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Imagine that someone (in Avengers’ tower perhaps) was able to show Loki a magical mirror which shows the truest wish of the person holding it (a bit like mirror of Erised). It’s supposed to show him how vain and insufferable he is, because everyone thinks it’d depict him on a throne, with all the people kneeling before him. But all that’s shown in the mirror is Frigga with Thor and Odin, surrounded by loved ones and friends, with Loki entirely missing from the happy scene.


For @anhartcuteneon…connected to this imagine. Enjoy!

Y/N groaned as she was thrown to the ground. The nasty little speedster had managed to get the drop on her before she could even think of scorching him. The kid was a strong one too, managing to knock the breath out of her.

After a moment, she rolled to her feet. She snarled, having come to face the sister. Without hesitation, Y/N shot fire toward the other girl. When she stopped, however, there was no trace of her. She jumped suddenly, seeing her out of her peripherals. Unfortunately, the girl had been able to manipulate her mind, her eyes turning red.

Y/N watched in horror as she stood where her eight year old self had once stood. It was dark and cold. Snow fell onto her skin, causing her to shiver. A massive giant towered over her.

That’s when she heard it: the scream of her parents. Terrified, Y/N couldn’t help but to relive the horrible scene. Just like the first time, she released a vast amount of fire from her body as she screamed for her mother.

When the flames died down, she saw herself on Jotunheim. Thor, Loki, Lady Sif, and the Warriors Three were surrounding her. In a flash, another Frost Giant was moving in on Lady Sif. With all she could muster, she took the Giant, hands on. The blaze soon surrounded the white landscape.

Y/N turned around to realize she was in the Asgardian Palace. She knit her brows, not remembering the last time she was in the throne room. She glanced up toward the throne, expecting Odin. Her jaw slacked when she saw Loki sitting in his place. But…that couldn’t be. Loki died. Thor said so himself. How was he king?

“Loki,” she muttered.

She jerked her head at the sound of thousands of cries. She glanced out a window to see the paralyzing sight of chaos. Faces flashed before her eyes as the crossed the path of the window. She gasped when she realized all these people were someone that wronged Loki, in a sense. Odin, the Warriors Three, Laufey, and so many others. Her gaze returned to her beloved.

“It all must end,” she warned, not fully understanding her own words.
He smirked. “Oh Y/N, this is only the beginning.”

His smirk melted away into the frightful canvas, eventually taking the screams with it.

Y/N gasped as she sat up. Crazed, she looked around to see she was on the quinjet. Clint was in front of her, trying to calm her down. Looking into his soothing eyes, she eventually began to breathe normal.

“What…What happened?” she mumbled.
“One of them likes to play mind tricks,” he attempted to tease, “You’re alright kid. It wasn’t real.”

She nodded. Seeming to satisfy Clint, the assassin returned to his pilot seat. Y/N curled in slightly, thinking about what she had seen.

“But…it seemed so real.”

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Am I the only one who thinks Loki would be a better king than Odin? First of all, look at Odin parenting Loki vs Loki as Odin parenting Thor. Loki clearly would be a good and better father.

But to be a fair king, you first need to know unfairness. Odin probably grew up with a silver spoon and no competition. I doubt he ever tasted unfairness.

Loki though, his entire life, from his father, from Thor, his friends, from entire fucking Asgard, was shown disrespect and unfairness even before everything turned to shit. He knows pain, he knows blood, he knows unjust, he knows unfairness, he knows betrayal, he knows what it’s like to be stepped on and humiliated.

We got a glimpse of what the middle-class Asgardians went through in Agents of Sheild; “Picking rocks for thousands and thousands of years; [to take care of his family]” I highly doubt Odin is a fair king. And we’ve only got glimpses of the amount of blood Odin himself has spilled. We know the blood Loki spilled was a mere drop compared to Odin’s.

My point is: Loki would know how to be fair to the people of Asgard and the Nine Realms. He would know how to show compassion. He would know how to balance good and evil within himself enough to balance the crown on his head.

I personally think that while Asgard is under Loki’s rule, things will change. And he may be able to stop Ragnarok much better than Odin could from the throne.

No Matter What - Loki x Reader

I was inspired by @tom-hiddleston-imagines and want to make sure they get all the credit for this short fic. It was one of those moments when I was scrolling through my Tumblr feed and the story hit me like a ton of bricks. I had to write it. I enjoyed every second of this process and want no credit for the original inspiration. It’s so important to me that I feel like I need to repeat it. This was not my imagine. Please go check out their blog and follow them, you won’t be disappointed!

Original Imagine:   Imagine Loki coming back from fighting the Frost Giants, you notice he is acting weird so you go ask him if everything is alright. He says everything’s fine but you know he lying so you try and find out for yourself. @tom-hiddleston-imagines


 NOTES/WARNINGS Lots of fluff in the end but nothing as far as warnings go. :)

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You had just received the news of Thor’s banishment, a devastating blow to the royal family. Frigga held her composure in public but you could see the broken heart she hid in her eyes. Odin sat on his throne with a hardened face, making sure to remind everyone that he does not spare even his own children from punishment.

 Frigga walked away from Odin and made her way to you. You had been standing behind a pillar, a safe distance from the small crowd that had gathered in the throne room. You curtsied when she was only a few feet from you.

 “All Mother,” You greeted. “I am so sorry for your loss.”

 “Thor will return to us, in time, you mustn’t doubt that.” She gave you a sad smile. “(Y/N) have you seen Loki?” She asked placing her hands on your shoulders.

 “No, your grace, I have not.” You looked down and avoided her gaze. You had gone to look for him when the warriors three and Lady Sif had returned from Jotunheim, but he had secreted himself away.

 “Please, go and find him,” She pleaded. “He adores you and cherishes your company. I’m sure he is as wounded by his brother’s banishment as we are. Go, comfort him.” She gently pushed you away, not giving you the opportunity to respond.

 You left the great hall and sighed as the grand doors shut behind you. Where would Loki be? Earlier, you checked his room, the library and even the gardens. There was one other place that he had spoken about, he only mentioned it once but with places to look running out, you decided to give it a try.

 You and Loki had been close for a few years, but it was only recently that he asked you to be his, exclusively. You, of course, couldn’t have been happier and quickly agreed. When you two were out in public he kept a respectable distance from you. Displaying no affection other than smirk and a witty comment, he refused to distort his “God of Mischief” reputation. But in the evenings, when the two of you were alone and there were no other eyes on you, he was a completely different person. He was delicate and kind and did everything he could to make you happy. And you were.

 However, as Thor’s coronation approached, you seemed to only see the Loki who was distant. Even in the evenings he would be distracted and his mind always seemed to be elsewhere.

 ‘I’m sorry, love.’ He had said. ‘I have a lot on my mind. It will all be clear soon.’

 The night he spoke those words you didn’t sleep, it had shaken you to the core and now Thor was banished. You didn’t want to acknowledge the thought but it forced its way to the front of your mind. Was Loki responsible for Thor’s banishment? It was a long walk to where you were going and that was the only thing you were able to think about as you hurried to the core of the palace.

 You practically ran down the steps to the vault and were met by two guards, who stood firmly in front of the door.

 “Is he in there?” You spoke, almost out of breath.

 “He isn’t to be disturbed.” One of the guards said with his eyes straight forward.

 “I am under orders of the All Mother, herself, to speak with him. By not allowing me to see him you are, indirectly, disobeying the queen.” You stood firm and tightened your jaw. If they didn’t open the door willingly, you were going to tear it from its hinges. Your abilities were weaker than Loki’s but he had given you enough lessons that you had a few tricks up your sleeves.

 With out looking at each other, the guards reached over and gripped the door handles. They opened the golden doors just enough for you to slip through. It was quiet in the sealed room and the sound of the doors closing behind you made you jump.

 “I am not to be disturbed.” His voice was loud but broken. Loki lacked the confidence he usually coated himself with. He stood, with his back to you, at the bottom of the stone steps.

 “Even by me?”

 Your voice startled him and he whipped around to look up at you. “Forgive me, I-I didn’t know it was you.”

 There he was, the gentle Loki you loved so much. “Have you been here the whole time? I have been looking for you since you returned.”

 “Yes, I…needed to think.” He turned away from you.

 You slowly descended the stairs and stood behind him. You wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your cheek on his back. You were relieved to hear his heart beat and feel his ribs move with a heavy sigh. Being so close to each other put both of you at ease.

 “I was worried about you.” You whispered. “What happened today?”

 “Thor…” Loki paused and you could feel him tense up again. He moved away from you as he continued. “He took us to Jotunheim. Odin intervened after the fight broke out.”

 “A fight?” You asked, shocked.

 “He was determined to fight them.”


 “Thor!” He shouted at you making you flinch. Your Loki was gone again, taken from you by impatience and distractions.

 “You shouldn’t have been there.” You reprimanded. You refused to let his outburst shake you.

 “You think I don’t know this? You think I didn’t try to stop him?” His brows pulled down in anger and he took a few heavy steps your direction. “He’s always been reckless and now it’s finally caught up to him!” The corner of his lip twitched up into a smile for the lesser part of a second but you caught it.

 “Finally?” You huffed. “Loki, what is bothering you? Specifically. You haven’t been yourself lately.”

 “Myself!” He scoffed and turned his back on you again. “I don’t know anything about myself.” He whispered under his breath.

 You sighed and stood behind him. “Loki, please talk to me. Tell me what’s going on.”

 He stiffened. “It’s just the banishment,” He lied. “I blame myself.”

 You knew he was lying, you always did. But pressing the subject would just produce more lies. You would have to find the truth another way.

 “I’m sorry,” You feigned sincerity. It was easy since he wasn’t looking at you. “I know loosing your brother is hard and I can’t imagine what you are feeling. I’ll leave you to your thoughts.” You turned to leave but before you could take a step, his long fingers were gently wrapped around your arm.

 “Forgive me,” He spoke softly to the back of your head. “I shouldn’t have shouted at you.”

 You turned and gave him a soft smile. “I understand.”

 He rubbed his thumb on your arm and pulled you in close. “You know that I love you, don’t you?” He placed a kiss on your forehead and squeezed your arm carefully.

 “Of course.” You smiled weakly up at him.

 “Go,” He grinned. “I’ll be up shortly.”

 “I love you, Loki. No matter what.” You reminded. The words seemed to burn him and he gave a wounded smile. He faced the ancient relics of the vault, leaving you at the stairs.

 You cloaked yourself in invisibility and silence. You wouldn’t be able to stay this way for long but, hopefully it would be long enough. You followed Loki down the short path that lead up to the Casket. You watched in disbelief as Loki placed his hands on the ancient Jotun relic and he began to change. A blue frost crawled up his arms and spread across his face, his skin became scarred and his eyes were now red.

 Odin’s voice made you jump but Loki remained calm, as if he knew his father would come. You stood at the end of the hall as Loki and Odin spoke and then eventually shouted at each other. You wanted the truth about Loki and now you got it. You were ashamed with yourself, this conversation wasn’t meant for you but here you were hiding in the shadows and stealing pieces of the private moment.

 Odin crumbled onto the steps as Loki spit is last words at him. You listened to Loki cry out for the guards and back away from the King who lay limp on the stone steps. The guards didn’t pay any attention to the Jotun prince and he was eventually left alone in the vault again.

 You relaxed and allowed yourself to be seen and heard again.

 “Loki,” You spoke quietly. He turned slowly to you and looked directly at you. Seeing him look at you with tears in his eyes felt as if you had been run through with a sword. The both of you stood in silence for a few moments.

 “So you heard everything, I imagine.” He exhaled as a tear broke from the pool in his eyes and ran plummeted down his cheek.

 “I did.” You fought the tears that threatened to gather and slowly walked towards him.

 “You had no right.” He whispered.

 “I know.” You wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your head against his chest.

 “Well, now you know what I am.” He didn’t return your embrace but he didn’t deny you either.

 “Yes, I do.”

 “How can you stand it?” He grimaced above you, preparing for the rejection he assumed you would give him.

 “No matter what, Loki Laufeyson.”

My Midgard Life (13/?) [Ft. Reader x Thor]

Summary: After being injured during a battle Thor ends up on a beach shore in Midgard, having lost all but some of his memory. Thor sees a woman standing not far from him looking at him with wide eyes, he asks for help. The woman snapping out of her daze rushes to help him, taking him to her home she’s able to patch him up. The next morning she’s met with Thor making her breakfast, thinking that he was just thanking her with this gesture. However that is not the only reason Thor’s making her breakfast, it would seem that at some point during the night Thor came to a surprising conclusion. What will happen when Thor regains his memory?…

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Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 / Part 4 / Part 5 / Part 6 / Part 7 / Part 8 / Part 9 / Part 10 / Part 11 / Part 12

(A.N: Ignore Typos, I will fix them later. Also, there are only about 10 more open spots for tags so if you want to be tagged for future parts, let me know.)

The second you all arrived in Asgard Thor had rushed you to the healers while The Warriors Three took care of the sky boat. Irena was the only healer in the room and was startled when Thor stormed his way in with you out cold in his arms, after finding out what happened to you she went straight to work.

“When will she wake?” Thor looked to Irena with concern.

“I do not know. Elf magic effects everyone differently but there is something that was confusing when I examined her,” Irena looked to you then Thor.

“What is it?”

“Do you know if this was the first time she encountered elf magic?”

“I believe that was her first encounter. Why do you ask?”

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Pairing: Loki x reader

Summary: Loki patches you up after your return from a battle in Jotunheim

Warnings: Mentions of injuries?

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(This gif. I like it. ANOTHER!)

Your every limb seemed to scream in protest as you dragged yourself up the stairs into the palace of Asgard. You wanted nothing more than to retire to your chambers and sleep for days, but the moment you’d arrived back from Jotunheim you’d been summoned to report back to the Allfather. It brought you pride every day to serve your King, but it was exhausting.
Bruises and cuts were scattered across your body; the Frost Giants had not been as willing to negotiate as Odin had hoped, and you had paid the consequences. As you approached the golden doors to the throne room, the guards positioned outside nodded to you respectfully. You were well known on Asgard as a fierce warrior, enough, they say, to rival Lady Sif. You were in no hurry to test that theory.
It brought a tiny smile to your tired face to see Loki standing a few steps down from the throne where Odin sat regally. The prince flashed you a quick smile, clearly relieved by your return.
There was no official relationship between you and Loki, you certainly weren’t courting. It would never be allowed for a prince of Asgard to court a mere warrior like yourself, so your love remained a secret to all but you two.
“I see you have returned in one piece,” observed Odin, a twinkle in his one visible eye. You smiled slightly.
“Don’t I always?”
“I trust you bring news of a peaceful meeting with Laufey.”
Your smile faltered. “Regrettably not, my King. Laufey is not as willing as yourself to negotiate. He seemed to much prefer the idea of sending me back piece by piece.”
The old man nodded, his face betraying no emotion. As you stood in silence, you locked eyes with Loki. You could tell he was counting all your injuries by the way his brow furrowed with concern. You shook your head subtly, trying to tell him silently that your injuries were not important at that moment.
“Very well. You may go.”
“Thank you, sire,” you murmured, bowing your head and crossing one arm across your chest to rest your fist by your shoulder in the traditional show of respect to the King. As you limped out of the throne room, you didn’t hear Loki following close on your heels.
“You look like hell,” he observed, smirking. You rolled your eyes, smiling softly.
“You do say the sweetest things, Loki.”
He grinned at you, glancing around to ensure you two were alone before taking you in his arms. You buried your face in his chest, your knees going weak with exhaustion.
“You need to see a healer,” he whispered into your hair, seemingly unconcerned by the fact that it was matted with dried blood and smelled horrible. You shook your head; you hated going to the healers. All they did was make comments about how it wasn’t right for a woman like yourself to be in battles, or beg you for gossip about the royals.
“Tis but a few scratches,” you insisted. He rolled his eyes at your stubbornness.
“Then let me see to them.”
Before you could protest, he had slung one of your arms around his shoulders so that he was taking some of your weight, making it easier for you to walk. Your right ankle was throbbing painfully, and every step sent a fresh of pain shooting up your leg.
You barely registered the fact that he’d led you to his chambers rather than yours; you were simply grateful for a bed to lie on. Loki sat on the mattress down by your feet, easing your heavy boots off carefully. You winced as his long fingers probed your sore ankle, your hands curling into fists.
“It’s a bad sprain,” he told you. “It will take a few weeks to heal properly.”
You frowned. “Sprains usually heal after one week, don’t they?”
“Not when they’re on you. You never let them rest.”
You rolled your eyes, smiling slightly. “Rest is boring.”
“You’re such a child,” he teased. “Sit up, I need to clean that cut on your head.”
Your arms protested as you sat up slowly, your vision swimming and your brain feeling like it was bouncing off the insides of your skull. Loki rested a hand on your back carefully, watching you worriedly.
“I’m fine,” you reassured him, smiling slightly at the concern evident on his face. “You worry about me too much, Loki.”
“You give me too many reasons to be worried,” he retorted, shifting your hair out of the way so he could see the long thin gash on your forehead. That had been the first hit Laufey had got in before you started running, and it was by far the most painful.
“You love it really, admit it,” you grinned, hissing lowly as he dabbed at the cut with a wet cloth.
“Oh shut up.”
You sat in silence as he worked at cleaning your wounds, watching his face. His jet black hair kept falling across his face, only for him to fix it with an annoyed sigh. His thin lips were pressed into a line with concentration, his eyes occasionally flickering up to meet yours.
“All done. Please don’t get hurt like this again?” he asked, sitting back slightly.
“I’m making no promises.”
“I wouldn’t expect anything less,” he said, smiling softly at you. “C’mere.”
He shifted so that he was leaning against the headboard, his arms wrapping around your waist as you lay back against his chest.
“You should sleep,” he whispered, running his fingers through your hair, gently working loose the knots and tangles. You hummed in content, feeling your eyelids drooping shut.
“I love you,” you mumbled sleepily, snuggling into his chest. He chuckled lovingly.
“I love you too, my warrior.”

The Face Of Trust

Loki FanFiction
Pairing: Loki x OC
Rating: T
Chapter 1 of 1 (OneShot)

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Into Infinity (Pt. 2)

Summary: Imagine randomly being pulled through a portal. When you awake, you find yourself in the Marvel Universe. More specifically, Tony Stark’s lab. Guess this is what happens when Tony Stark ‘examines’ an Infinity Stone.

Part 1

Warnings: None

Word count: 1800

A/N: There’s not a lot in this one, but I hope you guys like it regardless! The next chapter has a bit more plot to it, and things’re gonna ramp up from there :D

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“I’m sorry, the last time you fooled around with alien technology you created a blood-thirsty robot, and you didn’t learn anything from that?” This scene was looking terribly familiar to you, except there were so many more people in the room than when Tony announced his plan to create Vision, and this time you were actually in the room with them. It was ultimately nerve-racking, having all these superheroes you daydreamed about glaring at you like some sort of alien pathogen ready to infect their society. You couldn’t help but nervously raise your hand - there was no way you were gonna be a smartass under this pressure without permission.

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TITLE: Asgardian and Pregnant


AUTHOR: The-stuttering-kiwi


Imagine growing up with Loki and Thor and being best friends with both, but having just a slightly better relationship with Loki, and also a secret attraction to him. Later on, Thor takes a wife and the throne of Asgard. However, that doesn’t get Odin or Frigga off Loki’s back about also taking a wife. There isn’t a day that goes by that Loki doesn’t complain to you about how much pressure that is being put on him. One day, you half-jokingly suggest that you two should be in a “relationship” just to appease Odin and Frigga, at least for a little while

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: None that I can think of.

“I’m what?” Eliza asked again.

“Do you see that?” She pointed at the green swirling smoke in the center of her projected abdomen, “That is an aura protecting your baby. The father has magic I presume?”


Eir nodded knowingly, but didn’t ask anything else, instead, she turned and started rifling through the numerous jars that lined the walls. “This one you should take now, it will help with the nausea.“ She shook a bottle with a light pink liquid, "This one,” Now she shook a bottle of dark blue potion at Eliza, “Will help with the strain of the magic in your body; it will be daunting on your systems since you don’t have magic yourself.”

Eliza took both bottles from the healer, unstoppered the bottle with the potion to help with the nausea and took a quick swallow; and sighed in relief as her urge to vomit subsided as soon as it hit her stomach.

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The Valkyrie- Chapter 3

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You stood high on the balcony overlooking the starlight-soaked city of Asgard as raucous revelry echoed through Valhalla behind you. The night was crisp, the air sweet with the scent of wine and smoke.

Your swords had their their fill of enemy blood, your limbs sang with the ache of a battle well-fought. Tonight belonged to you and your sisters, for you have brought Odin victory.

Your sisters had gathered the bravest of the fallen warriors from the ragged battlefield and escorted them into the legendary halls, where the wine was ever-flowing and the pits always crackling with meat. The men had been brave in the face of death, but it was your refusal to retreat when all hope was nearly lost, your rallying of the troops and sweeping the fields with your tactical precision that turned the tide.

Nothing could ruin such a wondrous night for you. Not even Loki, who had just minutes ago whirled a tender, blushing nymph out onto your balcony and pinned her against the railing not 5 feet from where you were standing.

“Lovely,” he murmured, conjuring a blossom of starlight in his palm and tucking it tenderly behind her ear. “From the moment I saw you, I knew there was none lovelier than you.”

“We’re not joining the celebrations?” The nymph giggled. “The men have just started singing battle songs in honor of the fallen.”

“Leave the warmongers to their self indulgence, and hollow victories,” he muttered, kissing the hollow of her throat, his hand wandering up her thigh. “There are far sweeter things I would rather preoccupy myself with.”

“…But we’re not alone!” She squeaked, peering at you from over his shoulder.

He smirked. “Let her watch. We’ll give her a show so thrilling that she’ll realize there are more wondrous things in life than murder.” He paused, then laughed cruelly. “Nevermind. Who am I kidding. She’s Valkyrie after all.”

You ground your teeth. How wrong you were. Loki had managed to ruin your night. You stomped off in your spiked boots towards the celebration, before he managed to ruin it even further.  

Your sisters welcomed you to their table with a cool jug of honey ale. Without a second thought, you grabbed the jug and downed it to their deafening cheers.

“Another!” You cried, and your sisters roared and obliged..

It was late into the night when Odin rose from his gilded throne, scepter in hand. All of Valhalla fell silent as he began to speak.

“Valor! Loyalty! Honor!” His voice boomed through the air like thunder. “The qualities of a true warrior! In the eyes of your fathers, your forefathers, your brothers. You all have proven yourself WORTHY!”

The air was thick with electricity, and you shouted with your sisters until your throat was hoarse.  

“Tonight, I wish to honor a very special warrior. A Valkyrie I have trained since before she knew how to walk. She was instrumental to our victory today, and there is no one prouder of her than I.” Odin beckoned to you, beaming. Your sisters thumped their fists against your armor as you made your way to the throne. Odin grasped your hand, and raised it high, and the hall roared, tens of thousand of fists and weapons plunged high in the air. The air was alive, and for the first time, you knew what it meant to be truly happy.

“For such exemplary valor, for your unparallelled deeds in battle, you will be granted the highest honor ever bestowed upon a Valkyrie. Come here, my son.”

Thor slammed down his chalice of ale, and leapt over the table towards his father.

“Thor. My pride and joy. You have lead many of my armies to victory, and will be king of Asgard someday. I give to you the hand of this most worthy of Valkyries, so that you shall have dauntless, warrior sons. May your progeny strike fear in our enemies’ hearts, and may their seed scatter and prosper!”

“…Wait. What?” You spluttered, all the buzz from the ale gone in an instant..

Odin clasped your hand in Thor’s, and the hall erupted in cheers.

Thor frowned in confusion. “… Are we getting married?”

You could have been Captain of his guards. Master of his army. Of all the honors Odin could have bestowed you, of all the titles and power he could have granted, he made you his daughter-in-law. So you could breed him grandsons.

You wrenched your hand from Thor and backed away.

“Fearless in the face of death, yet a shrinking violet when faced with matrimony! See how she pales like the bashful moon.” Odin laughed, grabbing your wrist and yanking you back towards Thor. “Tonight, we drink to to their union!”

“NO!” You shouted, and the hall fell silent. You felt the eyes of all in Asgard boring into you.

Odin’s voice was low, and deathly quiet. “…I beg your pardon?”

You swallowed hard, heart pounding in your chest. “…No.”

“…I know you only ever had eyes for my brother,” Thor murmured, eyes soft. “But I am sure, in time, those feelings could change-”

Odin silenced him with a raised hand. “…Very well,” he muttered. “The Valkyrie has spoken. I offered her my eldest son. My one greatest treasure. And she has rejected my goodwill. Shamed me and my son in front of all the warriors of Asgard.”

Thor’s eyes widened in alarm. “Father, please-”

“So be it,” Odin growled. “So be it!” He jabbed his scepter in your direction, eyes ablaze with fury. “If you refuse to play your part in the great history of Asgard, then you shall be stricken from it!”

In an instant, you were seized by his guards.

“Let her deeds, her name be forgotten. Erased from the books, the songs, the monuments. Tomorrow, she shall be executed, and no one will remember her name.”  

“You love war. He loves war. You love disemboweling people. He likes bashing skulls.” Loki leaned against the amber force field of your cell, eyeing you intently. “You and my brother were a match made in heaven, literally.”

You said nothing, staring listlessly at the wall in front of you. It had been three days since you were to be executed. Yet no executioner came.

“I must say, I am impressed with you. No one stands up to my father. I never saw you as the type. I am bewildered though, at why you balked at his offer. Think of all the superpowered nephews I’d have. Thor would expect at least a dozen mewling little babes, a menagerie raining lightning storms and death upon my father’s enemies-

“-Go away,” You whispered hoarsely. “Why are you even here?”

“Being my father’s second favorite person after my brother, you have been, by default, my second least favorite person. But now that you’ve fallen from his favor, I feel compelled to save you any way I can. In all honesty, the easiest way to be pardoned is to marry my brother and give my father what he wants.”

“…What of my legacy? Will my honors be restored?”

Loki shrugged. “The archivists have been deleting your records; it’s taken them some effort, as there were many. I doubt the records will be reinstated, even after your release. But all hope is not lost; there’s still a good chance you could be remembered – as the mother of Thor’s children.”

You leaped to your feet and slammed your fists against the force field. “I would rather die!”

Loki studied you, his eyes bright with calculation. “I think I’m starting to like you, Valkyrie. Perhaps I could offer a solution to your current predicament.”

Suddenly, the forcefield to your cell was gone. Loki extended a hand to you, a devilish grin wide across his face.

“Forget Asgard. There is a universe out there, waiting for us to conquer. Serve me, and I promise you, we will become more than battle songs and bedtime stories. You and I, we will mold the universe to our will. We will truly become gods.”


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Scarlet Witch Headcanon

As Wanda goes through her journey to discover her powers in the wake of Pietro’s death, she convinces Thor to show her Asgard, but once she gets there and is introduced to Odin, she notices that the guy in Odin’s head ain’t Odin. She sneaks into Odin/Loki’s throne room, remembering that it was Loki’s scepter that gave her her powers. She talks to him about how she thinks she has more than just her mental manipulation powers, and asks him to help her figure out how far her powers could go. He turns her down.

Then Wanda starts talking about Pietro. About how he was the only person who understood her, was willing to listen to her, and would love her no matter what. She talks about how she loved him more than anyone, yet wasn’t even there to say goodbye or see him in his last moments of life. She talks about how trapped she felt when she learned he was dead, and how impossible life’s been after.

Loki agrees to help her, because Frigga was his Pietro.