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"Tell me, why are you afraid of mirrors? I am curious as to why someone like you would be afraid of that."

Succumbing to the nervousness that accompanied the presence of strangers, Rariv’sha let loose an embarrassed giggle practically reeking of fear. Wide eyes previously inspecting the spines of the many novels held within the library turned to fix themselves upon the man as she too whirled about, back to the bookcase and fingers picking at her sweater.

“I, well…” Biting her lower lip, the desertborn glanced away to study the floor. The odd question had triggered something deep within her that the woman promised to keep tucked but here she was, remembering everything while the toe of her shoe kicked idly at the wood below. “Would you believe me if I told you I don’t quite remember?” Asked Rariv’sha as she looked back to him, hoping the man would be satisfied with her simple white lie.

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I feel this post. I love Jemma, but I seriously don’t get why people always act like Jemma’s babysitting Fitz or something. He’s incredibly supportive of her and loves her unconditionally (and vice versa). Like, what more could a woman want? They both have personality quirks, and hers are no easier to deal with than his, but they are used to each other and they’re compatible, so I don’t get why people act like she’s doing him a favor by dating him. They’re both lucky. Who wouldn’t want him?


“I seriously don’t get why people always act like Jemma’s babysitting Fitz or something”

but ya know why. if @miz-cat is right and it only really started in season 2 then you know why. you really do. especially considering certain things certain people said recently about wanting a certain type of AU. 

But you know when you see a really good looking person while your out or on public transportation and have a crush on them for the duration of time their in your view then think how many people had that crush on you.


Feel free to add your own suggestions, but this is something I put together in response to people wondering where to start when it comes to watching other things Capaldi’s done. There’s a loooot, to put it lightly…so it helps to have some suggestions where to start.

“No, you’ve got to widen your stance a bit. Let me show you…”

a birthday gift for the beautiful and talented @pat-rice-cakes15, who is one of the kindest people i know and is almost as deep in ereri hell as i am. 8) i hope you’re having a lovely day, bby!! \o/

also, Levi pls, the seiunchin stance is very hard and Eren is doing his besy.