oddlot entertainment

Title: The Way Way Back

Time: 103 minutes

My Recommendation: Let me start by saying I love Steve Carell, he’s such a great actor that at the end of this movie I hated him. His character is such a douche and he does an amazing job of playing Trent. This film was not only hilarious but also very touching. Unlike other movies where they exaggerate so much, this film with its different characters felt very real. It was more than just a coming of age film, it made me feel like I was intruding on people’s lives, especially of course Duncan. The friendship that Duncan and Owen forge is so great. And really, Betty and Lewis, played by Allison Janney and JIm Rash, just steal the scene every time. Amazing movie, go check it out! 

My Favorite Scene: The scene in which Duncan earns his nickname Pop’ N Lock