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Voltron/The Princess Bride crossover

I have no idea if this is a thing yet, but I love Voltron, and I love The Princess Bride, so why not add them together, y’know? (I’m sorry if someone already did this!)

In this weird cyberpunk version of “The Princess Bride”, Lance is a feisty farm boy in the country of Arus, who loves to order around and bicker with the farmhand and town mechanic, Keith. Keith is unabashedly in love with Lance,  willing to do whatever the pretty boy wants with a simple “As you wish”

Eventually, Lance ends up falling for Keith as well, but just when they think things are going well Keith goes off to gather a fortune so that they can marry, and then his ship is attacked by an Altean pirate ship. 

Shiro is the notorious Dread Pirate Roberts, and he eventually befriends the fiery boy from a small town. Keith warms up to Shiro once he learns that his cybernetic arm was not a choice, but a decision made by someone else on his behalf. They grow close, and Shiro confides that he doesn’t want to be the Dread Pirate at all– in fact, he just wants to be free again, as he is only the Dread Pirate due to having been kidnapped from a young age by Galra soldiers. The Altean pirates saved him, but it’s just not the same, so he happily hands the reigns over the Keith, who kind of enjoys the adventure of it all. Shiro sticks around for a bit before disappearing, and Keith remains hopeful they’ll meet again. (had to warp the story a bit to put my boy Shiro in there yikes!)

Lance, assuming that his true love is dead, begrudgingly agrees to marry the pretentious Prince Lotor of the Galra Kingdom. He despises Lotor, he swears, but the Prince is very gifted at manipulating emotions, and sometimes not even Lance is sure of how he really feels. The King and Queen– Zarkon and Haggar– creep him out A LOT, but they’re hardly around due to Haggar spending so much time trying to nurse Zarkon back to health.

Lance ends up getting kidnapped by some bandits:

Pidge, the Spaniard person determined to find their brother and avenge the death of their father at the hands of the Six-Fingered Man (The Six-Fingered Man is totally Sendak. He has a really weird cyber arm with six rather oddly shaped finger-like things on the end);

Hunk, the big guy who honestly has a kind heart, but Lance is a bit too panicked to notice that at first. Hunk’s a great guy, and sometimes people think he’s too dumb to understand them, but he’s actually far smarter than he lets on, which is why Pidge likes him so much;

and the pompous Iverson (I just don’t like the guy, and I couldn’t think of a better minor character). They were hired by Lotor to kill Lance on Altean soil so as to start a war. Really, Pidge and Hunk didn’t know the full story behind it, but Iverson convinced them they would be rewarded and Pidge was desperate to garner some info about their parents. Hunk at first just tagged along, before growing protective of Pidge.

This, of course, is deterred by Keith showing up and kicking ass. He and Pidge have a  mutual understanding of one another when it comes to family, as he lost his own from a very young age. They fight, he wins. He fights Hunk next, but the guy can’t find it in him to actually want to hurt Keith. So he lets Keith win. Keith defeats Iverson in a battle of wits and runs with Lance.

Lance is having none of that. He’s already been kidnapped once, and like honestly what kind of creep has a mullet!? It’s horrible, and he’s so rude and wild, and Lance has had enough of guys thinking they’re better than everyone.

He goes to shove Keith down a hill, only to hear those words he hadn’t heard in years: “as you wish.”

(That whole scene where Buttercup just throws herself down the hill was terrible, but I can imagine Lance trying to run down and essentially tripping and falling the rest of the way. Poor guy, he tries so hard, but he’s just so lanky!)

I’m sure there’s more to come, I’ll see what I can come up with!!

Oooo judge mineeee

Submitted by @cassiedrawsart

Alright, it’s a hand, finally some simplicity. I like more complex drawings, obviously who doesn’t, but a break now and again is nice.

Hmm… There aren’t that many huge issues with it but I can notice the arm is oddly curved and some finger joints are a bit thicker than they should be. I’m assuming you used a ref for this, which is amazing! Besides the oddly shaped fingers you’re good to go, trust me.