Imagine that Loki’s magic is highly influenced by his emotions. Imagine that, in his anger, Loki forced Odin into his Odinsleep during “Thor” with his unrestrained magical energy. He realizes it nearly immediately afterwards, and of course, hides this knowledge.

Imagine you are a healer of Asgard. Due to fears of another unexpected Odinsleep and the possible repercussions, a group of healers has been assigned to research possible involuntary triggers that could cause the Odinsleep. You are one of the healers assigned to this research group. During your investigation, you examine the vault and find residual traces of magic. Finding this odd, you investigate further and link the magic back to Loki. However, you think nothing of it. Loki is dead. What good would it do to bring more terrible news to the royal family that their deceased son may have inadvertently led to the situation that killed him? So you let it go, and forget what you found.

But after the affairs with the Dark Elves, you notice something… off about the Allfather. Something itches at the back of your mind. Something long forgotten. You decide to do your own investigation. And you come to find that whoever is parading around as Odin is not real. You find the Allfather deep in Odinsleep. And when you investigate further, you find traces of familiar magic. Horrified at your findings, you go to leave and tell someone, anyone. But you find yourself trapped as Loki blocks your exit. Flares of magic send tingles through your body as shock and anger flash across Loki’s face. You’ve made a huge mistake. And Loki will do anything to keep you quiet. Or shut you up if you don’t follow his exact instructions…

Tom Hiddleston - Avengers, Thor, etc

we Hiddlestoners all know and understand how redeemable and hot Loki is  😍

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look at how broken he is and then yelling ‘TELL ME!!’

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“I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with glorious purpose.” - Loki, God of Mischief  💕

Loki’s Choices - Drabble

Anon: 119 & 128 + Loki💚

119.“You lied to me.”

128.“You did this for me?”

Warnings: Angst, established relationship, Thor spoilers I guess?

Words: 512

A/N: (This takes place in the first Thor film!)

The throne room was empty except for you and your prince, but the air between you was heavy and thick as if filled by a crowd of people. As usual, he looked cool, calm, and collected as he sat on his illegitimate throne- the perfect visage of grace under pressure. However, you had known Loki enough to recognize the subtle giveaways (the slight flaring of his nostrils and the mounting tension in his shoulders) that showed the true feelings bubbling under the surface.

“I asked you, Loki.” Your voice finally broke the tense silence and the prince’s gaze on you wavered for a moment.

“I asked you if you knew anything about what happened, and you said no. You lied to me. Thor is gone because of you, and your father-”

“He is not my father.” Loki jumped to his feet with a snarl, advancing on you quickly. “Have you not yet heard of my true parentage? Had you any idea that you loved a monster?”

You were quick to scoff, turning away from him so he couldn’t see the tears you were blinking back.

“It is your choices, my love, that make you a monster.” The bitterness in your voice had him wincing internally but his face remained as still as stone. “The identity of your father is merely a technicality.”

“'My choices’, as you say… You mean the choices made for me, as the youngest son? I had no choice, darling. I had to do this to fix it, fix everything.”

“You have fixed nothing! Nothing! There are frost giants in the palace, hungry for our blood! Your brother-” He went to speak, but your glare cut him off. “-Is trapped on Midgard. Your mother is sobbing in absolute grief while your father drifts through Odinsleep. What, pray tell, what has this fixed?!”

“I have taken back my birthright. My throne, my title, my right to rule as king.” Loki walked over to you as he spoke, gripping your arms too tightly and staring you down with a manic gaze and matching sneer. “All of that which is mine is now also yours, my darling. You can have anything and everything you wish. Odin would have had you marry that big oaf, that poor excuse for a king, but now you can still be mine. I did this for us!”

You were frozen in his arms, absorbing all he said in disbelief. Desperately searching for a lie in his emerald eyes, your tears finally began to fall when you found none.

You… did this for me? All this, for me?” He smiled for a moment before you started to squirm violently against him. Your small hands slapped against his leather clad chest until he allowed you to step away.

Choking on your own gasps and sobs, you backed away from your prince slowly. You committed his image to your memory in that brief second before whispering a farewell. He lunged forward to catch you, but you teleported away using the trick he himself had taught you to keep you safe.

God of Mischief

TITLE: God of Mischief (tagged as God of Mischief fic to differentiate with the Imagine category)

CHAPTER NO.: 02/?? (1)


ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being Thor’s and Loki’s younger sister. You love both of them but always enjoyed being in Loki’s company more. As you all grow older, you realize that you feel more for him

RATING: T (for now)

NOTES/WARNINGS: I am truly sorry it took me so long to update! Thank you to everyone who read this, liked this and even left a comment. It’s very appreciated! Again I want to send out some special Thanks to my precious beta screamsofashadow


One week later, Mo stood at the top of the staircase which led into the throne room. It was time for the coronation of her eldest brother and the palace was almost bursting from all the people who wanted to witness the event. She was absolutely nervous. Everybody was already in their place: Odin, of course, her mother, and Sif, with the Warriors Three, already stood beside the throne, where the King was already seated. Only Loki and herself where missing, and they were to heading to their places next to their mother together. Mo glanced at her brother, who was standing at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for her to come down. She took a deep breath and started towards him. Concentrating on not stumbling over her blue-metallic gown, she didn’t see the admiration in his eyes. After what happened between them a week ago, they hadn’t talked for almost two days, before almost crawling back towards each other. Yet they still had not talked about that certain situation. She still didn’t know what had gotten into her in that moment, but she didn’t want it to stand between them.

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Heirs (Thor X Pregnant!Wife!Reader)

Characters: Thor X Pregnant!Wife!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers, Thor

Warnings: None

Request: Could you please do a Thor fic where the Asgardianreader, they had an arranged marriage, but after a year of being married, they fell in love. Odin’s in Odinsleep so Thor’s king and Y/N’s queen, and she’s pregnant with their first child? Could it be like her telling him she’s pregnant his reaction, and then skip to the birth, where she has twins, a boy, Aleksandr, and a girl, Ingrid. 

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Being of royal blood, it was inevitable that you were to marry. You had actually been engaged since you were old enough to read, but you only met your fiancé when you were a while older, old enough to understand that one day, you would be marrying him. When you did meet your fiancé, you came face to face with a dashing young boy with blonde locks and blue eyes- a face you knew as the future king, Thor Odinson.

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Deleted lines from the Thor: The Dark World script #79
  • Loki: And what of Thor? You'll make that witless oaf King while I rot in chains?
  • Odin: Thor has to strive to undo the damage you have done.
  • Loki: *I've* done? He was the one who broke the Bifrost and let everyone and their mum in!
  • Odin: Yes, but *you* tried to harness the Bifrost's energy to kill the Frost Giants!
  • Loki: Only because *you* raised us to believe they were monsters to be hunted down and killed!
  • Frigga: *(shrugs in agreement)*
  • Odin: Oh.
  • Odin:
  • Odin: So it's my fault.
  • Loki:
  • Odin: Oh, would you look at the time, I—!
  • Odin: *(Odinsleeps)*
  • Loki: *(sighs)* Ugh. Every time...
  • Frigga: *(shrugs in agreement)*
  • Loki: *(louder)* You know you need some new material!
  • Odin: *(deafening snoring intensifies)*
God of Mischief

TITLE: God of Mischief (tagged as God of Mischief fic to differentiate with the Imagine category)

CHAPTER NO.: 01/??

AUTHOR: http://lokipenguin.tumblr.com/

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being Thor’s and Loki’s younger sister. You love both of them but always enjoyed being in Loki’s company more. As you all grow older, you realize that you feel more for him

RATING: T (for now)

NOTES/WARNINGS: I just wanted to make a OS from this Image, yet I started to rewrite the first Thor movie somehow. I do not know how many chapter this will have in the end… English is not my native language, but I have an amazing beta with me here: http://screamsofashadow.tumblr.com/


Mo hurried through the halls, trying to get to the throne room before her brothers arrived from their trip. For nearly a year, Thor and Loki had been away negotiating with another realm. Thor, the eldest child, was the one who was supposed to take the throne someday; it was an unspoken fact. Mo loved her brother, but she doubted he was anywhere near to being ready for it. Even Odin, their father and the current king, knew, and was hoping for Thor to learn and grow from this. Mo herself was the youngest of the three siblings and, though she loved both of her brothers dearly, she had always been closer to Loki. Whenever they had time, they would sit on the grand balcony of their home or in the gardens, doing nothing more than reading. She enjoyed his company and she missed him when he was gone.

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Now I listened to the original song of Warmth by Bastille, but I felt that the live acoustic version of the song worked much better. Here’s the link. Thanks to @branchescuttheskyopen for the request! I don’t know if the story is too repetitive of a theme but it’s all I could think to do. You’ll let me know what you think. Enjoy, my darlings!


Prompt[s]: Could you do a pre-Thor!LokixAsgardian!Reader based on the song Warmth by Bastille? Please?

Sometimes there was no talking to Loki. The rising sun flickers with light like a tossed coin. Heads, he is sociable and good-humoured. Tails, he’s cold. Unresponsive.

Today was a tails day.

You stood outside Loki’s door and knocked gently. There came no response despite you knowing that he was in there.
“Just another one of those days,” you sighed to yourself, readying to admit defeat.
“One of what days?” came a muffled response. Either Loki had shrunk by 5 feet or he was on his knees, whispering through the bottom of the door. Knowing neither was especially likely, you moved on.
“Are you going to open the door?”

“No. One of what days?” He asked again. You sighed and lowered yourself to the floor, realising shortly afterwards that he must be doing the same.
“You’re a cannon, Loki. Some days you’re all firing, all blazing, and there’s no stopping you. Other days you’re…”
“Empty,” he mumbles. “No fire.”

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In a Name: 27

Maybe some day I will like what I write, but it is not this day, I could complain for hours but I won’t… Hope you like it regardless!

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“How fair’s your visions now, my love?” Odin asked Frigga gently.

Frigga stood on the balcony, gazing out across the sprawling lands of the palace. Slowly she frowned as Odin walked up beside her. “They are far worse.” She finally replied.

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IronHawk (Part Fifteen)

Quick shoutout to my readers–had several of you reach out to me via messages/ my ask box and omg you are all the sweetest and I love you!!!!

A little NSFW this chapter, but nothing terribly graphic.
Spoiler Alert- Tom Holland as Spider-man because he’s the cutest and he never stops talking.

Catch up on Chapters 1-14 HERE

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Clint lay sprawled face down across his bed, face in the pillows, wings twitching irritably.

“Hey man, keep those things down. Nobody likes wind after a shower.” Logan complained.

Clint grinned into the pillows. Of course Logan had something shitty to say.

“Well don’t walk around buck ass naked and maybe the wind wouldn’t bother you.” he retorted, still keeping his face turned away.

After that thoroughly stimulating scene in the training room, Clint really wasn’t up to seeing his roommate in anything less than full battle gear and maybe covered in gore. But he knew from experience that Logan would have just a towel wrapped around his waist as he either went to the kitchen for a post training beer, or yep, there’s the smoke lit one of those cigars, filling the room with that signature scent.

Too bad the cigars didn’t cover the scent of Logan. The man smelled wild. Like trees and wind and cold. Not that cold had a particular smell, but if it did, it would be what Logan smelled like.

And it smelled good.

“So what did Coulson want?” Logan asked, lounging on his bed. He’d grabbed a magazine from the living room and flipped through it carelessly.

“Just want to see how my talk with Fury went.” Clint finally turned to face him, keeping his eyes trained on the blankets on Logan’s bed and not all the skin on display.


“And I told him Fury could fuck off. I’d go back to the Avengers if SHIELD ever stopped needing me.”

“And?” Logan tapped his cigar against his ash tray.

“And Coulson smiled that stupid half smile he does and moved right on.”

“Does he want you to go back?”

“He’s concerned that since I’m an original member of the team, they are suffering for me not being there. As well as worried that being separated from people that I've… well nearly died for, and certainly killed for, for such a long time is detrimental to me.”

“What, like he thinks you’re lonely?”

Clint shrugged into the bed, wings moving with the motion. “I don’t really know what he meant by that.”

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Imagine being Thor’s and Loki’s younger sister. You love both of them but always enjoyed being in Loki’s company more. As you all grow older, you realize that you feel more for him than a sister should. You tell no one and ask yourself everyday what’s wrong with you.

After Thor has been exiled, you find out, along with Loki himself that Loki is adopted and even though you’re angry with your parents, you also feel kind of relieved.

Imagine you go looking for Loki who had rushed away after Odin falls into Odinsleep, finding him in his chambers, sitting on his bed. He’s all sad and confused, claiming that nobody has ever really loved him. You take a seat right next to him, telling him that he is wrong about that.

Even more confused, he looks right into your eyes and your heart is about to jump out of your chest. Gathering all your courage, you lean forward, pressing your lips onto his. He’s frozen for a moment, before you feel him responding to your kiss. After you two part, he’s smiling, saying that he feels the same way and his biggest fear is to lose you above all.

He is known for his Mischief and been named a Trickster before, but you know that he’s not lying to you in right this moment, as you can see the pain and loneliness in his eyes… And you know you will stand by his side, whatever may come.

anonymous asked:

Oooooh, but jumping on that other anon's ask a couple weeks back, what would you think would happen if the Grandmaster were still in Asgard when Loki has his "Jotun heritage" freak out? Especially since Odin is in Odinsleep, Frigga is too busy to keep a close eye on him and Thor is banished? (Loki/Grandmaster with a vulnerable Loki is quickly becoming my jam!)

I assume this is referring to the Grandmaster popping up pre-canon post.

The Grandmaster knows a golden opportunity when he sees one.

He shows up in Asgard weeks prior to Thor’s coronation, having invited himself to the occasion. Odin’s wary of this creature - as well he should be - but it’s not wise to offend one of the Elders. Odin is certain he can keep tabs on the Grandmaster while he’s there, also certain that after the coronation he’ll get bored and wander away. 

The Grandmaster is amused by Asgard. So much power. So much hubris. He’s seen countless empires like this one rip themselves apart over time. It never really takes much before to nudge that arrogance along to the point that it turns on them. He can already see the trappings ripe for Asgard’s fall. An arrogant, reckless heir. A clever, yet insecure & spiteful af second prince (who is obviously not of the king’s blood, nor his people, and doesn’t seem to realize either. interesting). An old king, oblivious to the issues within his own house. And a people so smug they can see no future where they do not reign supreme over their tiny little corner of the universe. 

So many secrets here. So many ways to come undone.

Odin wasn’t expecting the Grandmaster’s sudden fascination with his youngest son. Still, he and Frigga decide not to make waves (Odin is tired and needs Thor to step up so Odin can rest). They resolve to keep careful watch over the situation. Besides, with the coming coronation Loki’s very busy anyway and his parents can easily make sure he is rarely alone with their unwanted guest. 

But then everything goes to shit.

The Grandmaster couldn’t be more delighted by the chaos. The would-be king banished. The still-king down for the count. The queen distracted. And then there’s Loki, the sudden heir to the throne. So many unexpected things happening so quickly. So many possible outcomes. He’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

He beds the young, new (unexpected) king the same night Loki ascends to the throne. Loki tastes like desperation and despair. So delicious! 

The next day, he sees the knives already coming out for Asgard’s new king. Sees Loki’s renewed desperation to prove himself to the man he still calls “father”, despite his anger and resentment spilling over into everything he says and does. 

The Grandmaster stays close by the new king, quickly discovering that for someone who loves to manipulate others, Loki’s not immune to being manipulated himself.

So many possibilities available. 

The Grandmaster can encourage Loki to pursue the destructive path he’s already barrelling down, and amuse himself with watching just how fast Loki’s reign implodes. He can nudge him just a little down a different path, convince him of the enemies surrounding him and convince him he needs to shore up support and attack those who oppose him quickly. Watch as Asgard turns on itself. Or set him along a different war-strewn path. Push Loki’s - and Asgard’s - aggressions outward. Spread them throughout all the realms. Let Loki be the king that burns Yggdrasil to ashes. Or he can keep Loki’s self-destruction contained, get him to choose outcomes that will keep Asgard strong (with the Grandmaster’s helpful advice, of course). Make a better peace with Jotunheim. Rally Asgard’s people behind their new king. Put that infamous silvertongue to good use and keep the peace while maintaining Asgard’s strength at the same time. Show Odin - and Asgard - he can be a better king than Thor ever could. Or he could even persuade Loki to just walk away from all this, come and wander the universe and sample all the delights it has to offer at his side.

How’s the Grandmaster ever to choose?

Ms. Powers- Part 6

Ms. Powers Part 1

Ms. Powers Part 2

Ms. Powers Part 3

Ms. Powers Part 4

Ms. Powers Part 5

As she heard what he said Natasha spoke to the team, “Barton fly the kids back to base. Key, I need another jet here stat.” She looked at Captain now who looked at her confused. “We can’t take her on board with all those kids, they were already freaked, imagine if they saw he like this.”

“How are you so calm about this,” Steve said a sounding worried and little furious.

“She’s not dead Cap, calm down.”

“She has no puls-”

“It only feels like she doesn’t,” she interrupted. “Her pulse is there it’s just so weak that you can’t detect it.” She shook her head at you, “I told her she should have gotten sleep.”

“What does her sleep have to do with this situation?”

“She used up a good amount of energy last night and didn’t sleep at all so she didn’t have much -at least much to her standard- when we left today. She knew she’d have enough energy to handle the fighting but I’m guessing she didn’t account that she’d have to make a forcefield around her and six kids while a huge bomb detonated right above her and sent a four story building on top of her. Cap, if she were dead that force field wouldn’t have stayed up after she died.”

“We’ll shes unconscious and it stayed up,” he pointed out.

“She’s talented like that. She’s had 300 and some years to perfect her powers and mental strength. I don’t know how she does it but she does. Whatever she did- she was able to command her body to use whatever energy it could muster to protect the kids.”

Jet 00972 ready for lift off,” a member of your former team called through their connection.

“Carry her to the jet,” Nat said standing up.

“Is that safe for her?”

“Trust me Cap, she’s fine,” he picked you up gently and followed Nat to the Jet.


The whole team landed 30 minutes after you, Nat and Steve, on base. They got updated that the kids were being brought home to their families later that night right before they stepped off and got a ride to the medical center on base. “What’s going on,” Tony asked as he entered the hospital room you were being kept in. Steve and Nat sat right next to your bed on opposite side and Fury was leaning against the back corner. Bruce went to pick up your medical chart but there was nothing there. “Is she in a coma,” Bruce asked.

“No,” Fury stated. “she’s…sleeping…I guess you could call it.”

“Then why did we hear Rogers say that she had no pulse,” Tony barked.

“Y/N is able to hold more energy that regular humans. While we can go about our lives and sleep for 6 hours a night she can sleep extremely little and still perform her powers. The thing is she has to be careful that she doesn’t use all her energy in whatever she is doing if she hasn’t slept an adequate amount. She knows how much is too much for her, but today, after shielding the base all last night and getting no sleep, she used all her energy on the mass shield she used to protect her and the kids. When she uses all her energy like that she goes into this super sleep. She doesn’t need to eat or drink she just goes into this deep sleep where her body rejuvenated itself.”

“My father does something like this,” Thor commented. “We call it the ‘Odinsleep,’”

“Couldn’t it be dangerous for her? If this happened to her in the middle of a battle couldn’t someone shoot her point blank and call it a day,” Tony asked.

Natasha shook her head, “That’d be impossible.”

“How so,” Banner asked.

Natasha looked at Fury and he nodded at her unspoken question. Natasha pulled a knife out of her boot and, before any of the Avengers could protest, plunged the knife down to your heart.

Everybody screamed. “Are you crazy,” Steve shot up from his chair seeing Nat hold the knife on your heart!

“Calm down Rogers,” Clint said unphased by what had happened. Everyone turned their attention back to Nat and you and saw what he meant. Nat lifted up the knife for everyone to see. The knife looked like Thor had hammered it in half. “Her skin becomes impenetrable in this state. Did you really think I’d kill one of my best friends?” All the Avengers, except Clint, shrugged.

Banner went full scientist on her upon hearing this. “How is that possible,” he said walking closer to you and taking a close look at your skin.

“You heard her say that she heals quickly didn’t you,” Fury asked and they nodded. “Well another part of her abilities includes having literal thick skin. If she wanted she could make it so her skin was like this in battle and nothing could pierce it; it’d just take a little more focus and energy, but when she goes into this state her body’s natural instincts take over and it does this to protect her from any outside threat.”

“Fascinating,” Bruce muttered. “If we could mirror this technology we could create a synthetic, lightweight, bulletproof material for our soldiers.”

“Easy Geek-Squad,” Banner commented.

“We’ve already tried Dr. it’s something we can’t get close to,” Nick informed him.

“How long with she sleep,” Thor asked the Director.

“We don’t know. It’s different every time. It all depends on how much sleep she’s had recently and exactly how much energy she burned through. All we can do is wait,” he said much to the team’s dismay.


The events leading up to the bomb replayed in your mind as you came to. You, running in the basement room and seeing the children. You spoke to them Arabic so they’d understand you. “I’m going to get you somewhere safe, ok?” You picked the youngest of the group, a cute little girl, and took the hand of another. “Follow me kids,” just as you were about to reach the stairs you heard the faint hum of a machine and a beep. You reacted faster than you could process what you had heard and threw up a force field around u and the kids. Right as you did so a wave of heat came from the room you had just sent Tony out of minuets before. Knowing the strength of the bomb and that they building would be falling on you you sent all you could into the field around the children. In those quick moments you had gathered all the children under you as you knelt over them to further shield them with your body. Another wave was sent out by the bomb and that’s the last thing you remembered.

The first thing that always came back to you was your hearing. You heard pages turning and a tune being hummed. from your left side.

The next thing that returned was your sense of touch. You felt your toes wiggle under a blanket.

You opened your eyes and saw Steve sitting to your left, flipping through a small book, mindlessly humming a familiar tune. “Steve,” your voice was a little hoarse. He looked at you and quickly put down his book as he sat on the edge of his seat.

“Hey,” he leaned over towards you and held a cup of water out to you. “How are you feeling?”

You took a deep breath. “I feel good. I feel like I need a double cheeseburger but, I feel good. What are you doing here?”

“I didn’t want to leave you alone.”

“That’s really nice,” you smiled at him. “Wait, how long have I been out?”

He looked down at his watch. “29 hours.”

“29…not bad Y/N. Not bad,” you said to yourself. “I feel bad that you were here the whole time, I’m not much fun when I get like this,” you joked. “Usually I just wake up and walk out,” you said getting up. That didn’t stop him from opening his arms, ready to catch you if you tripped or fell. “Really,” he asked.

“Yeah, really. Once I’m up I’m good. See,” you did a quick spin and shimmy and stood back up straight, “all good. But I wasn’t joking about that burger I’m starving. Want to go grab lunch?”

Steve stood in awe at your ability to bounce back so quickly. “Sure,” he let out a laugh. “Good because I know this great burger place about 30 minutes away.” You and Steve started walking out of the hospital, “Hey Trish,” you smiled at a nurse. You were about to walk towards the garage when Steve stopped you. “Ugh, Y/N, don’t you want to change first?” You looked down and saw that you were still in your uniform.

“Good point,” you turned towards your house. “Feel like making a pit stop?” You two walked to your house on base and he told you how the case had wrapped up and how you managed to give him a scare when he saw you like that.

“Was that Glenn Miller,” you asked Steve out of nowhere. “Back at the hospital, when I woke up you were humming. Was that In the Mood by Glenn?” Steve thought about it and nodded his head.

“How did you know that,” he asked in disbelief.

“I’m old remember,” you smirked as you opened the door to your house. “Make yourself comfortable, I’ll be right back.” You went into your room and changed into a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt. “Ready,” you asked as you came back out. “Would you be opposed to getting the garage quicker,” you asked smiling as you shut your front door.

“No,” he smiled back trying to figure you out, “Do you have a car?”

“Hold on Cap,” before he knew it the base was passing him by in a blur and he was standing in front of the base ‘garage.’ He felt your arms unsnake from around him.

“That was…amazing. I didn’t realize you could move that fast.”

“For food I can,” you both laughed at your joke. “My cars are this way,” you lead him to the elevator and pressed the button for the very bottom. “Please state your name,” the elevator asked. “Director General Y/N Whitmore.” The elevator let out a ding and started moving down into the earth. “I keep my rides down here that way the other agents and recruits can’t get their mits on them,” you smiled. When the elevator doors opened Steve was surprised to see so many cars. “Don’t worry they all aren’t mine. We keep the high ranking agent’s and officer’s personal cars down here. You stopped in front of the car you’d be take and pressed the unlock button on your keys. The car lit up….as did Steve’s face. “I thought you were more of a bike guy?”

He widened his eyes and looked back at the car, “What is this thing?”

“An Aston Martin One-77. Perk of working for S.H.I.E.L.D,” you got his attention, “no speed limits,” you said happily and hopped in the car.

“This is the place,” you two pulled up to a small bar in the small town 30 minutes from base.

“Sweet land,” Steve said getting out of the car. “I’m only joking…a little,” he added as he saw the look you gave him. “It’s just that when you said 30 minutes I didn’t realize that it was 30 minutes when you drove.” He was playing at the fact that they only time you were under 100 mile per hour the whole drive was when stopped at signs and lights.

“What’s wrong Steve, can’t handle speed?”

“I’ve jumped out of planes without a parachute. I think I can handle your driving.”

“Come on let’s eat.” You led Steve into the bar and sat down in your usual booth.

“Hey Y/N,” Mark the bartender called as you took your seat.

“Hey Mark,” you smiled in his direction. “I’ll have two burgers, the usual to drink, and,” you looked at Steve. “And whatever good beer you’ve got,” Steve added. “The usual,” he questioned you.

“I come here semi-often,” you shrugged and giggled. “You’re gonna love the burgers.” Conversation between the two of you came easy. You both talked about what the world was like when you were growing up and anything else that came to mind.

“What about all your old boyfriends,” Steve asked nervously. Had you been really listening you would have been able to hear his heart beat quicken. You finished chewing the large bit of your burger and responded. “You mean my one old boyfriend.”

“You’ve only had one boyfriend,” he was very surprised.

“Why does that shock you? Because I’m so old.”

“No, no, that’s not what I meant. Well, I guess that’s true too but, I mean, you a great person and beautiful, I just don’t see why you’d only have one.”

You blushed as he called you beautiful, “Well dating isn’t that easy when you’re in my position. In the colony the governor’s son liked me,” you laughed at the thought. “Gosh, I haven’t thought about that in a long time.” You continued with your story, “His name was James, go figure right, and he was a year older than me. He’d always try and get me to stay in the village and play with him instead of going to hang out with Walter, my English culture-obsessed Native American friend. I never did though. James was, excuse my French Steve, a douche.” Steve laughed hard, “It’s true! He was! Like a big douche. He thought because his father was the governor he was all that. When we turned 15 he told his father that he wanted me to be his betrothed; that his father should arrange a marriage between us.”


“Really! And when his father asked mine, mine said that he’d think about it.”

“And did he?”

You laughed hard this time, “He thought there was no way in hell! My father knew that he was trouble and knew that even if he had said yes for some reason I would have ran away before I married him. That was my almost boyfriend I guess you could say. But my real boyfriend came a long time later. It was May of 1774 and I was 129- God, I sound ancient- and I moved to a small town in Southeast West Virginia. By then I had been moving from town to town for a long time. I had gotten a good amount of wealth from my family overseas so I usually had a nice entrance into town. I pulled up to the local bed and breakfast in my few carriage and while they unloaded everything I went for a stroll in the town’s park. By now it was nighttime and really dark and while I was out wandering I heard something break from the treeline by me. I tensed up and was ready to fight who ever came at me but out walked this man. He said that he’d seen me from where he was walking and thought he should come over to see if I was lost and ok.

“That was the first time I met Benjamin. He was 23 and had lost both his parents 4 years earlier to sickness. He was a sort of socialite savior for the town and it’s area, using his money to help others and make money for the town,” you got lost in the memories as they flooded back to you. “I still remember that after he asked to walk me back to where I was staying he told me that a lady like myself shouldn’t be walking around at night by herself,” you and Steve both chuckled at that. “We talked as he walked me back and he stopped on the stoop of the B&B and just turned to me and asked if he could take me out for a walk in the park during the day so I could see it’s true beauty,” you came back into the present. “Do not tell Tony when the last night I had a boyfriend was or he’ll make fun of me that I haven’t had a significant other since before America was made. You Lord,” you realised, “that sounds awful. I sound like the ultimate spinster!”

“Can I ask what happened after that,” Steve timidly said.

“We spent almost everyday together from that May to the next April. It was a little scandalous at first; a rich boy courting an orphaned girl. But the folks around town loved us both, especially together. Things started getting heated with Britain with all the action towards American freedom. April 19th the Revolutionary War began. Of course back then it was just ‘The War.’ He helped get forced organized should anything happen in our town but nobody ever thought that something would come to our small town. We were having dinner in the Inn I was staying in,  I had decided that that was the night that I was going to show him what I could do. All I could do was hope he wouldn’t go around screaming ‘Witch,’ when there was a loud bang from across town. Everyone stood up and he turned to me and told me to stay inside with everybody and he rushed out.

“I had a pretty good idea what was going but I didn’t know how crazy it was. Before I knew it there was an explosion at the Inn’s door; it lit up in flames and trapped us all inside. Everyone was going crazy and I just told everyone they had to get to the back room and go to the basement. Once they were safe from all the chaos I used my powers and tamed the fire. Once it was out I went outside I moved all the tables in front of the door so no one could in but the people inside could get out. I ran all over town looking for Benjamin or his friends, someone who could tell me where he was, when I saw him near an alley. We caught each others eyes for a second but before he could spring back into action there was a gunshot and he just grabbed his chest and fell to the ground.

“I ran over, which alarmed him and everyone around him because I had moved so fast, and I did what I knew best. I used my powers and took out everyone around us. I knelt down by him and just told him that I was going to tell him tonight about what I could do. He just pointed  to his coat pocket and said, “If that’s who you are then there is even more to love.” That’s the last thing he said to me…”you trailed off for a second. “I reached into the pocket he pointed to and there was this little wooden box in there with a silver band in it.”

“A silver band?”

“Back then engagment rings weren’t a thing. You just had one ring and they didn’t have diamonds on them.”

Steve let out an ‘Oh.’ “He was going to propose that night.”

You nodded as he spoke, “He was going to propose that night. That was the first war I fought in. I knew that I wanted to do something to keep others husband’s from getting hurt. It was a lot harder since I only had a few abilities unlike what I have now but…I saved some people. And after that I had no time to date or any aspiration to. I worked so much and I had a big secret to keep, and I knew that I’d live forever while they’d age and die. Fun talk huh?”

“I’m glad you told me. It’s my fault for asking.”

“I’ve only told 2 other people that story,” you stated. “How about you. Any old girlfriends?”

“Oh you know how it is: chicks dig scrawny guys,” he said very sarcastically.


Natasha had just left your house and was now walking into the makeshift office that the Avengers had been given as their space. “Clint, have you see Y/N? I went to the hospital to check on her and Rogers but when I got there Trish said they left, like, 4 hours ago.”

Clint sat cleaning off his arrows. “No Nat, sorry, haven’t seen her since we went and saw her earlier. Did her and Rogers leave together,” his eyebrows rose.

“According to Trish.”

“When do you think Roger’s is gunna’ ask Y/N out?”

“I don’t know. I’m still trying to get it out of Y/N if she likes him. You know how stubborn she can be,” Nat sat down next to him with a huff.

“They’ll both come around eventually.”

Deleted lines from the Thor script #216
  • Laufey: It's said you can still hear and see what transpires around you. I hope it's true, so that you may know that I'm about to moon you right now.
  • Loki: *(suddenly waves butt in Laufey's face)*
  • Loki: And YOUR mooning came from the butt of the son of Odin!
  • Laufey:
  • Laufey: It's... You've got to pull your pants down to moon someone.
  • Loki: Oh. Oh, right. Well, um... It's just that I've got this one-piece gold leather jumpsuit and it's difficult to undo all the loops and buttons at the neck and then pull everything down...
  • Laufey: You don't have a zip fastening on the groin?
  • Loki: No. I guess that's not how we like it in Asgard...
  • Laufey: Oh, it's way more convenient. All the Frost Giants have zip crotches.
  • Loki: Really?
  • Laufey: Oh yes, there's a lot of mooning on Jotunheim.
  • Odin: *(awakens)*
  • Odin: Why does it smell like butts in here?
  • Odin: Ugh; this is just like 965 AD all over again.
  • Odin: *(falls back into Odinsleep)*
Across the Divide

TITLE: Across The Divide

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Fourteen

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking out of the palace as a youth to see the city and countryside, while out one day, he accidentally gets in trouble for something, but a young girl deals with the situation, allowing him to be left alone and his true identity be kept secret. She is a poor girl who is only in the city to sell goods with her father, so she does not realise it is Loki, even though she sees his face. They form a friendship as she shows him around the city, and tells him the date she comes to the city every month for a particular market.

RATING: Teen and Up

Frigga said nothing as her son told her everything, from the day he first met Ariella in the country market as she assisted him get away from a stall-keeper who was accusing him of theft, of how he befriended the girl, how she was the reason he learnt of the mine collapse, how she thought him of all the great inequalities of Asgard, of how she was his greatest friends, how she cared about him, and him her, of her family, of how she ceased to go to the markets one day, of how he thought she was lost, but then found her again and of how was suffering, how she had no form of comfort, how she clearly could not fight the inevitable decline of her health any longer, of how he was about to lose her. What he did not say was his feelings on the matter, but that didn’t matter, Frigga could see that as plainly as she could her younger son in front of her.

She had realised only a short period before that Loki’s recent infatuation was with the girl in question, causing her heartache. There was such little chance of the girl making any form of recovery, she knew that her death would tear Loki apart and so few could understand.

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What if... Odin had adopted Spiderman?
  • Odin: Odinsons! Come before me!
  • Thor: Verily! We are here, Father!
  • Loki: Yeah yeah...
  • Spiderman: We have our own names, Dad.
  • Odin: I am Odin, Lord of Asgard!
  • Spiderman: We know who you are, Dad. Everyone knows who you are.
  • Odin: The Odinsleep beacons me. I must prepare for it.
  • Thor: Indeed!
  • Loki: ...Here we go.
  • Spiderman: Normal people call it "Going to bed."
  • Odin: Odinsons, you must check to make certain the Odindoors are locked, and the Odinwindows are closed.
  • Thor: I shall disembark on this quest at once, Father!
  • Spiderman: Do you people ever talk normally?
  • Loki: Nope.
  • Odin: Thus, for the next Odinhour, I shall be in the Odinbathroom.
  • Spiderman: Uuuugh. Don't... Please, don't say it...
  • Odin: Where I shall take the Odindump.
  • Spiderman: OH MY GOD DAD!
  • Loki: Welcome to my life.
  • Odin: Afterwards, I shall brush the Odinteeth, and retire to my chamber. Loki, it falls to you to read me the Odinsleep-time story.
  • Spiderman: ...I totally get where you're coming from now, Loki.
  • Loki: Thank you. Wanna go take over Asgard, with me?
  • Spiderman: *sighs* ...sure.


“….how grand it is to find that we are as much part of the universe as the universe is of us. Those that can find the source of life within them without effort are truly blessed for they will feel more complete than most.”

—- Priestess Synya


Asgardians define Seidr as: “magic/scorcery that is used to understand, experience and influence reality through rituals, symbols, actions, gestures and language".

The more elaborate explanation given to those who question it: it is the collective name for both wielding and possessing one of the many forces that has existed since the beginning of time, a primordial element that is present in all that is living. As any type of matter it cannot be destroyed or created, only revealed or released and manipulated to be used for many workings that affect the physical.

It is believed to be the ‘life force’ that brought the primeval being Ymir into existence, the ancestor of the jötunar.  The innate ability to use Seiðr is thus most present in the Jötunar, Vanir, Alfheimr’s Elves and some Aesir with similar heritage. (1)  Control and the use of the force has been taught to the Aesir that do not possess the ability since birth, most prominently by Frigga although actual teachings have only been present since the end of the Aesir-Vanir war (2). It is practiced and studied excessively since then and became a commodity among the Asgardians over time. At the present a large portion of the population is well-practiced in the use of it, applying it to everyday life whilst Asgard itself benefits from various enhancements because of it.


Illusions: to disguise/change/enhance what is seen.

Divination: to gain insight into a question/situation.

Rune/Sigil workings:  to improve/strengthen/enhance an object and it’s ingrained qualities, affecting whichever is in proximity of said object.

Channeling:  to guide/manipulate present elemental forces.

Communication: to convey emotions/thoughts without speech, to tune oneself with energies emitted by whichever is near.

Practitioners are of both genders, however the affinity for it seems to be more prevalent in females. It is taught by templars and priestesses who devote most of their time to perfect and increase their abilities, recording their findings. 


Asgardians that possess and excessively use Seiðr  are prone to fevers and fatigue. Prolonged usage eventually forces the physical body to slip into a near comatose state in which only the bare minimum is registered by the consciousness.  Considering his rather strong mind and control over powers  Odin is known to be quite aware of his surroundings whilst in Odinsleep.

There are levels in competence and endurance while practicing  Seiðr; for some it feels as easy as breathing and walking, only noting they are performing the task when complexity is increased. Exertion is naturally linked to the level of concentration and effort needed to perform the task.

OOC Footnotes:

  1. Unconscious competence to wield Seiðr and possession of powers of any kind seems to be species related.  Not all Asgardians have powers and it is very likely due to the genetic code. For example Odin is half- Jötunn, making Thor a quarter-Jötunn, also seemingly quite a bit of Odin’s offspring are noted to possess some type of power.
  2. Actual schooling and research only started after peace between the gods was accomplished, it is unlikely that before it full use of it was common among the Aesir since they were mostly power and war driven with little care for the spiritual.

Disclaimer: Per usual this is mostly headcanon, aided by some information from the myths. It is not intended as an explanation of the actual Seiðr that has been practiced in the Old Norse societies, more of a general post which I feel can be applied to MCU Asgard and my muse’s verse. Subject to change and work in progress, per usual much thanks to the twin for bouncing ideas with me and for poking my brain.