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One of the neatest things about the Prequel Trilogy is that the character traits which, in any other circumstances, would be virtues end up being the cause of the character’s downfall. Obi-Wan’s dedication to the rules is why he fails as Anakin’s mentor. Padme’s faith in ‘human’ decency and her drive to help others, makes her unable to see the problems of both her husband and the Republic until it’s too late. Anakin’s sense of personal loyalty, need to help, and, most critically, deference to authority, lead him to become Vader. The fact that it’s everyone’s virtues, rather than their flaws, which destroy them make their stories that much more tragic.

  • someone: *quotes oscar wilde*
  • me: DID YOU KNOW that oscar wilde used to decorate his room in college with feathers and flowers and everyone thought he was really weird but oddly popular and he was also really gay and he had two men fighting about him and the picture of dorian gray was actually TOO GAY for the public so he had to rewrite it and he cried when he had to cut his hair short in prison and -

i love every vld fan with skin ailments!!! even though this fandom idolizes clear skin a lot and applies it to the characters, completely clear skin is unrealistic. acne is beautiful!! dermatillomania is beautiful!! eczema is beautiful!! any skin is beautiful!!

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Hello. I just read the book. Can you explain to me what does heart of hearts means? I dont quite understand that phrase. What does Oliver mean when he says that? English is not my native language. Thank you in advance.

Cor cordium, or heart of hearts, takes on a few different meanings, and Elio uses the phrase to describe his affection for Oliver. 

As an idiom, it comes from Shakespeare, and is used today in phrases like, “I know it in my heart of hearts.” In other words, I know it in the core of my core, I know it to be true in the deepest part of my soul. 

When Oliver uses it, he is referencing Percy Bysshe Shelley’s death. Elio and Oliver talk about it on page 71, as they are supposedly standing near the spot where his cremation took place. 

“Cor cordium, heart of hearts,” I replied, referring to the moment when a friend had seized Shelley’s heart before the flames had totally engulfed his swollen body as it was being cremated on the shore.”

It’s kind of mentioned in passing conversation and not explained, not until the last paragraph of the ‘Monet’s Berm’ section (page 163). 

“On the train I told him about the day we thought he’d drowned and how I was determined to ask my father to round up as many fisherman as he could to go look for him, and when they found him, to light a pyre on our shore, while I grabbed Mafalda’s knife from the kitchen and ripped out his heart, because that heart and his shirt were all I’d ever have to show for my life.” 

To me, when Elio talks about cor cordium, he is using both the idiom and Shelley’s death to convey his meaning. Oliver and Elio have touched the deepest part of each other’s souls, their heart of hearts, somewhere that no one but the other can reach. After Oliver is gone, Elio will only have the memory of Oliver’s heart of hearts to show his life’s purpose (and Billowy, of course). 

In addition, there is another little Easter egg Aciman has embedded in the novel for us. Cor cordium is carved onto Shelley’s grave, as well as one other phrase. 

Nothing of him that doth fade

But doth suffer a sea change

Into something rich and strange

This is from Shakesphere’s The Tempest. I find this to oddly mirror a (rather popular) excerpt from the novel. 

He came. He left. Nothing else had changed. I had not changed. The world had not changed. Yet nothing would ever be the same. 

That’s just an additional thing that I like to speculate about, and doesn’t really have anything to do with cor cordium. Still, I think all of this is rather beautiful. 

Anakin Skywalker’s fatal flaw wasn’t his temper, his arrogance, his fear, or his love. It was his deference. Throughout the films and the Clone Wars, Anakin goes along with things he knows to be wrong (leaving mom, ignoring his dreams, allying with the Hutts, killing Dukoo, slaughtering the Jedi, etc., etc.) because someone in a position of authority told him to. He hates it, but he can’t defy the Council, he must obey his Master.

The few times Anakin flat out disobeyed orders pre-Vader it was always with Padmé’s encouragement, but even she still urged him to respect his Master, the Order, and the System. Luke is the first and only person in Anakin’s life to encourage him to disobey everyone and do what he believes to be right. In the end, Anakin is saved and redeemed through an act of outright defiance. He acts out of love, and fear, and anger, but it is only by overcoming deference that he is able to complete his heroic arc.

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I'm honestly surprised that everyone is giving all the blame on TFS for the "Goku is a bad father" memes, like seriously, I still remember that old Yao Ming meme photoshoped into Goku's body with a text "Educare my kids? That's what Piccolo's for" and "Father of the year" memes giong in Latino America sites where TFS wasn't very popular (oddly enough the LA fandom seems to accept the interpretation of Goku being a bad father more calm then the EU fandom as well as other thing, wierd).

At this point, everyone just blames TFS for the things in the fandom they don’t like. As opposed to actually trying to figure out why TFS came to those ideas for their parody in the first place.

I love Padmé Amidala. She’s brave, passionate, and compassionate. She’s an amazing public speaker and a crack shot who’s not afraid to put her life on the line for her ideals. She’s a literal queen who ended a centuries-old conflict between her people and the Gungans, saved her planet, and looked amazing doing it. It would be pretty easy to imagine she’s perfect, especially in comparison to her human disaster of a husband. She isn’t though and her flaws are an essential piece of her character.  They are what make her so compelling and so relatable.  So, what are they?

  • Privilege. Padmé comes from a place of incredible privilege, especially in contrast to characters like Anakin. She grew up on a prosperous Mid Rim world in a wealthy, if not aristocratic, family which owned at least two homes, one of which was a huge lake-side villa. As queen and later senator, she has power to effect the fates of billions (and more), as well as servants, bodyguards, fabulous clothes, and a private ship. This woman has benefited mightily from the GFFA’s political and economic system. In TPM she is frustrated by system’s inability to address her needs in a timely manner, but she never feels victimized or betrayed by it.  Padmé sympathizes with the plight of the oppressed, but she never really takes the time to question the structures which cause their suffering or her role within those systems. 
  • Hubris. Padmé freed her planet from invaders at age 14 and saw herself as a savior from that point on. Throughout the films and the Clone Wars series, she puts herself in danger convinced that only she (and occasionally her friends) can save that person, negotiate that treaty, right that wrong.  Sometimes she’s right and it works, but just as often someone ends up dead.
  • Rose Colored Glasses. Padmé tries so hard to see the best in everyone she often overlooks things that are actually problems.  Anakin and Palpitine are the most obvious examples, but there are several more from the Clone Wars series. She also does this with the Republic as a whole, right up until it all goes to hell.

Decided to redo that one oddly popular eldritch species I made a while ago. Dunno what to really call them, but I’ll think of something sooner or later.

Some things about em:

- These beings live in the dark thus they are able to see and maneuver around pretty easily in said conditions. 

- Babies and younglings die immediately from contact to direct sunlight, yet they are quite fine with artificial light. 

- They only devour organic beings and will do so slowly by consuming through their heads atom-by-atom.

- They are born in the thousands by a single parent and are taught to remain close together even when foraging for food when young. A group of younglings is called a “shadow” 

- When hunting for food a “shadow” is able to hold down prey with their elongated arms to let their siblings feast. Or they will stun their prey by screeching loudly. 

- Their arms are actually 72 inches long. 

- They speak in an unknown eldritch language that one cannot understand without some basic knowledge in Eldritch. Their language to the mortal ear sounds like an accumulation of screams, screeches, and yelps.

V’s Ideal Girl.

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Please note that this is purely a figment of my imagination of what I imagine V’s s/o to be like. It’s purely fictional and probably holds no meaning.

Taehyung’s girl would be extra special. Appearance wise, she would be poker-faced, and have an intimidating aura around her, which was what first attracted Taehyung. She would look aloof, but the minute she smiles, her entire aura would change, from intimidating to cute and fun-loving. She would be someone who is very energetic and hyperactive, and she would also be a daredevil, willing to take all sorts of risks just because it’s fun to her.

She will always be seen laughing or smiling, but she’s hardly the reason. She would have a tendency to smile really easily, over the simplest of things, like exchanging eye contact with her friend. One of the most interesting things about her would be that her expressions never matched her words. She would tell you she feels like punching you with a bright smile on her face, and she would say she’s a very nice and friendly person with a menacing glare. She would be equally weird to Taehyung.

She would always say stupid, adorable things that makes her friends laugh, and she is able to pull off both serious and fun. Although her personality may not seem like it, she’s actually a very mature person; she may not necessarily have been through a lot in her life, but because she spends so much time with her parents, she has gathered a lot of adult opinions and perspectives on situations. People would go to her for advice, and she’d gladly give them what they seek, but if they fail to heed her advice, she would be annoyed.

On the other hand, she’s always looking for new, exciting adventures and activities to try out. However, this works on energy spikes. There are days where she’d ignore adventure totally, but at other times, she would want to try every single thing out.

She would be someone who hardly showed her emotions. It’s hard to understand her, because she constantly surprises you with something new. When you ask her personal questions, she would avoid the question smoothly by changing the topic, and you wouldn’t even realize she didn’t get to answering your question.

Despite her cold, chic appearance, she’s actually extremely warm inside, and Taehyung’s interests are always her priority. She would be able to give up anything as long as it meant it would benefit Taehyung. She wouldn’t want to depend on him too much, but she would look to him as her pillar of strength. She would possess the trait of determination and passion, and it makes Taehyung adore her even more. She works very hard for her goals in life, one of which would be working towards establishing a happy family with Taehyung.

She’s always giving to people, but people aren’t able to give to her. She would be one who detests depending on others, and would often refuse to ask for help. She would be sensitive, but she would pretend to be strong. She’s easily hurt by people’s words, but she pretends like she couldn’t give a hoot about what they think about her. She would also have the mentality that no one understands her.

One of the things she hates most is garnering unnecessary attention. She’d be conflict-averse, and she would be oddly popular, even though she was intimidating. There are many who want to befriend her, but she prefers to stick within her small circle of friends, which are mostly guys.

She would be an ambivert, tending to the introverted side, and she would love Taehyung a lot, but she may not be the best at expressing her love for him.

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Pharmercy is kind of an odd one for me. I get it and all and I don’t disagree with it. It’s not an OTP, BrOTP, or NOTP for me. It’s just I acknowledge this ships existence and it’s popularity but oddly I prefer Gency and Mercy76. I think Pharah and Mercy look very nice together tho.

Underswap Character Headcanons

Asgore (swapped with Toriel): He left Toriel because he was appalled by the fact that she was willing to murder children in order to free the monster race.  I would assume that he left after she killed the second one to fall to the underground.  He’s constantly trapped in the past, and is definitely unable to raise a hand against anyone, even more pacifist than in Undertale, to the point that when he tries to stop you from leaving the underground, he can’t even bring himself to fight you, because he reminds you too much of the human child he raised.  He talks to Papyrus between the door and there’s nothing stopping me from thinking that he sees him as a second son.

Toriel (swapped with Asgore): She’s definitely got a lot of guilt on her shoulder from declaring war on the humans, but she’s more bitter about it than sad.  Her original plan was to take one human soul and go to the surface to collect more, but stayed due to the people she is ruling over needing their ruler now than ever before as a beacon of hope.  She’s wishing that she could help to ease the pain of her subjects long enough for her to actually start collecting human souls.  The fight with her will be BRUTAL, seeing as how she has her hands on six and you’re just the last one.

Chara (swapped with Frisk): The child you play during the game (which I kinda see as a boy >.>).  Unlike Frisk, he defaults to asshole Pacifist, not really caring about the monsters he bumps into, taking a “I-don’t-bother-you-if-you-don’t-bother-me” approach.  He accidentally kills a Froggit in the Ruins, which freaks him out so much that he immediately resets and vows not to kill after that.  After a while, he starts to care about the friends he makes, and even makes a father figure in Asgore.  His temper is short but hilarious.

Frisk (swapped with Chara): The human saint of the land, he cared about monsters very deeply and refused to walk on the surface without his monster family.  On the other hand, he is very apathetic toward humankind, and doesn’t really care that Toriel wanted to wage a war against them.  He MIGHT have had a hand (even though he was a SOUL) in killing the other humans who fell into the underground, possessing them to slow them down so that the monsters could have their human souls.  But that’s a thought I haven’t really fleshed out yet.

Sans (swapped with Papyrus): Think Black Star mixed with Naruto.  He’s a big ball of energy who tries his hardest to enter events in the most dramatic way possible with the greatest entry line ever.  However, his entrance words are always puns, kind of ruining his entrance.  He themed his battle body blue after his idol Napsterton, though most of the time he keeps spilling ketchup on his outfits.  He idolizes his big brother Papyrus and his coolness and tries so hard to replicate it at times to no avail, even going so far as to try and copy his teleportation abilities.  He’s close friends with Alphys, where he gets his warrior training, though she won’t let him into the Royal Guard because he’s too young.  Oh yeah, he’s also around the same age as Chara and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Papyrus (swapped with Sans): The image of “weed smoker older brother” comes to mind.  He’s almost never seen without a cigarette in his mouth, though he tries not to smoke around his brother.  He’s very mellow in nature and tends to prank people with riddles with stupid answers.  He also spends his time talking to Asgore on the other side of the door and sees him as a father-like figure, which works since he needs advice to raise his younger brother Sans.  Despite his quiet and lax demeanor, he’s oddly popular with women for some reason (a headcanon that may or may not have stemmed out of the sheer fan reaction on this character).

Alphys (swapped with Undyne): The most fearsome warrior of the land, known to many as “Alpha Alphys”, or “Alphaeus” as punned by Sans.  She attacks by throwing fire axes at the player, and while slower than Undertale Undyne, the ground shakes when she runs, giving the impression that she is a natural disaster in monster format.  She tends to brag that the scars on her left eye is from a fearsome battle, but it’s actually from a time she tried swatting a fly in her house (a feat she refuses to admit).  Despite that, she retains the deep otaku nature of her Undertale self, even more than Undyne.  Sans MIGHT have gotten his tendency to spout one-liners from training with her.  She’s a lot better at them than he is, though.  She tends to hang out with Undyne, even though Undyne seems to be at her shyest around her, which gives her the impression that Alphys intimidates her, and that she’s hanging out with her to “increase her courage”.

Undyne (swapped with Alphys): The Royal Scientist with a massive crush on Alphys, to the point where she’s at her shyest around her.  She’s a huge fan of mech anime, and most of her inventions that run the underground are mechanical in nature.  It’s part of the reason why she built a body for Napstablook, and why he’s blue in scheme.  She actually has a pretty bad temper, though it’s very hard to actually get her angry.  Do so, though, and she’ll actually start throwing spears around in retaliation, blushing panic all over her face.  She even raised a Temmie as a pet before Chara came around, but it disappeared one day and it never came back.  She has a lab in the Hotlands to be close to Toriel’s castle and rarely leaves due to her aquatic nature, giving her further isolation.

Napstablook (switched with Mettaton): He uses the stage name “Napster” (ha ha, music program joke) and is better known as a DJ and singer of the underground.  He has a large “dude-bro” attitude, using his DJ turntable as a hoverboard when not in use, and talks like a boy band member in order to keep the fans entertained.  He attacks with bass waves that alternate orange and blue, cause you gotta dance, right?  Oh, and his battle theme is dubstep.  His head bops up and down as if it’s following to a beat, and if you ask, he says that it’s because he’s always listening to his next big hit.  He’s very protective of Mettaton (or Mettablook as this canon calls him) and before the end of his match, his battle song changes to a tribute to him.

Mettaton (switched with Napstablook): He’s just called Mettablook in this realm.  He still retains his fabulous look and the want of a star life, even though he’s too shy to actually become a star.  Chara actually finds him in the Ruins singing a song that he wants to debut with alongside his cousin, which causes him to attack in a panic.  One of the things he’s trying to do is take up the courage to try and ask Undyne for a robot body like Napster.  He’s so shy and adorable that it actually gets Chara’s sympathy.

Flowey (switched with Temmie): A tribe of flower-like monsters that travel underground, unable to move when they surface.  They only hang out in the Waterfall due to it having a stable ecosystem.  One of them takes a liking of Chara and follows them throughout the Waterfall area, curious of how a human acts and talks like.

Temmie (switched with Flowey): Originally the body of a cat that fell from the surface that mixed with Asriel’s ashes due to him being unable to reach the ruins before dying, it reanimated the cat as it was found by Undyne, naming it Temmie and keeping it around the lab as a pet.  It would stay like that for a while until it started resonating with Frisk’s soul (around the fourth human) and started to obtain the power to SAVE and alter time.  It’s even more heartless than Undertale Flowey; at one point when it regains the ability to SAVE, it forces Chara into a reset after it kills all his friends and sprinkles all their ashes over his head.  Oh yes.  I can get this cruel.

I’d probable write more, but these are the only ones I can think up at this moment.  I’ll try and do the others if there’s a demand for it.

Thanks for coming to the stream <3

It was real fun! And I drew for too long, I’m tired XD

Anyways, here you go, I drew all of these things!

First of all, my buddy Spooks, mun of @zombie-frisk! Their UF version to be precise xD I told them I’d do it! Hope they like it >u<

Next! Snowdin bunnies! I have to add these to the character list~ My fave will always be Bonnie, the Snowdin shopkeeper, but you guys can choose whoever you like the most! (Madeleine was oddly popular on stream chat :0)

I also did Horrortale fanart!! I’m kinda obsessed with this AU, it’s so creepy and I love it <3 Too bad I can’t draw scary things :C I tried anyway… hope it’s ok c’:

This is part of the new AU that is now in my mind, and I hope no one did a legit AU with this kind of thing before… MagicalTale? I dunno, it’s about magical girls xD I even have the plot made, someone please stop me.

This would be Chara’s Magical Girl design!! And yes, even though Chara is nonbinary, I still call them Magical Girl and I still give them the dress. Sorry, it comes with the job. But who cares, when you’re cute as hell?

Oh, my lovely Frisky bits, you too have a Magical Girl dress <3 Same thing, it comes with the job! But no one cared :P You and your mighty stick look wonderful!!
(And yes I know this is almost literally Madoka’s dress but don’t you get it that’s the point of it all, that’s the joke)

And I think that was all! Thank you for coming, I had lots of fun <3 Hope I can make another one soon!! ^^

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What do you think about tooru and urie's relationship so far, and how it might progress?

I find their relationship (and the progression of it) to be very fascinating. First of all, they truly do not seem like they would naturally be friends. Mutsuki is, in the beginning of the manga, a total coward who runs after Sasaki and has no control over his kakugan or kagune. Urie is desperately trying to achieve promotion and recognition, and cares about no one besides himself. 

The moment that they had together in the Auction Arc really was incredible. Urie willingly put Mutsuki in danger in order to increase his own likelihood for a promotion, and truly, they would have died if Juuzou (and eventually, his squad) hadn’t been there to save them both. If you recall, Mutsuki was severely beaten by Big Madame’s henchmen, and Urie was nearly eaten. However, Urie escapes, then begins to have a Kaneki-style mental meltdown. In that moment, with death imminent, Mutsuki crawls toward him, and as he says that he wants Mutsuki and everyone else to die…

He actually punches a hole through Mutsuki’s abdomen (which seems to be an oddly popular thing to do in ghoul world). But instead of trying to protect himself, or attack back, Mutsuki does this:

Mutsuki comforts him. And for the first time, Mutsuki’s kagune emerges. 

And I think this moment is very important. Mutsuki expresses understanding, that being alone is painful, that it is agonizing. And he comforts Urie by saying “You’re not in the way.” Why is that? Because who would know or understand this better than Mutsuki, a trans boy who is stealth, who has been bullied and mistreated, who has been treated, for quite some time now, as if he was more of a burden than a human being. 

Being stealth, passing…it is a terribly lonely existence. Mutsuki can not know who he can trust because the cost of that revelation is too high. Urie’s loneliness is different in origin, but it is just as profound. He is fighting a battle as a one man army, he is desperate, he is alone, he is unrecognized, he is consistently overshadowed. Urie can not afford to let anyone in, because he can’t afford to be held back, because his goal is all encompassing, and because the cost of failure is a face-to face confrontation with his own grief. 

Yet here they are. Each of them has realized the other one’s secret. Each one of them has somehow become privy to what the other one covers over and straps down. They are about to die. 

And then they are saved. 

And what happens after that? 

Life goes back to normal. Except that Mutsuki isn’t willing to buy Urie’s tough guy act anymore. He doesn’t make a scene of it or anything, but he does reach out to Urie. He does include him in their activities. And Urie…Urie doesn’t tell anyone about Mutsuki’s past. He doesn’t compromise Mutsuki’s identity or his stealth existence. Instead, he…

…saves Mutsuki’s life. As soon as he’s done taking care of Kanae, he rushes to Mutsuki’s aid. Mutsuki was holding his own in that fight, but once the ghoul brought out her kagune, it would have been over. With Urie’s help, they were both able to escaped relatively unscathed. 

As far as what will happen in the future, who can know? I do think that their relationship will be important to the narrative in some way or another. Mutsuki and Urie are inextricably entwined, at this point. They have faced down death together. They know one another’s deepest secrets and insecurities. Regardless of everything else, a bond has been forged between them, and that bond will have consequences of some sort. 

We simply have to wait and find out what those consequences will be.