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Who would win: a trillion Pyroar or the sun?

Below is the actual video call between the author and editor regarding this ask, as transcribed and posted by the editor’s sister, Brigette Hamilton.

This is a rather silly question.

Indeed it is. I don’t think it’s worth our attention.

I agree. After all, there are so many variables involved here.

That’s not why—

I mean, I admit I don’t know the mass of a trillion pyroar off the top of my head, but I’d imagine it’s not nearly enough to take out the sun by default.

Honestly, Bill, there are far more important things to worry about than—

On the other hand, pyroar are fire-types and therefore have a resistance to the element, and perhaps a trillion pyroar can form a miniature star-like object that collapses into an equally miniature black hole. That might compensate for the insufficient mass of a group of pyroar otherwise.

Bill, that doesn’t—

Come to think of it, hold on. Let’s think about this for a second. How much does each pyroar weigh? Should we just assume they’re all perfectly average weight? Also, would the nuclear fusion take place on the planet or off? We’ll need to add in the mass of each pyroar’s breathing apparatus if that’s the case. Now that I think about it, we should probably assume the fusion takes place off-planet, perhaps in the corona at the very closest. We can’t have the pyroar die before the battle begins; otherwise, the whole point is moot. What configuration are the pyroar in as they fly towards the sun? Is it a cube of pyroar, a sphere, or an amorphous cloud?

Why are you like this?

Wait, Brigette posted this? Just how many people did you give my login credentials to, Lanette? —Bill

All of us. —Bebe

hey bill whats up? —Molayne

A mystery at Wildlife Aid!

Today we come to you with a bit of a conundrum. We have a number of nest boxes set up around the centre for birds to use during breeding season, but recently we noticed that one was occupied a little early!

These two wrens have been using this box as a roost for over a week with no breeding behaviour seen. This is the first time we’ve seen a bird using one of our boxes as a warm place to sleep, but they keep coming back night after night!

Has anyone else ever seen this strange event occur?

AoS Advent 2016 - Day 9

Written for AoS Advent 2016, organized by the lovely @theclaravoyant

Believe it or not, this was an idea I had this afternoon, and then I saw the prompt and it kinda fit, so here we go :)

Prompt: secret


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My own person

Daisy is staring at Fitzsimmons’ wedding invitation.

“Hey, Fitz,” she exclaims.

“Yeah?” Fitz replies and looks up from the book he’s reading.

“Why are you Fitz?”

“Umm, that’s a bit of an odd question.”

“No, I mean. I just noticed the wedding invitation says Leopold Fitz. But I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone call you Leopold or Leo or anything like that. I mean, not even Simmons.” She shrugs her shoulders. “I mean, isn’t it a bit weird that not even your fiancée-soon-to-be-wife calls you by your first name? I mean, why’s that?”

“I don’t know,” Fitz mutters grumpily. “You tell me, Mary Sue Poots.”

“So you just don’t like Leopold?” Daisy asks. “I don’t think it’s so bad.”

“No, that’s not it. Not quite anyways,” Fitz replies, shifting nervously in his seat. He sighs deeply. “My mum named me after my father,” he explains.

“Oh,” Daisy mutters quietly, not sure what else to say.

“He died in a car crash when my mum was pregnant with me,” Fitz continues. “And it was her way of honoring his memory, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I… I’m actually quite proud of that, because from what she’s told me he was a great guy and—” He breaks off his story.

“If you’re proud of it, then why—” Daisy asks, but he answers her question before she can even finish it.

“I’m proud of it, but growing up it felt like every single day someone came up to me and gave me some variation on ‘You look just like your father. It’s so fitting that you have his name. It’s like he never died.’”

Fitz falls silent for a moment.

“I wanted to be my own person, not his replacement,” he says quietly. His eyes shimmer sadly. “And the thing is, my mum never treated me that way. Never. But everyone else, and finally, just hearing people call me by his name—”

“So, it’s not the name, it’s what’s associated with it,” Daisy says understandingly.

“Yes,” Fitz confirms. “And while I couldn’t exactly get the people in my hometown to stop calling me… that.” He pauses. “I at least could ensure that everyone I met when I moved would call me Fitz.”

“What about your mum?” Daisy asks curiously but nervously. “Does she know?”

“It’s probably the one thing about me she doesn’t know,” Fitz replies. “Why would I tell her that? Break her heart? She’s the one person who would maybe have had a reason to try and find a replacement for the man she loved and lost, and she’s the one person who never treated me that way. She’s the only one who can call me Leo without making me cringe. When she says it, I feel proud to have my dad’s name.”

Silence settles in the room as both Fitz and Daisy stare to the ground.

“Thank you, Fitz,” Daisy says eventually. “For sharing your secret.”

Fitz chuckles briefly. “It’s not really a secret,” he replies. “It’s just not something many people ask.”

“I’m glad I did,” Daisy says and smiles.

“Yeah, me too,” Fitz admits, the corners of his mouth quirking up briefly.

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Hello! this might be a bit of an odd question but I trust you to try and help! I am a girl and I was going to cosplay negan at one of the Walker Stalker cons and I understand fully negan is a bad character and all that but I just wanted to cosplay for fun and I feel like really put off by it because of what everyone says about last nights episode, do you think I should still cosplay or is it a bad choice? :( I feel really sad because I've made my outfit and now I'm just anxious about it,thanks x

Hi! Sorry for the delayed response <3

Trust me on this though, TONS of people will be dressed as Negan. I can’t tell you how many Negan’s I saw at WSC Atlanta lol and they were awesome. 

I don’t think it’s a bad choice at all though, I mean look at all the characters people cosplay in other fandoms. Not every single one is a “good person”. Cosplay is to have fun, and if you like Negan as a villain that’s perfectly okay and you have every right to dress up as him for a convention, it’s what it’s all about :)

People like myself and others are getting mad at Negan fans who are excusing everything he does and who bend over backwards trying to make him into a “good guy” when he’s not meant to be. He’s an antagonist. That’s how he was written and there’s nothing wrong with loving a villain simply because of that. No need to pretend he’s a good guy who’s being “good” to all those wives he has. Like I said on Sunday, scaring someone into consent isn’t consent and it’s the people who argue that to defend Negan that are the problem, not those who enjoy him as a villain.

Don’t worry, there’s a clear line between Negan fans and Negan fans. It’s getting easier and easier to tell the difference lmao. 

You’ll be absolutely fine though and I wish you luck! ❤️

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Hey, Bill. A bit of an odd question but its something I was wondering about. You know how every Halloween there are those weird why is there a sexy custom of this? I was wondering if you ever accidentally bought one when trying to dress up as a Pokemon to get into their head and didn't realize until it was too late? #AMA

Goodness no! All of my costumes for research are handmade. Accuracy is essential to my methods. Even the texture of simulated chitin needs to be exact, as otherwise, it wouldn’t be very effective.

Besides, the fishnet stockings for many of those costumes are ill-fitting and ride up in a most uncomfortable fashion.

And you would know this because…? —LH

…science? —Bill

odd question munday meme

☆ ━ If you could live in the world of your muse(s) would you? 
▲ ━ How many muses do you have on tumblr in total?
✦ ━ Are there any muse(s) you miss roleplaying?   
❀ ━ If you could be re-incarnated into any animal in a next life, which would you choose and why?  
♬ ━ What are your top 3 favorite songs?
✖ ━ What’s something you’re very curious about?  
◕ ━ What’s something you consider is a special talent you can do? ( it can be big or small )
☁ ━ What is your opinion on cereal?
❣ ━ If you could marry one fictional character, which one and why? 
☮ ━ What do you do to try and get the muse to roleplay a character? 
☂ ━ What’s your favorite kind of weather and why?  
☑ ━ What’s something not a lot of people know about you?

But you know when you see a really good looking person while your out or on public transportation and have a crush on them for the duration of time their in your view then think how many people had that crush on you.


Feel free to add your own suggestions, but this is something I put together in response to people wondering where to start when it comes to watching other things Capaldi’s done. There’s a loooot, to put it lightly…so it helps to have some suggestions where to start.

“No, you’ve got to widen your stance a bit. Let me show you…”

a birthday gift for the beautiful and talented @pat-rice-cakes15, who is one of the kindest people i know and is almost as deep in ereri hell as i am. 8) i hope you’re having a lovely day, bby!! \o/

also, Levi pls, the seiunchin stance is very hard and Eren is doing his besy.