“This thing, be it punk or hardcore or whatever, is about inclusion, it’s about tolerance, it’s about cooperation; and above all things, it’s about taking care of the people around you, regardless of who you know or who you don’t know, and despite any differences you might have. So please, everyone take care of each other. If you don’t understand that or if you disagree, you can leave now and save all of us the trouble.“

- Jordan Dreyer of La Dispute

I’m a honeybee, breaking your heart, broke mine enough to kill me
I let you feel my sting before my last bittersweet moments of flying
I thought I heard you say something about being undeserving,
but this time not of a love so great, but of a pain inflicted so selfishly

I think that you deserve some form of apology
So here I am, and here it is. I’m sorry

You were the balloon that drifted from the flock into my window
But you slipped right through my fingers that grew too tiresome to hold you
I watched you float away, watched as it turned into desperate longing
This time not for some drastic change, but for the string that was made to be held by me

I think that you deserve some form of apology
So here I am, once again, I’m sorry

Cause I lost faith in myself,
when I turned away from the one with the longest stretch of embracing arms to hold me
So now I’m all alone
Cause God grew too tired to fix the mistakes he made with love
I think his biggest mistake was making me

I think that you deserve some form of apology
So here I am, at the end, I’m sorry

You are my hesitant smile
You are my crippling doubt
You’re everything that I hide about myself
You are every lesson I’ve learned with every leaf that I’ve turned
The very reason why I won’t let this happen again

I found the side of myself I thought I left behind
And I’ll do the same with you this time

—  Tables Turned - Neck Deep

Watching videos of Neck Deep playing, you can almost always catch the drummer cheesin so hard.

Maybe it’s just my experiences, but I don’t notice too many artists performing that are just smiling their asses off.

This dude’s loving it; he’s so happy he gets to just do what he loves for a living.

Something as small and simple as this is what inspires and motivates me.

Looking forward to the day I can say that I’m in love with what I do.

At long last he was unencumbered, emancipated from the stifling world of his parents and peers, a world of abstraction and security and material excess, a world in which he felt grievously cut off from the raw throb of existence.
—  Jon Krakauer, Into the Wild

It’ll be just a week or so and I’ll be with my bestfriend again.

This time, I’ll be visiting her. In Aiken. South Carolina.

Yea, idk either.

I love and miss her and can’t wait to watch pine trees grow with her..

Right after her life is changed by the Georgia Aquarium.

I felt her hair and kissed her face.
For fleeting moments, I felt grace.
And in an instant, it had passed.
Whole conversations without words.
Everyone else thought it absurd.
We’d sit and say nothing at all.
I was happy with you and that’s all.
—  Contour - Crucial Dudes

Every once in a while, life shows its sense of humor.
I’m a little morbid and realize that maybe I shouldn’t think some of this shit is funny.
But I also can’t help myself.

I’ve never told this to anyone. I’ve just tried to move past.

But lately it seems that my insecurities have got the best of me. And I’m no longer in control.

No one should ever have to feel like this. To feel like me.

And even though the good I have outweighs the bad, the bad is what’s leaving me with sleepless nights.

I spend most of my time arguing with my own reflection. For no apparent reason.

And it may seem as if I have all the answers, but I’m just as lost as you.

I’ve spent the past few years trying to overcome my own misery, but these sort of things take time, and I’m running out of mine, I’m running out of mine.

So I will pray to a God that isn’t there. To a world that doesn’t hear. To anyone who will listen. To keep me from becoming everything I promised myself that I would never be.

I do not deserve this.