odd vest

At the end of his senior year, Jeffrey Dahmer attended prom with younger student Bridget Geiger, a friend of a friend.  It’s unclear why Dahmer, class misfit and homosexual, chose to participate in such an event.  Most likely, it constituted one of his last feeble stabs at normality, a desperate attempt to “fit in” with society before he was cast out of it completely.  Dahmer would claim to investigators that he was only doing a favor for an unattractive and unpopular girl; however, friends reported that he was the one who approached them with the idea.  In truth, Geiger was not at all enthused about the prospect and only agreed to go on the condition that Dahmer not drink.

The teenage girl was immediately dismayed when Dahmer arrived at her house on prom night, as he’d chosen to dress himself in an odd ensemble of a vest and bowtie instead of the standard tuxedo.  She noted that he was also visibly nervous.  Hands shaking, he fumbled with her corsage, preoccupied with the fear of sticking her with the pin.  Eventually, Bridget’s mother came to the rescue to fix the flower onto her daughter’s dress.  Dahmer’s nervousness only deepened throughout the night.  He was closed-off, rigid and anxious amongst the swarming crowd of teenagers.  Bridget recalled to newspapers that the one thing he said about himself was that he might go to college because his father wanted him to become a doctor.  She described him as “the perfect gentleman,” pulling out her chair for her when they first arrived.  However, when she sat down, he mysteriously vanished.

Hours later, Dahmer reappeared just as the poor girl was convincing her friends to take her home.  His excuse for his absence was that he’d gotten hungry, so he’d gone to a McDonald’s to eat a few burgers and had gotten lost on the way back to prom.  He appeared overwhelmingly embarrassed and uncomfortable, reeling from what he must have perceived as yet another addition to the long list of failures that further demonstrated his inadequacy as a “normal” individual. All he managed to say in the midst of his discomfort was, “I’m really sorry.  I meant for you to have a nice evening.  I didn’t mean for this to happen.”  


Here is another great example of the odd vest. Matching the vest color to the suit’s pinstripe really makes this custom Kipper Clothiers’ 3-piece suit pop. 

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