ode to crushes

Your hair’s not on fire
or any of that bullshit
because that would mean your head is burning
and I hope tonight you can rest.
Red hair–yes,
just red–
tucked up underneath your chin
and wrapping around your shoulder,
eyelashes that don’t quite reach your cheeks.
Today you
glided, danced, walked, waltzed,
across the lawn,
a vision in black,
a person in black,
and I lost my damn mind
for all of five minutes,
and I wrote you a love poem
or whatever this is.
—  Reality (h.r.s)

Kriste Ježíši! Takovou náladu si přeju mít navždy. Prosím prosím prosím. Netuším kde se to vzalo. Tohle je štěstí. Víte co. Když jste strašně dlouhou dobu jaksi mimo, máte deprese a stavy který se nedaj popsat a pak jste najednou šťastný. Máte nekonečno energie. Chcete rozdávat lásku. Týhle úžasný nálady si pak vážíte stokrát, tisíckrát víc, když víte, že jste jí hrozně dlouho neměli a možná zas dlouho mít nebudete. A víte co je ještě úža? Že tuhle skvělou náladu nezavinilo něco jako zpráva od crushe nebo nález peněz nebo tak něco. Ta nálada přišla bezdůvodně. Ta nálada si řekla, že vás už dlouho nenavštívila, tak prostě přijde. A vám se chce plakat štěstím.

/chtěla jsem to někomu popsat, ale nikdo to se mnou prožívat nechce, tak to skončilo tu.

coldlovetree  asked:

So like, sai- I've been meaning to ask this but- Have you ever had a crush before? You don't have to answer if it's uncomfortable for you to answer uvu


I’ve told my girlfriend about it before, so no, I’m perfectly comfortable with answering this!

I was in secondary school that time. So like, 2006??? 10 years ago??? Her name was Apple Lim; everyone called her Apple-姐 (-jie, meaning ‘big sister’).

She was this reaaaaaally cool senpai, 2 years above me, leader of our school’s girl’s basketball team. OH M Y G OD i CRUSHED ON HER SO BAD (FOR REFERENCE, PLEASE LOOK AT AMS AMELIA’S CRUSH FOR ASRIEL)

She passes by my class everytime during recess, because it’s on the way to the canteen, so like, I once had the guts to pass her a little note asking if we could be friends and I S CREA M ED AT MY CLASSMATE’S FACE WHEN I GOT A REPLY FROM HER SAYING YES

I always felt myself swooning over just looking at her omgf


I haven’t seen her or heard about her for years though, she graduated way earlier than me and I eventually got over the crush. I wonder if she’s doing well?


what was her jersey number again?

sorry if this was long omg I just got overexcited remembering this

Baby I’d like to take you in my arms and tell you how much I love you, how I feel about you, how much I’m thankful for these years, for what you gave to us, how much you made me cry and how much I miss you…