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“There are millions of ways to describe the rather curious feeling of love. Some people explain the rush of warmth in their chest, some talk about the pure feeling of joy in their heart and some of their racing pulse that makes their skin blush. And I certainly know what they’re talking about. But I chose the smile to describe it all: the smile that lights her twinkling eyes up, the smile I feel creeping up on my features when she leans in to my chest, the same smile I can feel against my lips when I lean in to kiss her. The smile that perfectly describes the warmth in my chest, the pure feeling of joy in my heart and the racing pulse in my veins. All in all, love is indeed a mystery to me - but it’s a mystery I enjoy solving.”

Cheese Buns preview, anyone?

    Peeta walked into the house and dropped onto the couch, flipping through the TV and smiling to himself.

    Finnick leaned over the back of the couch. “So?”

    Peeta didn’t look up. “What?”

    “You get a good feel?” Finnick asked. “Those tits are cute.”

    Peeta slowly turned and looked up at him. “Excuse me. Not all of us feel up a girl on the first date—”

    Finnick stood up straight and called toward the back of the house, “Annie, he called it a date!”

    Peeta shook his head quickly. “It wasn’t a date.”

    Annie walked in and wrapped her arms around Finnick’s waist. “Sure looked like a date.”

    Peeta sighed. “She didn’t call it a date. So it wasn’t a date. But it was a nice time. And I… I like her, okay? But we’re just friends for now.” He gave them both pleading looks. “Don’t screw this up for me. Please? Next time she’s here—”

    “Next time?” Finnick asked. “When is she coming back?”

    “Next weekend. We’re going to cook together and film it.” Peeta stood and made his way to the kitchen to fix himself a quick supper. “And then we’re going to hang out and watch movies.”

    “You should ask her to spend the night so she doesn’t have to drive all the way back.” Annie suggested.

    Finnick held up his hands, made a circle with a forefinger and thumb of one hand, and poked the forefinger of the other hand into the circle several times.

    Annie slapped his hands down. “Stop that.”

    Finnick giggled like a little kid. “Come on, you two, you both know how hot she is and how badly Peeta needs to be thoroughly fucked.”

    Peeta picked up the sandwich he’d thrown together and walked into his studio. “I’ve been fucked plenty. In every sense of the word. And I’ll have you know that I definitely don’t believe Katniss is like that. If I ever am lucky enough to join her in bed, it will a beautiful session of making love into the wee hours of the morning when we are both thoroughly satisfied.” He grinned and closed the door behind him.