Hi all!

This is a photo from the show i’m currently working on called “An Evening of Clifford Odets.” It’s in our small black box space, and this is the fake brick wall that was put up  to replace our usual white cyc. My set designer is still working on giving it some more paint treatments, but it’s looking good!

- Vici

Lorna: You’re loaded with fireworks. Why don’t you fight?

Joe: You have to be what you are—!

Lorna: Fight! See what happens—

Joe: Or end up in the bughouse!

Lorna: God’s teeth! Who says you have to be one thing?

Joe: My nature isn’t fighting!

Lorna: Don’t Tokio know what he’s talking about? Don’t Tom? Joe, listen: be a fighter! Show the world! If you made your fame and fortune—and you can—you’d be anything you want. Do it! Bang your way to the lightweight crown…

-from Golden Boy (1937) by Clifford Odets


Hey, remember that brick wall? Here’s some photos from that same show, An Evening of Clifford Odets. It closed on Sunday (and had an added performance!). I have heard a lot of good things from professors and fellow students, and I’m very happy with it!

- Vici