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Probably an odd question from a new follower that just came for the boobs without any interest in the games or anime, but is there ever a nipple or a vagina at all or is this stuff only a big tease-o?

The TV series and games have never had any nipples (everything is censored), but the recent-ish Estival Versus OVA has quite a few.

There have been a few in-game glitches that ended up showing uncensored boobs but they have no nipples.

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this is kind of an odd question bc my mind's been wandering a lot lately lmao but what do you think luke would be like if you were pregnant and like, you asked him to shave down there for you bc you cant do it yourself??

very clumsy but very very loving and blushy and he’d be blabbing a lot to hide the fact that he has no clue what he’s doing and wow this is both cute and embarrassing on his part

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Which gun causes a small damage to a person? I write a book and there's a character who's going to be shot in the head, but the murder has the intention to preserve the corpse.

I wouldn’t know really. Bullets tend to make a mess. I would just think something that has a small entry/exit wound. Idk, a .22?

I just have to say this may be one of the most odd questions I have gotten yet.

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I have an odd question. When I read people's "about" pages, some list DFAB as a privilege and some list it as an oppression. I'm confused. I don't even use the term, but I wondered about the discrepancy. Thank you for helping clarify if you can!

“DFAB” is kinda an outdated thing, like it was a useful term for a while but now it’s not applicable anymore (and never was, we just thought it was a good thing for a while) because it assumes too much. DFAB really doesn’t even tell you anything tbh and what it does assume is often incorrect for a large majourity of people. (In case you weren’t sure it stands for designated female at birth.) The only time that birth assignment is relevant is during discussions of transmisogyny and most people just say “I’m not a trans woman/transfeminine” to make things clear. 

Whoever lists DFAB as an oppression is a transmisogynist since obviously they value birth assignment over self identification. People who list DFAB as an oppression are probably cis twerfs. DFAB isn’t an oppression. Being a girl, though, is. Cis girls are oppressed because they’re a girl but they have cis privilege. And obviously any other girl is oppressed by being a girl, people aren’t oppressed based off their birth assignment in this case.

On the other hand, DFAB or non trans women hold privilege by the fact that they aren’t trans women and/or don’t experience transmisogyny. Non trans women may not experience cis privilege but they still oppress trans women/transfeminine folks. (This is a good blog that goes into it more.)

But you know when you see a really good looking person while your out or on public transportation and have a crush on them for the duration of time their in your view then think how many people had that crush on you.

I want to ask a very weird question.. well kinda weird..


Well I don’t know about weird or so, but It’s an odd question..

I don’t know.. Okay it’s def odd.. I mean.. 

It’s kinda a relationship based question.. about being in one.. 

Maybe I should just drop it.. nah I’m just gonna retract to my Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and try to think of something else..

the boys' thought patterns
  • Luke:never a dull moment in his mind, one thought leads to another causing him to have lengthy conversations in his head, and to stay silent for long periods of time before cropping up with an extremely odd question or statement.
  • Calum:thinks A LOT. Has probably written a trillion songs in his head only to forget them when he tries to write them down. Often seems shy or absent in the conversation only because he is busy analysing you and noticing every detail, especially if something is off about you. Nothing gets past him he just picks his battles wisely, tends not to start small arguments but will retaliate if attacked.
  • Michael:doesn’t have a lot in the way of a verbal filter. Usually says what is on his mind but doesn’t realise that his words sometimes have consequences, expects everyone to be take jokes as well as he does. Very unpredictable, can be at one end of a spectrum at any time; meaningful or jokey, focused or scatty etc.
  • Ashton:likely to always be thinking about others around him. Not one to get caught up in his own thoughts and is a straightforward thinker, through and through. Probably finds it hard to sleep at night due to stressing about issues other people are dealing with or upcoming events. Likes to have a plan and tell people what to do, but in such a way that people actually listen to him.