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? Toriel's phone can't send messages ? So it's not like Undertale, because I remember that Toriel send messages at Frisk in the True Pacifist's ending, before leaving the underground...

In Undertale, Toriel’s phone did not support messaging, until Alphys upgraded her phone at the end of the True Pacifist route.

Hello, Frisk. Alphys upgraded my phone.
I am having a lot of fun with the “texting” feature.

The phone Toriel gave to Frisk did not have texting either until given an upgrade.

Let me give you my ph-phone number!
Th-then… m-maybe… If you need help, I could…
Wh… where’d you get that phone!? It’s ANCIENT!
It doesn’t even have texting.
W-wait a second, please!

Toriel had a pair of really old phones!

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What do you think the most visually beautiful scene or episode is?

oohhh, good question!

In terms of the most consistent visually stunning episode, I believe it’s Futamono. 

It begins with Hannibal’s music, something that runs throughout the whole episode, it’s one of the first times we get to see his composition, where as previously we’ve seen him dance to someone elses tune as it were, here he’s singing his own song. Not only is the music beautiful but it sets the tone for the whole episode as we descend further into Hannibal’s world than we’ve ever been before (and Mads looks wonderful doing so.)

We move into a wonderfully visceral scene with Hannibal and Alana cooking, with Alana so unsure about where she stands with Will, as she skewers pieces of heart and tomato (which Hannibal has previously woven into roses for her) and they discuss what happened to Hannibal in Mukozuke. After the recent loss of Jonathan Demme, I think it’s also important to talk of this shot with Caroline Dhavernas, which is so similar to some of the shots of Jodie Foster, which helps to ensure empathy with the character, as opposed to just viewing the women of horrors and thrillers as objects, which is so typical of the genre.

Then you have one of the most elaborate kills in the series, which I believe was done for the most beautiful reason, because the victim destroyed the habitat of songbirds to create a completely empty car park.

I always adore the autumnal scenes in Hannibal, for this reason Potage is a highlight, the scene with Larissa, Abigail and Nick for example is lovely in colour. In Futamono you get one of these such scenes. I love autumn, so this is a super personal thing, but it certainly adds colour and texture to an episode.

Over the course of Futamono we see Hannibal preparing for a dinner party, this whole process is as beautiful as usual, but the scale is insane. It’s gourmet in the most incredible sense, and the idea that this sort of food is being made for a TV SHOW?! It’s incredible, and I don’t know whether it’s ever more apparent than it is in Futamono.

Then, as if they feel they didn’t already achieve enough during this episode they create three new stunning rooms in Hannibal’s house. Previous to this, we’ve only really seen the kitchen and dining room (and a bit of hallway) in this episode we get to see a drawing room, or entertaining space, a foyer and the bedroom *winky face* and all of these rooms are insane, stunning and so totally Hannibal Lecter.

And then even Gideon’s kidnap, with those beautiful almost gossamer and heavenly curtains, (and Mads in scrubs, did I mention Mads?)

and then if you thought that that enormous dinner party wasn’t enough cooking, you get that wonderful scene with the sculpting and the autocannibalism. I also love that they have to smash their way into their food, I think the open violence of that mirrors the hidden violence of Hannibal removing Gideon’s leg well. And all of this mirrors the amputation of Miriam’s arm which becomes important at the end of the episode.

The episode ends as it begins, with Hannibal’s melody, this has been an episode where Hannibal has come back out into the open after re-assessing the situation post framing Will, and the torment of Mukozuke (having to kill Beverly and nearly being killed by Matthew) the Chesapeake Ripper has returned and is ready to play.

Sorry for the long post, but there’s lots of elements which are beautiful visually, narratively, metaphorically and cinematically. I think Futamono is a journey through many elements of Hannibal’s life, and Hannibal’s life is one of aesthetic excellence and that is why the episode does so well aesthetically!

Questions; am I?

Am I a good person? 
Am I honest? 
Am I kind?
Am I thoughtful and caring?
Am I just? 
Am I fair? 
Am I too much or too little? 
Am I real? 
Am I an illusion? 
Am I a being or am I my own mind? 
Am I selfish? 
Am I smart? 
Am I talented or gifted? 
Am I lazy? 
Am I lovable? 
Am I free or just a product? 
Am I distracted? 
Am I loved?
Am I right or wrong? 
Am I opinionated? 
Am I a follower? 
Am I stubborn or just a fool? 
Am I good looking? 
Am I obsessed? 
Am I loud or quiet? 
Am I reflected? 
Am I deceitful? 
Am I alone or am I part of something?
Who am I? 

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Stopmakingliberalslookbad is a peodphile/pedophile apologist who supports sleeping with teenaged minors stopmakingliberalslookbad(.)tumblr(.)com/post/137118651925/bowie-was-cleared-of-rape-charges-in-a-trial-backstopmakingliberalslookbad(.)tumblr(.)com/post/159768165290/im-actually-glad-david-bowie-is-gone-good

Well, well, well. How the mighty have fallen.

I’m about to do the biggest exposé of @stopmakingliberalslookbad. I’m going to utterly tear her apart and no one will ever look at her the same way again.

So, bitch. Are you ready to be completely annihilated?

Ha, just kidding. The anon here obviously can’t read. But, just for fun, let’s look at the links given to me.

Link one:

Ah. Context. Sometimes, underage fans present themselves to look older so that their older idols presume that they’ve reached the age of consent so that they can have sex with them. It wasn’t just in the 70s. You’ll find underage fans today that go on and on about wishing that they could have sex with whoever their celebrity crush is. It’s nothing new.

Plus, there’s a huge difference between “A celebrity had sex with someone that turned out to be underaged” and “A celebrity deliberately preyed on underage fans to manipulate them into having sex, raping them.”

As uncomfortable as it is to admit – and I’m talking about girls here because it’s typically underage girls with adult men – there are some girls that look over 18 when they’re 14 or even 15. I know that I did. At parties where there were drugs and alcohol, it isn’t automatically presumed that the attendees are underaged. The only exception is when children are deliberately brought in to be raped.

And, again, uncomfortably, some girls desperate to touch, kiss or have sex with their idols will lie about their ages. 

I mean, in the link, she clearly states that she doesn’t support underage sex. She just says that there’s a huge difference between paedophilic rape and the situation with groupies. And she’s right.

Link two:

Do I really need to repeat the same answer?

In any case, away from my addition of (very obvious) context, explain to me how either of those links makes her a “paedophile” and a “paedophile apologist.”

Oh, what’s that? They don’t?

What, did you think you could send me a message and I’d turn into an attack dog without actually reading the links?

In any case, @stopmakingliberalslookbad is a great person with a great blog that I highly recommend.