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Bit of an odd question, but when would you expect to hear back from unis after submitting your UCAS form? When do med school interviews take place?


It really depends on the med school. I heard back from two in November inviting me to interview, and the other 2 got back to me in December/early January.

My interviews were spread out - I had one in late November, one in late December, one in January and one in February. So it really varies! x

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I fuking COMMEND you for all that you do. I just started a 8hr/day 40 hrs a week job and I literally feel like I'm dying. Do you have any tips on how to work 40 hours a week AND have time to do extra things that you like to do? I'm so exhausted.

Oh trust me, I’m always exhausted 😐 generally, I say it could be worse; this time last year I was working three jobs and about 72 hours a week of zombified despair because I couldn’t get a better paying situation at that time. I’m working about 45 hours a week now, and because of my monetary situation (I only get paid at work when I tattoo, otherwise I hang around and clean and don’t make anything) I have to do etsy work when I get home when I can.

For having energy outside of work, it can be really difficult but find what things you like to do that don’t take much emotional or physical exertion, like watching movies or drawing or something. On days off, I kind of need a “game plan” of what I’m trying to get done during the course of the day. It’s all baby steps and priorities.

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Have you ever had an 'Alice in Wonderland' moment in your life? (ie. Meeting a person really into hats, a rabbit popping out of nowhere..)

Not really? I mean, I’ve had some pretty interesting tea parties with my college friends….in cemeteries….

I want to ask a very weird question.. well kinda weird..


Well I don’t know about weird or so, but It’s an odd question..

I don’t know.. Okay it’s def odd.. I mean.. 

It’s kinda a relationship based question.. about being in one.. 

Maybe I should just drop it.. nah I’m just gonna retract to my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and try to think of something else..

If Randy has a single mother, does that make the Ninja Nomicon a father figure? Hey, it’s evidently sentient, it also teaches Randy life-lessons, and how to kick someone’s butt and when. Plus… after the events in “The Ninja Supremacy” and “Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer’s Key”, we can assume that if the book achieves a human form, that the appearance would be masculine.

soo, who here thinks that the Nomicon is Randy’s father-figure?

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One time a guy in the radio was reviewing Juno and said that her taste in music and movies was kind of impossible for a girl of her age, soo... question is how wrong this guy is considering your case?

Hell if I know? My music and movie taste isn’t impossible, just maybe improbable. 

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Is it true you're not circumcised?

funny that you should ask such an intimate & personal question like that.

i was forcibly removed from my skin in a seance gone awry.

they were trying to contact the ghost of Trouble Joe Foreskinner. a notoriously big robotics expert and time buccaneer stranded on a penal colony back in the 18th century.

unfortunately, the tables were turned. my soul was left cold and naked on the table for all to see. that’s just my luck.

 a brisk chill and a slow  rush. my astral self became an ethereal & elastic structure. rising from my body, i was separated. momentarily stripped of earthly flesh. naked as a bone.

my friends who attempted this reconnect with the afterworld were scrambling for tips on the web. just how the hell do you reattach a spirit back to its frame?

i could hear. but feel nothing. no longer connected to my billions of still warm nerve endings. i was cut off. the thin layer of my hoodie still draped over my head. as i laid motionless upon the floor.

end result, they mixed a concoction of crap to toss into a stainless steel pot. wine, sugar, water and soap. an old 2-XL 8 track player. and some nearly expired antibiotics.

…antibiotics? beats the devil out of me.

and there you have that traumatic tale.

“circumcised?" i thought you said "exorcised”. the answer is false. all bits and pieces and detachable.