McCree is a sucker for watching really old anime with Genji. It’s something they started doing in the Blackwatch days, meeting up and watching a few odd episodes of animes that are as old if not older than Reinhardt.
So when they reconnect in Overwatch, they start again. At least once a week, if not more, they both sit down and watch a few hours of anime together. After a few revisits to what McCree likes, Genji comes in with a full disc set of Cowboy bebop. Jesse is really into it and Genji finds it adorable and hilarious. They watch around six episodes, or until McCree dozes off, then Genji has to pick him up and carry him to his room.
Of course, Jesse is crushed when he finds out there’s only 26 episodes, and since they fly through the series in a few weeks, he hits the mourning process hard. The moment Spike dies, you can hear McCree yell “WAIT, NO, TURN IT OFF” followed by sobbing.

Genji needs to find a new anime to watch now.


A rare Hispaniolan solenodon.

Found only on the  Island of Hispaniola they are between 11 - 13 inches on average, with tails around 25cm in length. They are covered in a brown / red fur, except on the legs, underbelly, ears and nose. 

Being Solenodon’s, they are venomous, as well as nocturnal. They burrow and survive on a diet of insects.

Creature Feature #476: Paradoxical Frog

The Paradoxical Frog is sometimes known as the “shrinking frog” and is found in the nrothern regions of South America. The female frog lays her eggs among the water plants, which hatch into fairly small tadpoles. Over the next four months, these tadpoles will grow up to 25 cm in length. When she undergoes the transformation, her tail is absorbed back into the body, which leads her to shrink down to half - or even quarter - her tadpole size. The frogs lead a largely aquatic existence, feeding on larvae, small insects and other invertebrates. She uses her long toes to stir up the debris on the riverbed, and with it her prey.

Greater, as it was known, was the most famous flamingo in Australia’s Adelaide Zoo when it was put to sleep at age 83.

The bird was suffering from severe arthritis and was nearly blind; zookeepers decided that putting Greater down was the most humane thing they could do.

Most of us are impressed when our pets live merely into the low double digits. But there are creatures out there that put in some serious time on Earth, especially compared with us humans. Some sea sponges last more than 1,500 years.