September 1st, 2015 9:35am

Ugh. So I’m T-I-R-E-D of living with junk nasty people and having friends come over that make a mess and then just leave. Like, yeah we’re friends and we’re close, but don’t come to my house and bake cookies for your charity or fraternity and then leave a gigantic flour explosion in my kitchen for me to take care of and then charge me $.50 if I ask to eat a cookie. 

Don’t ask to come over to do laundry and then leave your damp clothes in the washer over the weekend for me to find Monday morning. 

It’s call manners and respect, I love you as my friend(s) but enough is enough! Ask my boyfriend why he is no longer welcome to cook in my house (he left a greasy mess from frying fish). 

I left town for a weekend and came back to a disgusting bathroom and then my roommate gets offended when I ask them to chip in for a maid service. 

No, you’re not going to clean it because I know you won’t. I know you work AND have school and honestly, when you say you clean stuff, you don’t. So, stop lying to yourself. And hey, I’m not an entirely neat person either! I’m messy and disorganized but I’m NOT dirty. I recognize that I will not have the energy to clean my own house this week because I work 45 hour week every week and I clean all day at work and I’m not coming home at 2:45am in the morning to do the same God Damn thing. (Pardon my language). 

So, we’re getting a maid, but not a fancy one, I found a lady who will clean for $10/hour and I will gladly shove money at someone to clean because I’m so over this frustration. 

Roommate, you’re still my best friend, and I still love you. I knew what I was signing up for when I agreed to move in with you. However, I thought you would at least try and help out more. I am surprised how defensive you get when I ask you to clean your own mess or even hint at cleaning a dish once in a while.  

Thanks reader for letting my vent… I’m so heated that it came to this point. 


Connie and his puppy pal Romeo #oddcouple (at Chester Avenue Dog Park)

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