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Hamilton As Things My Girlfriend Has Said
  • Alexander : "You know, come to think of it, coffee is the most pleasurable thing."
  • *I give her an odd look*
  • "Well I love you but coffee helps me stay up till horrible hours to finish my work."
  • --
  • John : "You look hot today. No homo." *Finger guns*
  • "Babe we're dating."
  • --
  • Hercules : "See all my clothes are 100% made by me and my hands. I poured my blood sweat and tears into this - "
  • "It says made in China."
  • "Maybe I made it in China?!"
  • --
  • Lafayette : "Some days when I'm mad at you I want to only speak in another language bug the problem is I only know English and not even very well."
  • --
  • Aaron : "Normally I'm a calm individual but see, Abigail makes me want to drop kick her into a well filled with sharks."
  • "Is...is she not your best friend?"
  • "She is."
  • --
  • Angelica : "See whenever people doubt me I laugh because I'm better than every person in the world and they're just jealous of my feminism strength."
  • --
  • Eliza : "Sometimes I wonder what would happen if you cheated on me."
  • "Well I never would."
  • "No I know. But if you did I'd probably burn everything you love and go Carrie Underwood on you."
  • --
  • Peggy : "How is it my mom forgot to invite me to my own birthday party?!"
  • --
  • Thomas : "See macaroni and cheese is a gift from God. Like he loves it too. Cause who wouldn't?"
  • "Aren't you an atheist?"
  • --
  • James : "I swear I've been sick my whole life. Death is trying so hard to get me but they will fail! *coughs for a good five minutes* Fuck off death..."
  • --
  • George : "Why do I have to adopt all the worst fuckers?"
  • "You don't have to - "
  • "No I love them and they are my fucker children."
  • --
  • Maria : "I'm a sexy son a bitch who needs to learn how to make better life choices..."
Bitty’s Southern

Bitty is a southern boy and as a southern girl let me tell you there are things he does that make the rest of SMH go “Ummm….what?” 

  • He says stuff that makes literal ZERO sense to the rest of the team. Mostly southern phrases etc. LIKE, “That boy is about of useless as tits on a bull.” or  if it’s raining but the sun is out Bits just says, “Devil must be beatin’ his wife.”  Everyone is confused as shit.
  • “Oh my goodness I want Chick-fil-a. BUT IT’S SUNDAY.”
  • Holster going,” Hey Bits can you hand me a coke?” and Bitty responding with, “Sure, which kind do you want? We’ve got sprite, mtn dew, dr. pepper…” BC in the south every soda is a coke.
  • “Y’all know what I miss the most about Georgia? Cheerwine. And Duke’s Mayo. You northerners keep using that hellman’s stuff or miracle whip and let me tell you. IT. IS .NOT. MAYONNAISE.”
  • “IT’S SO HOT! Summer is the WORST” “Ransom, It’s like, 70 degrees. It gets up to like 115+ in Georgia. And it’s not even humid! You hush your mouth.”
  • The first time Bitty goes to Stop & Shop with one of the guys from SMH he tells them to grab a buggy on their way in and said member stares at him for a second, “What’s a buggy?” “Oh for goodness sake. A shopping cart! We need a shopping cart!”
  • Bitty’s drunk at a kegster when he suddenly shouts, “WHO WANTS TO PLAY CORNHOLE?!” 
  • It’s New Years so of course Bitty’s making black eyed peas, collards, cornbread, ham, and a pineapple upside down cake. “It’s for luck.”
  • Bitty will be checking Facebook and be like, “Oh bless his heart.” Chowder notices him fretting over the phone so he asks what’s up “Oh it’s just one of my friend from high school’s dad.” and Chowder, being the precious person that he is, responds with, “Oh no. What happened? Is he ok?” Bitty just shakes his head, “He’s done went and fell out of the deer stand. Again. Broke his arm and bruised his pride. You think he would’ve learned his lesson after the same thing happened last huntin’ season”
  • Jack’s all dressed up in a suit or something, he has a meeting with the Falcs, “What are you all gussied up for?”
  • “Look at what all I got up at the outlet mall!!”
  • Rans/Holster/Bitty share a bathroom so I reckon this has happened at least once: “Neither of y’all go in the bathroom! I’m fixin’ to shower”  to which Holster responds, “What was that Bits? What are you fixing?” Bitty hollers from his room, arm full of clothes, “I’m fixin’ to shower!” Ransom chimes in, “I didn’t know the shower was broken!” At this point Bitty is getting frustrated,“Oh for the love of Pete! You Yankees.” He speaks slowly and pronounces each word carefully, “I am going to go take a shower so please do not go and hog the bathroom.”
  • “So I was talking to Momma and APPARENTLY Mrs. Jones, the one that lives down the road, was rude as all get out.” “Really? What’d she do?” Bitty just throws his hands up, “Momma and Coach were drivin’ back to the house and Mrs. Jones was driving in the opposite direction so of course Momma waves at her. AND SHE DIDN’T WAVE BACK.”
  • I know for a FACT that at some point Bits makes a pitcher of sweet tea, puts it in the fridge, and the boys/Lardo finds it. “What’s this?” “Oh, it’s just some tea. You want some?” So Bitty pours them a glass and approximately 2 seconds later “WHAT IS THIS? IT’S LIKE SYRUP! Bits this isn’t tea! It’s diabetes in a cup!”
  • “Just rub some bacon grease on it.”
  • “Don’t you dare pour that coffee out! I can use it for gravy!”
  • “You know what food I miss? Fried pickles. No, wait, HUSHPUPPIES. I’d kill for some right now.”

To be honest, the tumblr witchcraft community taught me more than any book on witchcraft I ever read.

Janice is one of those students who is famous for Not Noticing anything. Her head is somewhere else, though her heart is very kind.  Her attention is always in a book, or her phone, or her music.  Because of this she does things no one else would ever do.  For example, late one night she’s walking home from class and hears an inhuman crying sound coming from a shadow in the bushes.  Anyone else would not acknowledge it and walk faster, but Janice, who is 90% distracted, thinks it’s a kitty.  "Here you go.“ she says, giving it a piece of her energy bar and patting it on the head.  It isn’t furry, but she’s Janice, she doesn’t notice.  She keeps walking, texting away.

She also feeds things she refers to as “birds”, “doggies”, and “bunnies”, though none of her friends who saw them would call them that.  She holds doors open for the creepy things that are following her.  She loses earrings at least once a week, and a voice whispers to her “Can I have the other one?” and she pulls it out and says “Sure, it’s not going to do me any good now by itself, is it?” and hands it to something entirely invisible, her eyes not looking up once from her phone game.

They repay her in small ways that have everyone in awe, and of course, Janice doesn’t notice these, either.  She steps in a puddle, yet her shoes remain dry.  She’s about to walk into a tree branch when it lifts above her head.  One night the shadow she meets in the woods is actually a human with a ski mask on.  He disappears.  Janice keeps walking without a single blink.

When people talk about the fae she snorts with a giggle and can’t believe they all take these myths so seriously.  She’s a senior and has never seen a single odd thing happen even once.


I love this because it happens so often (also that everything is a bunny)

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Favorite ianthony moment?

Hiya! :D Honey, there are SOOO many things that have happened between them that there’s no way that I could just narrow it down to one thing, but here’s my top five!

5. The Head Kiss

This makes me giggle like a little school girl because this is just the most adorable shit ever. I could sit here and watch Anthony kiss Ian’s head all day and think about all the times that he would do that to Ian domestically like before going to bed or before leaving the house or ANYTHING! It’s super cute and I just can’t get enough of it! <3


4. The Ghost Reenactment

What’s there left to say? They took one of my most favorite 80′s movies and turned it into a lovely gay reenactment that made me smile from ear to freaking ear… and also squeal. That happened too…


3. Bridal Style

This one is an “old but gold” moment. It happened YEARS ago, but it still gives me the feels even after all this time! I mean, what’s more adorable than Anthony packing Ian bridal style? Hardly anything! These two knew exactly what they were doing and it was some serious fandom fuel that I’m still burning!


2. The April Fool’s Hug

This may not be my top favorite one, but it sure as hell did a number on me! We’ve all imagined what a good, tight Ianthony hug would look like, BUT NONE OF US EVER EXPECTED WE’D ACTUALLY GET ONE ON CAMERA! Not even me, one of the most optimistic shippers on the site! Unfortunately, Smosh has removed this video from their channel, but you can watch this beautiful hug via reupload thanks to the wonderful @everythingianthony ! :D


1. Shot in the Dark

Y’all probably think I’m crazy, but this moment is my current favorite Ianthony moment. Why? Because context is everything! This moment is number one in my book because of how much it fucked me up and how much it continues to fuck me up every time I rewatch it. From how close they’re standing to each other, how Ian asks where Anthony is, how Anthony calmly replies to him and puts his hand VERY close to Ian’s face, and JUST THIS WHOLE FUCKING THING! I love it SOO much and it is MY TOP moment because of how much this fucks me up. You guys might disagree, but to me, it doesn’t get any better than this!



nine in the afternoon // panic! at the disco

Okay so, Castiel was in a relationship with Deborah, and Nathaniel mentions that he has had a girlfriend in the past (nothing serious, according to the first artbook). Lysander had a crush on Rosa but he has never had a girlfriend and Kentin has always been in love with Candy, also the kiss with Amber was his first kiss so I’m assuming no gf for him either.

But what about Armin and Alexy? Did they ever have a relationship or not..? I’m really curious now :<

Thanks to @sinto-hell‘s help we solved one of the mysteries! In an interview Chino said that Alexy did have boyfriends in the past, she was also questioned about a possible future love interest for him but she didn’t answer to avoid spoilers, so Alexy might also get a bf!!


that green gentleman (things have changed for me) // panic! at the disco

There’s something I really appreciate about the new episode, and it’s the same thing I appreciated in previous episodes.

When there could have been an argument - a really big, serious argument about what to do next - Magnus insisted on there being another way, and Taako came up with a third option. Everyone stopped, listened to him, collectively went “huh” and considered the feasibility of the new idea.

The group has been separated for years, at odds with each other, sometimes actively working against each other. It wouldn’t be strange if both sides were unwilling to abandon their ideas about what should come next, or get a little heated defending their perspective.

That isn’t what happens. They listen, they consider, they change their minds when they recognize a new option. They might not have had the distance to come up with the solution, but they don’t disregard it even after so much work and heartbreak, even when they were previously convinced they were in the right. They are a family and they talk about these things, and even after everything that’s happened, they trust each other enough to depend on each other without question.

There’s something really amazing in that.


“He and Spade were just induplicable as a team – wonderful together. David is very acerbic and… he’s – you know, he’s a toughie. And Chris is a softie. You’ve got the best of Belushi and Aykroyd, of Abbott and Costello, of Martin and Lewis… You had just a perfect yin-yang situation with those guys.” - Dan Aykroyd

“A fantastic combination of ultimately innocent and ultimately jaded. They are the oil and vinegar of comedy.” - Mike Myers

“They would react to stress in different ways. Chris would get bigger, and David would – there’d be less of David. And I used to say that the amount of weight in the frame kind of stayed constant, you know, in a two-shot.” - Lorne Michaels

“They were funny, they were close, you could tell they were really good friends. And only real – really, really good friends can fight the way they fought. And they’d throw something, and not speak to each other for a couple hours, and we’d all sit there and laugh and watch this thing go back and forth.” - Bo Derek

“And when I’d visit those fools during the [Tommy Boy] shoot, they’d have little fights on occasion, and Farley would [laughs] have a snap and Spade… [laughs] Spade would be scared for his life. They were in love with each other – we all were! You know. But Spade and Farley had a definite… brotherly relationship.” - Adam Sandler

Those fools. The way everyone talks about those fools, and the way everyone smiles so much while talking about those fools. 

But David Spade himself, every time he’s asked about Chris Farley, he always gives the same answers, usually “I think about him every day” or some variation thereof, and appears very stoic and tired like he’s climbed these same stairs too many times. It should be noted that this is likely because he once said “if I think about that for more than 5 seconds ill start bawling.”

Inktober #11

Ethereal!Faeb. I was really unsure how I was going to do this one, as ethereals don’t really have a lot of personality in their looks between them. But since they love treasure and finding rare and odd things, I thought it wouldn’t be so strange for her to be fascinated by a wig and want to differentiate herself by drawing freckles on her wrappings! 

Sick day


she had the world // panic! at the disco