odyssey album


With some parts of the F+TM’s Album “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” I’m tryig to tell the story behid “The Odyssey” fIlm, hope you like it <3

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I was tagged by @aquamiriam. Felicitations, Miss Miriam.

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How old are you? 17.

Current Job? Student

What are you talented at? I can draw ok. I’m a decent writer when I feel like it. I’m a good actor.

What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)? Getting through college and starting a ministry.

What’s your aesthetic? Invisibility.

Do you collect anything? Books, Marvel movies, Adventures in Odyssey albums.

A topic you always talk about? Jesus and Marvel. Pretty much my whole identity.

Pet peeve? People talking over somebody else. Show some courtesy when someone is addressing you.

Good advice?  Just because you believe it, that doesn’t mean it’s true. Investigate it. See if your beliefs hold merit.

Recommend 3 songs:

I Refuse by Josh Wilson

Hero by Skillet

Move by MercyMe

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I know (and agree with) the sentiment that Lemonade was the best album with visual medium, but I think it bears saying that Florence and the Machine’s Odyssey visual album was right up there alongside it.