Running with Scissors Overanalization

Originally posted by zamasu

This episode’s plot is seems take some inspiration from Homer’s The Oddessey.

The basic premise for both stories is of a man trying to get home to their significant other, only for divine interference to get in their way.

Marco is Odysseus, on a tireless journey to get back home that takes an obscene number of years to get through.

Hekapoo is a combination of Circe, Calypso, and Poseidon. Like Poseidon, she is the reason Marco is having a ton of trouble getting back home. Like Calypso,  there appears to be a certain amount of unresolved sexual tension that still only comes second to the woman waiting for him back home, and like Circe, she’s a crazy witchy femme fatale who manages to act as both a temptress and an antagonist towards the main hero. Her name appears to be a reference to a different witchy goddess Hekate, who may or may not be the mother of Circe.

And Penelope is either Star or Jackie. From a romantic standpoint, Jackie makes the most sense, but Star is much more prominent in this particular episode.

you know half-way through 2001: a space oddessey mulder and william wound up passed out together on that couch and scully came home from work and just curled up next to Her Boys ™ and it was warm and perfect