The Cosmic Calendar

The universe’s age of 13.8 billion years seems like an almost abstract concept to us. We know it’s a huge number, but we can’t really grasp the enormity of it. That’s why the concept of the Cosmic Calendar is so useful: It compresses the entire age of the universe in a time scale that we can all understand - an entire calendar year: 12 months, 365 days. At this scale, there are 438 years per second, 1.58 million years per hour, and 37.8 million years per day.

(More on Wikipedia.)

  • Me:And I think that's just stupid Juno haha
  • Everyone else is like, dude stop messing with Aeneas' fate
  • Kaylan:haha that truee thats truee
  • i do not like juno. she is the same way in metamorphosis
  • Me:Yeah she's rude
  • Kaylan:and pretty unjustified
  • Me:Hahah we're gossipping about fictional characters
  • And ancient literature