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“For everything people say of Odessus, he’s a good soul,” Ozpin said, slapping his scroll against the elevator override as he stepped inside, “I’m sure this meeting will go just fine.”

He’ll like you. Ozpin didn’t dare speak the words, although he couldn’t quite help feeling like he was bringing a new girlfriend home to meet his parents. He and Odessus weren’t related, but he had been his mentor for years. It came with the territory.

The CCT was bustling; it was a Monday morning, commuters were still drifting through and some students doing summer work at Beacon flitted around trying desperately not to get in the way. Ozpin gestured for the huntress accompanying him to enter the otherwise deserted elevator, shooting a look at an intern close behind until the kid decided to just wait for the next one.

When the door hissed shut behind them Ozpin turned back to his companion, fidgeting idly with the cane in his hands. Classes were still out and so he had chosen to go a more casual route, forgoing his usual suit in favor of a pair of jeans and battered cargo jacket. If they were meeting anyone but Odessus he likely wouldn’t have, but he had another appointment after this one and his mentor would hardly mind.

“He’s been looking forward to this meeting at least.” He paused, offering her soft, reassuring smile. “I also… didn’t tell him yet.”

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Character creation questions 1, 3, and 4 for Odessus Ravaka and Sana T'Oriza?

Odessus Ravaka

1. What is the character’s full name, and how did you come up with it?

Okay, so I was originally playing around with the name Odette because I think it’s cool and kind of underused, but it didn’t sound Roman enough. The name Odessa was an easy leap to make from there, and it fit because I planned on having her come from Taetrus, a colony that has different factions trying to take it over (Odessa was originally a Greek port city that eventually fell under Roman control, though it remained on the fringes of the empire). I resisted having the -a as a signifier of a feminine name, though, so Odessa because Odessus. But then that was just too many s’s, especially whenever I tried to use the possessive, so Odessus became Dess :P

Ravaka was an exercise in blending observed turian name constructions and avian imagery (raven + -aka = Ravaka) :P

3. What species are they, and what do they look like? (Use anything you like - descriptions, art, outfits, face claims, etc)

Dess is a turian with sage green facial markings that are fairly simple—three lines, one on each mandible and one down her nasal plates, that start thicker toward the back/top and taper toward the front/bottom (think of a stroke of ink with a calligraphy brush that starts heavy and gets lighter). She’s tall for a turian, with a wiry musculature. She has a lot of tattoos (deployments, victories, important moments), but they’re all covered by clothing (back, chest, shoulders, upper arms, thighs, etc.). She has pierced spurs, but she only wears jewelry on special occasions or when she goes out to pick up company for the evening. Her mandibles are a little long, giving her a particularly feminine appearance among turians. Perhaps the most striking aspect of her appearance, though, is her eyes, which are a warm honey color.

4. Tell us a little about the world-state that they inhabit. (For example, are they active before, during, and/or after the events of the Mass Effect trilogy? Are they part of an AU?)

Dess grew up on Taetrus as the daughter of a prominent politician, the minister of the interior. She was never one to distinguish herself politically, but she does become a decorated combat pilot. Her role in the First Contact War gets largely erased, but she’s more than happy to avoid that particular spotlight. Up to the start of the games, she works consistently for C-Sec Internal Affairs, so while she’s respected well enough for her position, she’s also not especially liked or welcomed among other C-Sec officers. After the Vallum Blast, she returns to Taetrus as a volunteer in the Hierarchy military. She’s still there when the Reapers arrive.

Sana T’Oriza

1. What is the character’s full name, and how did you come up with it?

Her name is Sana T’Oriza. Full disclosure: she was never supposed to get this far in the story? All of a sudden, I had Hannah in need of immediate medical attention but stuck on a turian ship, where there’s no guarantee the kind of levo equipment/drugs she’d need would be present. So … hey, Dess has a cousin! Who’s an asari! And because she’s a doctor, let’s go ahead and give her a vaguely Greek-ish name that means health! And the rest is history :P

T’Oriza came about because I was hungry and had a craving for chorizo :P

3. What species are they, and what do they look like? (Use anything you like - descriptions, art, outfits, face claims, etc)

Sana is an asari and she has markings that are similar to Tevos. Her skin is a medium blue, and she has dark brown eyes. She doesn’t have any tattoos or piercings, and she keeps her health and appearance in flawless order. She has a keen sense of style that’s both chic and conservative.

4.Tell us a little about the world-state that they inhabit. (For example, are they active before, during, and/or after the events of the Mass Effect trilogy? Are they part of an AU?)

She was born on Taetrus in a time of relative peace. As soon as she was old enough, though, she lit out for Thessia and medical school. She established a traveling clinic that served colonies both in the Traverse and in the Terminus systems. Eventually, she settled down on Omega and became something of a neutral, balancing force there. At least, she was until Aria came along. She helped Aria keep her pregnancy a secret (or at least as secret as was possible on a place like Omega) and delivered Liselle. Aria used that history to get Sana off the station when the time came to overthrow Patriarch. Sana could tell she was getting pushed into a position that would eventually put her in opposition to Aria, so instead she left Omega and returned to Taetrus.

Sana is able to keep relatively neutral, politically, and keeps to herself prior to the events of the game. During the War on Taetrus, though, she volunteers as a field medic for the Hierarchy. She’s still there when the Reapers move in.

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All the things for Dess!

Oh! Yay! I love Dess :D Though, I did 1, 3, and 4 in the character creation questions for @rock-paperback-scissors already :P

Character creation

2. What inspired you to create this character?

The criminal lack of female turians in the games :P I knew I wanted Hannah to befriend a turian during the conflict on Shanxi, and I wanted that friendship to reveal a more complex understanding of the events surrounding humanity’s first contact with the wider galactic community. So, whoever Hannah met would have to be something of an outsider (either by circumstance or by choice), someone who’s observant, introspective, and willing to see a stranger’s perspective.

3. What species are they, and what do they look like? (Use anything you like - descriptions, art, outfits, face claims, etc)

Okay, I know I said I already answered this one, but I decided I wanted to add a few fashion ideas for how human!Dess would dress because she didn’t get enough love when I was doing all those fashion posts some months back :P

5. Share a quote, image, or song that reminds you of the character.

Oh! Wait for It performed by Leslie Odom, Jr.!

Love doesn’t discriminate
Between the sinners and the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes
And we keep loving anyway

Pre-service history

1. Does this character have a connection to any major/canon characters?

Dess is, clearly, connected to Hannah through their shared experience on Shanxi and their friendship. However, I also have her serving with both Vyrnnus and Papa Vakarian during the Relay 314 Incident. And since she works for C-Sec, she crosses paths with both Papa Vakarian and Garrus at different points. During the War on Taetrus, Adrien Victus is the only one willing to take her under his command; her record is technically clean, but the circumstances of her discharge are abrupt and somewhat mysterious, which reads as “unofficially dishonorable.” Victus is unconventional enough that he decides to give her a chance anyway.

2. Where, if anywhere, does the character consider their home to be?

She never really had a feeling of home until she moved to the Citadel. She’d enjoyed her service and got a lot of fulfillment by being one of the best combat pilots in the Hierarchy military, but it wasn’t really the same as “home.” It was like being a puzzle piece that just barely didn’t fit the picture, and no amount of force would change that. After Shanxi, though, she feels like she fits in somewhere for the first time.

3. What do they remember most strongly about their childhood?

She remembers her mother’s career overshadowing a lot of her childhood. Her mother was minister of the interior on Taetrus, so they spent a lot of time traveling to remote areas that needed her oversight (land disputes, resource allocation treaties, etc.), but that also meant they held a lot of dinners and parties that were overtly political. Dess had to learn to keep herself calm and well-behaved enough to escape the notice of adults (the whole “children should be seen, not heard” idea).

4. Tell us about an important relationship (of any kind) in the character’s life, and how it impacted them.

In her early life, Dess’s relationship with her brother, Hadrian, was extremely important to her. They were privately tutored and didn’t mingle much with others their own age, so he was her closest friend. There was a playful competitiveness between them, each one trying to one-up the other. When Hadrian went into his service, though, it kind of … stopped being playful. Their mother started to pit them against each other, pushing them to accomplish more and distinguish themselves in any way they could. Hadrian always seemed to be just a little bit better. Then life just sort of got in the way, as it so often does for young adults trying to establish themselves, and they grew apart over time.

I feel like it’s easy to say her friendship with Hannah became an important part of her life, but it’s still true. In a practical sense, crashing into Hannah over Shanxi sets off a chain of events that drastically changed the trajectory of her life: she nearly dies (though, arguably, that’s her own fault), she becomes a fugitive, she’s nearly court marshaled for treason, she’s discharged from the Hierarchy military, and she has to start a completely new career and life fairly immediately. However, the friendship she builds with Hannah becomes one of the closest she’s ever had, and she’d do everything again the same way to keep it.

5. How did they end up in their current line of work?

While the answer isn’t exactly the plot of Hawks and Doves, it is part of the denouement. Basically, she was facing treason charges that, even if they didn’t stick, would follow her and essentially ruin her life. Hannah maneuvered with Admiral Drescher to ensure Dess was protected from any blowback from the Hierarchy. She was given a standard discharge, her commanding officer gave her a recommendation to C-Sec, and Tevos accepted it. Because her CO was petty about having his hand forced, however, he recommended her to Internal Affairs. It was an unspoken slight: if you’ll turn on your own, do it professionally. So, while Dess performs a vital function that combats corruption, she’s never fully trusted by other C-Sec agents. “IA” are essentially her scarlet letters.

Psychological profile

1. What is the character’s greatest strength? What do they *think* is their greatest strength?

Her greatest strength is her empathy, but she thinks her greatest strength is her ability to keep calm in most stressful situations. Keeping a cool head is key to making good decisions, especially as a combat pilot.

2. What (if anything) do they wish was different about themselves?

On the one hand, she wishes she was better at setting aside her emotions and being dispassionate, focused on the good of her community and the people around her. However, she also wishes she could articulate her emotional needs better without being anxious about reprisal. These competing desires for herself are the source of no small amount of internal conflict. Usually, though, setting aside her own emotional needs wins over expressing them. Which, you know, isn’t necessarily a good thing, but it’s very turian of her.

3. What’s a challenge that the character has overcome (or at least survived) during their lifetime? How did they do it?

Surviving Shanxi and getting the Council to intervene before the Hierarchy could declare full-scale war on the Alliance were significant feats by themselves. The challenge of adjusting to civilian life, however, proved more difficult. Dess had to learn a whole new set of skills for a career she’d never expected to pursue. The social order that military ranks provided was suddenly gone—outside of C-Sec, anyway—and she had to find a way to fill the holes in her life that the military had usually provided for. Luckily, Dess is a flexible person and can adjust to changing circumstances fairly well; it just took a little more time than she expected.

4. What’s something (a person, a belief, a goal…) that your character would be willing to make major sacrifices for?

Well, as a turian, self-sacrifice was trained into her from a young age. She’d die for a worthy cause—justice, the good of the many, protecting innocents—but she probably has more exceptions than turians are expected to have. She wouldn’t die for the Hierarchy, for example, unless there was an additional cause tied to it. And she can count the number of people she would die for on one hand, Sana and Hannah among them. That number expands when you bring the stakes down a notch from “she would die for them,” and includes her family and small circle of friends.

5. What’s a misconception that people might have about your character?

She can seem aloof or stoic, but really, she’s trying to keep tight control over herself and how she appears to others, trying not to let too much of her show. She often speaks in short, unadorned sentences because being direct and succinct are much easier to manage than proclamations or speeches. The people closest to her, however, get to see her warmer and less guarded. She’ll talk more easily and even joke, but you have to be a Level 50 friend to get to that point :P