consider: post-mockingjay, annie and finnick’s son has a “bring your dad” day coming up at school. since his biological father passed away before he was born, he asks johanna to go with him to school on that day. johanna, who’s spent a lot of time in district four helping raise annie’s son, is absolutely moved and honored, and she gladly agrees to go as his dad.

johanna mason, world’s best dad



↳  THE HUNGER GAMES; Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. [7/8]

And suddenly, it’s as if there’s no one in the world but these two, crashing through space to reach each other. They collide, enfold, lose their balance, and slam against a wall, where they stay. Clinging into one being. Indivisible.
A pang of jealousy hits me. Not for either Finnick or Annie but for their certainty. No one seeing them could doubt their love.

Give me Finnick returning from the war and kissing his wife first on the lips and then on the stomach

Give me Finnick and Annie cuddled up at home at night, talking about baby names and all the possibilities for their little family

Give me Annie ecstatically yelling for Finnick to come look in the mirror with her because she finally can see a baby bump

Give me Finnick buying too many stuffed animals and baby toys for the nursery and Annie banning him from going to the store on his own when she sees all the receipts

Give me Annie getting crazy intense sugar cravings and Finnick calling up Peeta desperately asking for baked goods because Annie NEEDS THEM NOW 

Give me Annie telling Finnick whenever the baby is kicking so he can put his hands on her tummy to feel it

Give me Finnick worrying about not being a good father because of his past and Annie rolling her eyes while she tells him about all the wonderful things he’s done for her and the baby

Give me Annie worrying about not being a good mother because of her mental illness and Finnick reminding her that she’s been recovering in leaps and bounds ever since the war ended and that he knows she’ll be perfect

Give me Annie absentmindedly singing lullabies with her hands on her stomach while Finnick watches with a grin on his face because he thinks it’s beautiful

Give me Annie excitedly arranging little outfits for the baby, complete with sets of little baby booties

Give me Finnick growing increasingly anxious about Annie and the baby, always hovering by Annie during the day and reaching for the phone to call the hospital whenever she fidgets uncomfortably and Annie needing to stop him from panicking and dragging her to the hospital too soon

Give me Finnick surrounding Annie with books to read and snacks to eat and notebooks for her to write in when she’s on bed rest

Give me Annie tying knots to distract herself while she’s in labor while Finnick tells her stories and strokes her hair

Give me Finnick holding his son for the first time, too overcome with joy to speak, leaning against Annie’s shoulder and kissing her temple every few minutes because he’s so happy to have the two people he loves most together and safe and happy

Give me Finnick carrying his baby around when he’s a few days old, his muscled arms looking massive around such a tiny baby 

Give me Annie kissing the baby’s forehead and cheeks and nose and tiny earlobes and fingertips and toes

Give me Finnick shooting out of bed each night when the baby cries and insisting that it’s his job and Annie needs to sleep even if Finnick is always the one getting out of bed to help and is probably only running on caffeine and sugar

Give me Finnick presenting his baby to all the victors proudly and getting overly offended when Johanna makes an unnecessary comment about his absolutely perfect newborn son

Give me Annie curling up next to Finnick at night after they’ve finally gotten their son to fall asleep and telling him that she’s never been happier, and Finnick agreeing and thinking for the first time in his life that maybe all the pain the both of them went through was worth it

Give me the life that the Odairs deserved dang it Suzanne Collins 

  • Me after reading Mockingjay: Don't know whether to be grateful because Suzanne Collins ended the series with a happy ending or to be sad because Suzanne Collins killed Finnick
  • Me after watching Mockingjay Part 2: Don't know whether to be glad because the director followed the book and actually killed Finnick or to be mad because the director really followed the book and killed Finnick


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Things I hate: 

Queerbaiting: I hate this with passion because this is the worst thing a show can do: tease LGBTQ youth with hope of a WLW or MLM ship only to get ratings for their episodes, that is NOT okay and it needs to stop.

Bury Your Gays Trope: I despise this because LGBTQ people are NOT disposable, they deserve to have their own happy ending just like any straight couple on TV. It has gained media attention due to the online outrage when Commander Lexa (Reshop Heda! We miss you!) was killed after minutes of consummating her relationship with Clarke Griffin.

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