oe replacement

anonymous asked:

Whats the secret to making your clutch last forever like doms? How far is he with the rb project?

good. fucking. luck. and probably a good clutch to start off with, but he doesn’t know for sure yet. my bet is he has like a stg 1 or 2 exedy(or similar) oe replacement clutch.

on the clutch front, i’d say matching your power to clutch and the rest of your drivetrain is the key to success. a lot of companies have hp ratings, but a lot of people ignore them for whatever reason. don’t ignore them. hp ratings are there not only to let you know how much it can handle, but also to let you know how much your drivetrain should be able to handle.

i’m running a damn ebay clutch kit made for stock sr haha. 15+ events and street driving and it still feels great!

bottom line though: if i were you, not a fuckboy like me, i’d get a quality, name brand clutch that suits my power and drivetrain and let it rip.

(extra random facts: last 3 clutches i’ve had have been generic ebay shit and have only been “broken in” on the way to the track and have never needed to be replaced while in my ownership)