marked | ch2

“For everything people say of Odessus, he’s a good soul,” Ozpin said, slapping his scroll against the elevator override as he stepped inside, “I’m sure this meeting will go just fine.”

He’ll like you. Ozpin didn’t dare speak the words, although he couldn’t quite help feeling like he was bringing a new girlfriend home to meet his parents. He and Odessus weren’t related, but he had been his mentor for years. It came with the territory.

The CCT was bustling; it was a Monday morning, commuters were still drifting through and some students doing summer work at Beacon flitted around trying desperately not to get in the way. Ozpin gestured for the huntress accompanying him to enter the otherwise deserted elevator, shooting a look at an intern close behind until the kid decided to just wait for the next one.

When the door hissed shut behind them Ozpin turned back to his companion, fidgeting idly with the cane in his hands. Classes were still out and so he had chosen to go a more casual route, forgoing his usual suit in favor of a pair of jeans and battered cargo jacket. If they were meeting anyone but Odessus he likely wouldn’t have, but he had another appointment after this one and his mentor would hardly mind.

“He’s been looking forward to this meeting at least.” He paused, offering her soft, reassuring smile. “I also… didn’t tell him yet.”