localfool asked:

Ron and Neville

Ron Weasley: Something you’re afraid of?

this is funny because I had to put what my greatest fear is in an application and all i put was fear itself. but in all seriousness, i am afraid of losing the people i love and not succeeding in my educational/career goals.

Neville Longbottom: Tell us an embarrassing story

Ok, so, this either happened the summer before or after 8th grade. Two of my friends and I had gone swimming early in the day and when we got out i wanted to put shorts on, but didnt want them to get wet from my bathing suit bottoms so i changed into underwear before putting them on. Fast Forward like four hours of playing mario party later, we decided to go swimming again. i am all like “ok, lets do this” and once we get out by the pool i take my shorts off–forgetting that i had changed out of my  bathing suit–and everyone was staring at me. it took my a few very long seconds to realize, look down, and become completely embarrassed. So, i ran in the house to change before getting in, and they still laugh at me to this day. 

La Flor de la Vida es considerada geometría sagrada. La funsión de la geometría sagrada es ilustrar las diferentes formas de vida más allá de lo físico, es decir: conciencia, entidad, conexión, vibración, luz y demás diferentes patrones complejos que se desenvuelven en la multidimensionalidad. Este patrón es específico nos ilustra como todo está conectado por medio de la conciencia, lo cual es amor, unión, verdad e iluminación. Toda la creación está basada en esta maravillosa fuente de conciencia, o como dirían algunos, Dios. 🙏🏼✨ #wearethelight #floweroflife #Consciousness #vibration #sacredgeometry #love #indigochildren #weareonewiththeuniverse #físicacuántica 🌰🌱🌎💧🔥💨🐠🐯🌷🙋🏻🌐🌌✨ by oddsun https://instagram.com/p/6yAV-RLeZP/
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