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kira and odo

  • Name: Kira Reon, as named after Nerys’ deceased brother
  • Gender: Typically presents as male, although to him gender is pretty much just for getting clothes that fit and avoiding confusing bigendered races.
  • General Appearance: Reon typically resembles Nerys, having her slender features and red hair, as well as her ridged nose. Mind you, this is all the presentation, with Reon being a founder he’s capable of modifying his appearance to be virtually anyone and anything!
  • Personality: Reon is a curious little blob, and can generally be found with his nose against a PADD or watching people from whatever dark little corner he’s wedged himself into. Reon’s not shy, by any means, but he isn’t terribly social and would rather study people than interact with them.
  • Special Talents: Reon is incredibly adept at mimicking people, and predicting their behavior! He rather fancies himself as being a detective of sorts, although he’s less interested in doing anything about discoveries so much as he’s interested in just learning new things.
  • Who they like better: “Mom!”
  • Who they take after more: It’s hard to say, honestly. Especially when they’re grumpy or angry, it’s the righteous storm of both parents.
  • Personal Head canon: Odo actually “incubated” and “gave birth” to Reon by virtue of Reon being formed from Odo’s mass. I have a lot of thoughts on how founders reproduce and basically it involves producing a little blob from the bigger blob and infusing it with the ability to survive on it’s own and grow/learn. Odo literally budded Reon off! Bloop!
  • Face Claim: ppblt ppblt idk

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if they had a kid meme: Kira/Odo or Odo/Weyoun if you're feeling charitable and because I have awful ships.

  • Name: Weyoun! Although they call him Wey, because otherwise it gets incredibly confusing.
  • Gender: Male-Agender. Vorta gender is more about convenience of appearance.
  • General Appearance: It’s a baby Weyoun! No, seriously, it’s a baby Weyoun. (See Personal Headcanon)
  • Personality: TOOTHACHE-INDUCING SWEET. Wey is charming, curious, and LOVES people. He just loves people so much, he wants everybody to be his friend. Of course, Prophets help you if you happen to hurt one of his friends, and unleash the WRATH OF HIS FOUNDER FATHER.
  • Special Talents: Master-class politician, debater, and negotiator in every aspect of life. Wey always gets what he wants. Even if it’s just a discounted jumja stick.
  • Who they like better: Depends on who’s closest and most receptive to being smothered with affection at the moment.
  • Who they take after more: They take after Weyoun immensely, being bright-eyed and sweet.
  • Personal Head canon: They decided to use Weyoun’s stored cloning information to make a baby. He’s literally a baby Weyoun! It’s so cute! AAAAGH SO CUTE.
  • Face Claim: Jeffrey Combs! A young Jeffrey Combs.