odin armstrong

Odin reached over the side of the bed and grabbed for something in his bedside table, “You want to know why you can trust me, Sharrie? I can show you something if you would like”.

“Yes, show me. What is it?” Sharrie asked as Odin leaned over her, revealing a small red box in his hand. He had owned this box for a little more than a year now.

“I didn’t tell you about everything I had planned for that weekend”, he whispered as he opened the box, “I was going to ask you to marry me”.

Odin parked outside the hospital and ran into the Emergency Department as quickly as he could. 

They waited about 45 minutes for the sonogram results. The technician kept the screen turned away during the exam. 

When the ED doctor walked into Sharrie’s room, he delivered the news they had been dreading.

They lost Emma, their baby girl.

She was gone.


Generation Seven Heir Poll!

Odin Nikolai Armstrong.

Traits: Genius, Brooding, Hot-Headed, and Artistic.

LTW: Monster Maker.

Currently in a relationship with Sharrie Grimes.

Freyja Miranda Armstrong.

Traits: Athletic, Good Sense of Humor, Rebellious, and Loves the Outdoors.

LTW: Become a Master Thief.

Currently in a relationship with Jordan Armstrong.

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“C'mon, honey. Sharrie let me bring you upstairs to bed.”

“I can’t sleep Odin. I’m not having that dream again, I can’t.”

“We at least have to go sit somewhere else, you can’t sit in here Sharrie. It’s never going to get better if you keep torturing yourself like this.”


“I’ll get you a blanket and some tea. I’m sure some marathon is on television, we can watch that. Something funny, I miss hearing you laugh.”

Sharrie sat down on the edge of Odin’s bed and started to cry. 

“Odin, I’m sorry. I don’t know what to say or what to do. I mean, I love you so much but how can I believe that. If you could tell me the truth, I could try to forgive you. I really want to, more than anything.”

“I’ve never told you a lie. Not ever. I never will, I promise you that. What can I say to help you see that? There is nothing in the world that I want more than that. Nothing.”

“Don’t say anything. Show me.”