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About Loki...

I know a lot of people think Thanos tortured him (physically or psychologically- whatever) and other people think Thanos was even the reason he attacked Midgard (Thanos wanted the tesseract, the Chitauri wanted a war, and Loki wanted to stay alive…). People also seem to think Loki is hiding from Thanos (while pretending to be Odin) and that Loki will end up helping the avengers to take him down (so Thanos doesn’t kill him). And I agree with ALL of this.


I really REALLY don’t want Loki to be all “Oh my god I have to help them I need the avengers because Thanos will kill me ohmygod I’m so scared of Thanos you guys have no idea what he’ll do to me if he finds me…!!!” Just no. I don’t want Loki to be broken and scared of him. I mean I want him to have a strong knowledge of what he’s capable of and a strong caution… but I don’t want fear (which is how it always turns out in fics focused on Loki and Thanos). I don’t want flashbacks or panic attacks or Loki hiding behind Thor. I want him to be pissed. Like ??? “This bitch had the nerve to torture me?? Do you KNOW what he did? Do you have ANY IDEA the shit he put me through?!?! Nobody tortures and manipulates me and gets away with it! I’m bloody Loki!!!” Like I want him to WANT to find Thanos. To be EAGER to kill him. I don’t want a broken cowering Loki, I want a vengeful angry badass Loki.

Witchcraft-themed get to know me!

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1. Are you a religious witch? Which region? Sort of. I guess I would say I’m a Heathen Pagan since I work with Frejya and Odin. Also apparently Loki is starting to take an interest in me lol.

2. What is your preferred herb? Okay so I don’t have it yet, but I so want to grow it, but it’s sage. I love sage. Its so useful and I like the smell.

3. What is your preferred gem? This is a hard one, but I’d have to say amethyst. I love to use it especially with my moonstone to help me dream at night. 

4. Do you do divination? Which kind? Yes! I use my pendulum, but I’m planning to make runes and learn tarot soon.

6. To Curse or not to Curse? I personally don’t curse (mostly because I feel I have enough bad juju to last a lifetime or two) but I’m not against it.

7. Do you have a familiar? Yes! A spirit familiar, a white hen who goes by Marion. She’s sassy and I love her lol
8. Favorite candle color? .Ooo! Um, probably either white or yellow.

9. Favorite rune? I don’t really have a favorite yet.

10. Do you celebrate the solstices, full moons, etc? Yes! I’m new so I haven’t done anything before but I’m so excited for Ostara! I even have the day off of work!

11. Do you wear a pentacle? No, my brother is convinced, no matter how much facts I though at him, that its satanic -.- but I still plan to get one eventually. I’m just waiting for one to call to me.

12. Do you have a broom? No, probably won’t til I get my own place.

13. Do you have a pendulum? Yes! Its made of sunstone!

14. Do you have an athame? Nope! But I have my eye on one

15. How often do you meditate? Oh jeez, hmm… probably once or twice a week. Not as often as I’d like, I have to wait til my days off when no one is home to have some quiet.

16. Do you do yoga? No, but I’ve always wanted to learn.

17. Whats your favorite herbal tea? Lavender Chamomile!

18. Do you support manipulation magic? Not exactly sure what this is. If it’s manipulation of energy and elements, sure. But if it’s people… no. Not at all.

19. How many altars do you have? One and it’s kind of lowkey because I’m in the broom closet. 

20. Do you do magic outside often? Not often, but sometimes. Mostly its just me talking to the wind. 

21. Can you read palms, or tea leaves? No, but I really want to try tea leaves though!

22. Would you ever open your own metaphysics shop? Yes, I’m actually thinking about opening an Etsy to sell my bottle cap charms and amulets eventually. I’ll probably add more things from there.

23. Is your third eye open? I honestly don’t think so :/

24. Do you like Astrology? Whats your sign?  Yes! Sun: Pisces, Moon: Aquarius, Rising: Libra

25. Favorite flower? Or Tree? Flower: Daffodils, Tree: Silver Maple (I grew one from a tiny sapling when I was a kid and its been special to me since. Unfortunately, the tree didn’t survive a flood in my grandparent’s back yard and it died :( )

26. Do you have an animal guide? No

27. Whats your favorite kind of magic? Sigils 

28. What time do you feel most like a witch? First thing in the morning when I wake up to my self esteem mantra: ‘I am a witch and I am awesome!’

29. Are you out of the broom closet? Nooooo. I’m not sure how my family would react. It’s really 50/50. I am out to my bf though.

30. Are you a hereditary witch? Or self discovered? Self discovered, but I do have some awesome Wiccan cousins.

31. Are you in a coven? Or solitary? Solitary

32. Do you want to be in a coven? How big? Sure! But a small one because I’m rather shy.

33. When did you become a witch? Early February of 2017, I want to say on Imbolc actually lol.  

34. Do you make your own spells? Yes, sometimes at least

35. Do you make your own sigils? Yes! Definitely! 

36. Why did you choose this path? It felt right, it felt like this is where I belonged and what I should be doing.

37. Whats your favorite element? Air

38. Do you do any misc. magic? Yep, I do just about everything.

39. Magic or things you will never do? Curses or anything that messes with others free will. Just my own personal reasons

40. Strangest way a spell backfired? Anti anxiety sleep spell kept me up all night

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I've been looking into Norse Paganism and I really think it's for me. last night I had a dream about Vikings and Odin and Valhalla which I guess pulls me towards Odin. I don't want to practice strictly Odinism but just Norse paganism in general and Odin be my main deity. the only thing is I'm still not sure how to practice Norse paganism. can you help me with this? like explain it to me?

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Hoshidan Festival: Odin and Shigure Parent-Child Convo

The game suggests that Odin lost his mark of Naga before coming to the world of Fates. Even so, it remained in his genes, as it appears that Ophelia inherited it from him. But, in this father-son conversation with Shigure, we learn that Ophelia isn’t the only one who has it! Shigure also seems to think highly of his father, despite Odin’s bizarre ways.

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“You don’t have to go through this alone, Y/N.” Loki said, placing his hand on yours. “I know that. I just… it’s so hard.” You admitted. “You’re my closest friend, and I care about you.” He told you. You hugged him, taking him my surprise, but he hugged back. “You’re not alone.” He whispered as he placed his chin on the top of your head. 

“Please don’t leave me again.” You said, and it broke his heart to see you so broken. 

You were the for him when Odin beat him, both mentally and physically, and he wanted to be there for you. You weren’t the same since he fell and tried to rule Midgard. It had taken a toll on you, thinking him dead, Frigga had convinced Odin to let you visit Loki frequently, knowing he could be the only one that could help you. 

“I would never leave you.” He promised. 


Hey, Mike. What’s up? Mike?  / “Is this Odin Rossi?” / “As a matter of fact, yes, this is Odin Rossi.” / “We got something of yours…” / “I want to speak to Mike right now. I need to know he’s alive.” / “You don’t make the demands! I make the demands. You hear me?” / “I’m listening.”

Gifland 3.08:  “You’re holding the wrong hostage, sweetheart.”

One last gratuitous 540x405px gifset from Before Shave because we can’t help ourselves even if After Shave is totally our jam. Also, I hope a rumour spreads in the criminal underworld that there’s this junkie called Mike who’s weirdly important to Odin Rossi what’s up with that.

Deleted scenes from the Thor script #97
  • Loki: Father, can you come out and help me with these grocery bags?
  • Odin:
  • Odin: *(Odinsleeps)*
  • (LATER):
  • Frigga: My darling, I need you to evict the rubbish sacks from my presence!
  • Odin:
  • Odin: *(Odinsleeps)*
  • Odin:
  • Odin: *(Odinsleeps)*
  • TV Sports Announcer: ...And if you don't want to see the results of the post-Knattleikr mead-drinking contest, look away now.
  • Odin: *(aggressively Odinsleeps)*
Hitting the Books

“Father, I don’t understand why I have to do this,” Loki sighed as he walked beside Odin, “aren’t my instructors on Asgard just as qualified? I’m sure I have learned most of what they can teach me.”

“This is going to help your communication skills with the Midgardians, Loki,” the Allfather mused, putting a hand on his son’s shoulder, “You are not really known for your… friendliness with them.”

“What reason have I to be friendly? More importantly, when did you start to care about them or myself?”

“Loki, please.” Odin sighed and pushed Loki toward his group, “just go before they decide they don’t want you at their school any more.”

Loki sighed and shook his head, crossing his arms as he walked up to join the other teens. He was of course significantly older than them, but by Asgardian standards he was only a simple college student.



Wisdom from Odin - Hávamál, 82 and 83.

I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who follow me and support my blog in doing so. When I started this blog, I had no expectations of it getting very far. I started this mostly for my own benefit, to help me learn and share that process with others. Since then, I feel that my blog has grown to mean more than just something for my personal goals. It hasn’t been very long since I began, but I have hit a number of supporters that I never imagined I would, especially as quickly as this.

Along this journey of mine, I have been exposed to a very supportive and welcoming community. Although I am still inexperienced with many things, I have learned a great deal thanks to everyone. I have had a few people reach out to me and give my positive encouragement - I thank them deeply. I have also had people put me in my place, reminding me to tread carefully and to check my wits - I sincerely thank them as well.

And so, to my followers and to anyone appreciating these words of the Hávamál, thank you and may you find prosperity and good fortune in everything you do!