Gemsona Redesigns #1: Cobalto Calcite by @gemdump

Specifications Were: Same hair, eye, and skin color; Gem moved to stomach; Hair style and iris shape stayed the same

whoo, this took a lil while! i really didnt think id do this so early, but i had some design ideas and i had to get them out before i lost them!

i completely changed her outfit, while of course taking inspiration from the original, and upped the contrast and saturation on most of the colors. anyone who knows how to draw butts and/or feet, im sorry. her hair almost killed me frkcingkng

Gemsona Redesigns are sadly closed for now! hope you like my design! ❤


Hello !! Aha this is like the fourth time this week i’ve been tagged in this but i had some saved up so it’s all good :)) ANYWAYS , , , I was tagged to post some selfies by @princehuii (you’re so pretty OML) so here are some awkward ones i took when my Jeffree Star lipsticks came in (that one is Unicorn Blood and i’m in love with it) !!

So imma tag some people i’ve seen in my notes lately…

@8coups @96kwon @jooshinxjin @svtcarat1004 @mvngyu @kimjaewoon916 @heoni & @prince-junhuii 


C-pop…! There is some odd hair somewhere in the middle.