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Bands, but every time a member leaves, Ryan Ross joins
  • Zayn: *leaves One Direction*
  • Person: *writes that Ryan Ross is going to join 1D on Wikipedia*
  • People: *flip their shit* "who the fuck is Ryan Ross?"
  • Camila Cabello: *leaves Fifth Harmony*
  • Another person: *writes that Ryan Ross is going to join 5H on Wikipedia*
  • People: "who the hell is Ryan Ross??" *still trying to figure out who he is*
  • Me: *laughing* "this is practically a meme at this point. Why do people keep putting Ryan Ross into bands when a member leaves?? If that's how it works, then don't we put him back in Panic!? A lot of people have left that band"
  • Also, me: *sobbing*

Why “The Six Thatcher” Is an Odd Title

Every episode title so far had a subtextual meaning in reference to John and Sherlock’s story. (Or their story even was the main theme, while the referenced case had no relevance at all).

  • ASiP = sets the tune for the show, it’s getting pink (meaning queer), and John tries to figure out, if Sherlock’s gay
  • TBB = Sebastian Wilkes is the Blind Banker who doesn’t see and appreciates Sherlock for who he is - unlike John
  • TGG = Moriarty tells us about the core of the game (=the story): burning Sherlock’s heart
  • ASiB = the real scandal is, John thinks Sherlock’s attracted to and in love with Irene
  • THoB = Sherlock is confronted with his own “hounds”
  • TRF = Sherlock falls
  • TEH = Sherlock’s not dead
  • TSoT = omg, John and Mary are going to have a child
  • HLV = Sherlock keeps his wedding vow and turns into a murderer for keeping Mary (and John) save
  • TAB = Mary is an awful wife, the devil
  • The Six Thatchers…????
  • The Lying Detective = while Sherlock might be the one lying about being ill, John might be the on lying (to himself) about whatever happened between him and Sherlock in ep. 1
  • The Final Problem = Sherlock has to defeat his inner demons to defeat the real ones and to have a future with John

How can there be a possible (subtextual) reference in the title of the Six Thatchers? Are they going to (almost) kiss six times in front of whatever “Thatcher” (cars, statues) refers to? 

An Odd Encounter

Title: An Odd Encounter

Genre: AU, Fluff, Getting Together

Word Count: 3, 250

Warnings: None!

Description: In which Dan safely helps a stranger remove himself from an embarrassing situation on the subway.

Author’s Note: Ugh, only in fanfiction would this ever actually happen. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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Honestly, the funniest part of the whole Trump thing is that he was created by the very people that hate him the most. The “social justice” movement (which is an odd title because it looks nothing like justice but rather a rather culturally Marxist agenda, arbitrarily defined by each individual perpetuating it until you have nothing but a mass of screeching harpies shouting buzzwords and regurgitating bias, unable to even hear an opposing thought….. because words hurt). You can’t activistly yell at people ad nauseam how everything is injustice and it’s all their fault and expect them to not eventually reject it. Should we fight against injustice? That is a stupid question. Of course we should. We should always stand up for what is right. But not everything is injustice just because you say it is. People shout “injustice!” before even hearing facts these days and then refuse to hear those facts of change their tune when proven wrong. I can’t stand Trump as a person and I didn’t vote for him. But you (the overwhelmingly-vocal minority) can’t keep shoving what’s bigger than you (the silent majority) around and expect it to never lash back at you. You want good to happen? Have reasoned discussions and be willing to hear opinions you don’t like. Just hear people. You’d be amazed because they might be willing to hear you in return. Polite and honest discourse brings about learning and progress for humanity. America did not elect a pompous windbag because America is homophobic, racist or (insert whatever buzzword comes to mind here). Most folks are decent, honest people who just want to be able to live their lives in peace without constantly being yelled. People voted for him because they’re sick of being shoved around and being told how to and what they’re allowed to think and say. Opinions are like your ass. Everyone has one. But enough people had the same opinion yesterday that they’d be better off if you’d leave them the hell alone.

THE WILBUR EFFECT (aka, why you should never give up on drawing ever)

Hey everybody! Jessica here, once again starting a text post with a wonky, odd title.  But it serves a purpose this time, honest!

So recently, I’ve seen a lot of people getting really discouraged about their art, both online and in real life.  On an unrelated note, I’ve also gotten a couple of requests to post some of my old art to show my progress.  So I decided I’d blend the two.

And to make things even more interesting, I’m not just going to pull out some old piece that’s semi-presentable but still flawed. No, I’m going to show you guys the oldest, most embarrassing, first-thing-I’d-ever-drawn-on-a-tablet-before disgrace:

…This is Wilbur. Whom my old roommate has since nicknamed “Urineface.”

I drew this originally in 2012 with literally no clue what I was doing.  As you can see, I got so frustrated with the piece that I never actually finished it—the lines were stiff, the colors were unnatural, and that poor kid’s hair is so jagged it’s about to gouge his eyes out.

As I cringe behind my computer with shame, I realize that one thing’s for sure: He came from a frustrated, embarrassed, and still-learning artist.  At the time, all of my best friends were astonishing visual artists, and, well, I was…kinda not. There were so many times during this period where I just wanted to give up, to stop drawing.  Heck, there were times when I’d actually cry myself to sleep over the fact that I’d never be a good artist.  I’m sure some of you have been in the same boat, and here’s what I have to say to you:


Need more proof? Alright, embarrassing drawing number two.  You guys are killing me here.

These were some characters from an animated film I wrote in 2012.  I am…not sure why the guys are giants compared to the girl, nor why half the sketch lines look like these people got electrocuted.  Also, everybody’s face seems…really stretched?  Their mouths are kind of melting off of their chins, that doesn’t sound safe.

I revisited the film for a college project in 2016, and:

I’d like to think these three look a little better.

Okay, okay, I know what you’re thinking. “2012? Alright, buddy, it’s 2016 now, of course you’re going to improve in like, 4 years—who wants to wait that long?” But rest assured, while improvement doesn’t come overnight, it doesn’t always take four years, too!

In all honesty, I know that creating art can feel really hopeless and discouraging at times.  We find ourselves comparing our work to other people’s, feeling obligated to work at a rapid-fire pace, or just plain giving up for whatever reason. But I’m here to tell you that you can do this, no matter how inexperienced you feel.  Even if you’re just picking up that tablet pen for the very first time: do not be afraid to keep going.

I’m far from perfect as an artist, and I still have a lot to learn. Maybe four years down the road I’ll be looking back at my 2016 art and having a cringe-fest. But that would just prove that I’d improved, and that things could only move forward from there!

Art is tricky, okay? Nobody expects you to master it in one night, or one month, or even one year.  But that doesn’t mean you won’t reach it someday!  Save a bunch of tutorials for reference.  Watch speedpaints.  Try the occasional drawing challenge. Even if you don’t get it right, at least you’re learning what to do and what not to do!  And in time, you’ll be looking back and going, “Wow…my younger self would be so astonished right now.”  That, my friend, is a magnificent feeling.

So, to end this behemoth of a post, I decided to redraw Wilbur again…for old times’ sake. I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that time made things a whole lot better. In the end, all you have to do is be patient:

It really does pay off.

Pretty. Odd. with accurate song titles
  • We're So Starving: LIES
  • Nine in the Afternoon: Nine Is In The Fucking Evening Or Morning You Idiots Who Taught Your Science Class
  • She's a Handsome Woman: The One Kid That Isn't Unpopular But No One Knows Their Name
  • Do You Know What I'm Seeing?: No Idea What The Lyrics Mean But It Sounds So Pretty
  • That Green Gentleman: The One You Want To Hear A Church Choir Sing
  • I Have Friends In Holy Spaces: What Kind Of Shit Artistic Choice Is This I Just Had To Turn My Volume Up All The Way Why Would You Do This
  • Northern Downpour: I'm Not Crying I Just Got A Bit Of Gay In My Eye
  • When The Day Met The Night: Fanfic Material
  • Pas de Cheval: No Horse
  • The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know: Well Does It Know What These Lyrics Mean Because Then You'd Be Damn Right
  • Behind The Sea: RYAN FUCKING ROSS
  • She Had The World: *Sings This To Children As A Lullaby*
  • From A Mountain In The Middle Of The Cabins: I Want To Dance Along But Now I'm Listening To The Lyrics And Crying
  • Mad as Rabbits: The One You Violently Sing Along To

Title: One Odd Mission (reader x Peter)

Summary: The reader and Peter are too shy to talk to each other on their own, so Natasha takes it into her own hands to plan a date.

Word Count: 1499

A/N: I love this. So much. All these are my babies. I love Peter Parker. ENJOY!! :)


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