The Noble Sport of Fox Tossing,

Popular during the 17th century, fox tossing is one of those bizarre cultural things that people of the modern age could not possibly understand.  Fox tossing usually took place in a specially made court with players spaced out in rows and columns.  Two players would work as a team, standing about 7 feet away from each other while holding a large sling. It was not uncommon for players to dress in costume as Greek or Roman mythological figures. Then dozens or scores of foxes would be herded into the court.  As a fox crossed over a sling, the players would simultaneously pull on both ends of the sling, thus propelling the fox into the air as if being shot by a slingshot.  Those who slung a fox the highest, or slung the most foxes would win.

As ridiculous as such a thing may sound, unfortunately fox tossing was often fatal for the animals, many of which could be propelled over 30 feet into the air if done by skilled slingers.  The game could also be dangerous for the participants, as frightened, angry, or rabid foxes may attack the players.  While foxes were the most popular, other animals could be used.  For example in a contest held at Dresden at the behest of Augustus II Elector of Saxony, King of Poland, 647 foxes, 533 hares, 34 badgers, and 21 wildcats were tossed.  In another tournament held in 1648, 34 boars and 3 wolves were driven into the enclosure.

Fox tossing continued in popularity until around the early 18th century, and had died out by the middle of the century.

‘Parasitoid’ My bone Alien Facehugger and a tribute to the great HR Giger This is one of my most popular pieces being shared online by Syfy.com, ThinkGeek, The Verge, Famous Monsters of Filmland, and many more. A personal favorite as well, I sold this exactly one year ago at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas.

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Welcome to Space Oddities. This is where Chaos is going to sell all that crap interesting space stuff she collects while off on adventures in her rocket ship.

I decided originally that I was going to use one Sim to hunt down all the collectibles, and Chaos got volunteered for that job. Her inventory fills up fast. So many duplicates of things to sell…the stuff is taking over the house.

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How pleasant, bobbing along
Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea
What a chance to get a better peep
At the plants and creatures of the deep

We glide
Far below the rolling tide
Through the bubbly blue and green

It’s lovely, bobbing along
Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea
What if the octopus
The flounder and the cod
Think we’re rather odd
It’s fun to promenade
Bobbing along, sing a song
On the bottom of the beautiful briny sea


It’s lovely, bobbing along
Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful briny sea
What a chance to get a better peep
At the plants and creatures of the deep

It’s grand
When you’re dancing on the sand
Each glance
Bubbles over with romance

It’s lovely, bobbing along
Bobbing along through the water where we get along swimmingly
Far from the frenzy
Of the frantic world above
Two beneath the blue
Could even fall in love
Bobbing along, singing a song
On the bottom of the beautiful briny sea
Bobbing along, singing a song
On the bottom of the beautiful briny, 
Shimmering shiny, beautiful briny.

Beautiful Briny Sea (From Disney’s Bedknobs and Broomsticks)

Love Potion

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The angel scoffed a the other, was he being serious? Him the cause of.. whatever was afflicting the other, while yes he Gabriel could be the blame of most oddites that fell upon not only the Winchesters, but his brothers, he was sure he had nothing to do with this.  “Do you mean it in a good or bad way?” He asked, stepping closer to the other, tilting his head at the other, the sweet scent of the other needy emotions soon grabbed his attention.  “Don’t tell me you’re in rut, Cas you know the number one rule is to keep to yourself to avoid unwanted mating..” Gabriel stated, his eyes scanning over the other.  “Look, I’m all or helping a brother in need, but you gotta tell me what it is you actually need, I’m not a mind reader.. well not one that can listen in without consent.” He stated, stilling next to his brothers side.

“Good…bad. I am not sure anymore”, he groaned out, flinching when Gabriel walked closer. He shook his head, sighing to try and relax. “It feels like that, but different. This feeling is more than just mating, it might be…” Love? He gulped at the thought, looking over at his brother. “Gabriel, what if it is something more than just sex? I…I want more than that”, he confessed, searching the archangel’s gaze for an answer. “I want more than just your help. I-I maybe in love with you.” The words leave his mouth before he can stop it; not that he planned on it. If anything, the angel wanted a straight answer. Like his brother, he wasn’t about to read Gabriel’s mind either. If he wanted to help, perfect, but not if he would simply sleep with him and then leave him the next morning. Castiel had never been like that.