I wish there was a Soumakorin or a Soumako fic where all the boys were in rehab but didn’t completely fuck up the mental issues you feel me.

Like Makoto could have depression and severe panic attacks around the ocean, or places that remind him of the feeling of being in an oean. (also he and Haru would share a brotherly dysfunctional separation anxiety)

Sousuke can binge eat then excessively work out and that’d be classified as an eating disorder which would result in his injured arm. he’d then resort to purging since he couldn’t exercise as much.

Rin could have a slight anger issue along with developing post traumatic stress disorder from his father’s death that was never properly addressed until he snaps one day at school.

and they all meet at this support group and at first are totally resistant to the therapy but then eventually they bond and keep each other in check. and sort of end up falling for each other along the way you feel me.

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Foggy view of the Pacific Ocean and eroded sea stacks, Olympic National Park, Washington.