ode to flowers


O folly!

ambitious spring,

with short-tempered love.

My laziness is drowsy

extending through the

tiredness of my unsheltered sigh.

I bid too many adieu

yet cold-bloodedly you pulled me back

to your furtively breathtaking reeds.

O! how I dieted over your medieval tongue

I praise the ghosts of the wood-nymphs

for their deliverance of

your delicately dreamy presence

into my dullest existence!

D C de Oliveira


Louis Ft Flowers 🌸

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Twisted Wolfsbane
holding Ivy’s taste of poisonous air
a kiss to suffer, death-moth in your lips
our battles led to the rosary of Pomegranates,
shades of mystery drown me, weeping melancholy
the gluttony of mourning, the wave of fattening sorrows
I am only wealthy with your bones in my soil,
I dwell upon the pleasure written for your sight
and these words, these words
are blooming rapidly, uncontrollably

D C de Oliveira

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Can you do a IT headcanon about Bill and Mike dating I'd really appreciate it, Your headcanons are adorable.

awh thank you sm i’m glad you like them

*no more headcanon requests pls, just moodboards for now*

- they start dating in their senior year of high school
- mike asked bill out on valentine’s day at one of his team’s football games like he went the whole nine yards he got the rest of the team to hold up a sign saying “bill denbrough will you be my boyfriend?” he got the band to play bill’s favorite song
- he even ran up the bleachers to sweep bill into one of those kisses you see in rom com movied about weddings

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Studying physics tips?

It’s 1 am and I’m practically comatose so this may not make any sense but here’s a quick, short list of physics study tips (did that rhyme?).

“Physics is like sex: sure, it may give some practical results, but that’s not why we do it.” - Richard Feynman

#1 - Enjoy It

There’s no point in doing something that you don’t wholeheartedly enjoy and this happens to be my main problem when it comes to actually finding the motivation to study, “Why should I spend hours doing something I hate?”. So, before settling down for a long physics session, or any other science-related revision, here are a few videos I like to watch to get me in the spirit: ‘Ode to A Flower’ (this is actually the video that made me want to start a vaguely science related studyblr), ‘How Does Do Science’ and ‘Why Professor Brian Cox Loves Physics’.

#2 - Understand It

Although it is useful to know that kinetic energy = 0·5 x mass x velocity2, studying physics shouldn’t be about memorizing useless equations, it should be about learning what situation makes different equations useful and understanding the basic concept behind your problem. This way, you’re studying for long term results vs the short term results that come with pure memorization.

#3 - Google It  Crash Course It

The internet is extremely useful when studying but, sorry, Crash Course is your new best friend. With courses on Economics, Philosophy, Biology and most importantly Physics (as well as many others) there’s almost nothing that you can’t learn from CC.

#4 - Practice It

Pretty notes are useless if you don’t actually practice and this goes for almost all subjects. Practice questions and past papers are, in my opinion, one of the best ways to revise especially since they can be easily found all over the internet. For my GCSE studyblr’s, AQA puts out past papers with mark schemes and examiner reports which are extremely helpful.

#5 - Be On Top Of It

This applies for all subjects but If you’re anything like me, procrastination will be the end of you and your good grades if you let it tempt you. A 10 minute break can easily turn in to a 3 hour day break if you’re not careful. To combat this, I make my goals smaller. So, instead of saying, for example, “I’m going to write a book in a week!” say, “ I’m going to write a chapter everyday!”.

Hope this helps! Good Luck!

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Beijing Opera style song, Ode to pear flowers/Lihuasong/梨花颂 

道他君王情也痴 情也痴

My brother dared me to draw OD Tom with a flower crown. He told me I also had to put my Eddsworld Oc in there but OD. I said “Challenge accepted”. Then he told me I had to message it to you. My determination was destroyed…

(( -_- 👍 -seeing this fills you with determination-

Zodiac Flower Signs

Each of our birth dates are associated with a type of flower.



An invasive flower that overcomes any obstacles for its growth. It is bold and audacious amongst the rest of the flowers, with an abundance of energy that is hard to ignore. 



A refined and classy flower that allures its admirers into poetry and metaphors. Its daring flare of a design is worn by everyone for what it stands for. A flower that is rooted in history due to its endurability and resilience.



Popping up here and there amongst other flowers teasingly with undeniable charm. It spreads far and wide for all to enjoy. An elegant beauty that is hard to fathom.



An intuitive and perceptive flower to its surroundings. A sensitive flower that heals and nurtures. Meant to be grown in a warm and sympathetic environment for it to flourish. 



A highly confident flower that stands strong in the face of adversity. Full of warmth and heart that feelings of joy are inspired around them. A flower that demands your undivided attention. 


Morning Glory

Pristine, clear and filled with purity of spirit these flowers grow where they are planted. They can be very organized in their growth and provide many medicinal benefits to the weak. 



The ultimate classic flower representative of love. It represents equality and balance of emotions with its hidden depths. The flower is an ode to beauty itself.



A flower of depth and many layers. It never ceases to surprise with each blossom. A flower despite its amorous nature, is clear and honest in its growth and is never blatantly ostentatious. 



A dreamy, bold and sensitive flower that symbolizes success, sweetness and good wishes. It is celebratory of esteem and self and the liberation to be oneself without apology.



Simplistic and a thoughtful flower that are actually strong-willed in their nature. Flowers that are given to cherish families and friends and are great at bringing people together. A dependable flower.



A curiously unique flower that is a rarity in its form and beauty. It both appeals and confuses with its eccentric nature. An almost inventive creation of a flower that never ceases to be a mystery. 


Water Lily 

A reflective and transcendental flower with beauty seeming to sprout from the unknown. They are deeply perceptive and psychic and seem to absorb the energy around them. It is easily swayed with atmosphere around it. 

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An AU where everyone has a flower growing out of their wrist that only blooms when the meet their soulmate.


I love everyone’s soulmate aus oh my g od

But what if the flower wilts when their soulmate dies???

Updated: The Killers Debut New Song?

It appears The Killers may have debuted a new song or a work in progress tonight during their show at the Caesars Windsor Colosseum in Ontario.

Before we go any further, it should be noted that this could be a cover of an obscure song.  However, repeated searches have not returned any likely matches.

The new song, work in progress, or obscure cover featured Brandon Flowers on the piano between ‘Losing Touch and ’Bling (Confession of a King).  In past shows, it is not uncommon for Flowers to briefly take to the piano for a stripped down reprise of a song performed earlier in the show. 

The only recordings posted so far come from Twitter and are two 30 second snippets.

The lyrics appear to be:

First tweet/ Part 1:

Have all your hopes been met?
Have all these years been worth it?
Am I the great regret?
Has any…

Second Tweet/ Part 2:

…has every heart gone blue?
Have all the songs been written?
Oh I just need one to get through to you


Tumblr user @canitbethewayitwas has uploaded what appears to be the full length video of the song in question.  You can view that video directly on their Tumblr.

I have filled out the lyrics as I hear them:

Have all your dreams been fallow?
Have your hopes been met?
Have all these years been worth it?
Am I the great regret?

Has every ship gone sailing?
Has every heart gone blue?
Have all the songs been written?

Oh I just need one to get through to you
I just need one more to get through to you
I can’t take back what I’ve done wrong
I just need one more, one more song

Rozdział dziesiąty: Kiedy Liam poznał Demi.

Tytuł: Flower Twilight. (Kwiecisty Zmierzch.)

Autorki: FlyWithMe92 & Cirrown

Od autorki: Hej! Życzę wam od razu miłego czytania, ponieważ sama zabieram się zaraz za naukę chemii. I *werbelki* prawdopodobnie od przyszłego tygodnia to Justyna będzie wstawiała kolejne rozdziały. Wraca do domu wcześniej niż ja, więc to logiczne. Żeby już nie przedłużać, enjoy misiaki xx ~ Cirrown


                Obserwował dziewczynę przez trzy dni. We wtorek pokręcił się koło jej mieszkania, ustalając gdzie dokładnie mieszka i z kim. Czy wychodzi popołudniami, czy pracuje? W środę czekał, aż wyjdzie z domu i poszedł za nią. Okazało się, że studiuje na Wydziale Chemicznym Uniwersytetu Londyńskiego, co Liam zanotował w jej aktach. Uznał ten fakt za ważny. Być może Simon, będzie chciał w jakiś sposób skorzystać z jej umiejętności. We czwartek starał się być nie widzialny, chcąc zobaczyć w jakim towarzystwie się obraca. Miała koleżankę, bo przyjaciółką by jej nie nazwał. Miała zbyt duży dystans do niej, podobnie jak do reszty swoich znajomych.

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