Hey, Let's go to Acadia!

There were two girls, Kaylee and Ema, They were the best of friends. They made a plan years ago that once they had enough money, that they were going to go to Acadia Canada.

            The day finally came that they could go to Acadia! From Utah to Acadia was a 82 hour drive, so they got started. “If we want to get their fast, we better switch driving turns and only stop when needed.” Ema told Kaylee from the passenger seat. “That’s a good idea, so when do you want to drive??” Kaylee asked, “Once you get tired just let me know, and I’m sure I’ll be awake enough to drive.” She told her while searching through her bag.

            Ema got out her laptop, “What are you doing?” Kaylee asked. “I’m going to vlog our trip there!” Ema almost shouted. Ema turned on her laptop and got to the webcam and started recording. “We’re here in the car! Going to Acadia!!” Ema screamed at the laptop, “You’re giving me a headache…” Kaylee said. “Shut up, this is for all our fans.” Ema told Kaylee, “Our fans??” Kaylee asked, “Yes, our fans. We’re going to be famous one day for being best friends!” Ema explained. “Whatever you say Ema, whatever you say.”

            After driving for what felt like weeks, Kaylee and Ema finally got to the border of Canada and the U.S. “Take out my laptop and record this!” Ema told Kaylee driving up to the long line of cars going into Canada. “Are we allowed to do that??” Kaylee asked, “Sure why not! Just hurry, I want to get this on camera!” Ema said using hand motions for Kaylee to hurry up. Kaylee got out the laptop, and turned it on, she turned on the Webcam and started recording.

            “Can I see both of your IDs and passports ma’ma?” The man at the gate asked Ema grabbed both of their IDs and passports and handed them to the man, he walked into a little office to check that they were both valid, “We’re almost in Canada!” Ema silently screamed to the webcam. “Yes, almost in Canada, then another billion hour drive to Acadia.” Kaylee said to the webcam. The man came back with both of their things, “You ladies have fun in Canada, Welcome,” The man said with a smile and opened the gate  “Thank you!” Both the girls said and drove through, “WE’RE IN CANADA!!!” Kaylee and Ema screamed into the webcam and clapping.

            It took another 7 hours just to get to Acadia from the border, once they were there; they stopped off at a restaurant, to take a break from driving, and get some food and a drink. They sat at the counter in the restaurant, next to two guys, “Hey” Kaylee said with a smile to one of the guys, he had longish brown hair, and brown eyes, “Hey” he said smiling back. “I’m Kaylee, and this is my best friend, Ema.” Kaylee introduced herself and Ema to the kid next to her.

“I’m Dylan, and this my best friend Tyler. Are you two new to town??” Dylan asked. “Try new to country!” Ema blurted out, Tyler smiled at her “What brings you two to Acadia?” Tyler asked. “We’ve just been planning it for awhile, finally decided to actually come here, it’s beautiful!” Kaylee told the two guys, “So do you two live here?” Ema asked curiously. “No, we moved from L.A. a couple years ago.” Dylan explained. Tyler paid the bill and started to stand, “We should all hangout again soon, tomorrow?” Tyler asked. “Yeah, that’d be great! Should we exchange numbers??” Ema asked. “Yeah, Um, I’m Dylan O’Brien,-“ “And I’m Tyler Hoechlin.” They both told the girls. “I’m Kaylee Olsen, and this is Ema Hall” The four exchanged numbers and then said their goodbye’s.

Ema looked at Kaylee and smiled after the two guys left. “Dude… They were cute.” Ema told Kaylee shaking her arm. “Yes, I know they were. I hope we see them tomorrow.” Kaylee said smiling. The two friends ate their meals, and talked about the visit, then made a video of their trip up to Acadia including the videos, and some pictures. 

The End.

baby it’s cold out outside but it’s eric harris and dylan klebold

Dylan: baby it’s cold outside

Eric: Dylan for the last fucking time i’m straight get your fuckin boner away from me


Eric: N O

Dylan: ;())

Eric: What the fuck did you put in my drink **stared at cup of blue liqud** i’m calling the police