We can read advance Chapters of Cheese in the Trap through ODDSQUAD SCANSLATIONS again! Check out this tutorial on how to.

This may contain some mistakes bcoz this is rush and may appear messy but please bear with it. :D

Do tell me if you find it helpful or not. I’d like this tutorial to help fellow fan of Cheese in the Trap manhwa.

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Now that the awful drama is over, I want to direct your attention to the true masterpiece, Cheese in the Trap the webtoon. 

You can start off by reading chapters 1-90 here :http://www.webtoons.com/en/romance/cheese-in-the-trap/list?title_no=99

Chapters from S1,S2, and S3 can be read here: http://www.oddsquad.org/p/cheese-in-trap.html

You will have to use the overtooning method, which is an overlaying format that allows you to read the webtoon on the original naver, so you can support the author too. Just drag the overtooning picture to your bookmarks, click the chapter you want, once you are on the naver page (it usually shows the first chapter originally) click the overtooning bookmark and it will direct you to the translated English version. 

If you were unsatisfied with the ending of CITT, READ THE WEBTOON.

If you wish you could have understood Jung more, found out the way he thinks, his past, his motives, his fears, his genuineness, his desire to be accepted, which the drama ignored completely READ THE WEBTOON.

If you wish you could have understood the chemistry behind Seol and Jung, not just with cutesy kisses and hugs, but why they actually love each other, why they are so important to each other, the realistic DEVELOPMENT of their relationship, then READ THE WEBTOON. 

If you were tired of the overused, watered down version, puppy-boo-hoo-my-life-sucks character InHo was in the drama, and you want to learn about an InHo who is as violent and hot tempered as he is witty, energetic, at times annoying, but thoroughly interesting and genuine READ THE WEBTOON.

If you want to see more Jung/InHo bromance, READ THE WEBTOON.

If you want to see a crazy, but also wicked fun Inha READ THE WEBTOON.

If you want to see more Jung/Seol/Inho bickering, the ADORABLE relationships between Ah Young and Seol’s brother as well as Bora/Euntaek, scenes with Jung that are so CUTE gdi that your heart will burst, and Seol being a strong female character who not only stands up for herself and for others, but also her sweet and caring side (there are multiple cases which were not shown that are really just so crucial and wonderful), an intriguing story which doesn’t gloss over the darkness of human nature, but doesn’t forget to show the humanity of its characters either READ THE WEBTOON YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.