odin bro

Some more Magnus Chase Headcannons Because I'm trash

-Sam is lowkey Bisexual

-Mallory is my Asexual baby

-Halfborn teases her about it

-But if anyone else does they are gonna die

-Odin totes invites his hallmates as X to parties and shit in his and Frigg’s palace

-Odin is a total Bro

-Floor 19’s hallmates all cover Mallory and Magnus when they’re on their periods

-floor 19 Hallmates are part of the family of empty cups

-Both of the things abouve apply to Odin as well

-Like, some perosn has beaf with Magnus or Sam want to take him out on a mission

-Odin is just like ‘I got you bro’ and deals with it/goes on the mission for him

-Thor starts watching Supernatural and is just like ‘Holy Shit Sam is a badass’

-He then goes and tells Samriah that shes a badass

-And once he has his hammer back, makes her try to lift it

-Also cute little innocnet and.happy T.J. making his bf Magnus go on a Civil War tour with him as a one month anniversary thing

-Because he’s a dork

-They’re all dorks

the arrows adopting ava would be so nice though if you think about it?? ava has no family to call her own, odin needs a supporting sister, and imagining ava and the triplets pulling pranks on big bro odin is so cute

led-lite  asked:

I still want an extra Ulton scene though where Thor's shopping for that perfect red coat. You can't tell me he didn't take a cue from Earth!Loki

Hee! I think both the Odin bros have a great sense of style. They are both very aware of what looks good on them. In the first movie, Thor dropped down with only the clothes on his back and had to rely on others to dress him. Second time around though? He’s on Midgard ‘cause he wants to be and he brought his money with him. Shopping is a little different, especially for clothes. There’s no tailors visiting to measure and fit him for all the clothes he’ll need for the season. But Thor rolls with it. Finds out where the good shops are and hits them up. And seriously? Can imagine the response he’d get from the retail workers the second he walked in the door? The man would  have been surrounding by smiling (real smiling, not retail smiling) shop girls (and guys), bringing him armloads of clothes to try on. “No, no, you don’t have to cram yourself into that little cubicle to try your things on if you don’t want to, sir. Right here’s fine. Oh you want that shirt to be more fitted? Okay, I’ll take all your measurements. Oh no, I’m not a tailor. That’s two doors down. But I’ll measure you anyway.”