“Glacial Squid” (Psychroteuthis glacialis)

…the sole member of the monotypic genus Psychroteuthis, and family Psychroteuthidae. Although several other undescribed species are likely to exist. P. glacialis is known to occur in coastal waters near Antarctica and South America. Psychroteuthis glacialis is known to feed on many species of crustaceans, small fish, including lanternfish and Antarctic silverfish. They are sometimes known to feed on other squid. 


Animalia-Mollusca-Cephalopoda-Coleoidea-Teuthida-Oegopsina-Psychoroteuthidae-Psychroteuthis-P. glacilis

Image: Darren Stevens

 Dave sighed. He longed to go to Lucrezia, to comfort her, to caress her, but he could not, and so he remained outside, just below her window, watching and listening. He thought of her silky auburn hair and dancing gray eyes. His mouth filled with the bittersweet taste of longing. The first flush of dawn chased him away, but before he left, he thrust a note beneath her window sash.  

I have watched from the shadows;
you are brighter than sunlight

It might have been more poetic than literal, but he meant it truly; hers was a warmth that would not burn him to ash – though it did seem to have seared its way into his heart.