ode to romance

Ode To The Nature Of Romance

Author: @eradikeats-writes as part of Bangtan University - a series of oneshots with @kpopfanfictrash

Creative Content Contributors: @daegusoftboys (who has provided us INCREDIBLE moodboards for the series)

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader (of; female)

Summary: As a classical violinist, you understand passion and romance better than most. So why does Poetry professor Jeon Jungkook seem to have such a difficult time getting you to understand?

Rating: NC-17

Warning: explicit sex; explicit language

Word Count: 9,934

It never felt like this, sharing a bed with another body. It never felt like this, comforting, warm, safe. Always, at the touch of someone else’s skin beneath the sheets, you would shrink away, make yourself small, into something less than your true wingspan. Deep in your bones, you would ache to be away and gone and alone. Always, you feel resentment boil in your chest, the heat radiating from their body into yours, causing you to perspire under stress, and anguish, and rage.

But with him, it is different.

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  • Tyler: I will set my soul on fire what have I become
  • Patrick: fUCK I'M ON FIRE NOW TY
  • Gerard: guys smh y'all're a disgrace to the emos

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HAPPY FANFICTION APPRECIATION DAY!! I think you're frickin incredible! So, can you please list some of your stories that might not have received attention but you really liked. Promote yourself below, please! QUEEN 👑

wahhhhh HELLO CUTE ANON! wow. first of all - this is amazing. thank you so much for reading my work and being here <3 this is so difficult really because i hate self promo, like i always cringe at myself. BUT FOR TODAY I WILL PLAY ALONG~~~

things i love:

Run Me Through - Yixing x Reader

Ode To The Nature of Romance - Jungkook x Reader

Systems Of Touch - Hoseok x Reader

Equinox - Minseok x Reader

The Things You Do Not Know - Chanyeol x Reader

Planetarium - Jin x Reader drabble

Of The Tide And The Sea - Junmyeon x Reader

Hoseok x Reader drabble


The signs theme songs as bands/ musicians I listen to (based on people I know & myself)

Aries: King For A Day | Pierce The Veil

Taurus: Words, Words, Words | Bo Burnham / Polarize  |-/ Twenty øne Piløts

Gemini: American Idiot | Green Day

Cancer: I’m Not Okay (I Promise) | My Chemical Romance

Leo: Awake and Alive | Skillet

Virgo: Na Na Na | My Chemical Romance

Libra: Fairy Local/ Doubt |-/ Twenty øne Piløts

Scorpio: Goodbye Graceful | Falling In Reverse

Sagittarius: Not Today |-/ Twenty øne Piløts / But It’s Better If You Do | Panic! At The Disco / 

Capricorn: Before I Forget | Slipknot

Aquarius: Youth & Whiskey | Black Veil Brides / Follow You | Bring Me The Horizon 

Pisces: Party Poison | My Chemical Romance / Ode To Sleep | Twenty One Pilots

Damn… I listen to too much TOP.

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Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Set your entire music library on shuffle and report the first ten tracks that pop up! Then choose ten additional friends.

  1. The Argument - Aidan Hawkin
  2. Cancer - My Chemical Romance
  3. Ode to My Family - Matt Toka
  4. The Truth is a Terrible Thing - You Me At Six
  5. The Craft - Peter Gundry
  6. Your Father’s Car - Flatsound.
  7. Shallow Grave - Birthday Massacre
  8. Sleep - My Chemical Romance
  9. Milk and Cookies - Melanie Martinez
  10. So Close and Yet So Far - Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

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pick up the phone and call me, dammit

a playlist for when you deserve an apology 

tell that mick he just made my list of things to do today- fall out boy// comforting lie- no doubt// compromising me- william beckett// the greatest mystery- slow kids at play// evil and a heathen- franz ferdinand//  give ‘em hell, kid- my chemical romance// ode to sleep- twenty one pilots// the patron saint of liars and fakes- fall out boy// semi-automatic- twenty one pilots// small cuts- the brobecks// throw away your television- red hot chili peppers// we exist- arcade fire// weatherman- slow kids at play//  why’d you only call me when you’re high- arctic monkeys// you’re the reason i’m leaving- franz ferdinand// seventy times 7- brand new// the nerve- the brobecks