confusion, it’s more likely to be Mutsuki’s scent. Ghouls can determine gender by scent - usually).

Of course, we don’t know how the other Quinx taste, but it does seem that it takes more to be ‘tasty’ than simply being a OEG/Quinx.

Furuta, the Clowns and Kaneki: finally a coherent trail of thoughts

Okay, this is linked to ch66 (obvious spoilers), so please read it first if you haven’t yet. I’m so happy about this chapter because it finally solved the few issues (or so I hope) I had with some moments relating to the Clowns’ gang and Kaneki. I’ll explain:

Now that we know that Furuta/Souta (so a V spy it seems in the end though he still does things for Kanou) helped Kanou for the incident with Rize for “personal reasons”, bringing him Kaneki’s body who was initially only supposed to be the last test before the transplantation of the twins…

…that means that the Clowns’ gang isn’t actually involved as a whole with the very first step of Kaneki in his life as a OEG (of course Ishida could still be trolling) because Souta/Furuta isn’t a “real” Clown

When it comes to the issues I had, now that Furuta/Souta admitted to being after the OEK this whole time when he became a Clown, it explains why…

Itori sent Kaneki to the ghoul restaurant to know how to get in.
I always wondered what the point was to send him to a place a Clown was currently investigating, but now that Furuta admitted to doing that to find info on the OEK, it is easy to think she had no idea that Souta was there hence why Kaneki was used.  

That was my first issue but I dare say that it’s now solved with :Re ch66. 

This chapter also gave a sense to this scene…

Because I seriously couldn’t understand why she’d even bait him with the answer if the Clowns’ gang had been all in this together, agreeing with Souta’s actions (seeing as I always took Itori and Uta not to have any reason to lie to Kaneki if all of this was for the sake of a joke).

And the main interesting thing in that scene is that it is already giving possible hints that the Clowns (or just Itori and Uta) knew Souta wasn’t really “one of them”, because Itori says she already has an idea of who the culprit could be, just like she also says when Kaneki visits her again…

…which means that the Sunlit Garden and the secret around Furuta, Rize and the other children might be something she knew about for quite some time (considering what she then tells Kaneki about the “hidden truth”, like Kanou, it really makes me think she’s another character who knows about V/the Washuus and the Garden).

Actually, I’m thinking that if Itori didn’t know about Souta being a double agent, she just knew the incident with Rize was related to V and that was enough to be worrying in the first place.

Then there is also what Nico told Souta about the OEK…

I think it is quite funny how Nico ended up telling Souta/Furuta who was actively looking for info on the OEK that they didn’t exist when they told Kaneki that the OEK was Eto who somehow seems to be the *only one* who knows who the OEK is in reality (since Furuta and so V and the CCG are at loss).

The way I see this, Nico could have fed Souta with false info about the person V is so afraid of by telling him that “such a person didn’t exist” while they made sure to make Eto (probably the only one knowing about the OEK) the target of Kaneki’s goal at that time by telling him that the OEK was Eto (maybe they thought that upon meeting with Eto, these two would talk like they are currently doing in :Re?). 

In any case, Nico telling two opposite things to two different people (no matter what they thought was the truth) makes me think they were being careful about Souta and might have had a hint or two about his true affiliation, like Itori (and Uta) did.

So if the Clowns’ gang possibly knew that Souta was probably a double agent for V or another organization, what does that mean about their link to Kaneki? Actually even if they only suspected him (or just V), that still means they’re not involved with the incident with Rize.

Because of ch140 (and Kaneki seeing Souta/Furuta above the scene of the accident) and then ch143, we readers all took the Clowns to be a group of twisted assholes who wanted to make Kaneki miserable but, after ch66, it might not be exactly the case.

When Itori reveals she possibly knows who the culprit is, she asks Kaneki for what he’d do and being the sweet boy he was at that time, obviously he’d just want to know “for himself”, but the truth behind what happened to him is linked to V, the CCG, the Washuu family aaaand the Sunlit Garden, so just knowing about the truth was already very dangerous for him.

Of course, the Clowns aren’t really “nice” people either, we’ve had proof of that too, but when it comes to Kaneki and the ghoul restaurant + Aogiri, well, maybe these events can be interpreted differently from how we once saw them:

  • Itori sent him to the ghoul restaurant for info because she knew Tsukiyama talked to Kaneki, but nothing tells us she had any way to know what was happening inside that place (since that’s why she needed those info initially).
  • Besides, let’s consider she knew things were going to turn complicated, maybe this was a test to see if Kaneki would be able to defend himself in case he came to be more involved with V by seeking the truth behind the incident with Rize (because that was sure to endanger his life, look at what happened to Shachi).

  • As for Aogiri: Yamori and co. were told to find Rize or the person smelling like her, which is what Nico did, but as they said after the Aogiri arc…

If Nico didn’t know about who Rize was and her link to V, maybe that’s why they didn’t interfere when Kaneki was taken away and tortured by Yamori (they probably understood the full picture upon knowing too late that Kaneki was a OEG or that Rize was from V when Itori told them after the Aogiri arc).

So again, I’m not saying the Clowns are good people at all but just that they might not be the twisted enemies Ishida made us first believe, since Souta/Furuta being on his own side changes a lot of things when it comes to the Clowns’ gang.

After all there is what Furuta told Eto in this chapter…

The Clowns were the scapegoat of V and the higher ups of the CCG 10 years ago (the Clowns’ annihilation), so I’m pretty sure they know exactly how dangerous V can be, and so they would have no reason to be enemies with Kaneki who also suffered from the bigger scheme taking place between the Washuus, V and Kanou who was fighting his own war.

Besides, as shown in ch143, the Clowns all seem to be pretty fond of Kaneki (except Souta but now we know why), so “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” might be the true nature of the link between the Clowns and Kaneki. 

This is all speculation as always, but with the friendship between Yomo (who’s obviously on Kaneki’s side) Itori and Uta, and the few advice these two gave to our MC…

(when Nico said the OEK was Eto)

…Uta and Itori (if not maybe Nico) aren’t probably looking towards Kaneki’s destruction. After all, Uta did discuss with Yomo that maybe the Clowns had a plan about Kaneki and this could totally be relating to them fighting against V together for all we know.

Even with all the answers we got in the recent chapters, the Clowns’ gang remains quite the mystery on every point unfortunately, so for now I’ll just stay on the possibility that they might become Kaneki’s “allies” in a future not so far away. Maybe (using him is still the most logical idea though).

In any case I’m just amazed at Ishida-sensei making readers believe they were twisted assholes just because of one guy (Souta/Furuta). He is my hero (Ishida, not Furuta lol).

Feel free to leave your thoughts! Thanks for reading.

TG Fandom be like

Fandom: Is that a penguin? Why is it penguin? 

Ishida: I like penguins that’s why. Don’t look too much into it ..

Fandom: There’s a hidden meaning to it. Alas! after 5 seconds of researching I finally found why Ishida added penguins behind Furuta. 

Ishida: No …don’t–

Fandom: because

Speculations about OeGs aside, I think that the most interesting thing about this redraw is that we finally got to see Hide’s expression when he first takes a look at Rize.
I can’t post pictures because I’m on phone rn, but that contemplative and curious look Hide puts on is the same wide-eyed and tight-lipped face he makes right before he tells Touka about Kaneki’s habit of touching his chin. The ‘I just came to a realization’ face.
I’m not implying anything with this. He might have gotten a bad feeling about her (since he probably can see through her fake innocent front), or maybe it was something else entirely. Maybe I’m just seeing things. I just thought it would be interesting to note.

One Eyed Ghouls Part 2: Eto, Kaneki & the Quinx

A theory about what makes One-Eyed Ghouls different to Ghouls and why that’s so valuable. This would be a massive post so I’ve split it into 3 parts;

It’s been stated that ghouls eat humans to gain RC cells and can store the cells in their kakuhou to be used in kagune.

Clearly, humans alone can produce RC cells, which is why ghouls feed exclusively upon humans (and coffee). Nowhere does it say ghouls can produce RC cells, it just says they can stock RC cells.

My second supposition is ghouls can’t produce RC Cells.

Thus, OEG can not only store RC cells, like a ghoul, they produce RC cells, like a human.

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Eyes and strength in TG: Arima, Kaneki, Uta and Eto

Well, I know many people theorized about Arima, Kaneki and their eyes already (honestly guys, all the posts I read were spot on from my point of view) but I just wanted to see if I could propose an explanation as to why these two have eye problems in the first place, by maybe establishing a particular relation between these and strength. :)

Thus this post will be about Eto, the OEK, ghouls and OEGs, artificial vs natural beings, through a small comparison between four of the strongest characters of TG. 

Spoilers up to :Re ch68, and sorry in advance for this long post.

First example to look at is Arima of course:

He is one of the strongest (if not the absolute strongest) of all the characters introduced so far by Ishida-sensei and as, @neropet pointed out in this post, his vision is such that he has to rely on his other senses when he’s fighting (as illustrated with the last chapter and Ayato trying to beat him).

We barely know a thing about Arima in the first place (more on the OEK theory in the last part of the post), except for his huge strength and now a wrong something with his eyes, but this gets interesting when we compare him to Kaneki (most natural comparison ever, I know, but there was something bothering me since the beginning of the current arc about Kaneki’s eyes). 

First random comment about Kaneki’s eyes go to Tatara in TG vol6:

And until fairly recently, I thought it probably didn’t matter so much but then Eto in :Re said…

Honestly… I would have casted it to the side, thinking this didn’t mean much more than irony except that… 

  • that was reminding me of Tatara’s words that I still remembered because they didn’t make sense
  • and it’s also a direct contradiction to Kaneki’s new look with the glasses

Bear with me, I know this might sound dumb, but you generally start to wear glasses when there is something wrong going on with your eyes, not the other way around and, Eto’s possible joke aside, Kaneki wearing glasses since the beginning of this arc is something I just can’t get my head around for some reason.

We all remember V14 I’m sure, and how Arima pierced his eyes, but Haise was only wearing glasses once in a while…

…because as a OEG, his regenerative abilities were working enough to heal his eyes after V14 (he had no need for glasses during the transition Kaneki -> Haise at Cochlea three years ago either). 
…Until, the beginning of the current arc when Kaneki started to wear glasses constantly that is.

Seeing that, I personally couldn’t help but wonder “why now and not after V14?” especially since even more recently we had this

which reminded a lot of people of ch31…

with what happens to be what Arima saw upon arriving where Haise was during the auction arc (which kind of enforces the comparison to Kaneki even more with the whole Black & White CCG reapers duo).

So basically, I tried to think of why Kaneki would suddenly need to wear glasses since the beginning of this arc (because I doubt this was to purposely look like Arima but in black) and this leads us to the last arc and his fight against Eto

(The intro is over, I swear, haha)

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I just don't get what the heck is Kaneki doing? Wanting to destroy Aogiri is one thing but not giving a damn about Hina or acting all rude towards Shiono (the bad cop act) what is he trying to do, become a rebellious kid? I was hoping he would try to contact Re but apparently no...

Hello! :) Aaaaah, Kaneki… I have my little opinon on what I think he’s doing but yeah, I agree he changed a lot since the last raid (he became Harry Potter).

Don’t worry Anon though, I wouldn’t call this an act but I think he simply settled his priorities straight. 

To make it simple, Kaneki/Sasaki right now as the “black reaper of the CCG” is a copy of Shironeki the-OEG-having-issues after the Aogiri arc of TG three years before and his goal is more or less the same than at that time.

Remember three years ago? After what Yamori put him through, his goal was to eradicate Aogiri by separating himself from Anteiku to protect them in order not to be alone (because Aogiri was threatening that peace after they put him through so much pain). And after Nico told him the identity of the OEK…

…he knew what he had to do (”that guy” being Eto of course since we now know that Nico told him the OEK = Eto).

It’s the same now in :Re, the only unsure aspect being if he actually wants to try saving her as Kuzen asked him…

or if he’s past that point and just wants for her and Aogiri to be erased (since they took Shirazu’s corpse away, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case).

So I really think he’s back full mode into the “I want to destroy Aogiri” way of thinking and this time, I think he realized that he needed the CCG’s power to get to them (because he might as well use what he has at hand to get Aogiri down, instead of risking going on his own and lacking the necessary strength).

-> Hence why he threw Tsukiyama off the roof, giving him only a slight chance of survival through Kanae. (I don’t think he wanted Tsukiyama to die as Hori pointed out, but still the way he chose to give him a chance was extremely reckless because he had to be convincing in front of Ui)

-> Hence why he doesn’t go to visit Hinami anymore.

You will notice that apparently he didn’t rat Uta or the :Re guys out even though he probably now remembers from which part of his past they all are. This makes me think that his old friends aren’t his enemies at all, but that he needs the CCG’s help if he has to take Aogiri down and to get their help and trust, he needs to look merciless towards ghouls. 

So “Black Reaper Sasaki” = “Shironeki” only the Black Reaper is a “CCG investigator” while Shironeki was a “ghoul” (and Sasaki until the last raid was indeed quite similar to Kuroneki).
And he probably didn’t contact :Re for the same reason as 3 years ago, like he did with he cut all contact with Anteiku back in TG, because he’s trying to finish the job with Aogiri first.

It’s a parallel with TG: in TG, Kuroneki became Shironeki because of Yamori from Aogiri, and in :Re Sasaki the OEG/nice investigator became the Black Reaper Sasaki because of Eto from Aogiri (not only because of her, but you get my point). 

So he might be going through a little rebellious phase, especially if you compare him with the wise and nice investigator he was before, but it’s exactly like in TG when he became Shironeki. 

Once again, I don’t think he’s letting Hinami to die but he’s focusing on Aogiri for now because as long as Aogiri stands, people he cares about will keep getting hurt or dying (Touka in TG, Shirazu in :Re…..). 

Leave him a chance, Anon, I’m pretty sure he’s not so bad inside, but when he works so close to some people like Kijima or Washuu Matsuri, he has to be resolute (I’d rather wish him good luck with Furuta who backstabs people in the back lol).

I hope it helps a little and that I answered your question. Take care. :)


In a twisted way, both Kaneki Ken and Takizawa Seidou have become the new hound of a top hunter. Sasaki Haise follows Arima, while OWL obeys Eto.

Aogiri and CCG are two fractions at war : they’re using the same tool (an artificial OEG from Kanou) but they have a different approach as to how to keep their respective dog on a tight leash. 

* AOGIRI (theory) : Break to rebuilt as you please. 

Bonds of fear, hurt, starvation, physical and mental torture. Though we have yet to know what has exactely happened to Takizawa during the timeskip, it is quite possible Seidou was under the care of Tatara, Naki, and Kanou which could explain how the man became OWL (psychotic, violent, somehow detached from his environment, white hair, etc). 

* CCG (theory) : Tie down with feelings. 

Create several bonds strong enough to keep Kaneki. Those bonds are Haise’s relationship with the Quinx, Akira, Arima, Suzuya. “Haise Sasaki” is the first prison: there is no one more blind than he who does not wish to see. Haise has learnt to fear his past self (Ken). In order to feel safe, Sasaki would try and tighten his grip on the present aka CCG comrades. Forced or not, amnesia does help keeping Ken as an useful agent.

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So here, I'm reading the profiles of the clowns, then I remembered that Nico mentioned about the One Eyed King, he told Souta that there is no OEK. And then I got to the profile of Arima.a question suddenly pops in my mind. What do you think of Arima being the one eyed king, or if not the king, then as a one eyed ghoul? (I know that every hint given for the identity of the OEK points out to Eto.. But..but..)

(It has been like a month that I’ve received this ask but I’m finally going to answer this. :x)

Warning: This is going to be a really long post because I thought that the topic mentioned was rather interesting (and also because I have no idea how to cut my answer shorter).

While the main question was whether Arima could be a One-Eyed Ghoul (OEG) or OEK, I think we should also discuss why Nico told Souta the OEK doesn’t exist and if Eto = OEK (since they are related, sort of).

  1. Why Nico told Souta there’s no OEK
  2. Eto =/= OEK
  3. Arima as a ghoul
  4. Arima as OEK

(Some theories listed may sound ridiculous, but I’ll put them here anyway as long as there’s a possibility.)

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