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Hi! Odd question: what do you think the appeal/draw to star wars is for people who claim are "tired of the skywalkers"? I just feel like if I personally couldn't stand the main protagonists of the story it would be unpalatable to me...

Honestly? I think a lot of people got so used to how the EU stories eventually branched out to focus on other characters and situations that it was a bit jarring to see the focus snap back to the Skywalkers for the new canon. They forgot that the movies, at the core, were about the Skywalker family. They want to see more situations and more stories, which is all well and good! That’s what the spin-off films will be for! But the trilogy films are still about the Skywalkers, and those people need to accept that.

Although for others, I do think it’s telling how people are totally fine with Kylo being a Skywalker, and back when Rey S*olo was the leading team in the Great Parentage Debate, no one seemed to complain, but suddenly it’s a HUGE issue now that Rey’s dad is most likely Luke. I wonder why that is. 

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As annoyed as I am about the last chapter I have an odd question. If things stay as they are and Kubo doesn't change anything (to how it should be :-/ ) do you think people will ship Kazui and Ichika? I personally think that after people get over the shock of how shit the last one was they will start shipping it and half the fandom will end up in mental hospitals :P

I actually had the same thought! Along with “I can’t believe this” and “wtf”, I was wondering if people would start shipping Kazui and Ichika. Which is entirely possible, I guess, although I don’t think we’ll ever get future character development (or rather, exposition, since we don’t even know the bare minimun about them) to imagine a plausible relationship between them.

Personally, I’ve never shipped kids, not even in a headcanon where they’re older because I find that kind of shipping sort of creepy, to be honest. Especially in the case of Ichika and Kazui, where they’re likely to stay as little kids in the story and in the reader’s mind (also, keep in mind that they’re not even 10; Kazui looks around 6 and Ichika, 9).  The last chapter wasn’t the beginning of a new story with those two as the new protagonists, where they’ll grow into consenting adults; they’re there to showcase the final, canon pairings and their family life, and little else.

Bottom line is, I don’t ship them, and don’t think I’ll ever will, but it’s possible that other people will or are aldeady doing it. I don’t have anything against it as long as it’s in a headcanon where they’re way older and there’s mutual consent.

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1- What does ‘love’ mean to them? | 2 - What are they afraid of? | 3 - What is one thing about them that they are most proud of? | 4 - What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general) | 5- Do they prefer daytime or nighttime and why? | 6- Are they prone to nightmares or dreamless sleep? | 7 - Something that/Someone who makes them happy. | 8- If they’re caught out in the rain how do they react? | 11 - How do they react to praise? | 18- Do they value loyalty?

1- What does ‘love’ mean to them?

“Hm.. Kane.. This question is odd.. Do you mean a definition or value wise… I am going to say what definition is.. It is when two people care very much about each other and they are willing to be there for that person. Through the good times and the bad. They accept you for who you are and never ask you to change. It is when you can trust someone with your darkest secret and still not be judged.. You are each other’s equal and it is when you can think about that person once and they bring a smile to your face even on the darker days.

2 - What are they afraid of?

“My stitches being ripped apart and someone seeing my scars..”

3 - What is one thing about them that they are most proud of?

“That with your guidance I learned control.. The voices don’t have as much of a hold of me as they did.. I am proud that we became friends and that you trust me enough to be your number two!”

4 - What is one thing that they find embarrassing? (About them, others, things in general)

“I find it embarrassing that I don’t know much about sex that most girls my age do.. Not many people desire to lay with me and maybe it is because well I am kind of dead even though everything works.. It is embarrassing that one day when the chance of being intimate does come I am scared I will be judged because my sense of pleasure is probably just as twisted as Kanes.. Oh come on I hear him and leftovers when I pass by his room.. That loud stuff is not because he’s on top of her and doing the boring stuff.. I may be slow and stupid at times but not that stupid.”

5- Do they prefer daytime or nighttime and why?

“Nighttime because that is when all the fun and interesting people come out to play.. It is also quiet.. I like quiet.”

6- Are they prone to nightmares or dreamless sleep?

“I always have nightmares.”

7 - Something that/Someone who makes them happy.

“Kane makes me happy… Mister Aren makes me happy when I done a good job… Sinni makes me happy and Foxxie when I see her.”

8- If they’re caught out in the rain how do they react?

“I like the rain.. Its fun.. Kane gets mad though because when I get caught I come home soaking wet..”

11 - How do they react to praise?

“When the stitchums has done a good job she is excited about it.. I like being praised cause then it means I did something right for a change.”

18- Do they value loyalty?

“Yes I do.. Loyalty shouldn’t be easily given either it should be a slow process that is earned in time.. How long is that time span depends on the person and the vibe they give.”

mentions: @kanekuran / @areniaagn / @sin-arden

But you know when you see a really good looking person while your out or on public transportation and have a crush on them for the duration of time their in your view then think how many people had that crush on you.

“Do you think we’ll always be friends?”
Odd question for sure. But it’s after 3 am. I’m allowed to be a little odd.
We were in your apartment. A bottle of vodka sat half empty between us both. Good times and old memories.
Wed just finished up bender number, god I don’t even know? But we’d probably killed both our livers for the next few years.
It was worth it.
I open the window and light a cigarette, leaning out all the way. You always did hate the smoke. And this is your place, not mine.
“… why you asking?” You check. Make sure it’s not an incoming panic attack. That you don’t have to brave for the sure fire harsh list of ‘I’m sorry’ and 'it’s my fault’ coming your way. You never could handle those. Even worse than my cigarettes and weed. Which says a lot.
I shake my head as I exhale. Letting you know that we’re in the clear for the night. As of now anyway.
“No… just. I need to know.” My brain works in funny ways. Ways I can’t even quiet explain myself. But I needed your honesty.
“I can’t promise forever and ever but.. we’ve got a lot of years left in this.” You say with confidence.
I nod. I don’t know if this is the answer I wanted, but it seems to soothe my brain. Stops my shaking hands. “Love you.” It’s casually and calm.
“I know.” You tease. Even though it’s your own 'I love you back’ as we pour another glass.
—  If I was there in person.

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this may be a bit of an odd question but recently my boyfriend has been reading American Gods and, as a result, has become a little obsessed with playing with coin tricks, so i was wondering if there was a specific book that you had in mind that shadow learned the tricks from?

I used Bobo’s Modern Coin magic. It was an ancient hardback, but it’s now available in a nice tough Dover edition: http://amzn.to/2aGS2ps

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I fuking COMMEND you for all that you do. I just started a 8hr/day 40 hrs a week job and I literally feel like I'm dying. Do you have any tips on how to work 40 hours a week AND have time to do extra things that you like to do? I'm so exhausted.

Oh trust me, I’m always exhausted 😐 generally, I say it could be worse; this time last year I was working three jobs and about 72 hours a week of zombified despair because I couldn’t get a better paying situation at that time. I’m working about 45 hours a week now, and because of my monetary situation (I only get paid at work when I tattoo, otherwise I hang around and clean and don’t make anything) I have to do etsy work when I get home when I can.

For having energy outside of work, it can be really difficult but find what things you like to do that don’t take much emotional or physical exertion, like watching movies or drawing or something. On days off, I kind of need a “game plan” of what I’m trying to get done during the course of the day. It’s all baby steps and priorities.

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One time a guy in the radio was reviewing Juno and said that her taste in music and movies was kind of impossible for a girl of her age, soo... question is how wrong this guy is considering your case?

Hell if I know? My music and movie taste isn’t impossible, just maybe improbable. 

If Randy has a single mother, does that make the Ninja Nomicon a father figure? Hey, it’s evidently sentient, it also teaches Randy life-lessons, and how to kick someone’s butt and when. Plus… after the events in “The Ninja Supremacy” and “Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer’s Key”, we can assume that if the book achieves a human form, that the appearance would be masculine.

soo, who here thinks that the Nomicon is Randy’s father-figure?

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Is it true you're not circumcised?

funny that you should ask such an intimate & personal question like that.

i was forcibly removed from my skin in a seance gone awry.

they were trying to contact the ghost of Trouble Joe Foreskinner. a notoriously big robotics expert and time buccaneer stranded on a penal colony back in the 18th century.

unfortunately, the tables were turned. my soul was left cold and naked on the table for all to see. that’s just my luck.

 a brisk chill and a slow  rush. my astral self became an ethereal & elastic structure. rising from my body, i was separated. momentarily stripped of earthly flesh. naked as a bone.

my friends who attempted this reconnect with the afterworld were scrambling for tips on the web. just how the hell do you reattach a spirit back to its frame?

i could hear. but feel nothing. no longer connected to my billions of still warm nerve endings. i was cut off. the thin layer of my hoodie still draped over my head. as i laid motionless upon the floor.

end result, they mixed a concoction of crap to toss into a stainless steel pot. wine, sugar, water and soap. an old 2-XL 8 track player. and some nearly expired antibiotics.

…antibiotics? beats the devil out of me.

and there you have that traumatic tale.

“circumcised?" i thought you said "exorcised”. the answer is false. all bits and pieces and detachable.