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Part 2 for “I missed you” but can be read alone

Loki x Reader

Genre: Still angst but you and Loki don’t hate each other

Word Count: 1,392

Summary: The dark elves come to Asgard seeking the aethir. Loved ones suffer and you ignore your last encounter with Loki to give him a shoulder to cry on

AN: Well more or less at least 5 people liked the first one so here I go again. Also I had to make a part 2 bc I couldn’t leave hubby Loki alone in his cell. Hope you like it! Feedback is welcomeee

Part 1 “I missed you”

You were reading when your peace was interrupted by the far sound of people yelling and metal clashing. Looking out the large window of what used to be yours and Loki’s room, you saw Thor zoom pass towards where the dungeons were located.

You kept your mind busy to keep it away from Loki; reading, training, even tending to the gardens. Although, your mind seemed to pick activities that reminded you of him. Reading the books Loki used to recommend to you. Training with the same magic Loki and Frigga had taught you. And the gardens. All you could think of was the night he asked to take your hand in marriage, in the gardens, away from the people drinking and laughing inside.

You walked out of the large doors and into the hallway to see Odin and Frigga with the Midgardian girl who had come a few days prior, Jane, her name was. There were soldiers marching behind Odin while they talked and he soon dismissed both women.

Still very much confused, you speed-walked over to Frigga to hear her whisper to Lady Jane, “You must listen very carefully.” With her to reply with a short, “Yes, ma'am”

“My Queen!” You interrupted their conversation for both of them to turn towards you. “May I ask what the problem is? Why the soldiers?”

She hushed you and pulled you and Lady Jane over behind a pillar to continue whispering, “A mere riot in the dungeons. Nothing to worry about, although, precaution must be taken. Go back to your chambers, child. Lock your doors.” She said it calmly, though you could hear the worry in her voice making you assume it was more than just a mere riot.

She pulled Lady Jane away and looked back at you before you started to walk in the opposite direction, back to where your room was located. Your supposed to be short walk was stopped when you heard a large explosion noise and looked out of a nearby window to see Heimdall on top of the beams of the rainbow bridge and several ships flying passed.

Understanding that it is indeed more than just commotion in the dungeons, you started running back to your room to hear more loud explosions and metal clashing.

Before you got the the hallway where your room was located, you saw Thor come through a window and start to walk up to you.

“Where is Jane?” He seemed rushed which worried you further.

“She is with your mother.” Your brain started to scramble and ask several questions. “What’s going on?

"The dark elves, they’ve come seeking the aethir. I must find Jane.” Thor spoke quickly, turning around to walk in the direction of the main hall. “Let me come with you.” You quickly stepped beside him and he stopped to look at you before trying to push you back towards the rooms.

“It is dangerous, Y/N”

You rolled your eyes and continued to try and pry yourself out of his hold. “Thor, I want to help. I’ll be much safer with you and Frigga than I will be alone.” You reasoned and he let out a huff before turning around to walk quickly.

You both reached the main hall to see that Odin had slain the remaining dark elves that now laid scattered all over the throne room. “Thor, you must find Jane.” His powerful voice caught both yours and Thor’s attention and Thor replied with the same thing you had told him earlier causing more worry to etch onto his face.

You and Thor rushed to where you had seen Frigga walk with Odin following behind. You found a large door and opened it far enough to see a large dark elf plunge a sword through Frigga’s back.

“No!” Lightning struck the elf’s face before him and the other elf jumped off the nearby balcony. You were frozen. You didn’t understand what was happening. The next thing you knew, Odin was hugging Frigga’s limp body and you finally started to notice the tears streaming down yours, Thor’s and Odin’s faces.


“Y/N!” Your running didn’t falter even after hearing Thor chasing you. You had to tell him. It had to be you. Who else would be there for him? Who else was going to allow him to let down his guard?

You saw two guards cross their spears before warping straight to the other side of the door. You felt yourself get dizzy but continued to move towards the cells. You started to slow down, thinking about what you would say to him but before you could think of how to explain why everyone’s eyes were blood shot, you saw a guard walk past you from where Loki’s cell was located.


You waited for him to pass before hearing a loud crash and you started to run again. And there he was.

His cell was scattered; All his furniture in pieces and books were torn and littering the floor, vases were broken causing pieces of glass to stick out all around, probably what caused him to clutch onto his foot where blood was slowly gushing out of. You wanted to hold him, to tell him it was okay. You needed to.

You turned the corner to see the guard who was waiting by his cell door. He stood up when he saw you but you interrupted him, “Let me in.” You said it demandingly. Almost threateningly, which is probably what caused him to raise defense and open his mouth to protest but you had cut him off again.

Please.” You had said softer, holding back the tears that had piled up behind your lids.

He sighed and called two other guards for precaution before allowing you inside. Immediately, Loki jerked his head towards you and your tears slowly fell upon seeing his own.

“What do you want?!” He half-spat, half-sobbed, still on one knee and clutching his foot. His brows were knitted together but also trying their best not to fall and slope sadly. “Tell me how beautiful and at peace she looked? When there is nothing beautiful about being stabbed?” He spoke harshly before looking away and sobbing.

You felt terrible. You knew how much she meant to him, you knew about their last encounter and you knew that he blames every cell in his body for what had happened. And although it seemed like he loathed you right now, you still loved him with your every being, so you walked closer to him and wrapped your arms around his crouching frame, sobbing just as much.

He put his free arm around the arm that came in front of his chest and leaned into you before breaking down blubbering multiple apologies for Gods know what.

I’m sorry.” He sobbed again before nuzzling his face into your body and sobbing some more.

“It’s okay, we’re okay. There’s nothing to apologize for, my love.” You stroked his hair and looked up to keep more tears from falling, trying to be the strong one. His breath steadied a bit before he leaned back to look at your nose, seemingly unable to look at your eyes.

“I have everything to apologize for.” He paused before closing his eyes tightly, a few tears escaping, and then looking back up at you. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there for her… or you. I’m sorry I didn’t love either of you properly. I’m sorry.” He choked out a sob on the last word before hugging you again.

“There is no need to be sorry, Loki.” You closed your eyes too and kissed the top of his head, trying to calm his breathing again. “You were locked up, but you were always there” You pulled his face up before kissing him sweetly on his lips. “And as long as she and I were in your heart, then who’s to say your love was not proper?”

He opened his eyes and looked at you finally before kissing you again. It was slow but only because he was scared of losing you too, just as much as you were scared of losing him. You both held each other in your arms, never wanting to leave, because you know that’s where you don’t need to think about anything else. It’s a place where you’re both wanted and loved, safe. 

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Midsummer Queen - Thor x Reader

@audreythetealovingcat, There was indeed a few request for the batboys, but surprisingly enough, Thor was also up there…So here, I’m giving you some Thor dude, hope you guys’ll like it (mehmehmeh) : 

Summary : Reader is in an established relationship with Thor, and he decides to finally take her to Asgard. She’s not sure she likes the idea…

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


You almost threw up. 

You weren’t really expecting the travel from Earth to Asgard to be this…special. Your entire reality warped, extended, everything went so fast and was so bright and oh my god why so many different colors…and then all of a sudden, it stopped, leaving you wanting to vomit your guts everywhere. 

You didn’t though. Thank God (or Gods ?). You held a bit tighter Thor’s hand though, and wished really hard that the world would stop spinning. He misinterpreted your clinginess with excitement, and wrapped an arm around your shoulder. Great, more support. You let your body slumped on his side, glad that sometimes, your boyfriend was so oblivious to things. If he knew you felt ill, he would have freaked out and you’d have been ridiculous in front of the little audience that was there…

A few people were waiting. You didn’t know most of them but you recognize Thor’s friends, Volstagg, Fandral, Hogun and…Sif. Damn, she was beautiful. Thor told you about her when you asked about previous girlfriends, apparently, they had a thing, but it never really worked out…She was staring at you coldly. Great. A new friend already…

-Welcome to my home, my love. This is Heimdall, the gate keeper. Good friend of mine. You already know those four, and that’s my mother, Frigga, and my father, Odin. Everyone, may I present to you Lady Y/N, my woman.

You couldn’t help but smile at how he called you. “My woman”. On Earth, most people would think it was a bit rude to call one’s girlfriend like that. But Asgard wasn’t Earth, and obviously, it was totally normal. But as soon as you realized you were actually in front of Thor’s parents, you started to get extremely nervous again. You knew it was a bad idea to come here…

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Long Time: Part 1/?

Prompt: “It’s been a while.” With Loki

“All father! Loki has been spotted!” A guard ran into the feast currently being held for the royal family and their advisors and their family. Everyone stopped in complete shock at the news, well everyone but Odin and Thor.

“What!?!?” The pair stood up roaring the one word together. Odin seemed mad, Thor seemed worried, (y/n), (y/n) was relived. Loki was alive, her Loki. He was alive and well! (Y/n) fidgeted with the emerald ring on her hand as the guard stammered out his next sentence.

“Loki, we have finally spotted him my king!” The guard’s voice held less conviction and a murmur began to spread about the room.

“Father, let me go. I can bring my brother back!” Thor stood up, slamming his hand on the table. (Y/n) looked at him wide eyed. How could even think Loki would want to see him!

“No! Send me Odin, you know Loki will have the best response if I am present!” (Y/n) stood up looking at the All-father. Thor paused for only a moment, looking at me before turning back to his father.

“Father please-” Thor did his best to try and convince his father, but he had no silver tongue like Loki’s.

“Silence! Both of you come with me!” Odin stood walking out a back door. Thor scrambled over his chair to follow, while (y/n) seemed to glide. She waved her hand over her outfit enjoying the gasps she received as it changed from her gown to her battle armor, which was made of dark purples and silvers.

The group scurried quickly to where the gatekeeper was keeping as best of watch as he could. His eyes flickered between each of their faces, pausing at (y/n)’d, before settling on Odin’s.

“He was spotted on Midgard sir.” The gatekeeper stood tall and proud, his facial expressions never changing as he told his tale.

“Earth! That is my realm to protect, send me Father!” Thor was at his father’s ear in seconds, beating his hammer against his chest as if he were trying to prove something.

“Enough Thor, change into your battle armor. I want you both gone together in an hour. I will need your help with magic lady (y/n).” Odin silenced Thor with one quick hand movement before turning in his heels sharply. (Y/n) followed him, upset that Thor was coming, but she knew he would always get his way.


“Thor, we need a plan” (Y/n) stood in front of the man, stopping him from just running after his brother at the very moment.

“I have a plan lady (y/n)!” Thor whined doing his best to side step you.

“No, you have a feeling. We let the midgardians get him and then we steal him from them” (Y/n) pushed her hands against the large man’s chest, shoving him slightly in order to make him see her way. Thor grumbled nodding. He wrapped his arm around (y/n) and flew them to a small rock out cropping in the woods.

“Now, we wait”


“I thought you dead” (Y/n) hid behind the rock waiting. Thor had wanted to try and prove that he still had a connection with his brother, if only to himself.

“Did you mourn?” (Y/n)’s heart broke at the sound Loki’s voice. It had been years since she had gotten to touch him, and her hands were itching at the chance.

“We all did. Our father…” (Y/n) felt the tears brimming in her eyes. She had just come out of mourning, but even then she still wore her fiancé’s colors.

“Your father. He did tell you my true parentage, did he not?” Thunder rolled at this covering up the gasp that had escaped her mouth. She had refused to believe Odin when he shared Loki’s secret with her and Thor, but there was no denying it now.

“Who showed you this power? Who controls the would-be-king?” There fight raged on and (y/n) knew it would soon be over. She clung to the rock working up her courage to face Loki.

“I am a king!” Loki’s yell sent shivers done (y/n)’s spine as she transformed her outfit into her regal gown that was meant for the night after Thor’s coronation.

“You give up this poisonous dream! You come home.” (Y/n) paused closing her eyes and praying. This was all she wanted, she wanted it home.

“I don’t have it. You need the cube to bring me back, but I sent it off I know not where” Her heart broke in a thousand pieces. They needed the cube, she need him.

“You listen well brother, I…” (Y/n) crouched seeing the man flying and watching Thor going. It was her time now.

“I’m listening” Loki was facing out, his face a smirk as he made the last comment. He quickly whipped around however when he heard the crunch of (y/n)‘a foot on the ground. Loki was ready for another fight, but he wasn’t expecting the angel in front of him.

“Loki” (Y/n) did her best to hold her composure, standing tall, and not taking another step towards the man she loved.

“(Y/n)” Loki’s voice turned soft and smooth in seconds as he wrapped his arms around (y/n)‘a waist, pulling her to him.

“No Loki, don’t do this to me. Don’t charm me like the snake they think you are” (y/n) looked up and away, now that he was so close she just wanted to touch him, all of him. She craved his lips on her neck and no sooner had she thought it was he there. He kissed his way slowly, starting at her collar and moving up, slowly. Biting, nipping, sucking, his way up to her jaw and hovering just above her lips.

“It’s been a while (y/n)” Loki captured (y/n)’s eyes with his, wrapping his long fingers around her chin, forcing her to look at him.

“Yes it has and it will be even longer unless you tell us where the cube is” (Y/n) untangled herself from Loki’s arms, turning away. She clasped her shaking hands together, feeling his kisses burn on her neck.

“What, so you can bring me home! I have no home!” Loki stood yelling at his beloved. This was not how he had wanted their reunion to go. He had planned on ruling the earth first, then coming to claim his love.

“Am I not enough then? Is the ring I’ve kept on my finger not enough anymore!” (Y/n) turned around in rage, her elaborate gown changing back into her battle armor as she shoved her hand at Loki’s chest.

“You, you kept it?” Loki reached out to caress (y/n)’s hand as he stared at the ring. He had been sure she would have discarded it the minute she heard of his treason.

“It has yet to leave my hand” (Y/n)’s voice softened as she watched Loki. Something was horribly wrong with him. He was worn, worse than she had ever seen, but his eyes. His eyes were a vibrant blue.

“Loki your eyes” (Y/n) gasped, pulling her hand back as she stared up at them. This was not her Loki, this could not be her Loki.

“What about them?” Loki wrapped his arms back around (y/n), pulling her back to him. He needed to distract him, and quick.

“They aren’t your normal color!” Loki chuckled, smirking down at (y/n). He had missed her so much, but now wasn’t the right time to fully indulge in that idea.

“I can change every part of me yet you are worried when my eyes change” Loki’s lips went back to (y/n)’s neck, kissing down.

“You never changed your eyes” (Y/n) mumbled feeling her body given over to Loki’s silver tongue.

“You worry too much darling, now please. It’s been far to long” Loki stopped, pulling (y/n) impossibly closer as his lips hovered inches away from hers.

“That it has” (Y/n) whispered, closing the gap between them. Their lips met in a furry of promises long forgotten and those of yet to come. Loki began to push (y/n) back, pinning her against the rock. She moaned and Loki took the opportunity to slip his tongue. God how sh had missed his silver tongue.

“Uhm, if your done fraternizing with the enemy we would like to take him into custody” Loki whipped around, seeing the man in a uniform of Stars and Stripes. He growled ready to fight, but one look from (y/n) told him that if he fought, he’d be on his own. (Y/n) pushed Loki at the man, hating the betrayal in his eyes.

“We need the cube Loki. You know this” (Y/n) mumbled as a slightly beaten up Thor stood behind her.

“I see” Loki spit hating the sight of his brother behind (y/n). He hated the thoughts that roared in his head. He hated himself.

A/N: I feel like this needs a part two so hit me up if you agree, just not sure if I want to do one yet

Not Such a Bad Guy After All

Request:  Could you do a Loki x reader where he is working with the avengers and saves her on a mission? And maybe helps her patch up afterwards? Thanks!

Warnings: Language, injuries.

Pairing: Loki x Reader

Originally posted by lokis-quinn

The day Loki Laufeyson came to live with the Avengers was a trip. Odin sent him here to do good by the human population, with a spell on his own powers, just to make sure he didn’t try to betray anyone. To say he was pissed off with everyone and everything would be an understatement.

He’s a bitch to put up with, completely arrogant and inconsiderate.

To everyone, except me.

Well, at first he wasn’t. I think he just thought me annoying, because I wouldn’t leave him alone.

I wanted nothing more than to be his friend, to make him realize that we really only want him to see that we really aren’t worthless ‘mortals’ as he would put it.

So I would pester him, trying anything. Maybe not the best idea. But oh well, it seemed to work somewhat. He’s no longer a prick to you, still to everyone else. But not to me.

We’re on a mission today, and it was just supposed to be a quick save the hostage and get out, nothing Loki and I couldn’t handle on our own, so it was just me and him. If Loki had had full use of his magic we would have been just fine, but he can only do little things, enough, but not enough to attack several people at once, hell we didn’t think we needed it.

Good Lord baby Jesus were we wrong.

I don’t have powers like Loki, or Wanda. I’m just a regular old field agent whos skills are close to those of Natasha. I can take down several people, but we needed more.

So thats how we ended up in this situation.


“L-Loki, I don’t think we have enough power.” I grunt out as loud as I can, while trying to fight off enemy agents.

Loki doesn’t respond, as he’s too busy fighting them off as well. He can tell it’s about to just get worse.

And it does.

I’m struck in the leg by a bullet.

“Ugh! L-Loki, I’m hit!” I crumble to the ground and hold my profusely bleeding leg.

I look up from my bleeding leg, seeing this man come up with a gun, no doubt the one used to shoot me just now, and holds it to my head.

“Oh man I’m gonna enjoy this.” The man smirks a twisted grin.

‘This is it…this is how I’m gonna die.’  I close my eyes, prepairing for the impending death.

I hear Loki shout, and a big wave of powerful energy.

‘That didn’t feel like a bullet at all.’ Opening my eyes. I look up to see Loki sweating, panting, and growling. He comes up to me and leans down, stroking my face.

“(Y/N), we need to get you out of here.” He picks me up bridal style, and I shout out when he touches my leg.

“I’m sorry, Darling.” I look up at him.

“H-How did you do that?”

“Do what?”

“How did you stop them..I didn’t think you had your powers…”

“I don’t know. Odin must have given them back to me, seeing the situation.”

I smile, looking into his eyes.

“Loki, I don’t feel well…” He looks down at the wound, bullet still in my leg.

“I’ll have to get the bullet out, then I can heal the wound. I just need you to stay awake for me right now.”

I nod, just looking into his beautiful blue/green eyes.

“Y-You’re pretty, Loki..” I smile, and bring my hand up to rub his cheek.

He raises an eyebrow.

“You think I’m pretty, darling?” He chuckles.

“I’m going to try to transport us back to compound, we can get there quicker.” I nod, still holding onto his neck.

“And for the record, I think you’re pretty too.”


Loki’s transportation was successful, and he removed the bullet, using a pain killing spell so I wouldn’t feel anything.

After he removed it, he healed me, my leg completely void of any injury or even proof that it even existed.

“You’re a miracle worker, Loki.”
“Well, I am a God, love.” He smirks at me. Cock bastard.

I laugh and punch his shoulder.

“You’re awful arrogant, Mr. Trickster.”

He just stares at me, bringing his lower lip into his mouth and biting down.

‘God he really is pretty.’


“Yes darling?”

“C-can I kiss you?”

He turns his head slowly and looks at me.

“Yes..” I lean up, wrapping my arms around his neck and bring my mouth up to his, pressing my lips to his. His arms go around my waist and he pulls me to him and kisses me back, sliding his tongue through my lips. Kissing Loki was everything you knew it would be.

Pulling away he smiles at you.

“I guess you humans aren’t so bad after all.”

Like father, like son.

TITLE: Like father, like son.


AUTHOR: greeneyedgirls4


Iris and Loki have been friends since childhood. One drunken mistake leads to her getting pregnant and the end of their friendship. When Iris tells Loki it doesn’t sit well but what she doesn’t know is a complicated chain of events have already begun.

RATING: General

NOTES/WARNINGS: No warnings. In this Edvard believes because he is the son of Loki then he can automatically takes that title too.. even though it obviously doesn’t work that way. I hope you all enjoy and feedback is always welcome :) Thanks!

Loki watches Edvard play with the other children. He catches him running after them, chasing them with magic snakes, scaring his parents and of course eating lots of apples.. basically a younger version of Loki himself. He smiles at the end of the night when he sees Fandral take the little boy in his arms and rock him to sleep. 

Loki can’t sleep that night. Tossing and turning as he plays the nights events over and over again in his head. He can’t take Edvard away from them.. he won’t! He has to let his son go again, as hard as that is, it’s for the best.

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Do You Have To Do That? (6/?)

Pairing: The Avenger Team x Reader // Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: None so far

A/N: I have decided to re-write this for those of you who had started it, I’m going to start over I’m keep the first part and possibly a good portion of the second. But I am going to take it in a different direction. If you want to be tagged let me know, I’ll glad you add you.

(Sorry this has taken me so long with writing this!! I hit a major writer block with it till last night. I’m about to start part 6 for this today)

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Parts 1-5

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With You

Alone/With You: Chapter One | Chapter Two

Paring: Loki/Reader

Tags: PTSD, crying, angst, fluff, Loki-centric, Loki needs a Hug, Loki does what he wants, minor character death, talk of violence, happy ending, nicknames

Summary:  Loki has spent all night awake with his burdens. But when he hears a curious noise in the night, he’s left to do something he’s been ignoring: facing his past.

Word Count: 1,459

Posting Date:  2016-05-22

Current Date: 2017-05-10

Originally posted by talkinboutmyimagination

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anonymous asked:

So I want to start praying to Loki since I'm a trans guy, and I'm thinking about going on T and that changes your body and he is the god who represents change. It also makes sense in my opinion since Odin is one of my patron deities and he helps me fight my dysphoria off, and I know Odin and Loki are blood brothers. Does this seem like a good idea? Or is there another god I should pray to for this change in my life?

Well, for what it’s worth, I’m also a trans person who prays to Loki during T injections and bad bouts of dysphoria and such. He’s a shapeshifter, and he defies gender roles on a regular basis (link.) Besides that, he tends to be associated with those “othered” by mainstream society. He’s a very appropriate god to call on for help dealing with trans issues, which is why he has so many trans, NB, and GNC followers.

However, I’d like to point out that Odin could also be an appropriate god to call on for this, if you’d be more comfortable going to him. He has his own share of genderfuckery and shapeshifting going on. (See “Óðinn as Mother: The Old Norse Deviant Patriarch” by Ármann Jakobsson for more.)

It could be a good thing to get to know Loki anyway just for the sake of expanding your horizons and maybe seeing a new side of Odin. And there are other gods that aren’t necessarily associated with transness that could help too. I just singled out Loki and Odin in this response since they’re the ones you expressed interest in. It really comes down to who you’re drawn to and who you work well with.

Best of luck in your transition!

- Mod E

Fire Emblem IF Conquest: Kamui’s Birthday Story Track 4

Ahhhh, boys will indeed be boys. Leo, Odin, and Xander are all… very much like teenage boys here.

I’ve gotta say, when it comes to women, Laslow is surprisingly much more, um… MENTALLY RESILIENT compared to all the other guys here. Except Niles, of course. I thought that he’d be the most embarrassed, but somehow our shy womanizer is either very disciplined or very… used to such things? Hmmm…

So some bad news: this is the last track that I can post with an audio link. The tracks on soundcloud are slowly being blocked from American users. So far, this one still appears to be safe. 

Audio by @sahdmadhi HERE.

Laslow, what are you not telling us

EDIT: Small change with the last couple lines.

So I’m redoing this post altogether because it seems that… there’s just something wrong with it. It refuses to link properly in the masterlist, and the post itself doesn’t show up at all in any of the tags’ dashboards. I don’t know if it’s because of the change in theme, or if it’s something that happens on Tumblr in general. Either way, I’m just going to delete the old one and then repost it here. Sorry, and thank you for your understanding.

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anonymous asked:

I'm kind of new to paganism and I've been trying to see which god/goddess I want to be a patron of (I think thats the correct term?? if not, please correct me!!) and I've felt pretty strongly with Odin, Freya, and Loki and I don't know if I should stick to one of them or not or what, do you think you could help in any way? Or maybe give me some tips or pointers for patroning any of them?

Hey, sweets! You can stick to one or worship all three. Freyja isn’t typically very found of Loki so I would ask her before letting them share an altar but other than that please just read all these links. 
Click me!
And me!

You can also go to my tags page and select whichever tag benefits you(i.e. freyja, norse mythos, loki, etc). Good luck 💕

anonymous asked:

please could you do more mythology retellings if you have the time?

Omg sweet anon this is all I have ever wanted! I will do another mythology retelling for you right now. Come closer. No, no, that’s too close. I don’t mean, like, breathe the air from my mouth. That’s disgust- yep, that’s good. Right there. OK.

Followers who don’t want to read a badly told myth about cross-dressing Norse gods should press J on their keyboard now, as this isn’t going to be a short post. But I literally don’t know why you wouldn’t want to read a badly told myth about cross-dressing Norse gods, so whatever.

The myth I am going to tell you is called Thrymskvida. I’ll post a bit of background to this myth under a Read More at the bottom, because the context to this particular myth is almost as interesting as the myth itself. Almost. Here we go! 

One beautiful night in Asgard, when all the layers of heaven were stretched across the sky like satin stitches, the gods threw a fucking mental party. Like, for real; if this party had been thrown in the days of MTV, then it would have appeared on Cops. Miley Cyrus would have been the guest of honour. This shit was wild. The mead was abundant, and so (presumably) were the queues of tearful goddesses in line for the bathroom. You get the drift; it was a wild night. Basically, it was a normal evening in Asgard.

Anyway, the next morning, after sleeping the sleep of kings (not literally, because the Thor of myth wasn’t even slightly a king, just an important god with pecs of steel and biceps of lore, but you get the drift) Thor woke up, presumably holding his head and groaning like the ghosts of all his enemies and then promptly vomiting a technicolour Bifrost yawn everywhere, and realised that his super special awesome magic hammer, Mjolnir, was missing. Understandably, Thor was all ‘holy fucking shit, I cannot deal with this, that hammer is so fucking awesome, like for real, it was specially for me after Loki shaved my wife’s head and made a bet with a dwarf! That’s my favourite story to tell the grandkids! What will I do without my super special hammer? This is worse than the time I got tricked into drinking almost the entire sea. Jesus Christ, whoever that is, I have got to get this hammer back!!’ 

So, he goes to find Loki, because it is generally understood that if anything goes wrong in Asgard, then Loki has probably been fucking shit up for fun. He finds Loki asleep nearby, hungover as shit (but probably looking really perky still, because Loki is that kind of guy) and shakes him awake, shouting “Loki, you scoundrel and wastrel and other words that I’ve heard clever men call you!! You are such a prick, like seriously, I cannot believe you would steal my super special hammer. You know what that means to me! It’s my third favourite possession, after my magical belt of strength and my wife! I know you’ve killed people and shit before, but this is the worst thing you have ever done. I am totally telling Odin!”
And Loki is all “whoa, whoa, calm the everlasting shit down, Thor. This one totally isn’t on me. Like, honestly, I’m actually slightly offended that you would assume I did this, but whatever. To prove it, I’ll help you get your super special hammer back. Let’s go and ask Freyja for help because she really conveniently has a totally vogue feather cloak that means I can fly.”
Presumably, Thor then points out that Loki can actually transform into anything he wants at will and could easily become a bird and fly out to find shit, and Loki then tells him that he just wants to look pretty for once and why can’t Thor accept his life choices, and they go and get Freyja’s cloak. 

Loki flies out of Asgard until he eventually reaches Jotunheim and comes across this totally pimpin’ beast of a giant named Thrym. This dude is totally built, like he’s as tall as a hundred houses and he’s got rippling abs that rival Thor’s, and when Loki finds him, he looks really fucking smug, so Loki immediately thinks “this is very very suspicious” and he flies over and lands at Thrym’s feet. They engage in very awkward small talk and then stand sort of shuffling from foot to foot like Michael Cera and Jesse Eisenberg in an indie-off.
Then Loki says to Thrym “yo, don’t take this the wrong way, but I have inspected all the available evidence and I’m like 56% sure that you took Thor’s super special hammer. I mean, I can’t prove it, but I have a really strong feeling about this” and Thrym laughs both heartily and evilly and says “you’re damn right I took it, and I’ve hidden it eight goddamn miles beneath the ground so you’ll never find it, not even if you use all your magic. There is no chance you will find it. None.” So Loki sighs wearily and asks “well, is there any reason? I mean, people don’t just go around stealing hammers for the fun of it, even super special ones” and Thrym waggles his eyebrows like Robin Thicke in a sauna and says “yeah, I took it because I really, really want to bone Freyja” and Loki is like “this is unexpected, I honestly did not see that coming, your logic is seriously flawed” and Thrym shakes his head and he’s like “no, I just took the super special hammer because I knew you’d come and find it. Give this message to Thor for me: he can have his super special hammer back if he brings me Freyja as my bride”

and Loki’s like “well, I’ll tell him, but he’s not going to like it” and he flies home. 

When Thor finds out, he and Loki immediately go to Freyja, and they tell her “right, we’re going to Jotunheim, you’re going to marry this shady character who stole Thor’s most precious possession” and Freyja folds her shapely arms across her sculpted bosom and asks “why do you think I’m going to agree with that? That sounds like an awful plan.”
Thor shrugs and says “well, there are two reasons. The first reason is that Thrym has got a really hot bod for a Frost Giant. The second reason is that my hammer is super special and also not here” and Freyja is like “yeah, your hammer is all of these things and more, but I’m not going with you, so jog on.” 
Then Loki pipes up and he’s like “well, if you won’t come with us, can we at least borrow some dresses from you?” and Thor is like “what the Hel Loki, he wants a wife, not a new outfit” and Loki just says “trust me Thor, I got this.”

So they borrow two dresses from Freyja, and then Loki turns to Thor and explains his plan: “we’re going to march right into Jotunheim, with you disguised as Freyja and me disguised as your bridesmaid, and we’re going to take your super special hammer right back from under his nose!” and Thor is like “this is an absolutely terrible plan. For one, I have a great big bushy beard, and for another thing, this dress really isn’t my colour” but Loki just hushes him and they put on their new frocks and head towards Jotunheim. 

When they get to Jotunheim, they’re greeted by Thrym, who takes one look at Thor in his Freyja garb and immediately starts swooning. He’s all “oh my æsir, you’re even hotter than I imagined! I mean, I’ve been dreaming about your slammin’ bod for a long time, but the real thing? Holy cow, I’m in love. I cannot wait to marry the shit out of you” and Thor just sort of grits his teeth and acts flattered, and Loki grabs onto his arm like they’re two high school best friends talking about Zac Efron, and they go into this big hall where Thrym has prepared a wedding feast.

They sit down, and almost immediately, Thor eats an entire ox, eight salmon, a whole load of other shit, and washes it down with three vats of mead. He’s basically like a Kardashian at a no-camera after-party. Anyway, Thrym says to Loki “what the hell, what kind of woman eats like that?” and Loki has to think on his feet and he says “well, she’s been so excited about coming to meet you that she hasn’t eaten for eight days”, and Thrym is so flattered that he probably starts blushing and giggling and dribbling. Loki is all “phew, I totally got away with that one. Thor, please be more ladylike, because if you give Freyja a bad reputation, I honestly fear the consequences”

and then it goes to shit again because Thrym is so taken by his bride-to-be that he takes Thor into his arms and tries to kiss him, and Thor is like “oh hell no, I signed up for a super special hammer, not a make-out session” and he pushes Thrym away, and Thrym looks at Loki, broken and pissed off, and he’s like “what the hell, why won’t my bride kiss me?” So Loki lies again, saying “well, she’s been so excited to come here that she didn’t sleep for the entire eight day journey, and she’s just really tired” and Thrym nods sombrely and he’s all “yeah, I’ve heard that one before, it’s cool, I get it” and he just drops the subject, and Loki looks at Thor crossly.

When the feast is over, Thrym stands up and says “the time has come! Firstly, it is time for someone to do the washing up - bagsy not me, because I’m the groom - and secondly, it’s time to end my lonely days as a bachelor! I’m going to marry this beautiful hunk of cheesecake right here, and I just cannot wait. Look how radiant she is! I honestly feel like the luckiest man alive” and then he calls out “bring forth the hammer! No, not that one, I put up pictures with that one, I mean the super special awesome one that I stole from that meat-head Thor!” and someone brings out Mjolnir and lays it at Thor’s feet as a wedding gift, and then


like really, it’s just carnage and mayhem and blood as Thor tears around the room in his pretty frock, laying waste to all the wedding guests he can find. It’s literally the Red Wedding all over again. 

And so the story ends with Thor wielding the awesome might of Mjolnir, standing righteously over the wasted corpses of his nemeses, all while wearing a wedding dress.

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About Loki...

I know a lot of people think Thanos tortured him (physically or psychologically- whatever) and other people think Thanos was even the reason he attacked Midgard (Thanos wanted the tesseract, the Chitauri wanted a war, and Loki wanted to stay alive…). People also seem to think Loki is hiding from Thanos (while pretending to be Odin) and that Loki will end up helping the avengers to take him down (so Thanos doesn’t kill him). And I agree with ALL of this.


I really REALLY don’t want Loki to be all “Oh my god I have to help them I need the avengers because Thanos will kill me ohmygod I’m so scared of Thanos you guys have no idea what he’ll do to me if he finds me…!!!” Just no. I don’t want Loki to be broken and scared of him. I mean I want him to have a strong knowledge of what he’s capable of and a strong caution… but I don’t want fear (which is how it always turns out in fics focused on Loki and Thanos). I don’t want flashbacks or panic attacks or Loki hiding behind Thor. I want him to be pissed. Like ??? “This bitch had the nerve to torture me?? Do you KNOW what he did? Do you have ANY IDEA the shit he put me through?!?! Nobody tortures and manipulates me and gets away with it! I’m bloody Loki!!!” Like I want him to WANT to find Thanos. To be EAGER to kill him. I don’t want a broken cowering Loki, I want a vengeful angry badass Loki.

Nohrian Festival: Leo and Odin Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

I keep forgetting that despite Odin’s odd antics, he is in fact the most academically intelligent character in both of his games. Altogether, he may even surpass Laurent and Miriel. He’s quite the historian of his homeland if his constant exclamations and ramblings are anything to go by (“By the red hair of Eliwood!”), and clearly he’s well-read with his interest of lore and legends. He also has a wide range of vocabulary (as I’m sure we all noticed) and he’s great with technical stuff, which in Fire Emblem era means blacksmithing. And now that he’s a mage character, creating spells (though I’m not sure if they actually work…). In this conversation, he shows some random knowledge of nutrition (I didn’t even know the periodic table of elements was a thing in this game).

Not to mention, he is insanely good with foreign languages. It doesn’t show up much in the localized version for obvious reasons, but in the original Japanese version, all the names he has given objects/spells so far have been in English, Sanskrit, and Arabic (or possibly Turkish). The “Grossartig Mond” name he’s given Camilla’s armor IS IN FREAKIN’ GERMAN. And those are just the ones I know of.

AND I CAN’T EVEN SAY “WHAT A WASTE” BECAUSE HE’S NOT WASTING ANY OF IT. Brilliant and strong and handsome, and you can’t even hate him for it because his personality is hilarious, WHICH JUST MAKES HIM EVEN MORE PERFECT. As a character. Not necessarily as a unit.

shhh it’s okay laslow you’re still my favorite

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Down In Helheim

Light Hel: *sighs* It’s so quiet down here sometimes…. I wish I could have my brothers visit me sometime…

Dark Hel: Then, why haven’t you taken action against the one who put us here?

Light Hel: Hey! Odin gave me this realm. It’s my duty to watch over the dead.

Dark Hel: Fool! This is a prison! He only made you goddess of the underworld to prevent you from reaching your true potential and fulfilling your destiny!

Light Hel: What if I don’t want to help destroy the world?!

Dark Hel: It’s not your choice. Fate has already decided, daughter of chaos.

White Glass (LokixReader)

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  Loki glared at the white ceiling of his prison cell. No, he wasn’t in Asgard. Not anymore, at least. Thor had brought him back from Asgard once Odin agreed to reform Loki. Now the frost giant was on Earth, in the Avengers Tower. Who knows how long for.

  Loki couldn’t tell the time in his cell. There wasn’t a way to see if it was light or dark. No one visited him, aside from Thor, who would try to speak to him. Loki’s cold heart turned Thor away from him.

  Months, Loki thought to himself. He must have been in there for at least two months. His sleeping schedule was the same. Loki wished he started taking note of how many times he had woken up.

  Thor brought books, but none of the fiction of Midgard interested Loki. There was one book, however, that appealed to him. The Hobbit. He wondered if Thor would ever bring the rest of the series to him. He needed to shake J.R.R. Tolkien’s hand.

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anonymous asked:

I've been looking into Norse Paganism and I really think it's for me. last night I had a dream about Vikings and Odin and Valhalla which I guess pulls me towards Odin. I don't want to practice strictly Odinism but just Norse paganism in general and Odin be my main deity. the only thing is I'm still not sure how to practice Norse paganism. can you help me with this? like explain it to me?

From the Resource page:

Also check out the “heathen” tag.

- mountain hound

Maid To Serve

TITLE: Maid to Serve

CHAPTER NO./ONE SHOT: Chapter Thirty Four

AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that you have been sold to a slave trader to pay a debt. One day you are bought and given to Loki as a gift. He ignores you at first, but he slowly begins to notice your attention to small details in your daily tasks and your funny little quirks. He tries everything he can to seduce you, and the more you resist the more intrigued he is.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTE: Yeah, so this went off on a total tangent. 

Odin paced frantically. “What do you mean there is no sign of her? She has to be here somewhere, there is no other explanation.”

“I am sorry Allfather, every nook, every cranny, every passageway has been checked.” Jan bowed, knowing his king would be irate.

“And the vault?”

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“You don’t have to go through this alone, Y/N.” Loki said, placing his hand on yours. “I know that. I just… it’s so hard.” You admitted. “You’re my closest friend, and I care about you.” He told you. You hugged him, taking him my surprise, but he hugged back. “You’re not alone.” He whispered as he placed his chin on the top of your head. 

“Please don’t leave me again.” You said, and it broke his heart to see you so broken. 

You were the for him when Odin beat him, both mentally and physically, and he wanted to be there for you. You weren’t the same since he fell and tried to rule Midgard. It had taken a toll on you, thinking him dead, Frigga had convinced Odin to let you visit Loki frequently, knowing he could be the only one that could help you. 

“I would never leave you.” He promised.