My Top Ten Weirdest Animals 

(Note: There are probably weirder animals off this list but just note, these are my favorites.) 

10. Platypus 

This frankensteinian mix of a beaver and a duck is both adorable and strange. However of course it is not a hybrid. Ducks and beavers cannot mate with one another. Platypi are billed egg-laying aquatic mammals and they happen to be the only mammals that store venom. Male platypi have a barb on their back legs that stores poison and injects it with a defensive back kick!

9. Okapi

This animal looks like another weird hybrid between a zebra and a giraffe and a horse. But it’s an altogether unique animal. However they are closely related to giraffes but are nowhere near as long-necked and tall as them. The Okapi is a beautifully strange animal for it’s body patterns and it’s rarity. Yes they are an endangered species and they are also getting more recognition. 

8. Goblin Shark

This strange shark was probably named for it’s creepy long-nosed goblin-like face. This odd looking shark probably stems from the many kinds of strange shark ancestors left over from the prehistoric era. It only lurks deep in the sea and are rarely found. However, I assure you, there are no goblin sharks as big or bigger than a great white! If there were then that would be a real life nightmare! 

7. Barreleye Fish

This confusing fish lives in the deep deep ocean where hardly any sunlight reaches. It’s actually rather small, but it’s eyes are what make it odd. This fishes’ eyes don’t face sideways or forward like other fish. They face vertically upward! This is because they hunt for prey below and use their special eyes to spot them. Imagine having to eat with your eyes permanently rolled all the time.(Btw, it’s eyes are the green things that look like it’s brain in it’s head.) 

6. Gavial Crocodile

These crocodilians are among the weirdest animals because of their long slender and thin jaws. But what they lack in jaw strength they make up for in sharp teeth. Their teeth are much sharper than any other crocodile because normal jawed crocodilians have duller teeth and stronger bites. Gavials prey on fish mostly however and are rare to encounter, so they can often be seen in captivity. 

5. Oarfish

Yes this is a real animal. It is actually related to herrings.(the fish not the bird.) It has known to be around 15 feet or 4.572 meters in length. Don’t worry though, as big as they are they don’t bite and aren’t dangerous. They’re actually quite gentle. Well, I guess that’s because they are dying. Oarfish are rarely seen and seem to surface in poor health. They also live in the deep ocean and are called Oarfishes because of their long lower fins which move around like rowing oars. 

4. African Civet

Another odd hybrid looking mammal!? Yes! Say hello to the African Civet. This animal looks like a weird mix between a raccoon, a hyena, a fox and a spotted cat. But really it is actually also it’s own unique animal. Not much is known to me about this animal, but I know it is mostly nocturnal and rare to see. Most people probably recognise a platypus more than this furry friend. But I thought it looked weird and awesome so I placed it here on this list. 

3. Shoebill Heron

This bird has an unusual face. It lives in swamps and everglades, particularly in Florida. The shoebill is a Heron that eats fish, frogs, and even smaller birds. It looks almost like a cross between a pelican and flamingo. It’s easy to see why it is called a shoebill. It’s enormously shoe-shaped beak is what makes it unusual looking. Almost a bit like a dinosaur, no?

2. Glaucus Atlanticus Sea Slug

This pretty little thing is a type of sea slug. It’s gorgeous blue patterns define it with nicknames like “the blue angel”. However, it’s actually upside down. Yea, that pretty patterny glittery shiny blueness is it’s tummy. It’s back is actually silver and always facing down to camouflage into the shimmering water surface. This slug spends it’s life floating on its back around water currents and mostly drifts around. They are very small and their finger like appendages can store venom. They aren’t venomous but, they do prey on poisonous jellyfish and eat their poison and store it, just in case for protection.

1. Hoatzin Bird

My number one goes to the beautiful Hoatzin bird. It’s small head and gorgeous feathers make it exotic and fabulous. Only found in the amazon, this evasive bird is one of my favorite exotic birds. But what makes it so weird? Well, actually, what makes them so special is that their chicks are born with an egg tooth AND claws on it’s wings. The Hoatzin bird is probably one of the closest relatives to the archeopetrix, a feathered flying feathered dinosaur and one of the first links between dinos and birds, their predecessors. The Hoatzin lives and nests in the tall branches of amazon trees, and their chicks cling to the branches for safety and when learning to fly, they help anchor them to a tree. This beautiful bird is truly a remarkable animal and a living dinosaur.

Creature Feature #476: Paradoxical Frog

The Paradoxical Frog is sometimes known as the “shrinking frog” and is found in the nrothern regions of South America. The female frog lays her eggs among the water plants, which hatch into fairly small tadpoles. Over the next four months, these tadpoles will grow up to 25 cm in length. When she undergoes the transformation, her tail is absorbed back into the body, which leads her to shrink down to half - or even quarter - her tadpole size. The frogs lead a largely aquatic existence, feeding on larvae, small insects and other invertebrates. She uses her long toes to stir up the debris on the riverbed, and with it her prey.

People told me about their dogs and cats who had died, and I thought, it’s easy to love the beautiful, the normal. But what about the gifts of loving the strange, the uncommon, the odd?

INNOCENT looking

If there are any evil female character missing from this picture, the reasons I didn’t add them here is if
The character is hard to draw
I do not know the character nor the show they are from
They are not evil enough to be added in this pic
The character is non human
The character is extremely underrated where not many people know her.