Imagine being Lokis fiancée and he’s taken you to Odin and Frigga’s country estate for a weekend family get together. Thor and Jane are there too. He stays up later than you and comes to bed tipsy and horny, finding you fast asleep. He then decides to wake you in pleasurable ways, doing all the things he knows will make it difficult for you keep quiet. You plead with him to stop so you won’t be embarrassed, but he’s restrained you and theirs no escaping the moans and pleasured cries he elicits from your throat.

Letters to my Darling- Loki x Reader |Part nine|

This one is actually way longer than the rest, my limit for the parts has only been 400 words, but this ended up crossing that. Because there was something that had to happen and I wouldn’t dare leave it out. But anyway, enjoy. :D

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Y/n follows Sif quickly, she had long let go of her wrist and Y/n was trying her best to keep in step with the Warrior. She didn’t go into depth about what Thor needed her for. If it was so important that Sif couldn’t speak of it, in fear of prying ears, Y/n didn’t dare ask.
Sooner rather than later, Y/n found herself in an unfamiliar hall. “Sif,” she calls softly, and the brunette looks over her shoulder at her. “Where are we going?”
Sif stops, glancing around, even though no one was around to hear a nail drop. She sighs, “Thor sent me to get you so you can see him." 

"What…? ”

“Come now Y/n, We only have a small window of time.”

Sif takes off again, Y/n following now in quicker steps. She could see Loki? The girl was confused, had Thor spoken to Odin? If he had, why would he listen now? After all the times he’s asked–after she’s asked– why now? He couldn’t have.

When they finally went down a hall Y/n knew all too well, Thor was standing at the entrance to the dungeons. The guards however, were both unconscious. “You both know that you will face serious consequences for this.” Y/n says once they reached him.
Thor smiles broadly, taking her hand, “Believe me Y/n, this is worth the risk. I cannot bare to see you both like this any longer.” he says. “Now go quickly, we don’t have much time before Father hears word of this. Go.”

Loki sat in the chair that resided in his cell, it was rather boring. Sitting there day in, day out, having mostly nothing to do. He had planned on going to sleep, but for some God forsaken reason, he couldn’t. The guard outside his cell was friendly enough to chat with, which wasn’t something that Loki expected. Because the guards were told not to speak a word to him under no circumstances.

This one broke rules.

Loki sighs, his hope of ever seeing Y/n again had long dwindled. He doubts it will ever happen, he hasn’t seen Thor since his return. So he hadn’t had time to send his letter to Y/n. He was growing more and more desperate, any longer, and Loki swears he is going to die.

“My lady,”

Loki looks around confused, he thought that it was Frigga again today with the books he’s requested. But what he saw was far better.
“Y/n?” He questions, getting up, his eyebrows furrowed in confusion. She couldn’t possibly be here on Odin’s word. She was smiling at him, tears shining in her eyes. “Hello my Love.”
The guard smiles, looking between the both of them, smiling. Loki’s eyes didn’t leave hers when the gold barrier came down.
“Hurry now, Y/n,” the guard says, pushing her gently forward. Loki’s heart was pounding in his ears when she came in and practically tackled him. Loki grunted with the force of her hug, but wrapped his arms around her anyway. He buries his nose in her hair, breathing in her scent for the first in a long time.
Loki laughs, tightening his hold around her waist, he didn’t waste time on kissing her. The kiss was gentle and passionate, and Loki couldn’t help but sigh into it. He rest his forehead against her own, smiling at her, “Does Odin know?” Y/n chuckles, “Of course not,”
Loki smiles, shaking his head, “It was Thor, wasn’t it?”
Y/n rests a soft hand on his cheek, “You know your brother best,” Loki chuckles, and was just about to kiss her again, but a voice stops his advances.

“Step away from him, child.”

Loki keeps an arm wrapped around the girl’s waist, moving her to stand beside him. And sure enough, Odin was standing outside. His features remained calm, but Loki can see through many things. And faux emotions was one of them; Odin was furious.
“All-Father, please.” Y/n pleaded quietly, and Loki held Odin’s steely gaze. “I knew eventually you would have found your way here, whether or not you had the aid of others.”
Loki’s grip on Y/n’s waist only tightened. This was the only time, that Loki actually feared Odin’s power. He didn’t know the consequences that could be met because of what Y/n did. And he was sure he didn’t want to find out.
“I suggest, you prepare yourself.” Odin says suddenly looking at Loki, and it left the lovers confused. “Prepare for what?” Loki asks, keeping a brave face.

“Your execution.”

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