odin you are a terrible father


1. MY CHILD WHO IS BOTH. Because Loki is genderfluid. And it has been presented in such a way that it isn’t the point of the character, but that it is just an aspect of Loki. And you know who is accepting it here? Odin, Loki’s father. The All-Father. This message makes me so ridiculously happy.

2.  And no one directly mentions it. It just is. The creator has directly mentioned it, but the characters just treat Loki’s genderfluidity as you would anyone else’s gender: a given. To me, this is representation done right.

3.  Loki reassuring Thor. Because Loki does still have caring and ties to Thor, even after all the terrible things that have happened. Appearing to double cross him. Stabbing him with Gram. They’re brothers, and Loki accepts this.

4.  Loki’s story is a powerful redemption story. Mostly because Loki is fighting against a literal self. His big enemy is not the All-Mother, or Odin, or Thor, or Dr. Doom, or the Angels of Heven. It is a version of himself he is fighting not to become. And doesn’t that juts embody the human struggle as well?

Deleted lines from the Thor: The Dark World script #26
  • Thor: Loki died with honour. I will try to live my life the same way.
  • Loki!Odin: *(nods)*
  • Thor: And as soon as I can gather men, I will conduct a search party on Svartalfheim to retrieve his body.
  • Loki!Odin: Er... No.
  • Thor: But he deserves a proper burial, Father!
  • Loki!Odin: Um... No, no, there's no need for that.
  • Thor: And why not? He is my brother!
  • Loki!Odin: It would be, uh, fruitless. Like a metal man at a magnet party.
  • Thor: How could you, Father...?
  • Loki!Odin:
  • Thor: ...After what Loki has done...
  • Loki!Odin: Yes, I am a terrible father, aren't I?
  • Thor: Well...
  • Loki!Odin: Indeed! Worst father ever.
  • Thor:
  • Loki!Odin: Off you go, now!