Opera de Glace Narusaku Fanfiction Library

I just thought I’d compile all of my fanfictions so they’re easier to flip through! They are ALL Narusaku.

Child of the Leaf Series:

“Child of The Leaf”  -The Adventures of Suna Shinachiku

Side Story Mini Chapters:

CotL Character Profiles:

Kumotaka Ayaka

Suna Team Seven

Character Art by ODG: (x) (x) (x)

Child of the Leaf Fan Art:

reynarwrites (x)

queen-hearts- (x)

NaruSaku AU Series, “The Dimension of Reason”:

  •  “Your Love On My Skin” -  She attracted him with the ink on her skin. He attracted her by inking her soul onto his. (NaruSaku AU; Tattoo/NS Family) Chapters: 1, 2
  • “Time Switch no Jutsu?” - Somehow, kid Naruto found a time switch scroll, saw the future, and didn’t like what he saw. He decided it was time he took matters into his own hands… (MULTI-CHAPTER) ***

Narusaku Revolution Series:

One Shots:

  • What Type of Man Are You?” - A wayward Bolt and a neglectful Naruto are forced to open up to each other by a very special woman to the both of them…
  • “Nightly Visitor” - Sakura awaits the nightly visit of her team mate, Menma, but something is strange about him… (Mensaku, sorta lemony, not graphic)

Multiple Chapters:

  1. “He’s Left You Alone Again, Sakura-chan” -*WARNING!* Affair Fic. If you don’t like it, don’t read.
  2. “He’s Left You Alone Again, Sakura-chan, pt.2” *DOUBLE WARNING!* Affair and a little lemony… read at your own risk…
  3. “He’s Left You Alone Again, Sakura-chan. pt.3” *No lemon or affair in this one!* Conclusion? 

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