Rika’s back and MC gets left P. 3

Rika is back and MC gets sick at the same time she feels abandoned. Part 1 (x) | Part 2 (x) | Part 3 (x) | Part 4 (x)Part 5 (x)

  • Initially you don’t trust Unknown he did lure you to an apartment that put you in harms way
  • But because of Unknown you met some of the best people before they felt like you werent good enough for them
  • At first you didn’t think his idea would work
  • But the first “trial” made you feel like dying would not only be heaven, it would feel like you were on cloud 9 even if you ended up in hell
  • Plus, Unknown really took to Paco and both got along
  • After a few visits  turned into a few weeks, you no longer had hope that you would ever attend another rfa event with everyone
  • You didn’t pay attention to how close you were to tasting the last lingering lifeline you had
  • All you cared about was that Paco was taken good care of
  • And that you were not feeling anything anymore
  • Whatever Unknown has been giving you, you wanted more…

– Jumin –

  • Jumin was not stupid
  • Emotions were all that clouded what was happening
  • He knew that everyone tended to be more sentimental than rational and that he may be seen as heartless and cold
  • But he was not stupid
  • At first Jumin didn’t find it off that Rika wasn’t the slightest concerned with MC bc maybe they have been talking in private
  • But after Jahee brought it up to him that she was concerned, he had to verify
  • He checked on the CCTV that showed MC’S apartment hallway when he showed her the building he didn’t tell her it was owned by him and that’s why it was cheaper for her and convenient for him to look after her which he hasn’t since Rika came back
  • He didn’t notice anything odd
  • It just looked like MC was a creature of habit; every day taking her dog out walking early and in the afternoon, leaving daily for work, and most of all
  • MC looked healthy
  • But something didn’t feel right

Jumin has entered the chatroom.
Jumin: MC When you see this, please call me.
Rika has entered the chatroom.
Rika: Is something the matter?
Jumin: No, I just needed to ask MC for her opinion on something.
Rika: Well, since I now handle emails and the party, why don’t you ask me? ^^
Jumin: It’s for something else, I’m sorry Rika.
Rika: Oh. I see. Well, hopefully MC logs in soon! I haven’t heard from them in a while.
Jumin: I thought you said you talked to her recently when Assistant Kang interrupted us during lunch?
Rika: Oh yes! I did, I forgot. Sorry~!;;
Jumin: I see. I must go now. Enjoy the rest of your day Rika.
Rika: Thank you, you too! ^^
Jumin has left the chatroom.

  • Jumin wasn’t convinced anymore
  • He would have to ask Seven to look into this when he came back from wherever he went
  • For now he’d have to do this alone
  • Jumin left the office, telling Assistant Kang to reschedule the days meetings for another day
  • He had Driver Kim take him to the apartment building MC was living in
  • He walked past the bellhop boy and made his way to MC’s door: 606
  • He knocked repeatedly with no response
  • Was she at work? No, too early… Did she take that animal for a walk?
  • He got tired of waiting and went to see the building manager and requested for the room access code to 606

But sir; no one lives there anymore. I thought you knew?
-What do you mean no one lives there? Where is MC?
Please, calm down sir. We only did what was said
-What was said? By whom?
By you. You were the one who requested that it be vacated as soon as possible. The previous owner left about a month ago…

  • Had it really been that long since MC last spoke to any of us? Why didn’t I notice?
  • Jumin panicked; if MC wasnt there, where was she?

– Unknown –

  • Unknown was only doing what he was told to do
  • He didn’t harbor any resentment towards MC, well not anymore
  • Maybe it was watching someone so sick slowly deteriorate that Unknown became more sympathetic towards her
  • Or maybe it was the dog
  • His Savior told him that by getting rid of MC, everything else would fall into place
  • Since he was sure the Savior would let MC go to Paradise first, he didn’t feel all too guilty
  • So of course, Unknown did it all for Paradise

– 707 –

707 has entered the chatroom.
Rika: Hello Seven, how was your trip? ^^
707: I didn’t even get to go and play in the ocean. Vanderwood had me on a tight leash ;;
Rika: At least she’s looking out for you! You should really listen to her~
707: …but I wanted to swim until I couldn’t! There’s no water in space. Well, not a lot like the ocean. Ah, Vanderwood caught me slacking off.
Rika: Focus on your work Seven, but also relax every once in awhile ^^
707: 707 will take your words into consideration..  MAYBE I SHOULD TAKE ANOTHER VACATION LOLOL! byyyyeee
707 has left the chatroom.

  • It felt strange and lonely without MC
  • Seven didn’t know if he should consult V and Rika with what Jumin told him
  • He should though because V was supposed to be the one person he could count on
  • But when Jumin asked for no one to know about this, not even V or Rika, he became concerned
  • What if MC really is in danger? But Rika said she was fine… unless she lied…
  • Seven got the videos from the apartment building and found that the videos had been tampered
  • He went back to when the tampering began taking him back to 2 months ago
  • Had I been gone that long trying to get into Russia?
  • The last two videos that didn’t look tampered with happened to be the video of MC going for a run
  • After that all later videos were edited
  • Looking at the time stamp Seven tried to find the GPS history of her phone
  • But she left it in the apartment
  • Seven looked through the GPS history and only one time did something not follow her normal schedule
  • She went to the hospital a day after the video of MC going for a run
  • Did she get hurt?
  • Seven tried to see if there was any way to see where MC was
  • But she was gone
  • her phone was gone, the GPS wasn’t there; MC was no longer in the technological world where Seven could find her
  • Dammit!
  • Seven looked at the robot cat he worked on for MC
  • “Master doesn’t seem happy meow~ why aren’t you happy? Master is scared~”

– Unknown –

  • It was almost too easy for MC to disappear
  • The doctor she saw was a member of Mystic Eye
  • on orders by the Savior, he gave his files and anything with MC to Unknown who would be sure to destroy all traces of her
  • Unknown cleared his computer files that belonged to MC and all records of her visiting this hospital
  • Unknown cleared all videos of the doctor going into stores to buy things for MC and Paco
  • But looking at how MC still smiled at Unknown despite his intentions, his heart swelled
  • Don’t look at me like that!
  • “Is something the matter Unknown?”
  • No; he couldn’t get mad at her
  • towards the RFA he could
  • They were to blame for her getting so sick
  • they left her alone, tossing her to the side as if she were a used toy that everyone got bored of
  • they didnt even seem to care that she had been missing for over a month now 
  • they dont deserve her 
  • they never did
  • Call me Saeran, we should be on first name bases now
  • “If you say so Saeran” MC smiled, then coughed, leaning over the side of the bed to dry heave into the bucket Saeran left for her
  • Paco whimpered, expressing what Saeran felt

– 707 –

  • When he looked into the computer files of the hospital MC was at, he didn’t find anything
  • He even looked for people that would fit MC’S description and still, nada
  • Seven second guessed himself, maybe MC didn’t go to the hospital but probably took someone?
  • He almost gave up until he found a backdoor that had one message:

She’s terminally ill. You all should have looked after her better. -Unknown

– Jumin –

  • Jumin felt guilty, shame, and resentment
  • Guilty that they pushed MC away when she probably needed them the most
  • Shame that he promised he’d look after her breaking the promise when Rika came back
  • Resentment that MC didn’t try harder to get help
  • Jumin knew he had to tell the other RFA members
  • But because how much it revolves around Rika’s return, he didn’t want her to feel at fault …

Maybe she had something to do with this?
Don’t be impossible, it’s Rika were talking about
She did fake her death though and had us mourning
It was all for RFA’s safety!
From what?

  • Jumin needed wine no something stronger than wine
  • He was doing what he hated and that was letting his feelings cloud his judgment

– 707 –

  • Seven knew
  • He knew MC was still alive with Unknown, he didn’t however know was that she was seriously sick like almost seconds away from forever ceasing to exist 
  • Not until he traced the IP address from that message
  • He hacked into the security cameras in the building where MC was and his heart broke
  • There
  • lying in a bed with a dog, was a thin and sick MC
  • her face hollow and her body weak and feeble
  • But she still smiled
  • She was petting her dog and smiling towards the person who had their back to the camera
  • If that’s Unknown, why is she smiling at him?
  • Oh no
  • Seven looked in horror as MC doubled over, coughing what looked like blood into a bucket while Unknown rubbed her back as if he was supporting her 
  • What did we do to you MC? What did I do to you?  
  • Seven closed his eyes, conjuring the last time he spoke with MC and hearing her smile through the phone as they talked about the moon and space
  • What did we do to you?

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you know of a fanfic called A Fisherman's Knot by @scribefindegil but if you have and I'm sorry to ask you this because could you do a comic of the recent chapter whenever you have time to read it? I'm sorry,

(read the fic here!!) i’m currently not taking comic requests, I’m sorry ;v; you could always commission me or follow me on paetron 

BUT, I have actually read this fic, and keep up with it because it’s absolutely beautiful. it’s certainly hit me in the heart a few times, and is very high up there in my favorite gen fic list, just, GOLLY!! @scribefindegil is a very gifted writer and i adore all their work!!

so for the fic i drew this out!

glitter, glitter everywhere

The Noble Sport of Fox Tossing,

Popular during the 17th century, fox tossing is one of those bizarre cultural things that people of the modern age could not possibly understand.  Fox tossing usually took place in a specially made court with players spaced out in rows and columns.  Two players would work as a team, standing about 7 feet away from each other while holding a large sling. It was not uncommon for players to dress in costume as Greek or Roman mythological figures. Then dozens or scores of foxes would be herded into the court.  As a fox crossed over a sling, the players would simultaneously pull on both ends of the sling, thus propelling the fox into the air as if being shot by a slingshot.  Those who slung a fox the highest, or slung the most foxes would win.

As ridiculous as such a thing may sound, unfortunately fox tossing was often fatal for the animals, many of which could be propelled over 30 feet into the air if done by skilled slingers.  The game could also be dangerous for the participants, as frightened, angry, or rabid foxes may attack the players.  While foxes were the most popular, other animals could be used.  For example in a contest held at Dresden at the behest of Augustus II Elector of Saxony, King of Poland, 647 foxes, 533 hares, 34 badgers, and 21 wildcats were tossed.  In another tournament held in 1648, 34 boars and 3 wolves were driven into the enclosure.

Fox tossing continued in popularity until around the early 18th century, and had died out by the middle of the century.

‘Parasitoid’ My bone Alien Facehugger and a tribute to the great HR Giger This is one of my most popular pieces being shared online by Syfy.com, ThinkGeek, The Verge, Famous Monsters of Filmland, and many more. A personal favorite as well, I sold this exactly one year ago at Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas.

A graven, barren, broken tomb
Resides where once delicate orchids bloomed
No revocation for the damned
Cursed tempations ground to sand

Like a scornful, lustful breed
Dehumanizing virture for your novelty
Serenade with a swollen tongue
Let no elegy be sung

I am the deep shade of jaded
Will I burn down your fortress or lies?
Six fucking years i have waited
To cut you out of my life

No turning back.

I’ve finally let you go and left the past to die.
This is my resignation from all that
we’ve loved and left behind.
Now I’ll leave it behind!

A portrait of torture we paint
Beguiling allure whilst
adorned in lace
Eternally the porcelain cracks
a fatal passion forged in black

Like a creature of oddite
A captivating vessel of aesthetic beauty
Dressed in blood to provoke collapse
A fatal heart preserved in wax

I’ve finally let you go and left the past to die.
This is my resignation from all that
we’ve loved and left behind.
In the grave you dug for me a
frame of bones reside
The flesh has burnt to embers,
my muse this is my last goodbye

Spit you out!
Your beauty is bullshit!
I was just a corpse you saw fit to drag around
now your hold on me’s broken
“but heaven knows im miserable now”

No longer your ashtray to dispose of inside
Fuck your pretty face!
This is finally goodbye!

I’ve finally let you go and left the past to die.
This is my resignation from all the
we’ve loved and left behind.
In the grave you dug for me a
frame of bones reside

Six years I’ve pissed away!
It ends right here.
You’re dead to me. Goodbye.

—  Motionless In White Ft. Dani Filth
Puppets 3 The Grand Finale

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Welcome to Space Oddities. This is where Chaos is going to sell all that crap interesting space stuff she collects while off on adventures in her rocket ship.

I decided originally that I was going to use one Sim to hunt down all the collectibles, and Chaos got volunteered for that job. Her inventory fills up fast. So many duplicates of things to sell…the stuff is taking over the house.

I’m still amazed that I reached this many followers. I just want to thank each and everyone of you.   I enjoy my time here getting to know all of you, and able to help you out when I can.. So thank you for being so great and friendly to me. Or people that I admire from afar


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