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A Brief Summary of the Fallout 4 Companions

Codsworth: will call too many people Mister Orgasmo in his lifetime
Hancock: Dilapidated historical cosplayer with a sexy voice and a thing for smoothskins
Preston: the settlement joke is overused… just like his repeatable quests. i’ll mark it on your map.
Cait: someone was after her lucky charms
Valentine: cyberpunk film noir (alternatively, toaster in a fedora)
Piper: goes from a cutie to the human equivalent of an angry chihuahua in 1.6 seconds
Curie: french Ariel from the Little Mermaid
Deacon: oddly resembles a hot dog… a lying, deceitful hot dog
Maccready: once, mayor for fuckin’ life, now sadly just a mungo
Danse: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Human! now with 50% more judgmental glares
X6-88: probably hoards the fallout equivalent of cheetos somewhere in whatever settlement Sole sends him back to
Strong: Mark Ruffalo as the Incredible Hulk but with Macbeth quotes
BONUS! Dogmeat: is never done a frighten


I have no idea why this is so satisfying, but it is.

Joe Sugg imagine || Seeing green.

Anonymous said:
Hi! this just popped up in my head but here goes. could you do an imagine where joe pranks you (you live with him and caspar) by putting green hair dye in your shampoo bottle and you scream from the shower as he’s doing a video and you run out and throw the bottle at him? sorry if this sounds weird :) also they are best friends.


It was a busy filming day at the flat you shared with your best friends Joe and Caspar, you’d just finished helping record with Caspar. “Thanks, Y/N.” Caspar said as he pulled off his t-shirt to change into a different one for his next video.

“No problem.” You smiled at him standing by his doorframe, it was an oddly hot summer in London, you could feel the beads of sweat on your forehead from a combination of the lighting and keeping the AC off to film so there wasn’t any disturbance in the audio.

“I’m going to shower before I start my vlog and hopefully my camera will be charged enough we can film our collab.” You opened Caspars door, closing it behind yourself, trying not to make much noise getting to your bedroom, you heard Joe filming.

… Turning on the shower and stepping into it, the lukewarm water felt amazing on your skin, feeling your hair absorbing the water was an instant cool down.

Washing your body, you resisted the urge to burst out singing. Grabbing your shampoo you poured from of the thick liquid into your palm, not paying much attention, you closed your eyes lathering it into your hair.

Leaning back you let the shower head start to wash away the suds, you opened your eyes for just a second to grab the conditioner and you froze, feeling your stomach drop.

The bottom on the shower circling the drain was off green bubbles, your eyes following up the tile seeing green flicks of soap.

You stopped the shower immediately and looked around in a panic, grabbing at your hair you seen it had turned a neon like green. You started screaming.

One person crossed your mind in that moment as you panicked, pulling your white robe in and tying it around yourself, hair dripping wet you grabbed the shampoo bottle, “JOSEPH!!” You screamed.

Storming down the hallway, your bare feet made hard padding noises as you made your way, opening Joes bedroom door you seen him, laughing. “(Y/N) what happened?” He asked through laughs.

“Are you kidding me?! LOOK AT MY
HAIR, JOE!” You snapped at him, walking closer to him you threw the bottle at him, it hit him in the chest although but to hard.

“It’s a lovely shade of, green.” He laughed, holding the bottle in one hand and grabbing the place it hit him in, while laughing at you.

“My hair is ruined!” You exclaimed again failing to see anything funny about this prank and watching him laugh made you feel even angrier.

“It’s just temporary, it’ll wash out - eventually.” Joe nodded factually.

“You’re such a bastard, Joe Sugg, I can’t believe you - I’m going to get you back so good you have no idea!” You vowed pointing at him, finally realising you could see yourself in the view finder of his camera.

“Oh god, I’m a mess.” You whispered and touched a piece of your wet, green hair.

“I still think you look hot.” Joe teased. You glared at him. “Shut up.” You had not found the humour in this prank yet.

Joe paused, “are you really that upset?” He hadn’t taken note until now how upset you really looked.

“Yeah! I have green hair! And it looks uneven and horrible and I have to film like three videos today before we head to LA!” You almost tested up.

“Oh, I’m sorry - I thought you’d laugh.” Joe admitted getting up from his bed, he extended his arms toward you, “come here.” He pulled you into a tight squeeze.

“Not funny, Joe.” You whispered as you returned his hug after a moment, somewhat forgiving him.

“I’m very sorry.” He said honestly.
“I think there’s only one way you can make this up to me.” You said as you both pulled away from the hug.

“Okay?” Joe asked nervously. “You let me dye your hair any colour I want before LA and you have to keep it that way until we’re back here.” You smirked.

“Uhm..” Joe ran his fingers through his hair carefully, you gave him big sad eyes and he instantly caved in, “okay-okay.” He whispered.

You grinned brightly, “We need to take a trip for dye.”

So I’ve had this ot3 headcanon for awhile but. Imagine Marshgrahamscott. But with Platonic Kate.

-Kate and Warren helping Nathan deal with his mental illness and helping him become a better person
-Kate, Nate, and Warren becoming best friends and getting an apartment together
-Kate and Nathan cooking, Warren being in charge of doing the dishes (And sometimes gets out of his chores because Nathan is weak to those puppy dog eyes)
-Warren and Nathan getting frisky one morning and Kate IMMEDIATELY leaving the house because she’s not gonna deal with sin. She already has to pray for them enough.
-Nathan is regularly jealous of Warren even LOOKING at people, but one day he finds Kate and Warren taking a nap and cuddling and he thinks it’s the cutest thing in the world. He takes a picture and it becomes his lock screen.
-Kate plays on a tennis team and Nathan, being a rich boy, helps her practice. Warren finds this oddly hot and they end up fucking in the Country Club’s showers.
-Nathan coming to Kate and showing her a wedding band. He doesn’t know how to propose to Warren and wants to make it special. Kate becomes Shia Leboeuf (“JUST. DO IT.”) because she wants her cute roommates to be happy husbands.
-Kate officiating Nathan and Warrens marriage and crying when they ask her to. They all join in a group hug because of course they’d ask their little BunBun to be apart of it!

Honestly @rivorneth probably has more Marshgrahamscott headcanons to add, but you guys needed to experience the beauty of Grahamscott with a lil sprinkle of Platonic bestie-Kate.


I just want to say that these boys have come a long way. Not just in their bodies but in their confidence. They are so much happier now as well. It makes my heart swell. This isn’t just for them either its for the Janoskians as well. I owe them big time for keeping me sane when all hell broke loose around me. 💝💝

It has been pouring rain for a couple days now, which is, actually, nice. After a month of nothing but sun and oddly hot temperatures I was starting to feel very thirsty. But now id like it to stop raining and the sunshine to return. Please & thank you.