Visit Tuttleman Gallery 174 and explore how contemporary painters such as Alma Thomas, Dorothea Rockburne, and Odili Donald Odita interpret color and form through the lens of abstraction.


What is white? What is any color? Philadelphia-based abstract painter Odili Donald Odita talks with us about his work and offers us an assignment about color. Your specific instructions:

1. Find a white object and place it next to another white object. Compare how the two colors change.
2. Describe the difference in color
3. Change the lighting and take not of how the colors change
4. Name the colors in the new lighting
5. Share your findings in whatever way you see fit, using #theartassignment

Recommended reading:
- David Batchelor, Chromophobia (2000)
- Ta-Nehisi Coates, Between the World and Me (2015)
- Josef Albers, Interaction of Color (1963)

Our understanding of color is based on relationships. It’s experiential and this is why the assignment is so interesting to me. We bring our baggage and experience to all color interactions.

The drawing casts symbolize ideals of beauty and culture. They are white plaster casts and are used to teach a way of seeing. The flayed arm represents the idea that color is skin deep. It’s not the surface that matters.

I added the color wheel behind the sculptures after viewing          Sabina Joeck’s #theartassignment extra credit video. Her idea and presentation was elegant and honest, and made me look to my surroundings for something similar to include. The xerox of the color wheel hangs in my studio and was given to me in a pre-college summer art program back in 1985. It was in this pre-college program I first studied the Munsell color chart. An aged and yellowed color wheel; that lacks color, seemed appropriate for the assignment.


I finished my artbook submission! Will post about its details when I get them ^^ In the meantime, here’s a gif-ed version of my submission. The theme of the book was Journey, and I’m having an enjoyable journey in Eorzea so far with friends~

(I haven’t actually cleared Garuda yet but she looks pretty oops)
Also sorry the photoset this time’s a bit long ^^;


I thought I wouldn’t like playing Romance sims, boy was I wrong. First off, Elenora had an affair with a random townie. And then the wifey came home from work… I try playing to Elenora’s wants, she rolled a want to become best friends with townie and then it went from bad to worse.