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Andy Samberg Talks 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' Cliffhanger and Renewal Odds
"It was a fun way to kind of keep the ball in the air," Samberg told THR of the cliffhanger. "And then when we saw it we were like, 'Holy cow, that was violent!'"

Teddy’s return will put Jake (Samberg) and Amy’s (Melissa Fumero) relationship to the test, but Samberg said he thinks the couple will remain strong — for the time being, at least.

“People seem to like — and I also really like — showing them as a functional couple. In the beginning when we first started putting their story together, it felt a little more like it was going to be a will they/won’t they structure and it just, for some reason, didn’t feel natural to the show.”

He continues, “Even though they are very different people, personality-wise, there was something that brought them together very naturally. We talked a lot about how there are many couples who meet each other in the workplace. They start off as coworkers and then friends, and then it happens really slowly and organically and for some reason it works because they know each other so well. We liked that as the model for Jake and Amy. To this point, that’s the way that it’s been, and we’ve been enjoying that.”

TVLine: Elementary Boss Talks Renewal Odds, Teases Cliffhanger Ending for Season 5

Will Elementary‘s Season 5 finale find Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson solving their last case?

“I’m an eternal optimist,” Doherty tells TVLine. “I feel good. I feel like we’ve had a strong season. We’re certainly very pleased with the way it’s wrapping up. And trust me, there’s a lot of Elementary left in this humble writing staff. Many, many stories to come.”

Doherty adds that the Season 5 closer (airing Sunday, May 21 at 10/9c) was “absolutely” intended as “a season finale,” not a series ender. And if it does turn out to be the show’s swan song, viewers might be left without closure, seeing as how the episode features “a cliffhanger in a couple of respects.”

Update on New Girl’s status

Last week I talked with a bunch of people about NG to give you guys an update about NG’s status, here it is: The people who work on FOX’s new comedy pilots told me that FOX is very happy with them and could pick up 3-4 new comedy shows. They mentioned Ghosted, LAX -> Vegas, Thin Ice and Linda from HR with Lauren Graham. This could change after they shoot the pilots. Just because there is a good script doesn’t mean the pilot will be good, too.

Apparently FOX wants to have a completely new Tuesday night in the upcoming TV season, which means we could see two new comedy shows on Tuesday. What about New Girl? Well, remember when I said S7 could have a January start? Some of the people I talked to confirmed to me that if FOX renews New Girl, a January start is very likely because of Zooey’s pregnancy. Again, things can change. Those people also gave me their renewal odds for New Girl and they both said 70 %.

So: The people I talked to believe New Girl will be renewed, maybe in the next TWO WEEKS. But they also said FOX is not in a good state and they need shows with good ratings. This means they could cancel shows like NG and B99 if they want to start fresh. But since they renewed The Mick I don’t think they’ll do that, because the show is not doing well with the ratings (0.9/1.0), it’s basically on New Girl’s level (But NG is in its sixth season, while The Mick is a new show!). They would’ve cancelled it if they wanted to start fresh. 

I hope this cheers you up. :)


Y'all watch Stitchers on all platforms it might help renewal odds! You don’t even have to sit there and watch it. Just like have it playing on your computer in the background while you do something else. Just make sure to play it on all platforms.

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What do you think the renewal odds are now after yesterday's ratings weren't so great? I wasn't too concerned but everyone seems super worried now...

i am cautiously optimistic about a season 5 renewal since the b99 syndication deal with tbs includes an option for a fifth season. past that, i’m really not sure. last night’s ratings were a series low, and i completely place the blame on fox for their shitty scheduling decisions and lack of promotion. i was reading through the comments on a ratings website and many people who like b99 were completely unaware that it was returning. fortunately, both dan goor and andy seem fairly confident about b99′s renewal odds in recent interviews, but it would make me feel a lot better if the show could hit at least a 0.9/1.0 in the 18-49 demographic.

So I’m losing track of the things Mikey is spewing on Twitter so I thought I’m make a list for those who are wondering if their anons came from him:

  • No one knew they were going to do a reboot until a week before renewal.  An odd argument.  The people who renewed it knew about the reboot plans in the fall.  They certainly did audience research on it.
  • There has been universal negative reaction from the press to the reboot.  Actually no.  The entertainment press, like much of the fandom has been generally cautious and positive after both SDCC and the TCAs.  He keeps shouting “do some research” but never cites a specific source.  Likely because the only sources he could cite aren’t legitimate.
  • The ratings gurus are predicting failure.  The ratings gurus are on vacation over the summer and none have said virtually anything about Once other than that the cast changes made the show much cheaper.  Which it did.  See the point above about him shouting about research.
  • Renewing the show after 6 would be cheaper than making a pilot.  But that wouldn’t be the case after 7.  Ahhhh not true in general.  The show isn’t particularly more expensive next year than it was this year.  The main sink cost would have been keeping the cast around.  If they keep or not any of the three old cast members it’s still going to be significantly cheaper than launching a pilot.  There isn’t even squint your eyes head tilt logic behind this one.
  • Channing Dungey said she wouldn’t hesitate to cancel the show if the new characters didn’t take off.  Technically not a pants on fire lie but very misleading.  Here is the entire quote, “A lot of it is going to depend on how these new characters and this new storyline resonates,” she added, describing series creators’ Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis’ plans as “really spectacular.” “If it does, we have the opportunity to tell multiple years with these new characters. And if not, we’ll talk about how we wind [the series] down”.  Not… quite what he’s portraying.
  • A reliable set spotter has said the Hook in Hyperion Heights is “wish Hook.”  A set spotter has said this.  This set spotter has also been demonstrably false a great deal of the time.  Calling her reliable is a stretch.  He’s also been saying she claimed to have a call sheet.  Which she did not.  And in fact she explicitly said she didn’t have a call sheet.
  • That the casting of Tiana’s mother shows they’re running her story Disney canon compliant (and so she’s not a threat to CS as Hook’s love interest).  While she’s certainly not Hook’s love interest they’re also clearly not running that story Disney canon compliant.  Only her mother’s name in the backstory is the same.  No other detail.
  • There is a great ground swell against the new season.  Well… that’s actually hard to tell because he and his friends are astroturfing like crazy.  6 people have been averaging 100 tweets every 15 minutes in Adam’s mentions for weeks now.
  • Not him but probably from his circle, the tumblr tag is dead therefore the fandom is dying.  The tag isn’t dead.  What is happening is that CS fandom is posting less and they habitually over tagged their ship material into the show tags in a way that wasn’t standard for any other part of the fandom.  So even if the tumblr tags for the show are slower it’s more indicative that CS fandom is tapering to a lower engagement level.  As can be expected.  But that, like the 6 Angry Tweeters, misses the point.  Fandom is not a statistically significant subset of the show’s ratings.
Parenthood Renewed for Season 6

The Bravermans have cheated death yet again.

NBC has renewed odds-defying drama Parenthood for a 13-episode sixth (and, yes, final) season.

The 11th-hour pickup comes after the network — looking to trim costs on the very expensive series — closed new deals with the principal cast that will have them appearing in 11 of the 13 episodes.

Per NBC’s just-released fall schedule, Parenthood is staying put on Thursday at 10/9c. (Click here for NBC’s complete fall sked).

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Isn't it odd that Once got renewed this early? Don't we usually have to wait until May or something? I wonder if that means next season might be the last one and they got early notice to start planning a proper ending? No matter how much the network might like them, the ratings for the show have been steadily declining. (Hopefully, if it IS the last season, that means the writers will spend time working on continuity and stuff like they did in S1 for a proper season.)

According to Variety, ABC will be announcing early renewal for several shows today. We’ll have to wait and see what ABC has to say, but the earlier-than-usual announcement may just be that Channing Dungey had a different philosophy than her predecessor.

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How big do you think are the chances of getting a season 4 and if we don't, how big is the chance that somebody else picks up the show?

I think the odds that Disney will renew GMW are very good, and the odds that the show will get picked up by another network if not are close to zero.