Finally got around to drawing some Odinstuck. This here is Blizzard King Equius, ruler of the Unicorn Knights and frost giants. His lovely Snowflayers are headed by Nepeta, his most furrocious warrior and best friend! I liked the idea of him being a bit more equine without going full centaur and drawing his armor was fun! Also, Nepeta speaks the truth.

softlyspokenword replied to your post: So, hey, would anyone want to hear any more Odinstuck stuff?

Aww, yiss! Motherfuckin’ bread crumbs.

Girl, you know the way to my heart is some crazy tasty bread crumbs. u v u

  • Alrighty, so, we’ve got King Brodin of Ragnanival, kingdom of the Aesir (valkyrie, berserkers, and dwarves). He’s got a bone to pick with the queen of the Vanir, Queen Feferiana. She guards a machine that absorbs Phozons, energy released after someone dies, at an alarming rate. It’s basically a doomsday device that takes its sweet time destroying everything. This is what Feferia is trying to prevent, the destruction of not just her people, but the whole world. Brodin doesn’t want to destroy the world, but he wants to conquer it and using the Cauldron is a sure-fire way to do it.
  • While Brodin plots his next move, Aradia leads the valkyrie forces into battle. Lord Gamzee, not quite drunk off his tits as usual, lets his bloodlust get in the way of Aradia’s troops and they lose the battle against the Vanir’s second trump card, Tavwald the Ochre Knight. Aradia stands her ground as Lord Gamzee retreats, seeing no point in staying if he has to deal with such a tiny little knight. Tavwald nearly kills Aradia, but before landing the final blow, allows her leave.

Aradia: Why, why not kill me? You deny me a warrior’s death? Even you, Ochre Knight, cannot be so cruel.

Tavwald: I, uh, it is not out of cruelty, that I spare your life. I merely, do not see why more blood must be shed. The battle is over. Go back to Ragnanival, and rest for tomorrow.

  • Aradia is rather conflicted, but she agrees and prepares to fly back home when Tavwald calls out to her one last time:

Tavwald: Uh, if I may be brazen for a moment, I, uh, think you are rather lovely.

Aradia: W-what are you saying? We are sworn enemies. You are the strongest warrior of the Vanir, and I… I am the strongest of the Aesir.

Tavwald: … But why are we fighting? I understand that, it is very important to your king to get the Cauldron, but, uh, he cannot truly believe he can control it, can he? There is a reason, um, my queen is fighting so adamantly to keep it from him.

Aradia: …

Tavwald: If you ask me, he is not, a very good king, putting his people in jeopardy over the Cauldron, and putting his daughter on the front line-

Aradia: I chose to fight myself! He did not… He didn’t force me to do this…

  • They share a really awkward silence before departing. When Aradia gets home, she awaits the harsh words of her father and readies herself to get him to realize that it was Gamzee’s fault, not hers. Lord Gamzee, now drunk as hell, denies all allegations that it was his fault for not commanding his troops better and Aradia earns more disappointment from the king.
  • When Tavwald gets home, he walks into the castle courtyard and stares at the pond by himself and thinks about the lovely valkyrie he met, the princess of Ragnanival, and wonders why anyone would call her the Witch of Brodin. He sighs, sadly acknowledging that she will never consider befriending him, let alone fall in love with him.
  • Meanwhile, in the kingdom of Titania, Prince Johnelius escapes the castle momentarily for a midnight tryst with his beloved Roselet…

So, because I couln’t sleep and because I’m stupid, I came up with more Odinstuck bullshittery because why not:

  • Queen Feferia, queen of the Vanir, has waged war against King Brodin of Ragnanival, ruler of the Aesir, for many a year. The land between their kingdoms, once lush and green, has become a wasteland where wild creatures feast upon the corpses of the dead, absorbing their Phozons.
  • Lord Meridan, Queen Feferia’s royal advisor, cares for Jade, an orphan the queen found years ago while helping to retrieve the bodies of her fallen subjects. She’s always got her head in the clouds and can often be found catching the frogs that try to eat young fairies.
  • In the queen’s absence, Meridan plots to overthrow the throne and use his “son” Tavwald, a foundling just like Jade, to keep anyone from trying to stop him. A deal made with the queen of the Netherworld, Vriskadette, granted Tavwald some of her powers, making him feared as the Ochre Knight - despite his less-than-threatening demeanor.
  • I already mentioned Vriskadette’s sentient spidergina in an earlier post and really, we don’t need anymore spidergina than necessary.
  • Brodin’s illegitimate kids, Roselet and Ingdave, live in the outskirts of the forest bordering the ravaged kingdom of Valentine and the city limits of the grand Titania. Roselet currently is involved in a tender romance with the prince of Titania, Johnelius.

Okay, that’s it, that’s all I can say, even I see how preposterous this is, although Tavros in Oswald’s armor sure is a sexy image, I tell ya what.