DAY 3109

Jalsa, Mumbai                Oct 4/5,  2016                Tue/Wed  1:09 am

Birthday - EF Kishor Vithhal Patil

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Birthdays come and they go .. but our wishes remain ever .. to Kishor then the very best for the 5th and all our love .. 

It has been a fascinating journey for the past few days, reliving for film the history of the Jagganath Temple in Odisa, on the Eastern part of the country, a State caressed by the waters of the Bay of Bengal. Beliefs and custom have always been most captivating, especially when the divine is involved, and this particular temple has the most incredible detail which I narrate each morning from 7, to be in part of the story behind these incredible edifices and their culture of making and its years of existence ..

The very enormity of the Rath Jatra, gave rise to the English term juggernaut, from the deity named Jagganath .. its stories of the construction, the formalities practised for the God’s, the rituals .. all make the most enchanting tales ..

A large bound book taken out by the State Government recounts the stories and the details of much that is still unknown. I am presented one such and I look at in deep interest, and with desire to run through it to enhance my knowledge.

I feel dwarfed by the amount of intricate detailing from the various parts of our country, and I wonder if it is too late to educate myself of it. I shall pursue. And as they say ‘kaal kare so aaj kare, aaj kare so ab’ is the idiom that needs to be revered first before any else ..

But soon after this exhilarating experience, one launches into the world of make belief and filming and studio and repeat shots which deprive an actor of his ingenious spontaneity .. if at all there is ingenious recognition ..

I work in make belief educational institutes, but sell through that, the product that I endorse. It is lasting and repetitive, but the company of children on set is not just a relief, but also a great observation in the learning of this generation and their intricate minds .. the maturity of their confidence, the gullibility of their smile and the wonder of their expressions is priceless ..

At this age I was having problems hanging on to my shorts, but these young are beyond that .. much beyond that .. how do they do this .. how are they being manufactured to be such senior wonders, at such short notice and age .. ?

And as one wonders into the intricacies of the days’ work, that element of dangerous possession, the Samsung Note 7 gets a replacement. It is generous of the company to do so and assure us all of the efficiency of the mobile, but it also gives credibility of the management and its customer service pattern.

I feel reassured and comfortable with this fresh possession … and as is with all new gifts, this one is being looked upon with great dignity, respect and acquired awe !! 

Family moments are the most valuable time spends in a life. They are raucous and intense and frank and concerned, they are loud and filled with intense laughter, as also intense arguments and debate .. and in the end, it is normal brotherly sisterly love that prevails, fatherly motherly moments, reminisces of days gone by .. of time and place and occasion .. such nostalgia, and such memories .. all within a longish evening curled up in soft cushions, and the delicacies of the day ..

It is that little window that opens to us all .. peeking into the past and looking on with some trepidation on the future … 

But comes a time when limitations of time and place, take us away from the realities .. from values of how we think and behave .. how attitudes need to be addressed .. and it is so heartening to observe and note with pride that the upbringing has been a flag bearer to all the needs and necessities of life .. that there has been no wastage of temperament .. that the philosophy of oneness shall always prevail among us all for the better and firmer tomorrow !

May all our prayers during those morning hours of meditational devotion to the force of the unknown powers, bring happiness and peace and sense .. sense more than any other .. sense !!

Good night 

Amitabh Bachchan