odeleite river


Odeleite is a river in the municipality of Castro Marim. The river is also known as “The Blue Dragon River” because of its dark blue color and curvy shape


Chinese netizens are crazy about this dragon-shaped river

The dragon is considered an auspicious symbol in Chinese mythology. So when this photo of a river shaped a bit like the legendary creature showed up on the Internet, Chinese netizens became a little excitable.

The photo was taken by Reddit user @docious from the window of her flight while en route from Amsterdam to Marrakech, and was posted online earlier today. The river, named Odeleite Reservoir, is located in Portugal, and is more widely known as the “the Blue Dragon River”.

A user on China’s Twitter-like Sina Weibo later posted the photo on her account, attracting over 30,000 reposts in less than 10 hours, with many believing the photo can bring them luck.