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Hey guys, I’ve been meaning to draw spider Abbacchio for ages now. Here it is, very spooky and oddly hot. 

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Uni roomate AU hate sex? And d and p hate each other and are free to love together, not even the first day there Phil gets cocky ad starts getting in Dan's face, lots f sexual tension and kinks?

Warnings!! Smut: Daddy kink, Dom! Phil, degradation, dirty talk, hate sex, angry fucking, witty banter, etc etc.

~When Dan found out he was put into the same room as Phil Lester on the first day of university, he was less than thrilled to say the least. Ever since they met the year before, they had never seemed to get along. And now that university was starting up again, Dan was put in the same room on him since they both needed a roommate.

~Phil Lester came bruiting in, throwing his duffle bag across the room and sitting on the top bunk. His hair was messed up in the back but still in is usual fringe, his short sleeved Muse T-shirt showing each one of his tattoos off, his ripped skinny jean clad legs swinging off the top bunk as he watched Dan unpack.

~Dan was bent over, folding and putting clothes into his bottom drawer. He hadn’t been paying mind to his position, not noticing Phil watching his ass move. “You know.” Phil said after a moment, watching Dan more for a second before continuing. “If you weren’t such a fuckin’ prude, you’d be someone I’d definitely consider fucking.”

~Dan rolled his eyes, snapping back into an upright position, looking at Phil. “Was that supposed to be some fucked up compliment? And they say romance is dead.”

~Phil chuckled and starts cracking his knuckles as he spoke. “Romance? You couldn’t pay me to date you. Putting up with your whining bitch self? I’d kill myself.” He chuckled. “But that ass. That’s something special. You get laid often?” He asked.

~Dan chuckled bitterly, crossing his arms and looking at him. “Even if I was what business of yours is it?” Dan replied, his time sharp and snarky. “I’ve heard you’re a promiscuous type.” Phil commented, smirking at him.

~Dan shook his head. “You’re insufferable you know that? I’m not promiscuous. I enjoy my fun.” He said. “Unlike you who fucks everything that has a pulse.”

~Phil shrugged, looking at him and keeping the confident smirk plastered across his face. “Haven’t fucked you yet. Even I have standards.”

~Dan scoffed, looking at him back and giving him an angry glare. “Yeah like you could fuck me. I’m a bit above the bar of cheap blondes and easy twinks you pick up.”

~Phil shrugged and got down off the top bunk by jumping, clapping as he walked towards Dan, combat boots hitting the ground hard as he did. “You’re not exactly a prize, Danny.” He smirked. “But you’re definitely fuckable”

~Dan sneered, turning away from Phil as he grew closer, hearing his steps stop. “Sorry, I don’t fuck bullying, punk ass man whores.” Dan said and Phil chuckled.

~Phil shrugged and moved to pull the back of Dan’s hair. “Care to put your money where your mouth is?” He smirked. “Because you wanna keep talking, I’ll knock your teeth down your fucking throat.” He threatened and Dan turned around once he let go, glaring, angry. “You couldn’t even if you fucking tried.” He said.

~Phil smirked again and shrugged. “Have it your way.” He said, grinning before punching Dan straight in the chin, knocking him back.

~Dan coughed, jaw grit in pain and glaring at Phil from where he was on the floor, lunging up to knock him down, trying to swing and missing, getting hit again.

~Dan groaned loudly, leaning back on the floor, only a few feet away from Phil on the linoleum floor. “You look oddly hot right now.” Phil commented.

~Dan wiped his mouth, his jaw and cheek already starting to bruise. “Right. Why are you flirting with me after hitting me twice?” He chuckled, trying not to try and hit him again, knowing he couldn’t.

~Phil shrugged and waited a moment before getting up, moving between Dan’s legs. Dan didn’t know what he was doing until he felt a hand wrap around his throat hard, Phil’s lips on his moving fast.

~Dan kissed back, unsure why as the pressure on his neck tightened, gasping for air. Phil moved his tongue passed Dan’s lips, exploring his mouth and pinning him to the ground with his body weight, still gripping his neck.

~Phil let go, moving an arm under Dan’s waist to pull them chest to chest, pulling away from the kiss and burying his face in his neck, starting to kiss and nip at the soft skin. “I hate you so fucking much.” He mumbled against his skin.

~Dan moaned quietly, his legs moving around Phil’s waist tightly. “Yet you’re kissing me.” He commented and Phil gripped his waist tightly, biting down particularly hard and earning a loud moan from the writhing boy under him.

~Phil growled, moving his hands up under Dan’s shirt, roaming his chest to his lower back, holding him close as he went to work bruising his neck. He moved back, pulling dan up with him in his lap as he rested back on himself.

~Dan moved with him languidly, easily giving in and being submissive. “F-fuck.” He mumbled, feeling his lips on his sensitive neck.

~Phil moaned quietly against his skin as Dan instinctively started grinding into him in the position they were in. His hands wandered down, grabbing his ass and groaning. “You’re so fucking stupid but god damn.” He groaned.

~Dan chuckled breathlessly through a moan. “Degrade me Daddy.” He smirked, feeling the grip tighten and making him gasp. “Oh I intend to.” Phil spoke lowly and Dan shuddered.

~Quick, Phil stood up, slamming Dan into the wall and kissing him again, roughly, hard and passionate, lust and hate filling the room, tension thick as the two kissed. Tongues clashing, hips moving against each other, high pitched moans from Dan echoing off the walls.

~Phil moved them once more, slamming Dans body into the bed and pulling off his shirt as quick as he could manage before going back to Dan, lips molding to his perfectly.

~Dan moved his arms around his neck, hand lacing through his hair and pulling as they kissed. “Daddy..” he groaned slightly, moaning into his mouth when he started to palm Dan over his jeans, putting pressure on his already aching erection.

~Phil popped the button of Dan’s jeans, getting down the zipper quickly all while having his mouth on Dan’s. His hand moved under his boxers, taking him in hand and stroking him slowly.

~Dan pulled back, choking out a quiet moan at the contact, feeling Phil’s hand tug and jerk his cock, thumb swiping through his slit each time he came up, flicking his wrist as he sped up.

~Dan arched his back off the mattress, giving in to Phil’s touch. “Such a worthless slut.” He chuckled, watching Dan squirm under him in pleasure. “Letting someone you can’t fucking stand touch your cock, make you feel good.” He smirked and pulled back his hand, looking at him. “Get up and strip, or you’ll be punished.” He instructed.

~Dan wanted to argue as make a smart remark but went against it, standing up and doing as told. Phil watched him, seeing his shirt and pants hit the ground quick.

~Once Dan had stripped, Phil pulled him into his lap and moved his hands down to grip his ass tightly. “Lube?” He asked and dan nodded eagerly, pointing to the cupboard by the bed. Phil reached over, pulling out the small pink bottle. “Princess has a vibrator.” He smirked and popped the cap.

~Dan blushed brightly, shaking his head. “Fuck you” he tried and Phil chuckled, two fingers pressing to Dan’s entrance now. “I’m gonna.” He smirked.

~Phil pushed in two fingers, feeling Dan tighten around the digits, already starting to bounce against them with need. Dan bit his lip, hands resting against Phil’s lower stomach as he moved himself along Phil’s fingers, trying to fuck himself back and moaning quietly.

~Phil smirked and slowly started to stretch him, searching for his spot. Dan moaned loudly, falling forward, burying his face in Phil’s shoulder. Phil rubbed over the sensitive bundle of nerves, prodding into it over and over again after a while, properly fingering Dan once he was stretched enough.

~Phil got harder and harder at the sight. Dan was fucking himself down, riding his fingers, making obscene noises, moaning and begging. “Daddy please.” Dan sobbed after a moment. “Want your cock.” He tried.

~Phil chuckled, still moving his fingers in and out of him roughly, hitting his spot continuously. “Fucking hell such a needy bottom.” He smirked, pulling out his fingers and hearing Dan whine at the loss.

~Phil undid his jeans, looking at Dan and biting his lip. “I bet you’re gonna swallow my cock with such a tight cunt.” He smirked, grabbing the lube and coating over himself with it quickly.

~Dan babbled incoherently, feeling his body well up with desperation as Phil’s tip pressed into him slightly. He slowly sunk down, groaning loudly at the stretch of his cock. “Fuck! Daddy!” He cried out, hearing Phil hiss at the tightness.

~Phil moved his hands in his hips, groaning lowly, his voice gruff, the heat in his stomach building up as Dan slid up and down his length, starting to bounce after a minute.

~Dan moaned loudly, feeling Phil hit his prostate each time he bounced down hard. “Please. Talk to me daddy!” Dan cried out as he rolled his hips slow, getting speed again quick.

~Phil groaned and nodded, leaning back and watching Dan move. “Fuck you’re so tight. For a pathetic desperate whore you know how to take my cock, riding me so good. Pretty tight little ass, swallowing my length each time you go down, making such fucking slut noises.” He got out, letting out a low moan and fluttering his eyes shut for a moment, enjoying the feeling.

~Dan kept whining, his voice breaking as his hips moved quickly. “Daddy please…let me cum please.” He begged softly and Phil chuckled.

~Phil reached between his legs, kissing him firmly and moving to stroke over him firmly. “Cum for me. Cum like a good slut, make your pretty noises for me.” He bucked up, trying to get himself closer.

~Dan nodded and squeezed his eyes shut, crying out as he came, white ribbons spraying across his stomach, his hips moving still, purposely over stimulating himself and fucking himself back as he rode out his orgasm.

~Phil groaned out, Dan clenching tightly around him as he slowed down, pushing him over the edge until he came hard, deep inside the brunette male.

~They rested against each other panting, slowly falling back and laying down. “Maybe I don’t hate you that much.” Dan mumbled tiredly, and all Phil could do was giggle as they passed out together, not thinking about what came next.

A/N: I’m doing much better. This is actually the worst thing I’ve ever written. Sorry anon!

Two Halves Of A Whole

Requested by Anonymous 

Word Count: 4,264

Warnings: More plot than usual, more fluff than usual (neither of which you should get used to), a beautiful oxymoron of emotional smut, if there is such a thing. 

Please message me and let me know what you think. I deviated from my norm per request but still need your delicious feedback anyway before I get unsightly worry lines in my forehead, I’m far too young for them. Happy sinning! 

Dinner had been the worst kind of awkward - something that should have been happy but wasn’t. The boys were shells of their former selves, and the air was weighted with the knowledge of it. John was humorless and looked ten years older than he had before he left. Tommy was stoically absent in words and tightly reserved in actions. Arthur was the only one with any kind of fire in him, artificially fueled by the whiskey he’d been drunk off of long before the boys had stepped foot off the train in Birmingham.

It should have felt better to glance to the opposite end of the table and see Tommy, his chair no longer achingly empty. But you were discovering that there wasn’t much difference, his presence painful in its own way. The two of you had barely spoken, and there had been chances to, plenty ever since you two had desperately shoved your way to each other in the crowded train station.

Tommy’s crushing hug as people milled around you had been a false impression of what else he had to offer, taciturn and distant since the moment he’d let you go. Not anger, but an indifference - his arctic gaze blank when he managed to look at you at all.

“Just go on up love, I’ll finish these,” Polly muttered to you after dinner, the two of you scrubbing dishes and speaking in hushed tones, the house mostly quiet except for Tommy’s occasional footsteps on the floor above your heads.

“What if he found someone else?” you whispered, ignoring her and continuing your scrubbing. Polly was the only person you’d told your worst fear to. “What if he doesn’t love me anymore? Do you think that’s it?”

“Right, now you’ve lost it. Go,” Polly ordered, snatching the dishtowel from you. “Not even war could tear you two apart and you know it. Go on!”

“Fine,” you griped, dragging your feet as you headed upstairs. You had pictured it all very differently - you had been excited. Now you felt nothing but childish and avoidant, wanting to run into Ada’s room instead of your own, even though the man you’d loved since you were fifteen was finally back in it.

The pain of Tommy leaving had been unreal, your other half missing from a bed that grew colder each night he was gone. The two of you never stopped writing  - your collection of Tommy’s letters filled two whole spaces underneath loose floorboards in the room you shared. But reading them had eventually made you feel more helpless than ever, each one laced with a resigned pain as his heart grew heavier with each passing day. And now that heart stood in front of you, Tommy slowly poking at the fire in your bedroom with a hand in his trouser pocket.

The sound of the door clicking shut behind you felt loud and piercing, and when Tommy turned to look at you you thought he might be annoyed, your entrance breaking his peace. But if he was disturbed he didn’t show it, barely registering you before turning back around.

Unsure of what to do with yourself, you watched him. He looked taller somehow, manlier and domineering in a stance you barely recognized as something that belonged to him. The top-half of a scar peeked out from his undershirt, the red twisted skin warping on his shoulder each time he turned the fire.

Without thinking you walked to him and touched the skin lightly, tracing its shape, the edges looking like torn paper. The feeling of Tommy’s skin under your fingers was surreal, and your heartbeat felt loud.

“I remember when you - and Freddie - wrote me about this,” you murmured, “I thought it would be lower.”

Tommy continued to roll the fire, his voice blank. “Spend a lot of time picturing it, did you?”

“No,” you shrugged sadly, “couldn’t help it, I suppose.”

Automatically, like you used to, you arched up on your toes to kiss the back of his neck on the last knot of his spine your height could reach. Tommy’s shoulders briefly relaxed, his skin warm over the slacking muscles. But then they were tense again, stiff under your lips until he shifted his weight away from you, ending your kiss in such a way that made you feel like your chest had cracked.

“I have to go,” Tommy said, hanging the fire poker before walking towards his jacket. Dread crawled over your skin as you watched his back retreat, his eyes having yet to meet yours.

“O-Oh,” you stammered, feeling silly and unwanted; your face grew hot in the heavy pause between the two of you. “Have I done something?”

“No,” he answered you, breathy and dismissive. “I just have things to do.”

“Tommy,” you said quietly, watching him lace his shoes. “It’s late, and I thought you’d want to - I don’t know,” you shook your head in exasperation. “It’s been four years, Tommy.”

Intently focused on his coat, Tommy had nothing to say as he shrugged the black wool onto his newly-broadened shoulders.

“Please,” you whispered, your voice fractured and small.

Tommy winced, the only sign of life he had to give. Finally looking at you he sighed, scanning your face. Words unsaid rippled across his sculpted features and parted his lips until he thought better of it, the words catching in his throat and staying there. You caught the briefest flash of life in his eyes, a foggy window into heartache and torment. But then it was gone, his expression set as he pressed his lips against your hair quickly.

“I’ll be back later,” he turned and put his cap on, walking towards the door and unraveling you as he went.

“Is there someone else? In France?” you sputtered impulsively when Tommy had the door open halfway, tears beading in your lashes. “Tell me.”

Tommy sighed but didn’t turn, shaking his head and pinching the bridge of his nose. “There’s no one else.”

“Then what is it then?” Your voice was growing loud in desperation, tears spilling onto your cheeks. “Is it me?”

“No,” Tommy’s voice was heavy, strained. “I have to go.”

A sob fell apart in your chest as the door shut, Tommy taking the little warmth and hope you had as he left. The bed bounced as you dropped onto the mattress, the coldness of its deafening emptiness burning through your dress and into your skin. Heartsore and tired, you put your face in your hands and cried.


Warmth enveloped you, soft and homey as you lay in bed. Eyelids fluttering, you drifted through the beautiful purgatory of being in between sleep and wakefulness. The air was cold as you breathed it in, smelling like the crisp, dry sweetness of coming snow as it briefly dredged your thoughts from slumber to visit the night.

As you rolled over and back into dreamland, the spicy smell of skin and whiskey filled your nose and you sighed in longing.

The brief pang of pain - one you had grown accustomed to - reminded you of what dreams felt like. Curling into the memories of Tommy’s warmth under the sheets, you found him there and slid your arms around his neck, ignoring the giggling French dolls in your mind that tried to beckon you towards nightmares instead.

Listening to Tommy whisper your name like a siren’s song, over and over, distant and far away, you groaned with content as you leaned back into the pillows. Somewhere in your conscious mind you knew Tommy - or a version of Tommy - had come home. Whether he still loved your or not was an issue for reality in the morning. The Tommy who was here now, drinking in your skin and whispering to you with whiskey lips was the Tommy that both your memories and your dreams knew well, and it was the one you chose.

But the Tommy of your dreams began to feel oddly real, his kisses hot across your collarbones as he twirled strands of your hair around his fingers and pulled at them gently. The taste of whiskey drew you one step closer to the land of the living, Tommy’s tongue warm with it as he finally pressed his lips to yours, kissing you and groaning with a deepness that shook your bones awake.

Without thinking you kissed him back, grateful for any scraps of love he could painfully tear from himself to give you. No matter how much you wanted to question, to speak, you didn’t dare break the trance of Tommy moving over you, pushing your nightgown up to your ribs while you traced the planes of his bare chest. Although the taut bands of muscle over his frame were new, he still felt like home and you hoped you did too.

Kissing him was easy, a seamless dance that you had gone too long without - although neither of you had forgotten a step. Running your hands over him, you reacquainted yourself with the new feelings of his knotted scar and the short velvet hair on his head. The thin skin below his ear was still soft on your lips, the growl it produced was still hungry. You felt each knot of his spine, trailing a finger up and down their ridges.

Tommy returned his lips to your neck and you opened your eyes, feeling him nudge your knees apart with one of his to settle his hips between your legs. The candle had been blown out, the bedroom nothing but moonlight-colored shapes. As wakefulness began to clear your mind, Tommy’s kisses stopped feeling like love and began feeling like desperation, your body Tommy’s idea of a solution to a problem he hadn’t been able to solve with whiskey and fighting.

Failing to hide your emotion, you inhaled shakily and Tommy immediately halted, your chest rattling with the thickness of uninvited tears. Tommy inched back up to you and pressed his forehead to yours, swiping the moisture from your cheeks with his thumbs and shushing you gently.

“I’m sorry,” you whispered, feeling like it was your first time all over again, vulnerability laced into every bit of you as you shook your head until Tommy held it still. “I’m sorry, Tommy.”

“Don’t be,” Tommy whispered, rubbing circles into your temples before he laid in the crook of your neck. You felt his eyes scrunch shut against your skin.

“If there’s somebody else-”

“It’s not somebody fuckin’ else,” Tommy snapped. Cold air rushed into the space between you as Tommy pushed up and away from you, sitting back on his heels, hands on his thighs. He muttered to himself before wrenching his eyes shut again, bowing his head with a voice edged with exasperation. “It’s me, alright? It’s fucking me. Fuck.”

A hurt you hadn’t felt in a few weeks took hold of you and sunk in, your soul weighted with the same heaviness was planted when Tommy’s letters had begun to get bleaker. The hasty scrawls of ink on the scraps of foraged paper had seeped with an unsoothable pain, but now it was here before you, the grief dark as it bled from him.

The calm that only realization could bring came over you as you watched twelve steady rises and falls of Tommy’s shoulders, thinking he looked as lovely as you had ever found him. Sitting up, you brought the sheet with you and settled on your knees before him, your face even with the top of his drooping head. The faint moonlight shone on what remained of his longer locks, making their glossy darkness pallid and flat.

“You can tell me, Tommy.”

“There’s nobody fucking else-”

“Not that - I believe you,” you interrupted him as gently as you could, reaching up to touch his chiseled cheek. “You can tell me anything Tommy. That hasn’t changed. Has it?”

Tommy laid his hand over yours, pressing it harder into his pale skin. He looked at you with a set jaw. “I’ve changed. Things have changed.”

“I know,” you said softly, the two of you observing each other for a few moments as a carriage passed outside, hooves clopping heavily in the empty night.

Sweeping a lock of dark hair from his forehead, you smiled and felt the dried tear stains split dryly on your cheeks. “Do you think that scares me, Thomas?”

“I’ve done things,” he said simply, not answering your question. He didn’t look at you as he rubbed your cheekbone, following the path of his thumb with sad eyes. “And I’ve seen things. Alright? It won’t be the same.”

“Do you love me any less?”

“No,” he whispered, voice strained with emotion as he squeezed your hand for emphasis. “That will never change.”

“And I don’t love you any less, Thomas Shelby. You don’t scare me.” Craning your neck to silence his protests with a kiss, you murmured against the softness of his lips, “I don’t need you to be the same - we don’t need it to be the same. I love you, and all the demons you brought back with you, too.”

Tommy’s forehead pressed against yours as he shut his eyes and sighed heavily, your noses brushing. Pulling you close, he clutched you to him with a need that kept you silent, his hair tickled your shoulder as he settled into the crook of your neck. Stiffening slightly in surprise before sliding your arms over his shoulders, you let him lean on you and trailed your fingers over the freckled skin of his back, exhaling emptiness so you could fill your lungs with him.

Time passed, the paleness of the moon lightening your bedroom as it rose higher in the black sky. Tommy held you tightly, a silent statue even as his eyes wet the dip of your collarbone, the drops pooling there as you brushed the top of his head slowly. Knowing he didn’t want words, you said nothing as you played with different locks of hair and gazed out the window at the black spread of rooftops.

The rhythmic coexistence between the two of you began to lull you to sleep, your breathing matched. Tommy’s hand tracing your spine was mesmeric, grazing your skin slowly as you leaned on each other.

Tommy straightened when he felt you start to flirt with sleep, your wakefulness willingly returning when he pressed his lips to yours softly. Feeling him move your legs around his waist felt as natural as it ever had, the muscle memory eager to be remembered.

Whispering your name whenever he got the chance, Tommy held you tight and ran his hands wherever they could reach, as if he was finally realizing he was home, and you were real. You finally felt like you weren’t kissing someone who was lost, the movements of Tommy’s lips against yours were not empty of life, no longer a barren forest.

The rough callouses of his hands scraped you in a way that made your back arch and your breaths grow heavy, Tommy suddenly insatiable in his need for your skin, swearing as he gripped you everywhere he could.

By the time your hips had begun to roll into each other’s you were hot with wetness and hunger, gasping wispily as Tommy sucked at your neck and murmured to you, sliding a hand under your nightgown to trace one nipple and then the other. Fingers curled into his muscles, you held him tight as you felt his cock harden against you, the dry friction of his boxers on your lingerie the most pleasure either of you had had in years.

By the time Tommy tossed you backwards onto the pillows your clothing had made piles on the floor, Tommy’s boxers lying dangerously close to the dying but still capable fire. His skin was stark in the moonlight as he crawled over your body, eyes shut as he savored the taste of your skin, sheened with sweat.

But his lips were all you wanted to taste, and you clawed for him until his face was near yours again. Kissing him fervidly, you traced Tommy’s cheekbones and held his head to yours as your tongue danced gracefully with his. When he pulled away and held himself over you in silence a single strand of fear brushed you, taunting.

“What is it?” you breathed, your hands trailing down his hardened biceps.

Gazing at you half-lidded, Tommy eased down onto his forearms after a few moments and shook his head. “I’ve missed you, love.”

Tommy moved lower to run his tongue over your nipples, your chest hitching shallowly and then deeply when he slipped a finger into the hot wetness between your legs, running up and down with a tantalizing slowness.

“Have you missed me?”

“Yes,” you breathed.

Tommy hummed in approval, moving down your body until he could watch himself work, leaving love bites on your inner thighs while he pushed his finger inside of you, his smirk devious and familiar as it crept across his face when you arched into him.

Your skin was peppered with marks by the time your impatience had grabbed hold, and it felt ethereal to finally beg, “Fuck me, Tommy.”

“Mm,” Tommy considered, kissing your hipbone softly and smelling your skin. “Not yet. I have some indulging to do.”

And indulge he did, taking his time on you as he graced all the spots that had fallen to neglect in his absence. He easily found the patch of skin below your hip that made every nerve swear, he hadn’t forgotten that dragging his lips along the ribs below your breasts made your toes curl; his hand softly rubbed circles onto your clit all the while. By the time his mouth was back on your inner thigh he had your hips pinned to the bed to stop their wriggling.

Obliging at long last, Tommy’s lips were silk on your pussy as he kissed you, the lightness of his brushes against you as eager with enthusiasm as they were gentle with reverence. Spreading your legs with his elbows, he held them open and steadily flicked your clit with his tongue, watching you with glinting eyes that were onyx with pupils.

Trying to contain yourself was a useless act, and you didn’t care if you woke up all of Small Heath, crying out as Tommy’s tongue inside of you made your hips arch from the bed. Sliding his hands beneath you to grip your ass, he refused to let you twist away and rose with your hips, holding you to his mouth.

Writhing with only your upper back against the mattress, your hips danced helplessly and Tommy easily followed, sucking at your clit and humming in appreciation until the vibration made you start to whine.

Shivers of pleasure lit your skin on fire and you bunched the sheets in your fists, his tongue ruthless against your increasingly sensitive clit. Easing you back down onto the mattress, he replaced his tongue with his fingers, rubbing skillful circles onto your clit softly.

“How long has it been, love?”

Heavy breathing was your only answer, no space for words between the increasing speed of your gasps, your muscles tightening around him.

“Too long, that’s right,” he smirked, hastening the pace of his fingers on your nerves. “Cum for me.”

If you had the breath you could have laughed at how good it felt, your body rippling as your world fuzzed around the edges. Tommy curved his fingers into your g-spot and stroked, the sight of you toppling over the edge making him voracious, his nails sinking into your thigh.

“Look at me,” he ordered, hoarse with desire.

Chin on your chest, you barely succeeded in keeping your eyes on his while you came onto him, your brows knitting deeply as your mouth fell open. Tommy watched you with a mix of unending adoration and unrefined lust, cooing to you as he coaxed out the last wisps of orgasm that had been waiting for him to do so for far too long.

Tommy finally dragged his eyes reluctantly from yours and exhaled sharply as he watched your pussy spasm around his soaked fingers. Leaning back against the pillows, you let the stars fade from your vision and waited for him, jerking slightly in sensitivity as he kissed up your wetness.

The taste of you on his tongue was something you’d missed, and you drank it in as he returned to you, your head rising from the pillow to meet him. Tommy caught you, cradling you close as he nipped at your lips, reaching down to slide his fingers in and out of you until you were whimpering again.

“My turn?” you asked, jutting your bottom lip out before biting it.

Tommy watched you darkly and growled, spinning your vision as he quickly took you up in his arms and lifted you off the bed to set you on your knees.

Smile spreading voraciously, you waited patiently for Tommy to straighten and step closer to you, your mouth falling open in unashamed wantonness at the sight of him.

Pulling at his legs hungrily you brought his cock to your mouth, teasing him as you ran your lips up and down the side of its length, staring up at him with doe eyes.

“I thought about this very often, you know,” you murmured into his skin, running over him.

“Is that so?” Tommy mocked mildly, watching you and twirling a piece of your hair around his finger. “Such a vivid imagination you have, dirty girl.”

Assenting with a hum, you swirled your tongue around the head of his cock until he groaned, gathering your hair in his hand. You savored him as he had savored you, relishing in every one of his shivers and low moans as you took the length of his cock into your throat over and over.

“Fuck,” Tommy swore, watching you work your mouth and your hands over him, his grip tightening in your hair as he began to push your head himself. “Just like that, love.”

With eyes to the ceiling, Tommy groaned deeply as he moved your mouth onto his cock roughly, the feeling of it making your pussy throb. You couldn’t help but touch your clit, whining around his length as you felt your own wetness. Tommy brought his attention back to you in a lustful haze, a devilish open-mouthed smirk on his face as he watched you.

Reflexive tears rolled onto your cheeks but you barely felt them, small prices to pay for the feeling of Tommy’s cock down your throat. You hummed in pleasure, your spine electric as you touched your clit, the taste of Tommy on your tongue. Just when your jaw began to stiffen did his breathing grow heavy, no traces of icy blue in his eyes as he grew closer to release.

But then he pulled you from him, allowing you a few gulps of air before bending down to kiss you deeply, his hands large on your face and words of love warm on his lips as he pulled you to stand.

Warmth spread through you as you threw your arms around his neck, jumping into his arms to wrap yourself around him, Tommy brought you both back to bed and held you in his lap, kissing you hard and breathing you in, insatiable.

Wrapping your legs around his waist, you bit at Tommy’s neck as you sat on him and reached down to palm his cock, wet with your mouth’s work. A groan you realized was yours shook your chest as you felt the hard length of him in your hand, Tommy’s breath growing ragged again as you stroked him.

Tommy pulled you from his neck gently by your hair, grasping your head in his hands as he kissed you fervently, your moving lips inseparable by a pulling gravity. Pushing Tommy’s cock against your dripping entrance, you rubbed it against you until he moaned hotly into your mouth.

With a roll of his hips Tommy was suddenly inside you, hissing through his teeth as you moaned his name against his parting lips. Absence had tightened your pussy and you burned deliciously as Tommy took his time working his way in and out of you, each inch gained leaving you more breathless than the last. Tommy never stopped kissing you, his hands broad on your back as he eased you onto him completely, hushing your whimpers as you stretched for the size of him.

Stroking you strongly, Tommy rested his forehead on yours as he held you close, picking up his pace as he felt you relax around him, the long lost waves of pleasure rolling through your muscles. His words were hot in your ear and his cock was thick in your pussy as he fucked you until your eyes rolled and your nails left half-moons in his shoulders.

Soon the two of you were close, set to cum together with sweat-dewed skin and panting breath. Tommy’s gaze was searing and warm and home all at the same time, and you had no desire to look away.

While Tommy was gone every action had been an effort, every movement taking conscious thought to complete when your heart was miles away, in danger and alone. But thought was no longer privy to the world you two were now in, nothing but moans and aphorisms of love breaking the silence of night. Worries and horrors would never find you here, and Tommy was able to move without fear at long last, his hands never leaving your skin as he finally came home.

Villain x Villain Prompts

1) “You’re hurt,” the villain said in a neutral tone of voice. “Did you think I wouldn’t notice?” 
“I can still work.” 
Their breath caught as a hand brushed over their injured ribs, though they did their best to keep their expression composed. Hyper-aware of the feel of the villain close behind them, breath on the side of their throat. The closeness left them dizzy. Their skin felt oddly hot. 
“You thought I wouldn’t notice,” the villain murmured against their ear. “Tell me, is that because you think me unobservant or simply that I don’t care enough to pay attention to you?” 
Their mouth went dry.

2) There were very few people in the world that the villain trusted and even the one they did was probably more than they could afford. The one they did was probably the last on anyone’s list for trustworthiness - they were the perfect team. One, a brilliant mind. The other, a perfect warrior. 
“You always do this,” the warrior villain said. “You get your little obsessions, your pets, and you let them ruin you. You get too attached to your toys. You think I didn’t see you kissing them?”
“It’s not like-”
The other villain pressed a warning finger to their lips. “For someone with such a pretty brain, you really are an idiot. And I’m not going to let you make a fool of yourself this time.”

3) “You know what I like doing with monsters?” the villain murmured. They traced their finger down the line of the other, younger villain’s neck. “I like to collar them. That’s what you do when an animal misbehaves. Such a spoiled, vicious creature - I bet no one’s ever dared tell you what to do in your life.” 
“You won’t be the first.” The younger villain did their best to sound dangerous, it came out breathless. “I know what people like you are like, you don’t scare me. I’m a monster, remember?”
The villain grinned, an angler fish’s smile. “Oh, you’ve never met people like me before.”

4) It was a crippling thing, really, to not even have the guts to ask out one’s own sidekick. They were one of the most powerful beings in the world - dinner and a movie should have been the simplest thing in the world. In the end, as with all things, their lieutenant took deftly care of it for them and reeled them in for a kiss.

Privileged (7/?)

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“The approaching storm forces all the delinquents to take shelter which doesn’t help Clarke who is trying to save Finn’s life. Things get even worse when Bellamy decides to bring the grounder back to camp and only heightens the tension between him and Octavia. *yn*’s decision to stay quiet about her own injury proves to be deadly.”

Warnings: Swearing, violence, graphic imagery of injuries, tiny smidgen of fluff & some angst. (welp)

Notes: Based on 1x07 ‘Contents Under Pressure’ of The 100.

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“What’s happening? Is he ok?” Raven questioned when Finn emitted a low moan of pain before falling unconscious again. 

“Nothing’s changed just keep working on that radio.” Clarke instructed as she examined the knife still lodged between Finn’s ribs. 

“I need some alcohol.” 

Wordlessly *yn* turned and hurried over to the other side of the drop ship to grab the small flask of Monty’s moonshine for Clarke. She winced as she bent down to reach the alcohol as her upper stomach pressed down on her cut but she was quick to compose herself. She wiped the sweat off her forehead haphazardly with the back of her hand as she grabbed the elixir and hurried back to Clarke. 

Clarke hurriedly grabbed the container and dunked her hands in it before turning back to Finn. *yn* shifted uncomfortably and pulled at her tight shirt in an attempt to get some air flowing near her skin. She was feeling oddly hot today and it was steadily increasing as more and more delinquents piled into the drop ship to escape the storm. It was most likely from the abnormal amount of body heat radiating through the small space. 

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The Troublemarker (High School AU Key)

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Type: Angst Fluff

“Oh shit” Kibum whispered taking off running down the halls as he saw what he did. He was throwing water balloons for the hell of it at other students before he hit someone he didn’t want to. You. Your face was on fire as your shirt became see through. It revealed probably the best bra in the world to a bunch of boys who would remember it well. “Fucking hell Key” you yell. Kibum’s eyes went wide as you chucked a bottle of water at him. “Come on Y/N lighten up. Why spend so much on a bra that you won’t show off?” he said trying to take cover. He found himself pinned to a locker as you got closer. Your hand slapped his cheek with force and he was sure he had an exact copy of your hand on his face. You yanked him with force and you pulled his uniform jacket off of him and slid it onto yourself leaving him there. He stood there for a moment “oddly hot” be mumbled as he rubbed his cheek “something so smooth yet painful” he continued as he talked about your hand to himself.


You looked over the jacket you were wearing. He had a shocking amount of emblems sewn on his jacket all different things that you weren’t sure how he got away with. Your hand went into his pocket and pulled his wallet out “what idiot keeps his wallet in his jacket” you mumble putting it back in and button the jacket up picking up your bag and heading to class.


“Why are you wearing Key’s jacket?” Dayoon, Kibum’s on and off again girlfriend/beneficial partner asked as jealousy. “Asshole threw a water balloon at me” you say as you got your stuff out. “So he gave you his jacket?” she hissed “as far as the whole school knows you got dumped in the middle of class and had a meltdown. Do you want to really get worked up over a jacket?” you asked her as she let out a high pitched noise. “Go talk to other dolphins and leave me the hell alone” you say as you open your mathbook.


Kibum peered from around the bookcase biting his lip at the sight of you. He had been very into following you around and you have noticed. “You’re so weird” you say as you look up from your book. Kibum stood up straight in shock “I want my jacket back” he said as you quickly unbuttoned it and slid it off. “Listen I’m sorry. About the water balloon. If I knew it was you. I wouldn’t have done it” he said as you nodded. “Also is that the bra from the recent Victoria’s Secret fashion show?” he asked as you turned to him in shock. “I’m a guy so I tend to enjoy the show but I also like checking out the clothing. Your boobs work well with it also. Perfect color, your skin it blends well with the color of your bra” he says as he stares at your chest with no shame.

“Key” you say as he continues to stare “can you stop” you say as your arms went over your chest. “Sorry” he said as he looked down at his pants quickly. “Oh good boy” he says as he smiles. “God you’re gross” you tell him.


Kibum smiled lightly as he undid the buttons of your top. He went from following you around to being obsessed with your chest. You slapped his hands away “you asked for study help” you told him “sorry your chest is so tempting” he whispered “play the button game with me” he said as you looked confused “every time I get a question right you unbutton a button” he says as you shoved him “I’ll like learning then” he says as he grabs your top and buttons them back up. “Please” he says as you sighed “if it makes you study” you tell “it will do more” he mumbles.


You were amazed at how he got every question right. He was a determined male, Kibum only saw peaks of your bra thanks to the fact you were still library of the school. He took your hand and pulled you away from the tables and to the section known for being used as a common make out and more spot. He pushed your shirt open as he giggled. “This one I saw too. You look better in it than the model” he told you as you closed it. “I really like it” he continues grabbing your hips pushing you back against the shelf. “You’re a sexy little geek you know” he coos as he leans in and places a deep kiss onto your lips. He was more amazed that you kissed him back with as much passion as you did. He pulled back briefly as he undid all of two of his buttons before yanking the top over his head “only fair” he said as he pressed himself back against you.

A Brief Description of the Fallout 4 Companions

Codsworth:will call too many people Mister Orgasmo in his lifetime
Hancock: Dilapidated historical cosplayer with a sexy voice and a thing for smoothskins
Preston: the settlement joke is overused… just like his repeatable quests. i’ll mark it on your map.
Cait: someone was after her lucky charms
Valentine: cyberpunk film noir (alternatively, toaster in a fedora)
Piper: goes from a cutie to the human equivalent of an angry chihuahua in 1.6 seconds
Curie: french Ariel from the Little Mermaid
Deacon: oddly resembles a hot dog… a lying, deceitful hot dog
Maccready: once, mayor for fuckin’ life, now sadly just a mungo
Danse: I Can’t Believe It’s Not Human! now with 50% more judgmental glares
X6-88: probably hoards the fallout equivalent of cheetos somewhere in whatever settlement Sole sends him back to
Strong: Mark Ruffalo as the Incredible Hulk but with Macbeth quotes
BONUS! Dogmeat: is never done a frighten

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Anything involving my boy Iida Tenya makes my heart soar~~ Scenario for the moment when Iida realizes that he's in love with his SO, pretty please! You write for him so well!

Aww hehe thankyiew so much!!^^ I’m relieved that my writing is able to portray his character accurately, and I hope this is what you wanted!!

Also, I love YOU!!



“Hey, Iida-Kun.”

A voice snapped him out of his daze, his instinctive reaction to look up to the source, coming face to face with a certain green-haired boy staring back at him, a friendly smile on his face.

“Oh, Midoriya-Kun.”

He nodded in acknowledgment to the figure, though soon enough returning back to his own little world of thoughts. Midoriya blinked in confusion, wondering exactly what his friend was pondering over so diligently. Plopping down on the space beside him he leaned over, surveying his features attentively.

“Iida-Kun, are you okay?”

He asked worriedly, his eyebrows furrowed deeply in concern. Putting both hands together under his chin in support the blue-haired male stared towards his front blankly, as if in a trance of deep thought. Silence was building up in the air between them, causing his companion’s shoulders to tense up nervously as he waited for an answer, internally fearing he would not get one.

“Say, Midoriya-Kun.”

He imputed out verbally, the pitch in his tone low and serious, expressing the severity of the situation. Midoriya gulped tensely, preparing himself for problem that was ruthlessly hounding at his partner for a good few days and making him act unlike the earnest and sincere class president that was a tad bit too uptight.

“W-what is it?”

He heard a deep sigh, signalling for him to await patiently.

“About (s/o/n)….”

He paused, as if cautiously choosing the valid words to use.

“I don’t understand what’s the matter with me. Every time I see her, my heart just started thumping and beating as if it’s about to burst open from my chest. My face also feels oddly hot even up to the tips of my ears. But even though I have all of these painful symptoms, there’s a strange feeling of happiness that fills me when I’m near her.”

He finished, his expression remaining the same, his previously supporting hands now firmly laced together tightly. He still didn’t grace his friend a glance, yet it was evident he was all ears for the freckled boy’s words.

“Iida-Kun, aren’t you…in love?”

His eyes widened, and his lips pursed into a straight line as his mind processed these words, his conscious no longer paying any heed to the string of words frantically leaving the panicking boy’s mouth at a rapid pace.

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WHOOO HAPPY 200 FOLLOWERS!<3 could you do katsuki for the special?

yes bakugou!!!! SONG LINKS NOW INCLUDED BOI excuse my poor music tastes 

  • 2-4 songs that are probably on their iPod
  • the one place they sometimes end up falling asleep – where they’re not supposed to
    • He once fell asleep in the shower. Don’t ask me how he did it but he did and ended up falling and slamming his head against the floor
  • the game they’d destroy everyone else at
    • Mario Kart
  • the emoticon they’d use most often
    • He doesn’t use them at all he think they’re stupid
  • what they act like when they haven’t had enough sleep
    • He either acts like more of an asshole or a little teddy bear (only when he’s with his S/o though)
  • their preferred hot beverage on really cold nights. or mornings. or whenever.
    • He’s a fan of hot chocolate with crushed up candy cane in it
  • how they like to comfort/care for themselves when they’re in a slump
    • Long showers are important for his self care
  • what they wanted to be when they grew up
    • A race car driver then he realised he could make shit explode so he dumped that dream fast
  • their favorite kind of weather
    • He likes it oddly hot because his explosions are bigger bc of the sweat he’s a weirdo
  • thoughts on their singing voice (decent? terrible? soprano? alto?)
    • He screeches and thinks he can rap but he can’t rap and it’s just sad for everybody watching him
  • how/what they like to draw or doodle
    • Him as a pro hero fighting bad guys that oddly look like Izuku

Victor Nikiforov x Fem!Reader

A/N: Slightly NSFW

Surprising people was never an easy task for you. You were shy, timid like a wild animal. But deep down you were passionate and burning like a fire. It just wasn’t easy to show.

But there was someone who wasn’t afraid to get those cute reactions out of you. He showered you with his affections, opening himself up without second thoughts, there was no ulterior motive behind it. He just wanted to see you smile and brighten up, and maybe he was a bit selfish in that way because your smile warmed up his core.

You weren’t exactly sure how to take his actions, they flustered you and made you feel hot. But oddly enough you enjoyed them.

And so time flew by and Victor slowly but surely made his way into your heart. There was only more love and smiles awaiting you there.

“You are still so adorable,” teased Victor, while he enjoyed your little cuddling session.

“And you are still such a tease.” You replied with your cheeks flushed. Victor hugged your waist, acting almost like a dog, nuzzling his head into your stomach and letting out a happy sigh.

The warmth spread all over your face now, to your ears that almost started letting out a steam. You played with his short, silky hair, massaging his scalp and making him relax even more. He was about to melt into a puddle, but your whisper woke him up immediately.

“Aren’t you bored with me yet?” It slipped off your tongue without you really meaning to let it out loud. It was just something that played in your mind often.

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