The Greenland shark mostly eats fish, but a few odd animals have been found in their stomachs, including an entire reindeer. This slow moving shark has been known to live up to 400 years, that makes the Greenland shark the longest-lived vertebrate. The flesh of a Greenland shark is poisonous. This is due to the presence of the toxic triethylamine oxide, which, when eaten, breaks down into trimethylamine, which produces effects similar to drunkenness. Yet in spite of this, the Greenland shark is still a popular food in Iceland and Greenland. No surprise there.


A rare Hispaniolan solenodon.

Found only on the  Island of Hispaniola they are between 11 - 13 inches on average, with tails around 25cm in length. They are covered in a brown / red fur, except on the legs, underbelly, ears and nose. 

Being Solenodon’s, they are venomous, as well as nocturnal. They burrow and survive on a diet of insects.