I went through the photos from the False Killer Whale sighting (back in March), dug up the raw files and did some touch ups. I’ve looked at that batch of photos so often that I think I’ll be able to recognize individual whales if I ever see them again. This particular pod is known to venture into Orange County, Los Angeles and Santa Barbara waters in the spring time. 

I love these guys so much!!

Sometimes you just get the urge to paint something that makes you happy. For me, earlier this week, it was a curious little orca on a tiny 5″ x 7″ canvas panel that took about two hours from start to finish. It’s based on a quick sketch I did the night before while I was actually trying to practice some tigers (I’d spent the day gathering reference at the zoo), and I couldn’t get it out of my mind until I painted it. I need to do more spontaneous pieces like this.