Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs - Translations!! Part ONE

Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs is a school AU that the official anime Twitter came up with! 

Translations were made by my awesome friend Maya @erochuya (her Twitter can be found here - she uses her Twitter more often) and edited by me! Enjoy~ ^^

The question for part one is: Please introduce yourself.

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Small, stupid things that probably happen to us during the zombie apocalypse nobody talks about

I can’t be the only one asking these questions while watching my favorite shows… how does everyone always look so perfect? How do they organize their everyday life? Here’s a short list of unfortunate things that would certainly happen to somebody during a zombie apocalypse:

- coughing/ sneezing/ hiccups which will attract zombies
- periods
- not finding Tampons
- slipping/ tripping/ stumbling
- yeast infections
- other infections
- growth of hair in odd places
- smelling bad
- toothaches
- only finding bad CDs
- bad hair days
- no fitting bra
- getting the tiniest scratch from a zombie
- yellow teeth
- knowing what you want to eat but not finding it, ever
- trying to remember song lyrics but never hearing them again
- lacking privacy
- toilet paper

Feel free to add what comes to your mind

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What are some of your favorite cheap/drugstore makeup for cosplay(foundation, contouring, eyeliner, etc.)?

Oh boy lets see! These are my favs, and I use them on the daily too!

Rimmel Stay Matte. It’s really opaque, which I love for cosplay, because it gies my complexion a good blank canvas to work on and contour. This goes for their powder too!

Pixi Palatte. I bought this palette cause it has a variation of shades. For dark and blonder hairs. Great for cosplaying mutiples colors.

But if I need to change my brows for a odd hair color, blue, orange, green, I use prismacolors.

NYX Palatte. I use a contouring palette actually. It’s got more variations of shades for more complex looks. Rather than having one shade darker of bronzer.

As a highlighter I use either cheapy wite eyeshadow, or my highlight stick.

BH colors. I bought this cheap ass feild of colors, cause you never know what you need for cosplay. But I always buy BLACK and WHITE in larger, singular pots. The .99$ wet n wild ones.

Fabuliner. I favor FELT Tip eyeliners. But they dry out fast, no matter how fancy. So I always buy a bulk of 4-5 cheap ass ones. They’re all the same honestly, just nice to have a ton on hand. They dont last long so its a waste to buy some 24 dollar one.

Covergirl is my favorite cause they have every fucking shade under the sun. I really love the Katy Perry matte ones! The color is nice and vibrant without being too sticky or cheap. And If its too much, I lay it one and dab some off.



Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 2643

Warnings: Some swearing, fluff

A/N: Wow I definitely didn’t intend for it to be that long. Also, one day I’m gonna get everything together and start making headers for these posts, but that day is not today. Today I’m going to sleep because I’m currently dying from cramps. Hope you guys enjoy, though! Also, there’s a pic of the bike I mention at the bottom of the fic if any of you are curious. 

You knocked frantically on Jim’s door. Bones was gonna kill you. A few seconds passed without answer and you pressed your ear to the door, listening for movement. Hearing nothing, you pounded on the door again.

“Jesus Jim answer the goddamn door,” you called.

If Jim could’ve yanked open the automatic door, you’re sure he would’ve. He was scowling deeply, hair sticking up in all directions - the first time you’d seen it anything less than perfect. His shirtless torso was still perfect, though, and those gray sweats hanging dangerously low on his hips were downright tantalizing.

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There is a spoiler picture just dropped, which looks like this…

Well, I feel mixed about this.  I seen something like this in the Gravity Falls fandom. When the show was still airing, Alex Hirsch, the creator of the show, posted up a fake spoiler in order to mess with the fan base.

So yeah…I’m sceptical about this.

From what I heard, the post was on Kimiko Glenn‘s Instagram account. Kimiko Glenn is a voice actress and in the picture, there was a microphone in the background.  I went to her Instagram account.   Well…dead end. I couldn’t find the post. So either she deleted it because she was showing spoilers to the show or Montgomery and Dos Santos are fucking with us…or I’m missing it like a complete idiot.

Examining the picture closely, it’s hard to say if it’s fake or not.

On one hand, the art sticks close to the show style (although that is not saying much) and the stamps on the screen seem right with the DreamWorks logo being the official one (again, not saying much, since there are sites where you can get high quality vectors for free, including major name brands like DreamWorks).

On one hand, there are some red flags with it. There’s a tag on it reading “Hyperbolic Audio” smack dab in the middle of the screen. After googling that name, it’s a recording studio in New York. The thing is – that’s not the logo for the studio, this is…

It’s missing the hourglass in the middle. That strikes me as super odd, since if this is being recorded at that studio, why would they get their own logo wrong? It’s like a McDs restaurant actually spelt it WcDonalds, it just seems odd.

Also, far as I’m aware, the studio that records VLD is in LA, not New York. With that being said, Kimiko Glenn is apperently working on Broadway right now, so it is possible she could be recording at a New York studio while she is working on another project and not working at the official studio.

There’s also little shading in it. Either because it’s half finished and just a visual for the actress while she is recording her lines…or this is a fake.

Matt also looks off as well. Matt in the series looks like this in bright light…

His hair is more of a brownish-red. In the picture, he almost looks blond.    It seems odd for his hair to be a lot lighter, even in different lighting conditions. In animation, there are certain pantones you must use on a character to keep things consistent. Sure, it can alter a bit under lighting conditions, but not by that much. 

Either way, right now, I’m not  sure if it is or not, especially since this is coming from a VA and not on a random 4Chan forum. We’ll have to wait and see.

If this is real, Matt’s armour design is badass. It is awesome to have another badass female on the show (I mean, the VA is a girl, so she has to be voicing one of the rebels if this is real).  Matt and Shiro teaming up is awesome on so many levels. And Shiro’s alive!

…if not, fuck this is like Gravity Falls all over again.

Jimin Scenario: To Hold You.

Request: Requests are open! Yaaay Can you write a vampire prince AU, where he have a human girl for a while now, & he took her to his “vampire palace” to get to know more of his vampire side, his family & what they do. With How surprise she’s of seeing him as a prince & royal. The plot could be how sweet he’s with her, & fearless with the others specially his enemy. You can add a fight scene if that helps. & you can end it as you wish. I just can’t take vampire prince jimin out of my hand after BS&T

Vampire AU.

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

-I’m not sure if this is right- you muttered as you opened the door for Jimin. You were ready to go, you had told your maid to brush your hair until it shone and then you had pinned half of it with a pretty broach Jimin had gifted you a few months ago. It was beautiful as it was antique, and you couldn’t think of a better occasion to wear it than to go to his place for the first time.

-Of course it is- he assured with a smile, dashing, was the only word you had to describe him. Jimin was beautiful beyond words, but that one seemed to adjust somewhat right. He had this odd shade of hair, blond, but with an ashy tone that with a certain amount of light looked lilac. -Everything is ready, unless you don’t want to go- he suggested softly. 

You did want to go, you died with curiosity to go to his place, that by the rumors it was something huge and out of the ordinary, everyone talked about it, the high palace by the hill, but not many people dared to go there.

-I want to- you affirmed and that made Jimin take your hand to pull you out of your house. The carriage was just in front of your street. You really liked it, it was luxurious but cozy on the inside, the two white horses that pulled from it made great contrast with the black material of the carriage itself. -I’m just a bit nervous-

-Nonsense Y/N- Jimin laughed helping you in after the driver opened the door for you and Jimin extended a hand for you to get in easily.

He was holding your hand as you rode there, but that didn’t make anything to your nerves. -So everyone is going to be there? Your parents? Your brothers? Friends?-

-Of course!- he chirped. -I gathered everyone for this special occasion-

-How thoughtful- you mused making him laugh. -And are they really ok with it? I mean won’t they want to… eat me?-

At that Jimin lost his smile, shaking head. -No one will ever do such thing, bringing a human isn’t perhaps the most common thing for us but- he kissed the back of your hand smiling a little again. -But I already spoke about it and there’s no turning back, I found you Y/N, I couldn’t ever let go of you-

You smiled at him this time. -We found each other-

-This way you can know more about me too, more about us, and that way you can be sure if you want… this, this kind of life- he finished with a sigh.

-I wish to know it all, but you can’t blame me to be nervous though- He chuckled amused with that. -I’m serious, are royal vampires as mean and ruthless as human monarchs?-

-They are- Jimin conceded enjoying your eyes going wide to then chuckle once more. -But not towards you, you are with me Y/N, everyone will treat you like they would if you were…- he laughed lightly like he was enjoying some secret joke and you hit him with your fan.

-Like what my lord?-

-Don’t call me that- he nagged but still with a laugh in his mouth. -Like my wife-

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What're the odds the boys get to keep the dark colored hair? I mean before everyone went brown when was the last time they'd had their hair dyed? Maybe BigHit is letting them out of that phase.

There is a rule in Kpop, New comeback = New hair. The odds are close to zero but again it is BigHit. Those people are so EXTRA. maybe they will start something called “loving and embracing your natural hair color” who knows?!!

I mean they look soooo good with black hair anyway. I will not mind. Just look:


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Star and Marco meet Lincoln and Ronnie Anne

After Star and Marco arrived to other dimension, they look two kids named Lincoln Loud and Ronnie Anne. Since Star and Marco please to meet Lincoln and Ronnie, Star looks Lincoln’s hair is odd and white but that is normal. And, Marco teaches Ronnie how to show his martial arts because she wants to make a self-defense for her family. That is so cool.

So I guess you all can chalk me down in the camp of “nobody for replacement Black Paladin 2k17″ and it’s one part, I have a huge amount of feelings on the Lions, and I also feel like it’d be the worst thing for any of the potential Black Paladin candidates- literally, as in directly antithetical to their character development- and I also think it’s something they could feasibly pull off considering how in practice, despite Shiro and Allura as main leaders, all of the paladins weigh heavily on decisions made. 

That was explicitly something Shiro chose the first time he was nominated as leader- “Whatever we choose, we have to choose together” and he tenaciously policed that idea throughout the series thus far. The nomination of Keith as Black Paladin is the sole excuse- it’s done, more or less, behind the rest of the teams’ backs, and the only person in favor of that idea is Shiro- not Keith, not Red (who spends the season being very protective of Keith) and certainly not Black (who makes it very, very clear to Zarkon who her paladin is)

It’s quite possible that we’re not going to see a singular leader- but the leaderless paladins acting by committee. Which could set up a very interesting conflict, because we’ve been promised on the empire side of things that politics are going to get really interesting, really quickly.

Seeing the paladins struggle democratically through decisions and teamwork, and probably conflict more than usual, but come through it because at their core they trust and care about each other, could be a very interesting contrast to the empire- which is going to be in a very bad place, since Zarkon has stocked his surroundings with ambitious, calculating, often bloodthirsty and manipulative people, and now suddenly he’s not there to keep them in line.

Haggar’s unlikely to want to stray too far from Zarkon, since he’s prime for an assassination attempt right now, and all of her political power appears to be because she had Zarkon’s ear. She may be bringing in Lotor to set up as a puppet king while she takes control, but that’s not going to work- for a couple of reasons.

Primarily, Lotor blatantly has his own agenda and especially if Haggar’s only keeping one eye on him and her other on Zarkon, he has a lot of wiggle room to act behind her back. WG’s presence would certainly imply that Lotor has avenues well outside of the empire and is looking to gather more of them- since the empire pretty clearly can’t trace jumps made by a teludav, if Lotor gets hold of one, and has the lineage to use it, that’s going to make him very difficult for anyone to pin down.

Second, even if Lotor’s an incredibly charismatic person and able to compel a lot of galra to follow him rapidly- he’s still seemingly a newcomer and relative unknown. Other forces in the empire- Throk in particular seems to have taken over Prorok’s old position- are going to be better established and quite possibly in a good place to challenge him.

Especially if Lotor’s mixed heritage is particularly obvious- considering how uniform the fleet is, it’s possible that Lotor being only part galra might even weaken his legitimacy as Zarkon’s heir in some people’s eyes. After all, from what we’ve seen of him, he takes very little after his father. Prorok distrusted Haggar heavily, and it’s probably not a coincidence that Lotor looks a lot like her- I think people are going to draw the connection between the odd-looking white-haired woman who’s so frequently right at Zarkon’s side and Zarkon having an odd-looking white-haired son, even if neither Haggar nor Lotor are public about their connection.

So if you have the empire turning into a simmering pot of political intrigue and people trying to grab for power while Zarkon’s down, it’d be an interesting contrast to see the paladins, equally “headless” but coming together and supporting one another. Heck, especially if diversifying the major antagonists gives us counterparts for the four remaining paladins- I’ve speculated at Lotor echoing Lance and WG potentially being a Keith allegory, but Throk and his friend could be counterparts to Hunk and Pidge.

Eternal {Byun Baekhyun}

Description: “I can’t promise you forever forever, because I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep that promise.”

Genre: Angst/slight fluff?

Pairing: Byun Baekhyun x Reader

Word Count: 1,509

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Quilt covers stretched up the expanse of your body until they almost covered your chin. Relentless icy wind couldn’t be thwarted by your protective cocoon, however, and you wished that Baekhyun would get home soon to snuggle under the covers with you, ceasing your endless shivers.

The two of you weren’t quite high-school sweethearts, but after a few bad relationships you let yourself realise there were better options right in front of you, if you’d only give them a chance. So you did. Something always bothered you though, and from the moment you started dating you could never shake the feeling. It felt temporary.

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Cold Hearted (Prince AU)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

Summary: The King of the Ice Kingdom arrives in the palace seeking a bride for his only son. Who will he choose?

Word Count: 2835

Warnings: Blood (In later parts), Smut (in later parts)

    You were running by through the palace gardens when you heard one of the servants calling your name. Your two sisters, Katerina and Victoria, looked up from the game of checkers they were playing beneath the cherry blossom tree.

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Concept: link and revali braiding each other's hair (is that hair in revali's braids?? Idk rito anatomy??). Revali acts like he has the Superior Braiding Method And Skills (again idk how w/ rito anatomy) but revali is still just secretly loving having his braided by link

Addition to the braiding ask: link comes back to rito village after some adventuring, clearly disheveled, but the braids are still nearly perfect, bc he cares so much about the work revali put into it. Of course revali has Something to say about the few stray hairs, but also recognizes how much link cares and feels Honored, even if he doesn’t show it

Revali hasn’t told Link yet, probably never will, but braiding each other’s hair in Rito culture is considered sort of…intimate. Like, the sort of thing only lovers do.

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