So, i’ve decided that i’m going to start playing RuneScape again, this is just about the only wealth i have on the game. Loads of other junk in the bank but this is the only thing of any value. Should be enough to get me back in the swing of things :D

If you fancy a chat add me in game. “OddSockRS” is the name….Obviously :D

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Guess who’s back in action?! It’s us! :D Anyway we didn’t upload a Silent Hill episode on Sunday because we we’re half way across the country…There we decided to try and upload it yesterday only for the computer to restart 7 hours into rendering….So FINALLY it’s here! Hope you enjoy..Good to be back :D

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Silent Hill 3 part 5 time guys, as explained in the video this is only a short episode, we had some mega issues with the recording and by the time we finally got it to work, we just wanted to get it over and done with. So! That being said. In today’s Episode we get Heather out of the sewers and into some equally unattractive office building, enjoy! 

So quick question for you guys. What’s your favorite Silent Hill game?

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Let’s Play Silent Hill 3 - #3 Women’s Problems

Time for part #3 of our Silent Hill 3 adventure. We started using Tumblr after we had created the first 2 parts so to catch those follow this link…

Either way for fans of the Silent Hill franchise you’ll surely enjoy this fun little bit we do, also if you haven’t already spare us a thought and subscribe to us on the lovely YouTube! :D