Hello Everyone!

On Tumblr, I often come across a lot of cool art and stuff that I really want to share with people. Also, I kinda want a neat archive of stuff I draw inspiration from. Anyway! That’s why I made this blog! So here’s some stuff!

Sorry I’m a little late to the party. Traveled back to Miami, and it’s nice to be back here with family. Hopefully normal ink pens count for inktober, because I probably won’t look for my nice artist pens until later.

She was super skinny! What the hell, guys! That’s not “average”!

My parents have been super excited because Miss Colombia won, so they’ve been watching all the post-pageant stuff on Univision and all those channels. A lot of the stuff these shows say is ridiculous. Example: they actually had a segment where they used AN ASTROLOGIST TO PREDICT MISS COLOMBIA’S FUTURE SCANDALS. Like what?! That’s so unfair! And bullshit!

My dearest dream is to be a sparkly anime boy.

Life’s been rough, aimless and confusing lately, so I feel this kinda sums up the last month or so. The good thing is I turned back to pixel art, and I think I got a good hang on it, more or less.

It’s pretty fun, and I want to do more. But first I gotta finish up tonight’s comic. I’m leaving to North Carolina tomorrow, and it’s gonna be a long, tiring trip, so there might not be an update on Friday, heads-up.


Playing around tonight with a different look for Heroman. for one thing, fixing his neck and how it connects. His hair’s a little different, and I played around with his eyes to try and make him a little cuter. The last image I inked here probably won’t be what I end up doing with him, but it’s getting close.


SPX! I will be there somewhere!

I’m super pumped for tomorrow, guys! It’s my first time attending a con or expo or anything, so I’m not sure how this is going to go down, but I’m sure it’s gonna be fun! I’m not exhibitting, but you can find me roaming around. Just look at the handy graphic I made!

Anyways, I will also be debuting my new minicomic! It’s Hero Plus! If you find me, come get one? They are free, so get em while they’re hot!