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Do you think alot of anime has become full of cliches? It's like every anime is the same; teenager who site by the window seat in class with odd color hair with emotional issues is given god like, mystical, super natural powers. There's the rival who think he isnt worthy but eventually they become friends, there's the other rival who works for the bad guy but isnt really bad himself and switches teams, there's the accidental upskirt and falling into a girl's boobs. Same old elements

I haven’t seen any new anime lately, I’m playing Pokémon USUM currently but pretty much. Or either the protagonist is not very confident but eventually gets great powers and they have the best friend who’s over-confident or usually the comedian. The best friend normally balances out the protagonist, which I don’t mind.

As for the rival on the bad side that later switches over, those are my favorite kinds of characters to be honest lol. Impmon from Digimon Tamers is one of my favorites. Very good anime. Watch it in the original sub. The dub is trash. 99% of dubs are. Overall, I guess they kind of remind me of myself sometimes.

As for the upskirting-falling-into-boobs anime girl, you forgot to mention humongo boobs. I swear some of them are drawn so disproportionate. Like how does that even? I don’t know but it really underlines the problem with the VERY perverted culture among some Japanese men, especially the older ones. Makes it difficult to enjoy some anime because of how perverted and gross they are.

Kill la Kill for example. Great anime. Loved it. Very difficult to enjoy though when you can pretty much see their privates half the time. Like can they just not do that?

Angry Asian Guy

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do you have any tips on guessing someone's rising sign? 😭

Aries rising: they are usually intimating at first and have a kind of electric vibe about them! They feel so warm and often have rugged and ruddy features about them! Sometimes they have noticeable scars in some way and have something distinctive about their hair or face and have an easy time blushing! They the ones who walk upright and sort of with a primitive stride! They’re pretty dynamic and energetic people as well and have a unmistakable youth about them! They can be a bit overwhelming and come on strong! Not in a bad way either! They just leave an impression. (Athletic looking and have sort of built bodies)

Taurus rising: they feel so warm and inviting! They have this aloof and unfocused look in their eyes and seem a bit out of touch. They’re very earthy and have a sensuous looking bodies(curvy and or thic in some way even if they’re more lean style they have a sort of curvy aspect to them usually the buttocks and or thighs) they have long flowing hair and at times it’s straight! They usually have thick necks too and aren’t the types to “side eye” they usually move there whole heads when they’re looking at something and can be a bit like a bull when they stride! They’re very pleasant! And have such a sweet vibe even if they have a less then easy going sun sign or moon. They are super stubborn and are the types to get possessive! You usually catch them in comfy clothes and sweats at first and they might be the types that you notice there “possessions” first.

Gemini rising: very mischievous! They have a devilish and childlike smirk! They tend to be fast moving and fast walkers! You’ll point them out by the sound of their voices! Aha they’re quite the talkers! But one way to distinguish them is like most air risings they’re not the most talkative people when you first meet them! They can be standoffish and even shy. They have an easy time getting things done and can be quietly intellectual! The ones you don’t see doing any work in school but somewhere somehow maintain all A’s and B’s. They are rather skinny and often have even if they’re thick longher necks! They have distracted eyes and tend to look around at the “big picture” so to speak! They look around their whole environment and often do so any time they’re walking into a new place or area for the first time! They have to take it in! They often look bored and anxious as if they’re ready for shit to hit the fan at a moments notice.

Cancer rising: quite-Quite-QUITE! They usually are deafly silent and don’t really come across as the in your face type of energy upon first meeting them. You feel almost at peace and comfortable in their presence! They have a nurturing and almost motherly energy upon meeting them. They’re eyes are often round and watery as if they could cry with a single gesture. They usually avoid eye contact unless they know you better and can have a disengaged presence about them. It’s often hard to gauge there personality as the moon tends to hide it. They are paler in there complexion and usually have soft and fragile skin. There limbs are lanky and they’re stomachs always have something that stands out about them! Be it a beer belly or a six pack there’s always something unique about it. They usually walk with a small leap and fro movement and in times of distress or confusion walk side to side in a crab like motion. These are usually the people who seem uncomfortable and off to the side of a room.

Leo rising: one word! EGO okay so with this rising you can feel them similarly to cancer but due to their radiant energy and the ego that comes with it! You can feel they’re ego without them even uttering a word. It’s the way they walk. Head held high. Arms swinging with entitlement and prestige. The unbothered looks here and there and the complete level of situational comfort wherever they are. They seem unmoved and rather content in whatever surrounding they find themselves in and seem to stake their owner ship of their surroundings like a lion. People are often going to notice them for better or worse and usually remember them. They’re the talk of the town and the one everyone knows. Even if they’re walking into a Walmart-people notice them. They have a warmth about them and can seem very open and exciting upon first meeting them! They’re the cool guy or gal who runs at the beat of there own horn! They usually have bright patterns on or a loud color that says “I’m here” a Sagittarius sun Scorpio moon I know who has his rising in this sign wears crimson reds and dark blacks with occasional patterned blue shirts and graphic tees. These natives are usually “watching” almost like a lion! They’re often skimming the room and occasionally staring folks down like prey.

Virgo rising: observant. They can be hard to sense much like Pisces they’re almost apart of their surroundings and blend right in. They can seem to themselves at first glance and usually seem off somewhere “mentally” and often don’t really seem “there” they have very petite frames and small features no matter there size! They have very “delicate” looking bodies and present themselves in a peaceful way! They often move quickly and can be gone before you even had enough time to process there existence! They’re very kind souls and often keep there distance when you first meet them! They cloak themselves in a mask of manners and politeness but often remain a level of space between them and you during such interactions. They’re the people whom walk into the room scanning it quickly as if they’re making a mental note of the characters involved.

Libra rising: charming and socially mastered. These people often have a almost godlike capability when it comes to the masses. Unless they’re an afflicted libra rising they tend to be seen in the crowd or with others. They thrive on interactions with others and often are well liked by there peers and those whom they meet. They have a very “perfect” type of vibe and can seem like ken doll and Barbie and I mean this in the nicest way! They just have very compartilized movements that seem to always fit together. They often have very fitting features in regards to them and most people say this is a very beautiful rising! I say all risings are beautiful! But I will say libra risings have a sensual type of look and can be a bit curvy similarly to Taurus risings! Oh and elf ears is a thing here aha! You’ll notice them immediately from their smiles

Scorpio rising: intense. Extremely mysterious energy and may keep you guessing. They can seem private and uninterested in their immediate environment. They usually have a strong glare and have sharp eye contact. They are usually tan skinned no matter what there race is and can have oily skin. Hair is curly. Like always..always curly. Jk aha but no seriously a lot of them and water signs in the Pluto decan tend to have curly hair. They also are magnetic no matter what they look like they have this captivating energy that always makes you do a double take. They also have a gait in their walk and can walk in a bowl-legged manner! As if there swinging their imaginary tail. They also have this natural sexual energy about them that is just there no matter what they’re wearing. They can seem blunt and unapproachable at first and can be hard to really “get to know” you’ll usually see them alone and separated from the group-there often the lone wolf and the ones who always make eye contact.

Sagittarius rising: they often have a very happy and infectious energy about them! They’re like always happy and optimistic when you meet them and have a quirky and bouncy personality. They often are laid back and have a chill and go with the flow attitude upon meeting them. They keep things light and avoid any heavy stuff. They also are the types to dip if things get weird or boring to soon. Fairly open people who sometimes slip to much information about themselves upon first meeting them. They’re easy to distract and even harder to reel back in! When they’re in a crowd they don’t know what to do with themselves and get overstimulated! They put on quite the show when a crowd is around and can be hard to settle down. They come across as nomadic and traveler types and can have a old time reggae feel about them. They have wide hips and can also be curvy and look good with weight! There bodies tend to naturally curve off towards their lower body. You’ll usually see them falling and or messing with their hair or body in some way!

Capricorn rising: they are super easy to spot. They look very serious even if they’re the most lighthearted person on earth they’ll have an intense and serious gaze about them when there face is in a rest position. They have one hell of a testing bitch face be it guy or gal. They have a beautifully crafted face and can have prominate boney features. They also have teeth that are very noticeable in a way and often have beautiful smiles. They can be tall but the women are usually short to medium height while the men are usually tall. They tend to walk slow from place to place and separate themselves quite a bit. They have a cold and almost scary energy about them when meeting them and can seem extremely disappointed in the people and setting that their in even when it’s not how they’re feeling! You often see these people in the middle of a task or looking down or straight ahead

Aquarius rising: these are hard to spot! But these natives are actually either super talkative or super quite there is not inbetween! The talkative ones are fast and shift quite a bit! They travel with a lot of restless energy and can seem on to the next topic before it’s even happened! The quite ones are pleasant and peaceful but mostly to themselves and try to avoid prolonged interactions that they don’t have to have. Both are aloof and seem a bit eccentric. There is an innovative and rebellious air to them and they can have odd style or even hair in some way. Since Uranus is an unusual planet these natives can and tend to look far out or different in some way like something unlike anything on this planet. You’ll often catch them laughing and giggling! They love to laugh and often tend to be laughing at what is in front of them or something they’re remembering

Pisces rising: unlike the other water sign risings although these natives are quite they also have an easy and flowing energy about them. You’ll often feel understood the moment you’re in their presence! They often seem older then they are on a mental level and can be very wise upon meeting them! There is a deep level of sensitivity and compassion they exude that makes you want to be careful and watchful in their presence of what you do and say. They have watery eyes like cancer and can seem very innocent and lost even if that’s not how they are. They are very elusive and hard to really get a grasp on. They tend to glide through the world and can feel like energy rather then an actual person. They come and go like a puff of smoke. You’ll usually see them looking like they’re dreaming in some way! These are the people you say hi to or try to talk to that take a minute or two to register what’s going on!

Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs - Translations!! Part ONE

Gakuen Bungou Stray Dogs is a school AU that the official anime Twitter came up with! 

Translations were made by my awesome friend Maya @erochuya (her Twitter can be found here - she uses her Twitter more often) and edited by me! Enjoy~ ^^

The question for part one is: Please introduce yourself.

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she is a small infant, staring up into her parents faces, blurry and soft around the edges, giggling and grasping her parents fingers, unaware of any problems in the world.

she is a child, staring at her mother’s beautiful dresses, running her fingers along the silk and the satin, wondering why she can’t wear them. she is watching her mother pin her hair up, the dark thick locks, and feeling her own short-cut hair, and wondering why she can’t have her hair long.

she is a barely a teenager, looking wistfully at her sister, who is smacking her lips as she places lipstick upon herself. she is looking at the boys in the centre of town, feeling heat rise to her cheeks as she stares at the graceful curve of their throats, the angles of their noses and the shape of their legs.

she is wondering why she can’t be a she.

she is a teenager now, and she has told her parents how she feels. they look at her, and she can feel the weight of their gazes. although they say everything is alright, she can hear their whispers late at night, curled up in bed, and wonders if there is something wrong with her.

she is with her sister, and she is laughing and she is wearing a dress, and she is herself and she feels wonderful. her joy quietens when she has to take the dress off in order to leave her house.

she curls into a ball, sobbing, once she realises that she can never be herself outside of her home.

she is with her sister, and she is in a place full of bright colours and foreign accents. she is with her sister, and she is wearing makeup, and she is wearing a dress, and she is on top of the world, because she is out in the open, and she is who she really is, and she is diana.

she is whirling her blade around in a fight, slicing and stabbing demons all around her. she whispers her sister’s name as the darkness closes in around her.

she has jolted awake, and there is a blue woman there, a warlock—her name is catarina—and she softly tells her that her sister has died, and diana screams, and she has never felt this pain before, and it feels like her heart has ripped open, and she can’t breathe, and she can taste the salt dripping down her face in tears.

she is in catarina’s home, and she has told her how she feels, how she is a she, but doesn’t look it to others. catarina tells her that is called being transgender—and she is sobbing again, because she has been deprived of a word to describe herself for so long.

she is in the hospital, still in the foreign place, and catarina is helping her, and she is hiding her blood results from the other doctors, and she doesn’t know how to thank catarina, and she looks into the mirror and bursts into tears again.

she is in the foreign place, and she is telling her parents with a lump in her throats that she cannot come back home. she is in tears again, because she has found out her parents are dead. she does not believe her heart can break any more.

she is travelling back to the place of her youth, the place where she had to conceal herself for so long, and she is free. she is open, she is diana.

she is giving a sword to a girl with hair like fire, and a boy with actual fire running through his veins. she is vouching for the family that have lost so much, she is fighting for that family. she has survived the war.

she is taking the place of the blackthorns tutor, and she loves all of them. she sees the bags under julian’s eyes, and sees the way he interacts with arthur, and realised she needs to do something.

she is opening the book of questions, the questions they ask you with a sword that pulls the truth out of you, and scanning them, seeing if she can become the head of the institute. her gaze drops to the question, the dreaded question, and she throws the book at the wall, yelling in frustration.

she has watched the family grow up, seen their hopes and dreams, their nightmares and grief. she has taught them everything they need to know. she is a part of their mix-matched family.

she is investigating the person they call a friend, and her heart cracks even more when she finds him to be a traitor. she wants to take the blame off the blackthorns, she doesn’t even care, but the boy with the truth and the lies balanced in his palms manages to pull it off. she worries for him.

she is holding a golden acorn, trying not to think of the beautiful man with the soft heart behind his intimidating mannor. she is calling catarina for another favour, she is in london. she accepts the offer of the beautiful faerie.

she is in alicante, and her red silk garments make her feel elegant and sophisticated. she is with the beautiful man, flying over the city of glass. she is eating and laughing and drinking, and she feels like gwyn can see right through her.

somehow, she doesn’t mind. she wants him to know.

se is talking, talking, talking with the consul and the inquisitor, and she negotiating, and it frustrates her, how much she needs to conceal in order to get the result needed.

she is exhausted, helping the blackthorns, helping the faerie with the odd blue hair, helping emma, who’s hair curls around her face like gold ribbon, helping the boy who is a herondale but is not sure if he wants to be one, helping the girl with the dark hair and the darker eyes, with the kind soul, who seems to have become a family member, helping the shadowhunter and the warlock that bring hope to the world, helping their children.

she is bandaging the beautiful faerie’s arm, feeling the soft skin under the hard armour, and he is looking up at her, asking the questions she usually dreads.

she doesn’t, this time.

she is pouring her heart out to the faerie, she is offering her life, her story, her every emotion, her truth, and wondering if he will turn away.

he kneels before her, he calls her the bravest woman he has ever met, and she is curling into him, she is shaking with emotions all mixed together. she feels a flicker of hope in her chest.

she is herself.

she is diana.


little word vomit fic for diana day because this lovely lady deserves everything in the world.

Small, stupid things that probably happen to us during the zombie apocalypse nobody talks about

I can’t be the only one asking these questions while watching my favorite shows… how does everyone always look so perfect? How do they organize their everyday life? Here’s a short list of unfortunate things that would certainly happen to somebody during a zombie apocalypse:

- coughing/ sneezing/ hiccups which will attract zombies
- periods
- not finding Tampons
- slipping/ tripping/ stumbling
- yeast infections
- other infections
- growth of hair in odd places
- smelling bad
- toothaches
- only finding bad CDs
- bad hair days
- no fitting bra
- getting the tiniest scratch from a zombie
- yellow teeth
- knowing what you want to eat but not finding it, ever
- trying to remember song lyrics but never hearing them again
- lacking privacy
- toilet paper

Feel free to add what comes to your mind

Mobile Master List

Rules of Requests



  • EXO Reaction to you beating Xiumin at Arm Wrestling
  • EXO Reaction to you having a child/children from previous relations 
  • EXO Reaction to you being a fashion icon
  • EXO Reaction to you being afraid of the dark
  • EXO Reaction to scaring you
  • EXO Reaction to calming you by petting your head
  • EXO Reaction to embarrassing you with pick-up lines
  • EXO Reaction to a water gun fight
  • EXO Reaction to young fan speaking fluent Korean and English
  • EXO Reaction to getting hurt while helping their crush
  • EXO Reaction to cuddly younger sister
  • EXO Reaction to trying to flirt in English but failing
  • EXO Reaction to you crying because of a controlling father
  • EXO Reaction to you breaking down from stress
  • EXO Reaction to you falling down at the airport
  • EXO Reaction to having a short girlfriend
  • EXO Reaction to you taking ‘just a second’ literally
  • EXO Reaction to sister running away to their dorm
  • EXO Reaction to Confessing to You
  • EXO Reaction to You (GF) Having Two Personalities 
  • EXO Reaction to You Lying On the Floor From Nervousness
  • EXO Reaction to Being Lost in a Foreign Place
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing a Beautiful Latina Girl
  • EXO Reaction to You (GF) Being 9 Years Younger
  • EXO Reaction to Having a Tall GF
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing You (GF) Orgasm *NSFW*
  • EXO Reaction to You Wanting to Break Up Due to Insecurities
  • EXO Reaction to You Flinching in a Fight
  • EXO Reaction to You (GF) Dying Your Hair an Odd Color
  • EXO Reaction to You Being Attacked By Sasaeng Fans
  • EXO Reaction to You Fan Girling Over Got7’s Just Right
  • EXO Reaction to You Stealing the Last Ice Cream
  • EXO Reaction to You Being Good With Kids
  • EXO Reaction to Teaching You (GF) How to Cook
  • EXO Reaction to Finding Out You (GF) Died
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing a Girl In a Hijab
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing Chen’s Girlfriend Showing Off Sexy Moves
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing You Brush Your Daughter’s Hair as She Brushes Her Doll’s Hair
  • EXO Reaction to Crush Having a Tattoo
  • EXO Reaction to You Not Liking a Certain Word
  • EXO Reaction to You Walking a Fashion Runway
  • EXO Reaction to Your Ex Confessing His Love For You Still
  • EXO Reaction to Flirting With You then Finding Out You Are Dating a BTS Member
  • EXO Reaction to You Being From a Rich Family
  • EXO Reaction to You Liking Heavy Metal/ Rock
  • EXO Reaction to You Interviewing Them and Finding You Cute
  • EXO Reaction to You Throwing a Pillow at Them During a Fight
  • EXO Reaction to You (Non-Trainee) Working a SM and Finding You Cute
  • EXO Reaction to Telling Their Children How You Fell In Love/First Met
  • EXO Reaction to You Being Flustered After Getting Caught Kissing.
  • EXO Reaction to Meeting Your Family and You Tell Them Your Uncle Just Left Jail
  • EXO Reaction to Finding out You Play Video Games for a Living.
  • EXO Reaction to You Saying They Are Cute but Annoying
  • EXO Reaction to Giving Their Kids ‘The Talk’
  • EXO Reaction to You Calling Them Over Because You Had a Nightmare
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing You Without Braces For the First Time
  • EXO Reaction to a Foreign Celebrity Liking Them
  • EXO Reaction to You Being Called a Sugar Baby
  • EXO Reaction To Dating A Girl Who Acts Like Kris (Wu Yifan) and Finding Out She is Kris’s Sister
  • EXO Reaction to You Feeling Pain During a Tragus Piercing
  • EXO Reaction to You (GF/Crush) Being The Only Girl in a Boy Band
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing You in Gore Stage Make-up
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing You with Your Natural Hair
  • EXO Reaction to You Being a Restless Sleeper
  • EXO Reaction to Responding to You When You Were Calling Your Pet
  • EXO Reaction to You Fangirling over Seventeen
  • EXO Reaction to You Reading Smut About Them.
  • EXO Reaction to You Straddling Them But Then Walking Away
  • *Trigger Warning* EXO Reaction to You Being Sexually Harassed at Work
  • EXO Reaction to You Fangirling Over BTS
  • EXO Reaction to the Other Members Walking in on You Two During Sex
  • EXO Reaction to You Wanting to Have Sex But Playing Hard to Get
  • EXO Reaction to Getting a Boner Because of Your Sexy Dress 
  • *Trigger Warning* EXO Reaction to You Smoking in the Past
  • EXO Reaction to You (GF) Having Nightmares and Calling Them Over.
  • EXO Reaction to BTS’ Elevator Prank
  • EXO Reaction to You Getting a Piercing
  • EXO Reaction to You (GF) Wearing Their Boxers as Pajamas
  • EXO Reaction to Finding Their Idol Crush is Whitewashed in Pictures
  • EXO Reaction to Finding Out You Are Afraid of Heights
  • EXO Reaction to Finding Out You Are Transgender
  • EXO Reaction to You Cutting Your Hair to A Pixie Cut
  • EXO Reaction to You Singing “Tell Me Goodbye” by Big Bang While Crying
  • EXO Reaction to You Moaning During a Massage
  • EXO Reaction to You Falling Asleep on Their Lap
  • EXO Reaction to Missing You on Tour
  • EXO Reaction to You Asking for Sensual Sex
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing You Dance “Mommae” by Jae Park
  • EXO Reaction to Your Cosplay Habit
  • EXO Reaction to Attending Your Family Cultural Events
  • EXO Reaction to Tasting Dishes From Your Native Country
  • EXO Reaction to You Calling Out Another Member’s Name During Sex
  • EXO Reaction to Liking a Girl But Someone Makes Fun of How You Look
  • EXO Reaction to You Moving In Together
  • EXO Reaction to Being Cheated On.
  • EXO Reaction to You Crying Over EXO’s Cover of Open Arms
  • EXO Reaction to When They’re In The Mood
  • EXO Reaction to Secretly Dating You But Then a Sunbae Asks You Out
  • EXO Reaction to Their Girlfriend Finding Them Cheating During a Game
  • EXO Reaaction to You Giving Silent Treatment
  • EXO Reaction to You Wanting to Breakup After a Fight
  • EXO Reaction to You Breaking Your Tooth
  • EXO Reaction to Finding Out You Posted a Fan-Account about Meeting Them Before You Got Together
  • EXO Reaction to You (GF) Asking Them to Play “Just Dance”
  • EXO Reaction to You Being Mistaken for Being Younger Because of Your Baby-Face
  • EXO Reaction to Meeting S/O’s Parents For The First Time and It’s Scary
  • EXO Reaction to When You’re Sick and You Don’t Tell Them
  • EXO Reaction to You Getting Easily Scared
  • EXO Reaction to You Getting a Tattoo Dedicated to Them
  • EXO Reaction to Coming Home Early and Catching You Masturbating
  • EXO Reaction to You Having Insecurities
  • EXO Reaction to You Being a Sign Language Interpreter
  • EXO Reaction to You Being a Painter and Always Having Paint on You
  • EXO Reaction to Seeing You Walk Down The Aisle
  • EXO Reaction to Trying to Find Out What Present You Want
  • EXO Reaction to You Being a Hardcore ELF
  • EXO Reaction to Thinking Out Loud How Beautiful You Are and How Much They Love You
  • EXO Reaction to You Opening Their Gift
  • EXO Reaction to Decorating The Christmas Tree With You (S/O)
  • EXO Reaction to You Having Small Hands (Crush)
  • EXO Reaction to Your Shirt Accidentally Slipping Down
  • EXO Reaction to Learning That You Are a Well-Known EXO Fan-Artist Online (GF)
  • EXO Reaction to You Showing Them a Traditional Dance From Your Country
  • EXO Reaction to You Getting Caught in The Rain

EXO (Only A Few Members)

  • EXO Reaction to You Being Overly Emotional (Lay, Xiumin, and Chen)
  • EXO Reaction to You Being Overly Emotional (Sehun, D.O., Luhan)
  • EXO Reaction to Returning From Military Service to See his Wife Had a Child He Didn’t Know About (Chen, D.O., Xiumin)
  • EXO Reaction to Cheating On You But Then Regretting It (Baekhyun, Kai, Sehun)
  • EXO Reaction to Cheating On You But Then Regretting it (Xiumin, D.O., Suho)
  • EXO Reaction to Returning From Military Service to See His Wife and a Child he Didn’t Know He Had (Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Kai)
  • EXO Reaction to Telling Their Child How They met Their Wife (Kris, Luhan, Tao)

 EXO (OT12)

  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to Liking a younger foreigner
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to your shirt becoming see through due to rain
  • EXO (OT 12) Reaction to another member asking out their secret gf
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to finding out you are older than them
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to crush not picking up on their flirting
  • EXO(OT12) Reaction to You Being Cuddly After Thinking About Them
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Being Confident in Bed
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to Sister Being Heartbroken For the First Time
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Working in a Brothel
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to Another Guy Flirting With You
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to Seeing Their Dog Take Their Place on the Bed After Tour
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Being Scared of Intimacy
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Walking Out In Only Your Underwear and Their Shirt in Front of The Other Members
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to Just Being Friends With You But Then A Guy Slaps Your Ass
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Stabbing an Intruder While They’re At Dance Practice
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to Getting a Boner When You Sit on Their Lap
  • EXO (OT12) To You Dancing and Accidentally Farting
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Calling Because You Got Pulled Over
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Being a Feminist
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Learning Jingle Bell Rock From Mean Girls
  • EXO (OT12) Reaction to You Getting Scared on a Ride


  • BTS Reaction to meeting their idol crush
  • BTS Reaction to you fan girling over EXO
  • BTS Reaction to finding out you are a vegetarian
  • BTS Reaction to young fan speaking fluent Korean and English
  • BTS Reaction to you being afraid of the dark
  • BTS Reaction to being told what to do
  • BTS Reaction to younger sibling dating
  • BTS Reaction to GF Having a Sexy Scene in a Drama
  • BTS Reaction to Finding Out Your Boss is a Sleazy Pervert
  • BTS Reaction to Seeing a Beautiful Latina Girl
  • BTS Reaction to You (GF) Being 9 Years Younger 
  • BTS Reaction to Forgetting Your (GF) Birthday 
  • BTS Reaction to You Wanting to Break Up Due to Insecurities 
  • BTS Reaction to You Flinching During a Fight
  • BTS Reaction to You Dying Your Hair an Odd Color
  • BTS Reaction to Cuddly Girlfriend Who Lifts Shirt While Sleeping
  • BTS Reaction to You Filling in For Hyuna in Trouble Maker Performance
  • BTS Reaction to You Throwing a Pillow at Them During a Fight
  • BTS Reaction to You Fan Girling Over Got7’s Just Right
  • BTS Reaction to Teaching You to Cook
  • *Trigger Warning* BTS Reaction to You Being Suicidal
  • BTS Reaction to You (GF) Being the Older Sister of a 17 Member
  • BTS Reaction to Missing You While On Tour
  • BTS Reaction to You Stabbing an Intruder While They Are Away
  • BTS Reaction to Getting a Boner While You (GF) Are On Their Lap
  • BTS Reaction to You Surprising Them With Pregnancy Announcement
  • BTS Reaction to Blurting Out You Are Their Ideal Type
  • BTS Reaction to Learning Your Native Tongue 
  • BTS Reaction to Cheating On You But Then Regretting It (Jimin, Suga, V)
  • BTS Reaction to Seeing You Orgasm *NSFW*
  • BTS Reaction to Short Girlfriend
  • BTS Reaction to You Straddling Them But Then Walking Away
  • BTS Reaction to Seeing Your Cleavage
  • BTS Reaction to You Having a Hidden Tattoo
  • BTS Reaction to Coming Home to See You in a Tank Top and Shorts
  • BTS Reaction to Seeing You (GF) Walk a Fashion Runway
  • BTS Reaction to You Dying In a Car Accident
  • BTS Reaction to Your Ex Your Confessing His Love For You Still
  • BTS Reaction to You Sleeping In Just Your Underwear
  • BTS Reaction to You Giving Attitude in a Fight
  • BTS Reaction to Seeing You Change and You Kiss Them Like it’s Nothing
  • BTS Reaction to You Being From a Rich Family
  • BTS Reaction to You Hating Makeup
  • BTS Reaction to Flirting With a Foreigner and Realizing She Speaks Korean
  • BTS Reaction to You Liking Heavy Metal/Rock
  • BTS Reaction to You Asking For Sex For The First Time (a little NSFW)
  • BTS Reaction to a Girl Temporarily Replacing a Member
  • BTS Reaction to You Having Hip Piercings
  • BTS Reaction to Their Baby Cousin Asking You (GF) to Marry Them
  • BTS Reaction to You (GF) Being Clumsy
  • BTS Reaction to A Kiss On The Cheek After First Date
  • BTS Reaction to You (GF) Being Good With Kids
  • BTS Reaction to an Asexual Girlfriend 
  • BTS Reaction to Realizing They Love You
  • BTS Reaction to a Fan Fainting in Front of Them
  • BTS Reaction to You Wearing a Corset
  • BTS Reaction to You being a New Animator and They Like You
  • BTS Reaction to You Coming out in Only Their Shirt and Underwear
  • BTS Reaction to Hearing You Sing Incorrectly
  • BTS Reaction to Taking Care of You When You’re Sick
  • BTS Reaction to You Asking Them Out First Because They Were Taking Too Long
  • BTS Reaction to Liking You But Then A Guy Touches You
  • BTS Reaction to You (GF) Calling Them Over Because You Had a Nightmare
  • BTS Reaction to Seeing You in Pain During a Tragus Piercing
  • BTS Reaction to Their Idol Crush Mentioning Them in an Interview
  • BTS Reaction to You Accidentally Farting While Dancing
  • BTS Reaction to Finding Their Girlfriend can Sing Really Well
  • BTS Reaction to You Being a Restless Sleeper
  • BTS Reaction to Having a Tall Girlfriend
  • *Trigger Warning* BTS Reaction to You Being Infertile
  • *Trigger Warning* BTS Reaction to You Smoking in The Past
  • BTS Reaction to a Member Walking in on You Two During Sex
  • BTS Reaction to Getting a Boner While Seeing You in a Sexy Dress
  • BTS Reaction to You Getting a Piercing
  • BTS Reaction to Playing “Too Hot” With Their Crush
  • BTS Reaction to You Being Bisexual/Romantic
  • BTS Reaction to You (GF) Having Appendicitis
  • BTS Reaction to You Coming Down The Stairs in A Ball gown
  • BTS Reaction to Seeing This blog (Written by Their GF)
  • BTS Reaction to You Being Uncomfortable with Your Body
  • BTS Reaction to Being Handcuffed to Their Crush as a Dare
  • BTS Reaction to You Singing “Tell Me Goodbye” While Crying
  • BTS Reaction to You Dancing “Mommae” By Jay Park
  • BTS Reaction to You Asking to Make a Sex Tape
  • BTS Reaction to Your Cosplay Hobby
  • BTS Reaction to Attending Your Family Cultural Events
  • BTS Reaction to Trying to Be Cuddly While The Others Are Around
  • BTS Reaction to You Saying Another Member’s Name During Sex
  • BTS Reaction to You Beating Jungkook at Arm Wrestling 
  • BTS Reaction to Secretly Dating You But Then a Sunbae Asks You Out
  • BTS Reaction to You Crying Over EXO’s Cover of “Open Arms”
  • BTS Reaction to Being Cheated On
  • BTS Reaction to When You Play a Prank on Them and Then You Show Them The Camera
  • BTS Reaction to Coming Home Early and Finding You Masturbating
  • BTS Reaction to You Wanting to Break-up After a Fight
  • BTS Reaction to Their Girlfriend Bending Over in Front of Them
  • BTS Reaction to Finding That You Posted a Fan-Account About Them Before You Started Dating
  • BTS Reaction to You Giving Them The Silent Treatment
  • BTS Reaction to You Losing Your Glasses and Getting Upset Because of It.
  • BTS Reaction to You Getting a Tattoo Dedicated to Them
  • BTS Reaction to You Being Mistaken for Younger Because of Your Baby-Face
  • BTS Letting You Know They’re “In The Mood”
  • BTS Reaction to You Wanting to Play “Just Dance”
  • BTS Reaction to You Getting Chocolate All Over Your Face After Eating Ice Cream
  • BTS Reaction to When You’re Sick and You Don’t Tell Them
  • BTS Reaction to You Being a Sign Language Interpreter
  • BTS Reaction to Being Jealous of You (GF) With The Other members
  • BTS Reaction to Finding Your Lingerie
  • BTS Reaction to You (Friend) Calling Them By a Cute Nickname
  • BTS Reaction to You Playing a Cute Airhead in a Drama/Film
  • BTS Reaction to You Dressing Tomboy/Edgy
  • BTS Reaction to You Teaching Them a New Dance/Choreography
  • BTS Reaction to Seeing You Walk Down The Aisle
  • BTS Reaction to You Saying “You Got No Jams”
  • BTS Reaction to You (S/O) Having Vitiligo
  • BTS Reaction to Finding Your Lingerie
  • BTS Reaction to You Smiling at Him Like Halla From The Ark (The Light MV)
  • BTS Reaction to Seeing You in a Play/Musical 
  • BTS Reaction to You Wearing an Ugly Christmas Sweater
  • BTS Reaction to You (GF) Being Taller
  • BTS Reaction to You (S/O) Having Vitiligo
  • BTS Reaction to Going Sledding Wirth You
  • BTS Reaction to a Younger Trainee Looking Up to Them
  • BTS Reaction to Comforting You on Your Period
  • BTS Reaction to You Being a Hardcore ELF
  • BTS Reaction to You Having a Panic Attack
  • BTS Reaction to You Covering Up Your Freckles
  • BTS Reaction to You Crying at a Haunted House With Them
  • *Slight Trigger* BTS Reaction to Seeing Your Scars (Non-SelfHarm)
  • BTS Reaction to Their Crush Holding a Butterfly
  • BTS Reaction to Telling Their Child How They Met Their Wife
  • BTS Reaction to You Swearing a Lot on a Reality Show
  • BTS Reaction to Learning You Used to Be Intimate With Another Member Before Dating Each Other
  • BTS Reaction to You (GF) Being Rude to a Guy Flirting With You

BTS (Only A Few Members)

  • BTS Reaction to Finding out You (GF) Are Jungkook’s Sister (Rap Monster, Jin, Suga) 
  • *Trigger Warning* BTS Reaction to You Having an Eating Disorder (Jin and Jimin)
  • BTS Reaction to Cheating on You and Then Regretting It (Jin, Jungkook, Namjoon, J-Hope)
  • BTS Reaction to You Fainting in Front of Them (Jimin, Suga)



  • What Dating Jongin (Kai) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Yixing (Lay) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Sehun Would Be Like
  • What Dating Baekhyun Would Be Like
  • What Dating Jongdae (Chen) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Chanyeol Would Be Like
  • What Dating Junmyeon (Suho) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Minseok (Xiumin) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Kyungsoo (D.O.) Would Be Like
  • What Would Sex With Minseok (Xiumin) Be Like
  • What Would Sex With Sehun Be Like
  • What Would Sex With Chanyeol Be Like
  • What Would Sex With Suho Be Like
  • What Would Sex With Chen Be Like
  • What Would Sex With Kyungsoo (D.O.) Be Like
  • What Would Sex With Yixing (Lay) Be Like
  • What Would Sex With Baekhyun Be Like
  • What Would Sex With Jongin (Kai) Be Like
  • How Would EXO Members Hug You (GF)
  • How Cuddling With EXO Would Be
  • *NSFW* How Drunk Sex With EXO Would Be
  • What Showering With EXO Would Be Like
  • What Jealous EXO Would Be Like
  • What Sleeping With EXO (OT12) Would Be Like (Non-Dirty)
  • What Your First Time Would Be Like With EXO (OT12)
  • What Makeup Sex With EXO Would Be Like
  • What Hogwarts House EXO Would Be In
  • What Your Fights With EXO Would Be Like


  • What Dating Jimin Would Be Like
  • What Dating Yoongi (Suga) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Seokjin (Jin) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Hoseok (J-Hope) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Namjoon (Rapmon) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Taehyung (V) Would Be Like
  • What Dating Jungkook Would Be Like
  • How BTS Members Would Hug Their GF
  • How Cuddling With BTS Would Be
  • *NSFW* How Drunk Sex With BTS Would Be
  • What Sex With Seokjin (Jin) Would Be Like
  • What Sex With Yoongi (Suga) Would Be Like
  • What Sex With Hoseok (J-Hope) Would Be Like
  • What Sex With Namjoon Would Be Like
  • What Sex With Jimin Would Be Like
  • What Sex With Taehyung (V) Would Be Like
  • What Sex With Jungkook Would Be Like
  • What Showering With BTS Would Be Like
  • What Hogwarts House BTS Would be In
  • What Spending The Holidays With BTS Would Be Like
  • What Sleeping With BTS Would Be like (Non-Dirty)
  • What Fighting With BTS Would Be Like




  • Why Are You So Familiar (Reader’s POV Angst/Fluff)
  • Why Are You So Familiar (Baekhyun’s POV Angst/Fluff)
  • It was All a Misunderstanding (Angst/Fluff)
  • The Words He Regretted Saying (Angst)
  • She is Perfectly Lovely (Fluff)
  • Spending the Night (Fluff)
  • Magician (Angst/Fluff)
  • *Trigger Warning* Cleansing Honesty (Fluff)
  • I Always Have (Fluff/Little Angst)
  • Silver, Quiet Love (Fluff)
  • Fire With Fire (Fluff/Angst/One-Shot)


  • You Will Always Look Beautiful (Fluff)
  • How Can That Scare You? (Fluff)
  • Best Friends (Fluff)
  • Depressing Replacement (Angst/Little Fluff)
  • Wonderful Misplacement (Fluff)
  • Cloud 9 (Fluff)
  • Partners in Crime (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Partners in Crime pt.2 (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Partners in Crime pt. 3 (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Partners in Crime pt.4 (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Partners in Crime pt.5 (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Partners in Crime pt.6 (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Partners in Crime pt.7 (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Partners in Crime pt.8 (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Partners in Crime pt.9 (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Partners in Crime pt.10 (Action/Fluff/Angst)
  • Firework (Fluff)
  • Sleeping Happy Virus (Fluff/Angst)
  • Heartbeat (One-Shot/Fluff)
  • Rained In (One-shot/Fluff)
  • Bul/Fire (Angst/Sad/Drama)
  • Beautiful Mystery (School!AU, Fluff)
  • Last Christmas (Fluff/Angst)
  • A Tough Image (Fluff/Angst/School!AU)
  • A Starry Night (Fluff/ One-Shot)


  • Chen vs. You on Running Man (General)
  • A Sleepless Night (Fluff)
  • Is It Just Acting? (Fluff)
  • Have You Been in Love? (Angst)


  • Beta Wolf (Drama/Wolf!AU/Action)
  • Murmur (Angst)
  • Glass Heart (Angst/Suggestive Content)
  • Meant To Be (Little Angst/Fluff)
  • Quiet Girl (Angst/Fluff)
  • Artistic Love (Fluff)


  • Life of a Mafia Boss (Drama/ Mafia!AU)
  • Kai vs. You On Running Man (General)
  • Cheer Up! (Angst/Fluff)
  • I Can’t Take It pt. 1 (Reader’s POV Angst/Sad)
  • I Can’t Take It pt. 1 (Kai’s POV Angst/sad)
  • I Can’t Take It pt.2 (Reader’s POV Angst/Fluff/Sad)
  • I Can’t Take It pt. 2 (Kai’s POV Angst/Fluff/Sad)
  • I Can’t Take It pt. 3 (Reader’s POV Fluff/Angst)
  • I Can’t Take It pt. 3 (Kai’s POV Fluff/Angst)
  • Cute Dancer (Fluff)
  • You Are Perfect To Me (Fluff)
  • Dinner With the Boss (Fluff)
  • Jwesonghamnida (I’m Sorry) (Mafia!AU/Angst)
  • Determined Dancing (Fluff/Angst)
  • Who Are You pt.1 (Angst)
  • Cough Drop Kisses (Fluff)
  • Bookworn (Fluff)
  • Playful Pups (Fluff)
  • I Love You (Fluff/One-Shot)
  • First, Second, Third (Fluff/One-Shot)
  • Home (Angst)
  • We’re Alright (Angst/Sad)
  • Stop Lying (Angst/Sad)
  • Mr.Airplane (Angst)
  • A Hunter and a Beast (Fairytale!AU)


  • Yixing’s Little Sister (General/Sweet)
  • Yixing vs. You on Running Man (General)
  • Home Sweet Home (Fluff)
  • Saeng-il Chugha Haeyo (Fluff)
  • Lost in Fate (Fluff)
  • A Second Chance (Fluff/Little Angst)
  • Angel vs. Demon pt. 1 (Angst/Drama/ Demon!au/ Angel!au)


  • My Personal Angel (Fluff/Angst)
  • Winning Touch Down (Fluff/ Smut (a bit)/ Student!AU)
  • You Deserve Better (Angst/Fluff)
  • Peppero Pain (Angst/School AU!)
  • Peppero Pain pt.2 (Angst/School AU!)
  • *Trigger Warning* Not Again (Angst/Fluff)
  • So This is Love (Fluff One-Shot)
  • But What If? (Angst/One-Shot)
  • A Missing Mate (Angst/Fluff)
  • Second Glance (Fluff/Angst)


  • Sins of an Angel (pt 1) (Drama/Fluff)
  • Sins of an Angel (pt 2) (Fluff/Angst/Drama)
  • Good Morning Beautiful (Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt 1 (Student!AU/ Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.2 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.3 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.4 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.5 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.6 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.7 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.8 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.9 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.10 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.11 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.12 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.13 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.14 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.15 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.16 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.17 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.18 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.19 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Embarrassing Lies (Angst/Little Fluff)
  • Ansigcheo/Home (Angst)


  • Surprise First Date With Xiumin (Fluff)
  • He Just Won’t Say It (Fluff One-Shot)
  • Determined to Learn (Fluff)
  • Suffocating Insecurities (Angst)
  • Best Friends Throw The Best Punches (Fluff/Angst)
  • Rainy Days (Angst/Fluff)
  • Memories of You (Angst)



  • Perfect Date with J-Hope (Fluff)
  • Thank You (School!AU/Fluff/Angst)
  • Starlight, Starbright (Fluff)
  • Birthday Heartbreak (Angst)
  • Promise (Fluff/Angst)


  • Joining Jin’s Mom For Dinner (Fluff)
  • Don’t Tease Me (One-Shot/Smut)
  • Another BTS Eomma (Fluff One-shot)
  • Fun Cooking (Fluff/ One-shot/ Teasing Smut)
  • Prom? (Fluff)
  • An Early Christmas Present (Fluff)


  • First Date with Best Friend, Jimin (Fluff)
  • Teaching Jimin English(Fluff)
  • Cooking For Jimin’s Parents (Fluff)
  • The Two Most Important People (Fluff)
  • Jimin as a Father (Fluff)
  • (Trigger Warning) It’s Okay ft. Yoongi (Angst/fluff)
  • (Trigger Warning) It’s Okay pt.2 ft. Yoongi (Angst/fluff)
  • Morning Blues (Fluff)
  • Luck and Fate (Fluff)
  • Savior (Fluff/Sad)
  • Breathtaking (Fluff/One-Shot)
  • There,Here (Angst/Sad/Drama/Fluff)
  • Please…(sad/angst/fluff)


  • Goodbye (Fluff)
  • Noona (Fluff)
  • Borrowed Sweater (Fluff)
  • Fairytale (Fluff)
  • My Special Valentine (Fluff/Suggestive Content)
  • *Trigger Warning* Knight Jungkook (Angst/Fluff)
  • Bittersweet Smiles (Angst)
  • Win Your Heart (Fluff)
  • Starting a Family (One-Shot/Fluff/Suggestive Content)
  • *Trigger Warning* Failed Masterpiece (Angst)
  • Harpist (Fluff)
  • Day with Daddy (Fluff)
  • Forgetting The Words of Your Favorite Song (Angst)
  • Take Me Or Leave Me (Angst)
  • A Victimized Mistake (Angst)
  • Falling,Falling (Fluff, School!AU)
  • Lost Stars (Fluff)
  • A Fateful Secret (Fluff)
  • Latte Art (Fluff)


  • Don’t Put me On the Back Burners (Angst)
  • Putting Music Together (Fluff)
  • Knight In Shining Armor (Fluff/ Angst)
  • Namjoon Misses You (Angst)
  • Don’t Listen to them (Angst)
  • Stinging Words (Angst/Fluff)
  • Comforting Namjoon (One-Shot/Angst)
  • Your Eyes Are Like… (Fluff)
  • Infection (Fluff)
  • Growing Up (Fluff)
  • Breakup Blues (Little Fluff/Angst)
  • Anxious Outing (Angst/Fluff)
  • Snoring Situation (Fluff, Little Angst)
  • Stop Waiting Up (Angst/Fluff)


  • English Isn’t That Hard (Fluff)
  • Hate This Jealous Feeling (Angst/Fluff)
  • Movie Night Make Out (Barely Smut/ Mostly Fluff)
  • Can’t Put it Together (Angst)
  • Suga First Kiss (Fluff)
  • *Ex-Bf abuse warning* My Hero (Angst/Fluff)
  • Putting Music Together (Fluff)
  • Finally Home (One-Shot/ fluff/ teasing smut)
  • Nickname (Fluff)
  • Yoongi- Marry Me (Fluff)
  • (Trigger Warning) It’s Okay ft. Jimin (Angst/Fluff)
  • (Trigger Warning) It’s Okay pt.2 ft. Jimin (Angst/Fluff)
  • Flying Home (Fluff)
  • Realization (Fluff/Little Angst)
  • Don’t Worry (Fluff)
  • Happy Birthday (Fluff)
  • Seo-sangnim (Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.6 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.7 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.8 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.9 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.10 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.11 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.12 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.13 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.14 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.15 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.16 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.17 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.18 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)
  • Rich Games pt.19 (Student!AU /Drama/ Angst/ Little Fluff)


  • Are You Nervous pt 1 (Smut)
  • Are You Nervous pt 2 (Smut)
  • Are You Nervous pt 3 (Smut)
  • Are You Nervous pt 4 (Fluff)
  • Are You Nervous pt 5 (Fluff)
  • Dreamy Doctor (Fluff)
  • Dreamy Doctor pt. 2 (Fluff)
  • Teaching Taehyung English (Fluff)
  • *Trigger Warning* I’m Okay (Angst/Little Fluff)
  • Gorgeous Gown (Fluff)
  • Quote (Fluff)

Pick Your Path

  • The Garden of Evil (BTS)
  • Secrets of the Pyramids (EXO)

Halloween Series (by Admin Kat)

  • Day 1 (Xiumin/Vampire)
  • Day 2 (Suho/Puppeteer)
  • Day 3 (Lay/Fallen Angel)
  • Day 4 (Chanyeol/Dragon)
  • Day 5 (Baekhyun/Frankenstein)
  • Day 6 (Chen/Siren)
  • Day 7 (Jin/Encantado)
  • Day 8 (Kyungsoo/Ghost)
  • Day 9 (Suga/Snake Charmer)
  • Day 10 (Kai/Incubus)
  • Day 11 (J-Hope/Clown)
  • Day 12 (Sehun/Artist)
  • Day 13 (Namjoon/Werewolf)
  • Day 14 (Jimin/Boogeyman)
  • Day 15 (Taehyung/Demon)
  • Day 16 (Jungkook/Grim Reaper)

Winter Series (by all admins)

  • Day 1 (Xiumin)
  • Day 2 (Suho)
  • Day 3 (Lay)
  • Day 4 (Baekhyun)
  • Day 5 (Chen)
  • Day 6 (Chanyeol)
  • Day 7 (Kyungsoo)
  • Day 8 (Jin)
  • Day 9 (Yoongi)
  • Day 10 (Kai)
  • Day 11 (J-Hope)
  • Day 12 (Sehun)
  • Day 13 (Namjoon)
  • Day 14 (Jimin)
  • Day 15 (Taehyung)
  • Day 16 (Jungkook)
Cold Hearted (Prince AU)

Originally posted by sugaglos

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7Part 8Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20

Summary: The King of the Ice Kingdom arrives in the palace seeking a bride for his only son. Who will he choose?

Word Count: 2835

Warnings: Blood (In later parts), Smut (in later parts)

    You were running by through the palace gardens when you heard one of the servants calling your name. Your two sisters, Katerina and Victoria, looked up from the game of checkers they were playing beneath the cherry blossom tree.

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Warm Welcome

TITLE: Warm Welcome


AUTHOR: christy Winchester

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine asking Loki for a selfie when you saw him in New York, which greatly surprised Thor because he thought you were going to ask for his (Thor) selfie.



You brushed your purple and black hair out of your face as you pushed through the crowded streets of New York. The subway was horrible, but the streets were worse. And you were running late for your tutoring gig at the community centre. 

“Come on Raven! We’re gonna be later than we already are!” Your friend Sammy called as she drug you around by your wrist. You two stood at the street corner and waited for the crossing light to change. You heard squealing up ahead and peeked around Sammy to get a good look. Before you could see, she squealed herself and drug you up to the commotion. 

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The Green Earth

pairing: Ivar x Reader

fandom: vikings

request:  Hey, me again, because your writing is obviously amazing I was wondering if I can have a Viking imagine with Ivar? I was thinking one where the reader is from the future and has dyed hair (maybe green or blue) and Ivar finds her in the woods and he’s just so in love with their hair and maybe they fall for each other?? Idk it’s up to you but I just had that thought in my head for a while and I think you’d be the best to write it. If you do decide to write it thank you 💙💙💙

@nekodemon73 @kumpmk @bookswillfindyouaway @mads—world @sugakookiexx

The boy was staring right at you, his blue eyes reflecting the sunlight like the shimmering ocean in the evening sun. One look at him told you there was trouble coming your way. 

“Are you one of the elves?” He watched with fascination and you noticed him staring at your hair. Green may be an odd choice for a hair colour but it was not that unusual. 

“What are you talking about?" 

He started crawling towards you, the leaves rustling underneath him as he dragged his body along. He didn’t move his legs, you noticed, or maybe he couldn’t. With one seemingly easy movement his body was on top of yours, pushing you down into the ground. His hand moved to your hair and he ran his fingers through it, lightly twirling them around before letting go. 

"Can you heal my legs? With your magic?” His eyes bore into yours again as he spoke. The intensity left you unable to look anywhere but him. 

“I…I don’t know who you think I am but I can’t do what you ask." 

A rustling sound to your left makes you whip your head around. Another one, you think to yourself and watch as steps closer. The guy on top of you right now had surprised you for many reason but this one actually scared you. The sword hanging from his hips was part of it. His surprise was better hidden but he too, was staring at you. 

"Ivar what…?" 

The weight on top of you is lifted as he sits up and suddenly wraps his arms around you. 

"Don’t even think about it Ubbe, she’s mine. I found her." 

You were going to protest. That was not how things worked and you certainly didn’t belong to anyone. Ubbe spoke up for you before you had to utter a word.

 "You can’t claim people for yourself like that, Ivar.” He looked amused, clearly used to this kind of behaviour, “Though we should take her back, she looks lost.”

 For lack of a better option and being given no choice in the matter at all, you followed the two. You couldn’t quite trust your eyes when you reached the city though. It looked straight out of the movies and not at all like the little hometown you had grown up in. There was a severe lack of cars for starters and too many chickens roaming the streets. 

Maybe you were having a very vivid, weird dream. Maybe not? Since there was not much you could do either way, thinking about the situation too much seemed unnecessary. You’d figure it out eventually. 

You got the feeling Ivar was quite used at the stares of other people, though this time they were not directed at him. You heard the whispers, strange and confused looks all around you. It was an odd feeling, not something you enjoyed very much. This whole place was weird to you but to everyone else you must have looked like the odd one out. 

You reached a house further away from the crowd where Ivar set down on a bench in front. You followed him, not wanting to leave his side. His presence made you feel safer, maybe just because he had been the first person you met but nonetheless. Ubbe was talking to someone else and when the other guy came over, steeping way too close for your comfort and reached out his hand, you scurried away, clutching the front of Ivar’s shirt while burying your face against his chest. 

“Looks like you scare her brother." 

"Me?” He answered a bit hurt but stepped back, “That’s a new one." 

You felt Ivar’s hand patting your head and looked up to meet his eyes. 

"I’ll keep you safe." 

The words didn’t feel familiar coming from his mouth. He hadn’t thought to ever say them or someone even wanting to hear it. He had always been the center of attention, and not in a god way. Something about the scared girl turning to him for help made him want to protect her from all of it. His heart was beginning to beat faster the longer he looked but he couldn’t bring himself to tear his eyes away.

anonymous asked:

What are some of your favorite cheap/drugstore makeup for cosplay(foundation, contouring, eyeliner, etc.)?

Oh boy lets see! These are my favs, and I use them on the daily too!

Rimmel Stay Matte. It’s really opaque, which I love for cosplay, because it gies my complexion a good blank canvas to work on and contour. This goes for their powder too!

Pixi Palatte. I bought this palette cause it has a variation of shades. For dark and blonder hairs. Great for cosplaying mutiples colors.

But if I need to change my brows for a odd hair color, blue, orange, green, I use prismacolors.

NYX Palatte. I use a contouring palette actually. It’s got more variations of shades for more complex looks. Rather than having one shade darker of bronzer.

As a highlighter I use either cheapy wite eyeshadow, or my highlight stick.

BH colors. I bought this cheap ass feild of colors, cause you never know what you need for cosplay. But I always buy BLACK and WHITE in larger, singular pots. The .99$ wet n wild ones.

Fabuliner. I favor FELT Tip eyeliners. But they dry out fast, no matter how fancy. So I always buy a bulk of 4-5 cheap ass ones. They’re all the same honestly, just nice to have a ton on hand. They dont last long so its a waste to buy some 24 dollar one.

Covergirl is my favorite cause they have every fucking shade under the sun. I really love the Katy Perry matte ones! The color is nice and vibrant without being too sticky or cheap. And If its too much, I lay it one and dab some off.


Todoroki being the one to comfort Eri

-Eri is confused, scared and happy. She doesn’t know what’s happened but she knows she doesn’t have to go back to her daddy anymore and that’s nice.

-the police want to keep her in a station for the night. She doesn’t know what that is but it doesn’t want to go there.

-the black haired man with dry eyes tells the police that Eri shouldn’t go to the station. Eri decides she likes him.

-Deku says she’s coming back to “the dorm” for the night. Eri doesn’t know what a dorm is either but Deku says his friends live there so it must be a nice place.

-it is a nice place. There are lots of people though, it’s scary, Eri doesn’t let go of Deku’s hand.

-the people aren’t like her daddy. They’re kind like Deku . The girl with green hair and a big tongue says Eri can sleep in the room next to her.

-Eri notices the boy with the odd coloured hair and eyes looking at her. He looks lonely. Eri sits next to him.

-he’s very quiet. He doesn’t say anything for almost 10 minutes before asking if she’d like to hear a story.

-Eri isn’t entirely sure what a story is but the odd coloured quiet boy has a soft voice that makes her feel safe the same way that Deku’s does so she decides to listen.

-he tells her about a boy with a really mean dad who hit the boy and made his mommy cry. Eri doesn’t like this story.

-then the odd coloured quiet boy then tells her that it wasn’t the boy in the story’s fault that he got hit, it was his daddy’s fault for being a bad man.

-he tells Eri it’s not her fault either.

-she giggles at the look on his face when tears well up in her eyes.

-no one has ever told her it wasn’t her fault before.

-she decides that even though Deku saved her and she likes him very much she likes the odd coloured quiet boy just a little bit more.

-he says to call him shouto. Eri doesn’t leave Shouto’s side for the rest of the night.

-it’s only a few months later when she asks shouto if the boy from the story was him. He doesn’t answer. Just pulls her into a warm-but-cold hug.

-it’s the first and best hug of Eri’s life

Fortunes Fool

Thank-you to Kayla ( @deziremyacotar ) for giving this a read beforehand. And to everyone who said they would like to give it a go.  Most characters belong to SJM. Based on the ACOTAR series.

Chapter One

Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight! For I ne'er saw true beauty till this night.

Kelda was going out of her mind. She had never been one for formal affairs and the crowd that surrounded her, although small for the moment, was overwhelming her entirely. A servant had informed her and her parents that they were among the first guests and the first Court to arrive. Her pale blue corseted dress seemed far too tight as her nerves began to build. She longed to be at home, in the comfort of her manner, strolling around the spread of garden that surrounded it. Peaceful, tranquil and safe. It wasn’t that she didn’t want to be here, she had been excited about this day since it had been announced. She was very fond of Lucien and his bride to be, in fact they were they only people outside her home she had ever visited, she just wished that the event could have been smaller. Her father had warned her about what to expect today, warned her of the extravagance and raucousness that could only be the work of the High Lord of Day. Looking around the lavish room, she began to understand exactly what he meant. Gold adorned every surface available. It was lovely, but too much. All of this was too much. She had never met Helion, or any other High Lord for that matter, but her father had educated her well in the politics and histories of other Courts. She would be able to name each High Lord, their Court and their powers. Her father had certainly made sure of that.

Behind her, her father paced anxiously waiting to be seated for the ceremony. He looked very respectable in his emerald green tunic, the golden trim of it accented his blonde hair perfectly. Kelda could feel the waves of anxiousness emanating from his body, it only made her more on edge. She knew that if she looked she would able to see the shadows of claws trying to break their way free. It was something that she inherited from him, not just the ability to shift, but the temper, the white hot rage constantly ready to burst. Her mother snorted as she watched her father circling aimlessly.

“Tamlin, please. You’re going to wear a hole in Helion’s carpet and I can’t be bothered to deal with the argument of who is going to pay for it.” Her mother said teasingly.

Her mother was the opposite to her father. Fiery where he was serene but cool and collected where his temper and nerves flared. They were perfect for each other Kelda thought, a harmonious balance between serious and fun, anger and passion. Tamlin stopped his infernal pacing immediately taking his wife into his arms. Before the pair embraced in a manner that would only lead to their daughter gagging, a familiar and comforting voice sounded from behind them.

“Tam, you made it.” Lucien exclaimed bracing his old friend before turning to her mother. “Vassa, you look as splendid as ever.” He continued bowing deeply.

Lucien’s remaining eye focussed on Kelda and a smile spread across her face. His answering smile was warm and comforting. She truly had always loved Lucien.

“I’m glad you were able to come too, little one.”

“I had to wear him down a little bit.” Kelda replied pointing to Tamlin.

It was the truth, her father had always been a tad overprotective of her and she had spent months arguing with him until he finally allowed her to accept the invitation.

“I try not to take her out in public too often Lucien, people may question her parentage.” Tamlin gestured to her fiery red hair and then to Lucien’s own.

Whilst the unruly flame of hair that cascaded down her back was certainly from her mother’s genes, they all still laughed.

“It has been known to happen in my family.” Lucien jibbed back.

The three of them spoke of life and politics while Kelda uneasily assessed the room that was filling far too quickly for her liking. Lucien excused himself as another male with glowing bronze skin arrived accompanied by a beautiful winged man. Kelda had never seen such beauty on other fae before. She was enchanted.

“Thesan and his partner.” Her father whispered in her ears.

As the other courts began to arrive Tamlin dutifully named each High Lord for her, her mind cataloguing their faces against the facts she had already been taught so well. She looked in awe as each High Lord arrived, all devastatingly beautiful in their own way. Tarquin with his perfect skin and beautiful eyes, yet still young and mostly untested. Kallias who embodied his court perfectly, and his wife whose council he sought most. Eris, the newest High Lord, whose cruel face was still striking. Kelda knew all about every single one of them, and for that she was grateful. Scanning the room she wondered where the Night Court were. She didn’t tell her father as she knew of the evil of the Night Court and the strained relations between her people and theirs. Yet, she wanted to see her, the High Lady, the first and only High Lady. Still examining the hall, she saw her father stiffen beside her.

The High Lord and Lady of the Night court were mesmerising. Darkness coiled off Rhysand in tendrils that kissed his wife’s body. Their faces were indifferent, if not slightly cruel and the expression made her look away sharply. Her eyes travelled to the male beside the High Lady. Young she realised, perhaps her age or a few years older. His face bore the same expression as the couple stood beside him, the features an uncanny and breath-taking blend of the two. Their son she realised. The male looked positively bored, the countenance made her bristle. It was completely rude and improper to enter somebodies home with that level of insolence radiating from you. He was beautiful though, his raven black hair catching the light in a way that made it look as if the light sought him out, wanted to be near him. She could admit that he was very handsome indeed, but he looked overly self-assured and utterly insufferable. Just as she had been taught the Night Court would act. Yes Kelda was well versed in the subject of the Prythian Courts, and because of her fine education she knew exactly who to associate herself with today and exactly who to avoid. Despite her knowledge and sensible nature, despite knowing the horrors and violence of the Night Court, she couldn’t stop looking at him. She wanted to go over there, to yell at him, to tell him to be less rude. To touch that odd hair. Violet eyes met hers as his gaze bore into here. Something that lived deep within her, something she did not know existed, shattered.

future talks;

Request: can you write jungkook fluff? like late night, sleepy fluff. thank u!
Member: Jungkook (bts)
Genre: soft happy times man
Word Count:1627
A/N: idk i think lil talks about the future late at night are cute as heck and then it kinda rolled from there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ this is like the third or fourth late night fluff request I’ve gotten damn I hope they aren’t  getting repetitive

The moment was still, only the sounds of crickets outside the window and soft breaths were heard. The moon had long since risen, a beacon against the dark ink of the sky, little stars twinkling as if they were old friends waving at one another. Trees brushed against the walls of the house and the other branches every time a frigid breeze drifted along past them, and surely frost would cover them by the time the sun returned from seeing the rest of the world. The room was mostly dark, save for a small amount of light peeking in through the window, just enough for you to make out what was right in front of you if you opened your eyes. For you, you had a boy in front of you, holding you close as lazy fingers trailed up and down your spine, his chin resting on the top of your head. You were half asleep, but he found himself laying there with his eyes open, staring off into space as thoughts jumped through his mind. You were content with the feeling of Jungkook wrapped around you, legs overlapping with yours to keep the two of you warm, a couple blankets piled up to cover yourselves. He smelled nice, like shampoo, some cologne Namjoon had given him for his birthday a few months ago, and home. Everything about Jungkook was like home, from the way he smelled to the way he easily wrapped you up in his arms, to the sounds of his heartbeat and his voice and his breathing. No place was quite as comfortable as it could be with him around.

“Hey,” he muttered softly and you hummed, still too asleep to do much more than that. You felt his hands pause at the small of your back and tug you closer. “Cutie.”

You couldn’t help but grin at the nickname, moving closer to press against him more. “What is it?” you murmured, snuggling your face against his shoulder, which elicited a grin of his own in response. 

“Nothin’- just thinking about us,” he murmured, feeling a little silly for waking you up. What did he want to say to you anyways? Anything that came to mind was damned embarrassing in his opinion. But the phrase caught your attention, and you placed a lazy kiss on his shoulder to let him know you were listening, and you swore you felt his heart skip a beat when it did. Even if he wasn’t quick to admit it, Jungkook could be quite the sap, especially when it came to you in particular. 

“Specifics please,” you chimed and you could feel the vibrations in his chest as he chuckled, moving the hand on your back to wrap around your middle, a bunny-like smile rapidly appearing on his features as he thought about what to tell you. Jungkook’s thoughts were a bit embarrassing to him yes, but if you wanted to hear it, he’d give you some of them. He’d give you all of them if you really wanted, hell he’d give you the whole wide world if you asked for it. He wasn’t sure how in god’s name he would do it, but he’d figure something out if you told him it would make you happy. 

“Just our future and everything,” he told you, and you leaned back a bit so you could stare into his eyes while you listened. The boy was breathtaking in every sense of the word, the wide smile still lingering on his cheeks as his eyes seemed to look like big pools of adoration staring back at you. He leaned into your hand as you began to run it through his hair, the feeling relaxing him all the more. “Do you prefer high rise or small apartment complexes?”

You laughed and tugged at a strand of hair playfully. “High rises have a nice view,” you said thoughtfully, and he nodded in agreement. 

“I personally think a high rise would be cooler,” he informed you and you sighed. 

“High rise it is then.” Your words made him giggle before he leaned forward and pressed a swift kiss to your lips, only connecting them for a moment but it made your body fill with a tingly warmth all the same. “Seriously though, I think it’s pretty damn cute that you’re thinking of this stuff.”

“Thank you.”

“What else do you see when you think of the future?”

“Well, of course you’re in every single picture I can conjure up of it,” he told you, leaning back to lay on his back and stare up at the ceiling. You scooted closer and curled into his side, his arm wrapped snugly around your shoulder as he used his free hand to adjust the blankets, trying to minimize your exposure to the chilly late-autumn air. You felt your heart swell up a bit in your chest at his words despite the fact that this should’ve been an obvious fact to you, considering the fact that the two of you had been dating for several years now. His voice was much softer when he said, “A wedding would be nice.”

“Really?” you asked, eyes big and hopeful as you looked up at him. He smiled down at you, scrunching his nose up for a moment out of delight at how cute you looked to him at that moment.

“Really really, but don’t think this is me proposing. That would be pretty lame,” he was quick to make that clear. You simply giggled in response.

“I don’t think it would be lame. I’m pretty sure you could propose anywhere at any time and I’d still be overjoyed,” you intertwined hands with him, and he stared at you in awe for a moment. Christ he loved you so much at that moment, and you had no idea how insanely happy those words made him the second they came out of your mouth. He was pretty sure Jimin could come in and break his nose and he’d still be positively tickled pink (but by obligation, he’d still have to chase his hyung down and give him a taste of his own medicine). 

“Well, regardless, I want to make it special,” he spoke softly after another beat of silence. You opened your mouth to tell him anything he did would be special, but he squeezed your hand and wrinkled his nose to silence you. “And yes, I get it, you think it would be special and amazing and memorable no matter what, but I want it up to my golden standards.”

You laughed and said, “Alright alright, I get the message Mr. Jeon. I’m just letting you know how much I love you.”

"I love you too,” he replied, pressing a lingering kiss onto your forehead after the words left his mouth. 

It was quiet again after that, cheeks pink and minds buzzing with thoughts of the hopeful future ahead of the two of you. His thumb lightly rubbed against the back of your hand in a comforting gesture, his mind dancing with the words from before that still hung in the air in front of him, his heart thrumming with satisfaction. You felt the same way that Jungkook did and you wanted to stay by his side forever, and that was probably the best thing he’d heard in his whole life, right up there with his most treasured memories with his members and the moment you agreed to be his lover. He tilted his head down to look at you when you yawned. 

“Tired?” he asked, freeing his hand from yours to cover your shoulder with the blanket again as you nodded. “Go to sleep then cutie, we can talk more about it some other time.” 

“Okay,” you whispered, shifting to find the comfiest position as you closed your eyes. “Goodnight Kookie, love you.”

“Love you too,” he replied just as faintly as you had, his eyes still observing your features as you drifted off to sleep. He knew his expression probably made him look like a love sick puppy but he couldn’t care less about that, because even after years of being together, you still made him feel this way. The initial nerves of your relationship back when it had first started were gone- which was a good thing for sure. Instead of being nervous about overstepping his boundaries, that anxiety had been replaced with comfort and familiarity. He knew what you liked and didn’t like and what to do whenever you felt one emotion or another and vice versa. There was a rhythm to your relationship, consisting of knowing each other like the back of your hands, being able to read one another with ease, endless amounts of love and respect, and bond that was now unbreakable. He loved you more with each day, and the thought of officially uniting with each other for the whole world to see made him damn near giddy with glee. As he stared at your face, your cheek smushed up against his shoulder and your mouth opened slightly in a way that made you look a bit odd, your hair an absolute disaster thanks to bedhead, his shirt sagging off your body, your hand clutching onto his torso, Jungkook swore to himself he would protect you. He swore to keep you safe, to keep you happy as much as he could and be there to help you through any storm that prevented that, and to spend his life with you and only you.

“I promise to take care of you,” he murmured. “And always stay by your side.” He pressed one final kiss to your forehead before shutting his eyes, his soul more at peace than it had been in his life thus far.


Pairing: Jim x Reader 

Word Count: 2643

Warnings: Some swearing, fluff

A/N: Wow I definitely didn’t intend for it to be that long. Also, one day I’m gonna get everything together and start making headers for these posts, but that day is not today. Today I’m going to sleep because I’m currently dying from cramps. Hope you guys enjoy, though! Also, there’s a pic of the bike I mention at the bottom of the fic if any of you are curious. 

You knocked frantically on Jim’s door. Bones was gonna kill you. A few seconds passed without answer and you pressed your ear to the door, listening for movement. Hearing nothing, you pounded on the door again.

“Jesus Jim answer the goddamn door,” you called.

If Jim could’ve yanked open the automatic door, you’re sure he would’ve. He was scowling deeply, hair sticking up in all directions - the first time you’d seen it anything less than perfect. His shirtless torso was still perfect, though, and those gray sweats hanging dangerously low on his hips were downright tantalizing.

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