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Can you suggest some good blogs to follow, which ones are your favorites?

Ok I love all the blogs I follow ughhh ok.

  • Ashleybar
  • Odolnost
  • Babytakeoffallyourarmor
  • Loveyourselfandpeanutbutter
  • Mayurasana
  • Healthysoul
  • Startlivingforme
  • My-personal-best
  • Tobefre-ed
  • Agitatedangel
  • Leverluisant
  • Emergingsoul
  • Perfecting-imperfecti0n
  • Magnifysuccess
  • Palewhiteflesh
  • Freedom-within-me
  • Freshbitch0fbelair
  • Cometissa
  • soulmind-body
  • Tea-serendipity
  • Join-me-on-my-journey
  • Regainingfreedom
  • Rediscoveringwhonoereallyis

Follow them all because they’re fab.

Kayla from Odolnost

Doesn’t believe she is worth it.
Kayla, in a world filled with billions of amazing people, please don’t base your worth off of the small number of beings surrounding you. I cannot say when and I cannot say how, but I know for a fact that someday, you will receive the real life tangible love you have been searching for.

But until then, know that you have created a community of people who care for you here on tumblr. We may not be able to hug you, but we are always here to support, encourage, and be inspired by you.

You are amazing and we love you for that.

Reblog this and spread the word of how amazing Kayla is.
Show her that she is worth it.

Kayla (odolnost) inspired this idea :)

I wrote down about 50 strength exercises for arms, abs, legs etc. and put them on individual pieces of paper and put them in a bag. Each night I’ll take out 15 (or 20 if I have time) and do each exercise for 1 minute

This is so perfect because it means there’s some variety in my workout and I actually do some strength training as opposed to 100% cardio :) 

Kayla from Odolnost

Is such a beautiful soul.

Not only is she unbelievably stunning on the outside, but there is no doubting that she has an amazing soul as well. Every time she posts a yoga video I am so eager to watch it! It’s easy to see that she has found her passion and most definitely excelled in it as well!

You know how the saying goes that the challenges you face only make you a stronger person in the long run? Well it has become very apparent to me that the strength the quote is referring to comes in different forms.

Every hardship and every battle Kayla has gone through literally radiates through her yoga as strength and stability. 

Kayla proves that with a beautiful body, mind and soul, your passion will shine through any battle.

People seem sad on tumblr tonight… :(

SO I thought I would add a smile into the mix in an attempt to brighten everyones days :)

To some specific people that I’ve seen in my dash that seem down and/or aren’t being treated especially well by anons…

magnifysuccess- I like your blog, it isn’t stupid, what’s stupid is that people are telling you what you’re doing wrong. A picture is not worth a thousand words in every situation, I believe that it can be when it is meant as something symbolic or artistic, not when you are illustrating what you had for dinner, or a picture of you or your face. Your dinner looked yummy, I hope you enjoyed it :)

odolnost- We don’t really talk but I think you’re the cooliest and that it isn’t fair that you are so often chastised for things that you’re “doing wrong” because that’s an opinion from someone who has no positive impact in your life, trying to create a negative one for no good reason (although there is no reason to make a negative impact in someone’s life purposefully)

emergingsoul & courageisgraceunderpressure- maybe you would unfollow yourselves, but I wouldn’t unfollow you and it’s impossible to unfollow yourself. oh and I love you both :)

kidsontherunn- hi, I’ve been reblogging you like a mad woman tonight. and every night. that’s all :)

renewinglauren- you’re awesome. everything you post is so beautifully written, I admire people that are able to be so articulate.

So many others that I’m leaving out, but I have an english paper to outline and these people just seemed to be showing up in my dash a lot tonight.

Everyone deserves a smile, so here is one from me today :)

Yeesh I’m a cheesy blogger, my apologies :P 


I made these for Kayla. They’re confirmation cards. When you’re feeling down or unsure of yourself or anxious, you’re supposed to take these out and read them again and again. They’re very reassuring, and calming and they help me so much. They’re supposed to look like a little kid made them, so that when you look at them, you’re reminded that it’s okay to go outside of the lines and it’s okay to not be perfect. I made these for Kayla because of what an inspiration she is to me. Whenever I’m sad or triggered or just not having a good day, I hop on over to her blog and she makes me feel so much better! Kayla is so beautiful, inside and out. I know she is mine, and many other’s, inspiration to recover. She does so well in recovery, and she has made so much progress. I’m so proud of her! <3 Kayla got me into energy bars, yoga, and recovery in general. And I don’t feel like I could ever repay her for all of the hope she has given me. So, I made her these, just to give back a little bit. I believe in you Kayla! I know you’re going through some hard times, but you CAN do this. Look at all the progress you’ve made! You WILL succeed. You are better than this disease. You are strong, wonderful, kind, beautiful, and inspirational. You are going to make such a difference in the world. You’re only a teenager and you’ve already changed so many people’s lives. I believe in you Kayla, and all of the rest of us do, too. Stay strong, girl! <3