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by clicking THIS LINK you will find 139 gif icons in my style s1 of american-israeli actress ODEYA RUSH in her role as amber in almost friends (2017). odeya is ashkenazi jewish, so please keep this in mind when casting her! all of these gifs were made by me, so please don’t repost, edit in any way, or claim them as your own.please like or reblog if you use. thank you, and enjoy!


under the cut will be { ✩ ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY | 100 x 100 } gif icons of ODEYA RUSH in style THREE !! she’s most famous for being an actress in goosebumps and the giver. i take no credit for the original gifs, and all credit belongs to their original owners. however, i did edit all of these, so please do not take any credit for them !! please LIKE or REBLOG if you’re using !! ( gif hunt used: x )

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by following the link, you will find 130 100px gif icons of odeya rush, requested by @ninamorrissey. none of the gifs were made by me, i simply cropped them and added a psd / texture. please like / reblog this post if you’re using them !
             ( HERE ! ) tw for — smoking.

note — please remember that odeya is ashkenazi jewish, and should be played as such !